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What You Should Know More About Gokarna

  • Travel Advice

    • If you find a stranger who offers you food to eat, no matter how hungry you are, do not eat it. People here tend to trick the travelers and serve them drugs in different forms.

    • Make sure, you safely put your valuables and cash in a room safe.

    • If you are carrying a huge sum of cash with you, it is better to not go in crowded areas. In case there is no alternative, make sure you stay alert throughout. Avoid keeping the cash in your back pocket and rather keep it in your jacket or the front pocket.  

    • There are several street stalls in Gokarna. Most of them serve quality food. However, a little check on the quality does no harm. Moreover, the food can get really spicy sometimes, so it is better to convey the same (keep the spices low) to the vendor if you have a sensitive system.

    • Never, drink non filtered water. It is always good to carry with you bottled mineral water. You can easily find water in Gokarna but make sure the bottle that you buy has its seal intact.

    • If you are going to be in Gokarna for 3 days, carry clothing for 5 days. You cannot trust the weather here it can rain anytime.

    • Never overlook the importance of the safety gear especially when you try out some water sports or adventure activities.

    • Don’t get over friendly with any stranger or hotel staff.

    • Even if you are staying with someone in a group (as part of package trips), do not trust them with your money.

    • Cross check the bills you get – restaurants, hotels, food, etc

    • Be wary of the touts.

    • Never entertain the beggars.

    • Carry at least one ID proof.

    • Never get involved in any physical fight.

    • Do not let anyone mislead you.

    • There are places in Gokarna, where fake liquor is sold, Beware!

  • Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Gokarna (Karnataka) is 18 years.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Kudle Beach

    Kudle Beach is tagged as one of the top tourist attractions in Gokarna. This beach is situated in the southern direction of Gokarna Beach. You will admire the natural beauty of this place that is wrapped in a serene atmosphere. Tourists can plan their stay close to the beach area as there are numerous hotels, and resorts in the surrounding. The best part is that, there are cafes and restaurants lined up near the beach side which offer delicious seafood delicacies.

    Mahabaleshwara Temple

    Being one of the biggest Shiva Temples in India, Mahabaleshwara Temple is a popular landmark for tourists as well as religious believers. This temple is one of the best places to see in Gokarna because of its splendid architecture that depicts Dravidian style. There are two lingams called as the Paralingam and the Atmalingam which are worshipped by the visitors.

    Maha Ganapati Temple

    Gokarna is renowned as a temple town and that is why you will find several religious landmarks in the area. Maha Ganapati Temple can be reached by travelling in the east direction of Mahabaleshwara Temple. It is a famous temple in Karnataka because to its strong connection with Lord Ganesha. You will get to examine the black stone idol of Ganesha which is very popular among worshippers.

    Koti Tirtha

    One of the fabulous tourist places in Gokarna is Koti Tirtha. It is basically an artificial water tank which is located close to Mahabaleshwara Temple. Tourists cherish the scenic beauty of this place which is quite relaxing. Apart from this, Koti Tirtha is regarded as a supremely important spot for the Hindus. The ancient locations should be explored while touring this area.

    Om Beach

    The name of the beach is due to its shape which resembles the auspicious Om sign. Tourists prefer visiting this destination so as to relax their mind and soul. The exciting factors about Om Beach is that, you can enjoy a number of water sports such as surfing, banana boat cruise and even skiing. There are tea shops in the vicinity which can be utilized for savoring hot & cold beverages.


    Yaana is a popular pilgrimage location which is basically known for its rock formations. You can reach this destination by travelling 20 kms from Kumta. Tourists love the view of the two big rocks which are present in the middle of the evergreen forests of Sahyadri. These rock formations are called as Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and Mohini Shikhara. You can even visit the cave temple located beneath the Bhairaveshwara Shikhara. This temple houses a Swayambhu linga which is valued as a sacred landmark for Hindu devotees.  There is also a bronze idol of Goddess Chandika that is worshipped in this temple. Shivaratri celebrations in the religious cave temple are really grand if you happen to visit around the same time. Adventure activities such as rapelling, trekking and rock climbing can be accessed in this area.

    Mirjan Fort

    For sightseeing and acquiring knowledge about the vibrant history of this land you can visit Mirjan Fort. Queen Chennabhairadevi of Gersoppa was responsible for was construction of this structure in the 16th century. This fort is known for its architectural greatness that is famous among tourists. You will have to travel 11 km from Gokarna in order to reach Mirjan Fort.

    Bhadrakali Temple

    Bhadrakali Temple can be reached after travelling a distance of 1 km from Gokarna. Unlike the religious structures in Tamil Nadu, this temple in Karnataka possesses a unique architecture which is strongly linked with Hindu mythology. Bhadrakali Temple was built to worship Goddess Uma and is among the eminent resorts for the religious crowd that visits Gokarna.

  • What you will like there?

    Majestic Drive

    The road network in & around Gokarna is very smooth. You won’t find much traffic which is surely a blessing for tourists. For people travelling from Bangalore, they will experience a sudden shift in landscape which is filled with small hills and greenery. You will also get to view several bridges while crossing rivers in this region. The view of the Ghats will surely fulfill your sightseeing desires when touring Gokarna.

    Exotic Beaches

    If you thought Goa is the prime destination which is famous for its beaches in India, then you must surely visit Gokarna. This small town has a calm setup which makes the surrounding appear more beautiful. The beaches in this area are known as the party spots for tourists and locals. They can be called as hidden treasures which are protected by strong mountains. The three major beaches in Gokarna are Paradise Beach, Om Beach and the Half-moon Beach. These beaches are not crowded and offer a superb backdrop that will fill your heart with overwhelming emotions. Moreover, these well-known tourist places also consist of excellent eateries that serve native cuisines.

    Fantastic Boat Rides

    Boat rides in Gokarna are very much liked by tourists. You will admire the amazing jet boat rides which can be accessed close to the Kudle region. Moreover, the various water sports can also be hired at affordable prices in this region. Near the Kumta side you will be bewildered to know that the sea is home for numerous dolphins. Tourists can easily view them during the smooth boat ride.

    Delightful Eating Destinations

    You can access a unique food adventure while touring Gokarna. Do not miss a chance to visit Naveen Beach Resort which serves mouth-watering seafood delicacies. Inside RNS residency close to the Shiva temple you can visit Sea Lounge Restaurant which serves good vegetarian food. The North Indian cuisine is very much liked by regular customers.

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Traveller Tales from Gokarna


Suchita Suchita

05 April 2017

Most of us were newbies at trekking and it was a fantastic start. Our guide led us well through the trek and made sure all of us kept up. After a long day of trekking we stayed the night in tents on Kudle beach. The homestay provided for freshening up and the transport to and from Bangalore were quite adequate.

  • 1491379361_20170318_131917.jpg
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  • 1491379362_img_20170318_160332.jpg
  • 1491379362_img_20170318_182639.jpg

Shubha Bharadwaj

16 May 2015

Gokarna is simply lovely and we really enjoyed the time we had here with our friends from college! It was more like a college reunion trip and we had lot of fun. We also went for the trekking and boating in the sea. The resort staff was very friendly and the food was awesome.


Deepali Desai

31 December 2015

Our stay was so beautiful just in front of the sea. We stayed at Kudle beach which is very near to Gokarna and very peaceful. We also went for the the dolphin spotting and it was an amazing experience to see dolphin dancing in sea. I really enjoyed my stay.



11 October 2017

There are things you can put up in words and there are things you cannot, this experience was one of it. The beautiful journey of beach trek is a stretch of 7km where you actually have the best views you could ever ask for. We walked through the beaches, forests, wilderness, and some amazing fish spots. Our trek started in the morning and got over by evening during the sunset. We were not lucky enough to see the sunset as it was a cloudy day. The stay was fantastic as we had a tented accommodation which was right next to the beach and the best moment is when early morning you wake up and find yourself in the middle of the beach. The trek truly assures a rejuvenation and peace in your mind as you keep moving forward from one beach to the other. We even had bonfire at night placed right next to our tents. This journey will always be one of the most adventurous thing you would take up in Karnataka. You might have trekked along the mountainside or riverside but by the beachside? Yes, this trek is one of its kind. The final beach that we visited was indeed the most beautiful one- the paradise beach. On the whole- the journey was amazing and truly something that I would personally cherish forever.

  • 1507708714_thumb_img_2111_1024.jpg

Nagkumari Srinivas

22 February 2017

"If one is looking for quite,clean,safe, white sand and golden sunrise and sunset beaches than it is here in Gokarna- Kudle beach.Yes it is well maintained and peaceful surrounding green and luxury resorts with delicious local cuisine and yes they are your tour guides they will take you there with all the hospitality you need and this beach will surely surprise you !If your spiritual and worship lord Shiva and lord Ganesha do visit the Mahabaleshwar temple at Gokarna! I and my family had a peaceful and spiritual time together.Last but not the least the roads leading to Gokarna from Bangalore are super good whether it's the National highway AH47 or route 69 which we did take while heading towards Gokarna and while coming back route 66/27/57/75 was just amazing driving treat !This road has many ghats and for sure you would enjoy the view !!"


Meena Patil

17 June 2016

Gokarana is so beautiful! a beautiful beach town, a mix of spirtual and tourist vibes. it was a good reunion with my school friends. we all had a lovely time, swiming, eating and drinking!. beach is clean calmer and way better than goa i fell. if you are a beach person then you have to go there. I think you should take this tour, the stay and food is awesome and everything is well managed, you just will have an amazing times with your friends like i did.

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Anjushree Singh

23 August 2017

I tried Gokarna trip before but then it was simply sightseeing and relaxing at the beach. This time, it was beyond words. So many tracks for trekking are located outside the beaches connecting the wilderness to the white sandy beaches. It was enthralling, to be true and I liked the package too. Good trip for those who love to do solo trekking.


Gopal Ahuja

14 June 2015

The accommodation was great facing the abrabian sea. The feeling of waking up to the beach is hard to describe in words. Me and my wife had amazing time in the Gokarna. Long walk on the sea shore and campfire in the evening it was totally romantic experiencing. The food was delicious and rooms were very neat and clean.


Anuja Butt

23 August 2017

Unexpected trip was this for me. But had a nice time at the beaches. It looked so picturesque. The sunrise views were breathtaking. Great coordination also. Try it out at least once, guys.

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