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Gokarna Beach Trek & Camping | Book @ ₹ 2500 Only!

Gokarna Beach Trek & Camping | Book @ ₹ 2500 Only!

5.0 1565 Reviews
Beach Camping with Campfire, Gokarna Flat 22% off

Beach Camping with Campfire, Gokarna Flat 22% off

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Beach Camping in Gokarna Flat 15% off

Beach Camping in Gokarna Flat 15% off

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Gokarna Beach Camping & Trekking Flat 15% off

Gokarna Beach Camping & Trekking Flat 15% off

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Jet Ski at Om Beach, Gokarna

Jet Ski at Om Beach, Gokarna

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Speed Boating at Om Beach

Speed Boating at Om Beach

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Jet Ski in Gokarna Flat 45% off

Jet Ski in Gokarna Flat 45% off

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Banana Boat Ride in Gokarna Flat 45% off

Banana Boat Ride in Gokarna Flat 45% off

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Bumper Ride in Gokarna Flat 30% off

Bumper Ride in Gokarna Flat 30% off

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Water Sports Activities in Gokarna Flat 20% off

Water Sports Activities in Gokarna Flat 20% off

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Scuba Diving in Gokarna Flat 15% off

Scuba Diving in Gokarna Flat 15% off

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Beachside Resort in Gokarna Flat 15% off

Beachside Resort in Gokarna Flat 15% off

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Day Out at Beachside Resort in Gokarna Flat 26% off

Day Out at Beachside Resort in Gokarna Flat 26% off

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Gokarana Beachside Resort Flat 18% off

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Gokarna Beachside Homestay Flat 15% off

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Om Beach

Brace yourself for a scenic getaway with a trip to Om Beach when you are in Gokarna. One of the most picturesque attractions in Gokarna, Om Beach is known for its serene landscape. Om Beach is a wonderful respite for adventure junkies who love to exult in the thrill of various water activities.

One of the most splendid features of this beach is that it is shaped like the symbol ‘Om’ and attracts scores of crowds who wish to relax and unwind. Although the beach is unparalleled in natural ch beauty among sightseeing places in Gokarna, it is relatively less crowded and charms the visitors with its rejuvenating ambience. It is also the starting point of the Gokarna Beach trek.

For those who are fond of photography and loves to indulge in laid-back strolls, Om Beach is one place that will go down the memory lanes forever.

Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka

Best Time to visit:
October to March is the most preferred time to visit Om Beach.

The most popular activities at Om Beach are banana boat rides, dolphin spotting, fishing, bumper boat ride, jet skiing and beachside trekking.

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda:
It is approximately 6 kilometres from the bus station.


Kudle Beach

Shaped like a perfect ‘C’, Kudle Beach is one of the most beautiful Gokarna tourist places that you’l ever come across. Flanked by coconut trees, Kudle Beach is a wonderful retreat for the lovers of peace and quiet.

The sheer beauty and simplicity of the beach is a breathtaking surprise and people visit this beach to enjoy the serene surroundings. Kudle Beach is most famous for offering a spectacular sunset and sunrise in Gokarna.

Attracting scores of tourists, mostly foreigners and backpackers, Kudle Beach is a beach haven to enjoy a leisurely stroll or indulge in some enterprising ventures like swimming, surfing and beach trekking in Gokarna.

There are also many beach shacks and makeshift bamboo huts where people can spend the night on the beach and appreciate the wonder of glistening waters in the light of the moon.

Kudle Beach, Gokarna

Best Time to visit:
November to February is the best time to visit Kudle Beach.

It is advisable to visit the beach from 4 am to 6:30 pm.

Trekking, yoga, surfing etc.

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda:
It is about 6 kilometres away from the bus station.


Half Moon Beach

Listed as one of the most attractive sightseeing places in Gokarna, Half Moon Beach boasts of beautiful surroundings. The beach derives its name based on its shape like a half moon.

Half Moon Beach is known for its clean sparkling sands against the transparent blue waters. Mostly famous for foreign travellers and backpackers, Half Moon Beach is a great place to relax and unwind.

Half Moon Beach can be visited by a hike from Om Beach which is a thrilling enterprise. Away from all the crowds, this beach is a wonderful destination to indulge in some fun activities as well as indulge in enjoying some mouth-watering food available at the beach shacks nearby.

This beach is an idyllic escape from the noise of the city or enjoys some classic beach activities like sunbathing or swimming.

Half Moon Beach, Gokarna

Best Time to visit:
The ideal time to pay a visit to the Half Moon Beach is between October and March

Tourists can visit here any time from 6 am to 6 pm.

Swimming, canoeing, paddle boats, paintball, camping, and cabins

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda:
Half Moon Beach is located approximately 5 kilometres away from the bus station in Gokarna.


Paradise Beach

Also renowned as the Full Moon Beach, Paradise Beach is a great spot to relax away from all the civilization in the realm of nature. It a splendid place for those interested in camping and relaxing seeing the blue waves of the ocean crash against the rocks on the white sands. Swimming is one of the most surreal activities which you can indulge in after taking due precautions of safety from the strong currents of the ocean.

One can reach this beach after a small hiking adventure from the Half Moon Beach in Gokarna. It can also be reached via a motor boat. This beach was once a popular hotspot for trading weed and many foreigners flocked here. However, now all the commercial activities are prohibited here. There are also not much of water sports, but tourists can bask in the serene surroundings and relax and unwind at Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka

Best Time to visit:
Paradise Beach is best to visit from the month of October to March for tourists.

 The beach can be visited from the time of sunrise to sunset every day.

Camping, swimming,

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda:
It is around 8 kilometres away from the bus station.


Namaste Café

Namaste Café is one of the most eminent attractions in Gokarna located on Om Beach. This beach front restaurant offers an ideal space for tourists who want to dwell on the splendid views of the sea with a spectacular plate of food on their tables.

Whether you fancy a quiet stroll to feel the sands on the beach or wish to relax in picturesque vistas, Namaste Café is the place to be. This serene property offers a lot of stay options where you can just relax and unwind in Gokarna. It offers unrestricted access to the beach and is an ideal pick for backpackers and budget travellers.

The café also offers exotic dishes to get you in the beach bumming mood along with offering compact rooms to make your stay pleasant in Gokarna.

Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka

Best Time to visit:
Tourists can visit Namaste Café anytime throughout the year.

Entry fee:
A room at Namaste Café costs INR 1080/ USD

The check in time is 1 pm while the check out time is 11 am.

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda: The distance between the two places is 6.3 kilometres.


Gokarna Beach

Gokarna beach is amongst the popular places to visit in Gokarna for many reasons. It is the main beach that is located close to Mahabaleshwar Temple and frequented by the tourists who visit here.

It is considered holy to take a dip in the waters by the Gokarna Beach before visiting the temple complex and worship Lord Shiva. This beautiful beach is a must visit for nature lovers and offers a scenic retreat for all the tourists in Gokarna. It also boasts of stunning beach stays where people can spend some quality time with nature in Gokarna.

The most amazing time to visit the beach is during the festival of Shivratri when it is the most resplendent. Though there aren’t many shacks or cafes here but this beach is one of the most crowded places in Gokarna at times.

However, tourists can always visit Gokarna Beach during the time of sunrise to enjoy a laid-back stroll with a beautiful scenery in front of the eyes.

Gokarna Beach Road, Dandebagh, Gokarna, Karnataka

Best Time to visit:
October to March is the best time to visit Gokarna Beach.

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda:
It is approximately one kilometre away from the bus station in Gokarna.


Mirjan Fort

Mirjan Fort is a majestic masterpiece of architecture that one can find standing gloriously on the banks of Aghanashini river. The fort has many historical events associated with it which makes it a delight for history buffs in Gokarna.

It is believed to be built under the patronage of Queen Chennabharadevi, famously known as pepper queen of India in the 16th century. This fort which was once an important centre the spice trade was later captured by the British who used it for their armoury.

It is encompassed by a mesmerising landscape and maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. This magnificent fort in Mirjan speaks of the great history of the region and housed some intriguing artefacts like Chinese Porcelain, clay tablets with Islamic inscriptions and gold coins attributed to Portuguese Viceroy Conde De Sarzedas that were excavated by ASI in 2001.

Mirjan Fort, talluk, Mirjan Fort Road, Mirjan, Karnataka

Best Time to visit:
The fort can be visited throughout the year by tourists. However, the monsoon months are preferred to witness the breathtaking greenery around the fort.

9:00 am to 5:00 pm are the visiting hours at Mirjan Fort

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda:
It is 22 kilometres away from Gokarna bus station.


Koti Tirtha

One of the most sacred places to visit in Gokarna, Koti Tirtha is a popular man-made tank that holds great reverence among the locals and tourists.

This tank is encompassed by beautiful temples all around and used for ritual bathing and immersing idols. As per one popular legend in Gokarna, Koti Tirtha is believed to be the origin of a thousand springs.

Koti Tirtha is situated close to the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple and attracts pilgrims who visit the temple to perform rituals and pay respect to the ancestors.

This sacred pond is used by devotees to take a bath and offers a quaint spiritual ambience for all those who seek a religious rendezvous.

Koti Teertha, Kotiteertha, Gokarna, Karnataka

Best Time to visit:
It can be visited throughout the year.

The timings to visit here are from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda: It is just 700 metres from the bus station in Gokarna.

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How to Reach

  • How to reach Gokarna by air: The closest airport is Dabolim Airport that is located in Goa and it is 106 kilometres away. It takes around 3 hours and 19 minutes to reach if you drive or you can go by bus or even train.
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  • 7
  • How to reach Gokarna by Rail: There is Gokarna Road train station that is around 8 kilometres from the main part of the city. Another station that you can travel to is Ankola, which is just 20 kilometres from the city and is the best-connected station.
  • 7
  • 7
  • How to reach Gokarna by Car/Bike:
  • 7
  • 7
  • From Goa:
  • 7
  • Distance: 144 kilometres
  • 7
  • Travelling Time: 3 hours 13 minutes
  • 7
  • Route Map: Goa – Palolem – Arga - Gokarna
  • 7
  • 7
  • From Pune:
  • 7
  • Distance: 563 kilometres
  • 7
  • Travelling Time: 9 hours 22 minutes
  • 7
  • Route Map: Pune – Karad – Belgaum - Gokarna
  • 7
  • 7
  • From Bangalore:
  • 7
  • Distance: 485 kilometres
  • 7
  • Travelling Time: 8 hours 26 minutes
  • 7
  • Route Map: Bangalore – Harihar – Sirsi - Gokarna
  • 7
  • 7
  • How to reach Gokarna By Bus:
  • 7
  • 7
  • From Goa:
  • 7
  • Total Distance: 173 kilometres
  • 7
  • Travelling Time: 3 hours 54 minutes
  • 7
  • Ticket Price Volvo: Not easily available
  • 7
  • Ticket Price Non AC: Rs.600
  • 7
  • Starting Bus Stand: Mapusa Carvalho Petrol Pump
  • 7
  • Ending Bus Stop: Gokarna Cross Highway NH66
  • 7
  • Route Map: Goa – Margao – Karwar - Gokarna
  • 7
  • 7
  • From Pune:
  • 7
  • Total Distance: 552 kilometres
  • 7
  • Travelling Time: 10 hours 10 minutes
  • 7
  • Ticket Price Volvo: Starts at Rs.1105
  • 7
  • Ticket Price Non AC: Starts at Rs.700
  • 7
  • Starting Bus Stand: Swargate, Pune
  • 7
  • Ending Bus Stop: Madangeri
  • 7
  • Route Map: Pune – Karad – Belgaum - Gokarna
  • 7
  • 7
  • From Bangalore:
  • 7
  • Total Distance: 487 kilometres
  • 7
  • Travelling Time: 8 hours 16 minutes
  • 7
  • Ticket Price Volvo: Starts at ?700
  • 7
  • Ticket Price Non AC: Starts at ?600
  • 7
  • Starting Bus Stand: Giri Nagar
  • 7
  • Ending Bus Stop: Gokarna
  • 7
  • Route Map: Bangalore – Hiriyur – Ranebennur - Gokarna

Best Time To Visit

  • You can visit Gokarna during any time of the year, but the ideal time is October until February. If you want to visit the area, then you should make sure to plan when the best time to visit would be and here are the best seasons.
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  • 7
  • Summer (October until June) – This is the ideal time to visit the area because it will be warm and sunny with a minimum temperate of 30 degrees. This will allow you to fully take advantage of the beaches where you can frolic in the water or even sit out on the beach and sunbathe. Also, in either February or March there are the Shivratri festivals that are held, but make sure to look at the dates before making your plans. During this time you can also enjoy some water sports like a banana boat ride, parasailing and beach hopping. You can also go sightseeing around the entire city and enjoy some shopping as well.
  • 7
  • 7
  • Monsoon (July until October) – This might not be the best time of the year to visit the area if you want to explore the beaches. The area gets plenty of rainfall, but if you don’t mind the rain and if you want to get better prices, then this is the time to go. The temperature during this time is around 20 degrees. If you find a day that doesn’t have rain, then you can visit the Mahabaleshwara Temple, Koti Tirtha, Maha Ganapati Temple and much more. There are also some locations where you can go shopping and enjoy some of the local food, such as the locally caught seafood and much more.
  • 7
  • 7
  • These are just the best seasons that you should go, but you can go whenever you want to visit. You should make sure that you are visiting during the right season for your requirements, including your budget.

Traveller Tales from Gokarna


Mohit tomar

25 March 2018

I have taken this trek on march 2018, in my experience it was one of those refreshing trip wherein we trek between the mountains in the safe jungle to the relaxing beaches followed by rain dance, bonfi...

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  • 1521948530_img_20180317_175451.jpg+5

shiva patel

22 October 2018

"nice trek with lots of memories ..really enjoyed. Thanks Thrillophilia..Karthik you are awesome man..tour you man.

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  • 1540203088_img_4991.jpg+4

Parinita Dwivedi

21 September 2018

"me and my friends went on this trek in September. it was awesome. had lots of fun. the hosts were amazing. would recommend it to others"

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  • 1537551487_dsc_0511-edit--2.jpg+1

Girish Agrawal

19 October 2018

"It is Wonderful experience to be on Gokarna Beach Trek, it's amazing. I have been on two-three trek earlier, but this one is best till date. Outdoor leaders Pranshu and Srinidhi coordinated very well....

  • 1539943901_img_20181013_175957552_hdr.jpg
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  • 1539943902_img_20181013_123719.jpg

Ayush Bansal

06 March 2019

"The trip was awesome! we had a full on masti and fun.!\nThe hosts are amazing person. They became friends as soon as we started the trip. "

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  • 1551868348_img_20190302_184000.jpg
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  • 1551868349_img_20190302_232151.jpg

Sheetal Yadav

16 October 2018

One of the best trips ever. Organizers took care of everyone and ensured that every one of us had fun. We trekked to 5 beaches and the night trek was amazing. You will find a lot of points during the t...

  • 1539681802_img_1000.jpg
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Snehasish Das

10 December 2018

It was my first trip alone joining a group. It was absolutely stunning the way the vendor handled. We went as a group and completed the trek as a group. Food, Bonfire, music and the company enjoyed ...

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Tejaswini umesh

21 November 2018

"if you're here reading reviews wondering whether you should go for it. You're wasting your time. just book it already. so, I went along with 2 of my best friends and there were 11 strangers in the bus...

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Niki Wilson

16 October 2018

"With mesmerizing views and and the constant rhythm of soft pulsing waves the trek was amazing ending with a feeling of an achievement and thirst for more.. the trek was well organized.. inspite of bei...

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What You Should Know More About Gokarna

  • Q. What are the top things to do in Gokarna?
  • Q. Which are the top water sports I can do in Gokarna within Rs 1000?

    Gokarna being the beach city you will find ample water sports activities. We have created a list of some of the best water sports in Gokarna that you can experience:

    1. Jet Ski at Om Beach, Gokarna @ Rs 420 only
    2.  Bumper Ride in Gokarna @ Rs 700 only
    3. Banana Boat Ride in Gokarna @ Rs 600 only
    4. Speed Boating at Om Beach @ Rs 600 only

  • Q. Which are the famous places to visit in Gokarna?

    Being one of the top tourist attractions, there is a wide variety of places to visit in Gokarna. Few of them are listed here:

    1. Paradise Beach (Famous for camping and swimming)
    2. Half Moon Beach (Famous for swimming, canoeing, paddle boats, paintball, camping, and cabins)
    3Gokarna Beach (Famous for relaxing and swimming)
    4. Shiva Cave (Famous for cave exploration and sightseeing)
    5. Nirvana Beach (Famous for swimming, picnicking)
    6. Koti Tirtha (Famous for sightseeing and worshiping)

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    1. Kudle Beach: Kudle Beach is tagged as one of the top tourist attractions in Gokarna. This beach is situated in the southern direction of Gokarna Beach. You will admire the natural beauty of this place that is wrapped in a serene atmosphere.
    Tourists can plan their stay close to the beach area as there are numerous hotels, and resorts in the surrounding. The best part is that, there are cafes and restaurants lined up near the beachside which offer delicious seafood delicacies.

    2. Mahabaleshwar Temple: 
    Being one of the biggest Shiva Temples in India, Mahabaleshwara Temple is a popular landmark for tourists as well as religious believers. This temple is one of the best places to see in Gokarna because of its splendid architecture that depicts Dravidian style. There are two lingams called as the Paralingam and the Atmalingam which are worshipped by the visitors.

    3. Maha Ganapati Temple: 
    Gokarna is renowned as a temple town and that is why you will find several religious landmarks in the area. Maha Ganapati Temple can be reached by travelling in the east direction of Mahabaleshwara Temple. It is a famous temple in Karnataka because to its strong connection with Lord Ganesha. You will get to examine the black stone idol of Ganesha which is very popular among worshippers.

    4. Koti Tirtha: 
    One of the fabulous tourist places in Gokarna is Koti Tirtha. It is basically an artificial water tank which is located close to Mahabaleshwara Temple. Tourists cherish the scenic beauty of this place which is quite relaxing. Apart from this, Koti Tirtha is regarded as a supremely important spot for the Hindus. The ancient locations should be explored while touring this area.

    5. Om Beach: 
    The name of the beach is due to its shape which resembles the auspicious Om sign. Tourists prefer visiting this destination so as to relax their mind and soul. The exciting about Om Beach is that, you can enjoy a number of water sports such as surfing, banana boat cruise and even skiing. There are tea shops in the vicinity which can be utilized for savoring hot & cold beverages.

    6. Yaana: 
    Yaana is a popular pilgrimage location which is basically known for its rock formations. You can reach this destination by traveling 20 km from Kumta. Tourists love the view of the two big rocks which are present in the middle of the evergreen forests of Sahyadri. These rock formations are called Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and Mohini Shikhara. You can even visit the cave temple located beneath the Bhairaveshwara Shikhara.

    This temple houses a Swayambhu linga which is valued as a sacred landmark for Hindu devotees.  There is also a bronze idol of Goddess Chandika that is worshipped in this temple. Shivaratri celebrations in the religious cave temple are really grand if you happen to visit around the same time. Adventure activities such as rappelling, trekking, and rock climbing can be accessed in this area.

    7. Mirjan Fort: For sightseeing and acquiring knowledge about the vibrant history of this land you can visit Mirjan Fort. Queen Chennabhairadevi of Gersoppa was responsible for was the construction of this structure in the 16th century. This fort is known for its architectural greatness that is famous among tourists. You will have to travel 11 km from Gokarna in order to reach Mirjan Fort.

    8. Bhadrakali Temple: Bhadrakali Temple can be reached after traveling a distance of 1 km from Gokarna. Unlike the religious structures in Tamil Nadu, this temple in Karnataka possesses a unique architecture which is strongly linked with Hindu mythology. Bhadrakali Temple was built to worship Goddess Uma and is among the eminent resorts for the religious crowd that visits Gokarna.

  • Q. Which are the best resorts to stay in Gokarna?

    Gokarna has a range of hotels that cater to both the budget traveler and the one seeking luxury. While beach resorts are highly sought after, exotic budget hotels can be found all over the town. Some of the recommended resorts in Gokarna are:

    1. SwaSwara Resort: Perfect sanctuary for human wellness. The villas provide an elegant style of living surrounded by nature.

    2. Gokarna Forest Resort:
    Initially used as the hunting reserve by the Nepali Royal Family, it’s now adjacent to the golf course that has several golf enthusiasts enjoying the sport in the beautiful surroundings. It also has luxurious spa treatments to unwind and relax.

    3. Namaste Holiday Homes:
    Perfect place to relax and enjoy the seaside view of the Kudlee Beach. The whole experience will leave you mesmerized.

    4. Om Beach Resort:
    It’s ranked as one of the best beach resorts in Gokarna. It’s located on the famous Om beach.

    5. Gokarna International Beach Resort:
    World-class service that is value for money. The perfect blend of luxury and relaxation.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    1. Majestic Drive: The road network in & around Gokarna is very smooth. You won’t find much traffic which is surely a blessing for tourists. For people traveling from Bangalore, they will experience a sudden shift in the landscape which is filled with small hills and greenery. You will also get to view several bridges while crossing rivers in this region. The view of the Ghats will surely fulfill your sightseeing desires when touring Gokarna.

    2. Exotic Beaches: If you thought Goa is the prime destination that is famous for its beaches in India, then you must surely visit Gokarna. This small town has a calm setup which makes the surrounding appear more beautiful. The beaches in this area are known as the party spots for tourists and locals.
    They can be called as hidden treasures which are protected by strong mountains. The three major beaches in Gokarna are Paradise Beach, Om Beach and Half-moon Beach. These beaches are not crowded and offer a superb backdrop that will fill your heart with overwhelming emotions. Moreover, these well-known tourist places also consist of excellent eateries that serve native cuisines.

    3. Fantastic Boat Rides: Boat rides in Gokarna are very much liked by tourists. You will admire the amazing jet boat rides which can be accessed close to the Kudle region. Moreover, various water sports can also be hired at affordable prices in this region. Near the Kumta side, you will be bewildered to know that the sea is home for numerous dolphins. Tourists can easily view them during the smooth boat ride.

    4. Delightful Eating Destinations: You can access a unique food adventure while touring Gokarna. Do not miss a chance to visit Naveen Beach Resort which serves mouth-watering seafood delicacies. Inside RNS residency close to the Shiva temple you can visit Sea Lounge Restaurant which serves good vegetarian food. North Indian cuisine is very much liked by regular customers.

  • Q. Which are the famous beaches to visit in Gokarna?

    Gokarna is situated in Konkan Coastline and hence is dominated by beaches. Top 5 beaches in Gokarna are well all preferred for different reasons.

    1. Om Beach: The most preferred beach for all watersports lovers. It is also a special attraction as it is naturally in the shape of the divine Om. It is also safe for swimming.
    2. Gokarna Beach: The beach is generally crowded by pilgrims and the locals. An early morning stroll can be refreshing though.
    3. Half Moon Beach: Relatively free of the corruption of commercialization, it is perfect place to spend some time in solitude. It is also far from the noise of the main town.
    4. Paradise Beach: True to its name, the beach is accessible only via foot or by boat, leaving it virtually pollution free.
    5. Kudle Beach: Another popular tourist beach, Kudle Beach is full of shacks. Ideal place for Beach sports.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Gokarna (Karnataka) is 18 years.

  • Q. How to reach Gokarna?

    Gokarna can be reached from Goa, Mangalore and Bengaluru. It is accessible through roadways, railway and via flight as per one’s preference.

    • The roadways are well connected. Direct busses are available from Goa, Bengaluru, Hubli and Mangalore. KSRTC buses and private busses, both can be hired. Gokarna is just 10 km off the NH 17 connecting Mumbai to Kochi. Cabs can be hired for shorter distances. For travel within Gokarna even auto rickshaws are available.
    • Nearest airport- Dabolim Airport in Goa is the nearest airport. Its 140 km from Gokarna and well connected so cabs or taxi services are available to reach Gokarna.
    • Trains from Mumbai, Mangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Veraval and other cities halt at the nearest station, Ankola, which is 20 Km from Gokarna.

  • Q. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Gokarna?

    Since Gokarna is a fairly smaller town, most of the distance is easily covered by foot. However it’s also fairly connected by a good public transportation system.

    1. Ferries connect the beaches around the town. A shared boat could cost between Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 while a solo ride could cost between Rs. 400 to Rs. 500
    2. The old-style cycle rickshaw is also available for a more authentic transportation experience. It is best for short distances.
    3. Modern auto-rickshaw as well as taxies are easily available. While the Autos ply mostly as shared, taxis can be reserved for personal use.

  • Q. Which are the best places for shopping in Gokarna?

    Splurging in the local Gokarna markets is a sheer delight. Get ready to bargain to get a good price though.

    1. Street shopping:
    Small local shops carry trinkets and interesting products for you to purchase.
    2. Temple shopping: While the loca shops share quite a variety of products, shops around the temples sell more religious souvenirs like the statues, spices, flowers and incense sticks etc.

  • Q. What is the best local food in Gokarna? Where can I get to try it out?

    Due to its religious background, several places serve only vegetarian food. However, its proximity from the sea also makes it possible to access some authentic seafood dishes. You could try the authentic Karnataka dishes or even order in for a complete thali. Some of the local restaurants to try out are as below.

    1. Mahalaxmi Restaurant: Backpacker haven known for its Banana pancakes and Indian curries.
    2. Prema: A multi cuisine restaurant known for its Icecreams and Italian dishes.
    3. Shree Shakti Restaurant: One of the oldest restaurants that has been around for over 3 decades. Its known for its sweet lassi.
    4. Dolphin View Restaurant: A vegetarian only restaurant known especially for its Masala Cashew Curry paired best with rice.
    5. Namaste Cafe: Seafood lovers should definitely check this out. It is known for its King fish sizzler and other delectable cuisines like mexican and Israeli.

  • Q. Where can I spot dolphins in Gokarna?

    Guided sessions are usually organized for tourists. There are abundant Humpback Dolphins to watch out for.

    - The guided session is usually organised between 10am - 3pm.
    - Lasts between half an hour and an hour basis the water currents.

  • Q. What are the famous pilgrimage spots in Gokarna?

    The temples have a significant history surrounding them. While Shiva is the main deity, there are several temples that are a must-visit.

    1. Mahabaleshwara: It is a classic example of the beauty of Dravidian architecture. It Faces Karwar city and the Arabian Sea.
    2. Koti Tirtha: Man made tank is surrounded by temples and used to immerse the Idols.
    3. Maha Ganpati Temple: As per legend, the temple was made to honor boy Ganesha for deceiving Ravana and keeping him from completing his penance.

  • Q. What is the most famous historic monument in Gokarna?

    Even though Gokarna is not studded with a lot of monuments, it is the best place to watch history unfold with the famous Mirjan Fort.

    • Mirjan Fort: Known for its historical battles and architectural elegance, the fort will spellbind you whether you are a history enthusiast or not. It is located on the banks of Aganashini River. It is also well maintained thanks to its efficient restoration process.