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  • The city of Bangalore is well known to most people as India’s IT Hub. With its crowded streets, high rise apartment buildings and 1000+ tech startups, there is no doubt that this metropolitan city is where people from all over the country go to pursue their dreams of building a career and a name for themselves. Needless to say, this comes with its share of long working hours and constant stress. The pace of city life eventually wears even the most determined people out, and sometimes you just need an escape to rejuvenate yourself.
    Night trekking in Bangalore is an invigorating and enriching experience that is guaranteed to revitalize your soul and fill you with a new passion for life. The thrill of trekking through the darkness gives you an adrenaline rush that watching a movie on a laptop or drinking at a bar could never do.  The serene sounds of the night, the morning dew, and a magnificent sunrise from a hilltop cannot be compared to any materialistic satisfaction. So if you’re feeling burnt out by the grind of city life, grab your backpack and go on a night adventure that you won’t soon forget.

    Here are some of the best Night Trekking places in Bangalore:

  • 01Savandurga Trek

    Image Credit : blogspot

    Trek to the largest monolith in Asia to witness breathtaking views and a climb through generations of imperial history. Savandurga is one of the challenging night treks near Bangalore situated 60 kms away from the main city. The monolith comprises of twin peaks known as 'Karigudda' or black hill and 'Biligudda' or white hill, which also serve as distinct trekking routes to the top. The unpredictable nature of the steep slopes and boulders earned its name Savandurga which means ‘Death Fort’ and has to trekked with extreme precaution and essential climbing gear. Such day outing in Bangalore is a dream for every individual which one can fulfill here.

    The former trail being less favoured, the Biligudda trail offers various site along the way like the ruined fort of Kempe Gowda, the Kalina Mantapa, stone buildings and a view of the Arkavathi River with the Manchanabele dam in the distance. The best time to trek here is in the winter, to avoid the slippery monsoon moss and the scorching summer heat. Nevertheless this 5 km moderate trek and its view from the top is a speechless and exhilarating experience.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 60 km

    • Difficulty level - Easy to Moderate

    • Best Season - Winter

  • 02Ramanagara Night Trek

    Image Credit : thrillophilia

    Situated in the famous silk town, Ramanagara night trekking near Bangalore is a popular spot comprising of seven majestic hills encompassing each trek with lush greenery and mesmerising beauty of the hills. Located just 55 kms from main city, this trekking in Bangalore offers a wide range of activities like rappelling, jumaring, rock climbing, chimney climbing, kayaking, cave exploration, target shooting, mountain biking, go karting (atv ride) and high rope traverse which will delight and astound the adventure junkie in you.

    Each of the trails vary in difficulty and is recommended only for physically fit and strong hearted enthusiasts. In order to avoid leeches and insects or a bad tan, the best time to trek here is in the cooler months to live the experience of ‘Sholay’, and enlighten your journey with its abounding spiritual aspect of numerous temples and deities along the way. So get set, explore and enjoy Ramanagara.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 55 km (2hr train or bus journey)

    • Difficulty level -  Moderate to Difficult

    • Best Season- Winter

  • 03Kunti Betta Night Trek

    Kunti Betta are two picturesque hills surrounded by paddy fields, coconut trees, sugarcane and lush vegetation. Located in Pandavapura, 125 kms away from Bangalore, this place is where Kunti, the mother of the five pandavas stayed during her exile. Pilgrims often visit here and trek to the top to venerate the Pandavas and the temple deity. The trek to the top will have you crawling through dense vegetation and narrow gauged rocks, but worth the while for the view of the beautiful valley and the Kunti Kund at the bottom.

    The night trek to Kunti Betta is not only an easy and pocket friendly getaway option but it also is a boost to first time or amateur trekkers offering an invigorating experience. The only time to avoid trekking here is in the monsoon due to slippery rocks but also activities like kayaking or swimming can be enjoyed better in clear weather. Overall Kunti Betta is a unique and enriching experience for an amateur or even and even an expert trekker

    • Distance from Bangalore - 125 km

    • Difficulty level -  Easy to Moderate

    • Best Season- October to May

  • 04Anthargange Trek

    Anthargange which literally means Inner Spring is named after a spring originated in the hill which flows through a bull statue at the ancient Kashi Vishwanatha temple on the hillock. Situated 80 km away from Bangalore, the Anthargange Trek is a blend of trekking, cave exploration, hiking and camping that drive an adrenaline rush. Encompassed by huge rocks, make your way through the thick dense forests at the base of the hill and explore the famous dark caverns and mysterious volcanic rock formations.

    Unveil the shutterbug in you and capture a night by the bonfire in the primeval caves only to wake up to an enchanting view of the sunrise and if you’re lucky some photogenic wild animals in your collection as well. The best time to trek here is when the monsoon drifts away and the cool weather starts to settle in.The Anthargange Night Trekking in Bangalore is a great chance to escape the hectic life and create lasting memories

    • Distance from Bangalore - 80 km

    • Difficulty level -  Easy to Moderate

    • Best Season- October to March

  • 05Kabbal Durga Trek

    Image Credit : trekkerpedia

    Home to Goddess Kabbalamma, the Kabbal Durga peak is a monolithic hillock laden with vegetation, calmness and a rocky landscape. Located 77 kms away from Bangalore city, the this night trekking adventure is all about speed, agility and patience. Apart from being close to Mysore, this peak has contrasting trekking routes, one being family oriented or for first timers and the other being more strenuous and challenging recommended only for the physically and mentally tough trekkers. In Bangalore trekking is one of the very popular and famous activity and is performed by a lot of people.

    Lying over the hazy village of Kabbalu, this trek offers picturesque views of the valley all along the way. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and the music of chirping birds and you know you’ve become one with them. With teamwork and sheer perseverance the views from the flat terrain on the peak are breathtaking. The sleepy village of Kabbalu, the distant blue hills, the neatly cultivated plantations, the clouds floating over the village and the strong winds are definite to stay etched in one’s memory. So have a great time and don’t miss out on the opportunity.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 77 km

    • Difficulty level -  Moderate

    • Best Season- October to January

  • 06Narayan giri Trek

    With remains of a fort encircling the mountain, the Narayangiri peak has a lot to explore and experience. The numerous caves add an ancient archaic feel while the climb is a blend of walking, clinging onto bushes, rock climbing the steep slopes and crawling through crevices which gives you a whole new perspective of a trek. Situated around 76 kms from Bangalore, in the small town of  Jalamangala, the Narayanagiri hill is not often frequented for trekking which makes your trek all the more special and unique.

    The trail takes you up the carved steps on the rock and then into the thick forest of Jalamangala where you can spot a range of small and big creatures. Home to the Laxmi-Narayana temple, made of glossy dark granite and nestled at it’s peak, the view from there is even more splendid with the vast countryside, small town area and lush vegetation below. It is advisable to avoid night trekking in Bangalore during heavy monsoons, only to enjoy a fulfilling climb and picturesque sunrise as your reward.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 76 km

    • Difficulty level -  Easy

    • Best Season- September to May

  • 07Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek

    The Bilikal Betta or White Hill in Kanakapura is one of the highest hills in the area and a perfect pick for short trekking. Unlike dry and rocky landscape of the other hills and trekking routes, the Rangaswamy betta night trekking in Bangalore is an adventure through dense vegetation and jungle area. Don’t be surprised by frequent encounters with the mighty Indian elephant and other docile jungle animals which only gives you a true feel of forest trekking.

    Located at a distance of 60 kms from the main Bangalore city junction and at an elevation of 3780 m, this trek isn’t as much rock climbing as it is jungle trekking.At the end of the jungle, the trek opens onto its summit with a splendid view of the countryside and the Ranganathaswamy temple nestled under a massive granite boulder which also acts as its roof. The trek should be avoided during heavy downpours but light monsoon trekking will showcase the beauty and blossom of the place.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 60 km

    • Difficulty level -  Easy to Moderate

    • Best Season- August to May

  • 08Makalidurga Night Trek

    Ruled in the era of the Vijayanagara Empire, today the Makalidurga hill fort is one of the top destinations for night trekking in Bangalore. With twinkling skies, rich heritage and a railway line meandering through the curves in the hill, this trek will definitely leave you feeling mystical and enchanted. Located 60km from the city of Bangalore and 10 km from Doddaballapur town, the Makalidurga hill stands above the other hills at an elevation of 4430 feet. One of the famous place to enjoy weekend in Bangalore with your family and friends.

    It has a fort nestled at its summit with an old Shiva temple and where you can bask in the stillness and bliss of the place. Not many trek this route, which is a partly eerie and a partly exciting experience. It is a moderately difficult trek, and with some effort, you can climb its rocky landscape. Watch out for arrows on the rocks to guide you along the trail. Bird watching and rappelling are two activities distinct to this trek and will only enhance your trip. It is because of its unlikeness to other treks that travel junkies and adventure enthusiasts find their way here.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 60 km

    • Difficulty level -  Moderate to Difficult

    • Best Season- September to February

  • 09Kaurava Kunda Trek

    Image Credit : explara

    Located 75 km away from Bangalore,this twin hill in the little village of Hariharapura is named after the Kauravas and Pandavas from the Hindu mythological texts. The Kaurava Kunda night trek is quite a challenge with a steep climb over the sandy steps to reach the peaks. The trail can get extremely slippery which makes risky to trek at night, but the cool weather, lit sky and serene surrounding make it worth the effort. During the long trek, you can stop at the hollowed abode of the Lord Shiva and enjoy the reflected peace and tranquility of the place.

    With the first light of the morning, the view of the Chikkaballapur town, neighboring hillocks and the spectacular sea of clouds will take your breath away. Bask in the full spectrum of this natural beauty, explore the area and its colourful flora on your descend back to the base. Apart from extreme summer and heavy monsoon in Bangalore this place is a wonderful trek up to this twin summit.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 75 km

    • Difficulty level -  Easy to Moderate

    • Best Season- August to March

  • 10Madhugiri Night Trek

    Madhugiri Betta is a towering 1000m hill and the second largest monolith in Asia. The name Madhugiri or ‘Honey Hill’ is from a time when there used to be a lot of honeybee colonies here. As years passed a fort was built on its steep slopes and even today there remain three gateways to enter the fort, namely Antaralada Bagilu, Diddibagilu, and Mysuru Gate. Trekking up the hill, you will have to pass through a series of doors and walls that lead you to the peak. Trek is also a famous spot for camping at night which will leave you thrilled and amused.

    The climb up Madhugiri betta is graded as moderate to difficult and the walls at each level challenge the toughest of trekkers. The trek isn’t all climbing, there is a lot of history to be discovered along the way, with granaries, pavilions, stone benches, tunnels etc. to make your trek all the more interesting. Located 100 km from Bangalore, this route is surrounded by the lush Timmalapura Forest where you might chance upon peahens or even Indian bears. Madhugiri night trekking in Bangalore will leave you feeling ecstatic and in awe of nature.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 100 km

    • Difficulty level - Moderate to Difficult

    • Best Season- October to March

    • Other stays: You can check some of the beautiful resorts in Bangalore and have an lovely stay.


    Image Credit : bangaloreataglance

    This ancient mountain fortress is an ideal destination for night trekking in Bangalore, camping or even bird watching. Camping in Bangalore is really an life time remembering thing to do as you get lots and lots of things to explore around. Located 68 km from Bangalore, the trek commences at the foothills of the Kalwara village from the Papagni Temple and a mutt which is supposed to be among the oldest such institutions in Karnataka, and houses Goddess Parvati and some local deities. The trek is perfect for novices as it is relatively simple and well marked out. 

    The Skandagiri trek contains an ascent of roughly 8 km and on your way to the top of the hill, you will be flanked by pleasant greenery and dense shrubs. As you conquer the first Kalwar Betta Fort, you realise there are 6 more stone walls, protecting the sacred yet abandoned Shiva temple at the summit. There are also 2 caves on the hill which lead up to the temple, but it best recommended to stay away from the gigantic pythons guarding them. The Skandagiri hills is a great night hiking adventure and is comfortable to trek in the winter months.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 68 km

    • Difficulty level - Moderate to Difficult

    • Best Season- October to March

  • 12Manchinbele Night Trek

    Manchinbele is a small dam located around 50 kms from Bangalore on the banks of Manchinbele lake with the picturesque Savandurga Mountain in the backdrop. Built across River Arkavathi, this place is is perfect for short adventurous trip or even night camping along the calm and serene water body. Despite its unspoiled beauty, you can indulge yourself in various adventure activities in Bangalore like kayaking, rappelling, swimming, rock climbing, chimney climbing,night trekking, camping, ATV rides etc.

    The dam can visited during most of the year except during rainy days since you might not be able to enjoy most of the activities offered there. It is an amazing destination with numerous adventure sports and scenic natural beauty which is a perfect combination for a break away from the hectic hustle of the city life.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 50 km

    • Difficulty level - Easy

    • Best Season- All year round

  • 13Shivagange Trek

    Known as Kashi of the South, the black granite hill of Shivaganga (Shivagange) is where trekking and religion come together to offer you instant weekend getaway. As you start off the trek you’ll come across a Shiva Temple with a mighty statue of Lord Shiva and Goddess parvati. The unique feature of this hill is that it looks like a bull from the East, Ganesha from the West, ShivaLinga from the South and a cobra from the North, how peculiar and special would that make your trek.

    The ruler, Kempegowda is known to have hidden his valuables and treasures amidst the rock of this Shivaganga Hill. As you continue the trek a set of well laid steps lead you to the top where an ancient cave shrine of Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple and a large Nandi statue offer a magnificent view of the plains below. The fresh water spring called Pathala Ganga on the way to hilltop is considered to be as holy and many come to rejuvenate and be healed. Around Bangalore you will find various places to visit and Shivagange is one of them.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 60 km

    • Difficulty level - Easy to Moderate

    • Best Season- August to May

  • 14Achhalu Night Trek

    Named after the small village of Achhalu, this night trekking destination is a great weekend off, for those looking for something different and unexplored. Being one of the lesser known trails, it is surrounded by greenery, silence and beauty allowing you to  get lost in its wilderness. Achhalu Betta night trekking in Bangalore only 75 km away from the main city provides a unique opportunity to unravel a new place. There are various things to do in Bangalore but trekking is everyone wishes to do and is there in their bucket list.

    After an exhausting night trek, you arrive at the Muneshwara temple along with a statue of Nandi at the top. With a warm bonfire and soothing chirp of birds in the morning, you can catch the first glimpse of the sun shining down on lush greenery and the village below. Although not a very tough trek, it will definitely leave feeling content and fulfilled.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 75  km

    • Difficulty level - Easy

    • Best Season- August to May

  • 15SRS Hill Night Trek

    Image Credit : explara

    Ramadevara Betta is a Hindu shrine rising more than 3000 feet. Lord Ram is said to have visited this place during his 14 years in exile. Despite its deep mythological and rich political history, Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Betta or SRS Hill is a popular trekking and rock climbing destination located 65 km from Bangalore. The trek starts with the veneration at the  Bheemeshwara and Renukamba temple at the base. As the you climb over the rocky terrain you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings, especially the starlit sky from such a height. Those who are planning a trip to Bangalore they should definitely include night trekking in their Bangalore tour package.

    The route to the top of Revanasiddeshwara Betta is extremely simple and does not require much physical agility. As you reach the peak, you will see the Sri Revanna Siddeshwara temple with a small pond of water beside it.This sacred cave hill temple is nestled on a massive monolithic stone surrounded by hills in the midst of nature and lush greenery. Camp under the stars and enjoy a blessed night at this sacred place. Wake up early morning and head for fun adventures like kayaking and swimming which will be the perfect end to your night trekking adventure.

    • Distance from Bangalore - 62  km

    • Difficulty level - Easy

    • Best Season- August to May

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