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    With its all-embracing lush environment, Coorg is rated as one of the finest destinations for honeymoon. It is here that Mother Nature soothes you with its divine balm making you one with nature. Given the destination’s verdant settings, it is a haven for people in love, making it the most sought after one in the country.

    Coorg is as good as a green escape as any of the other popular hill stations, namely Munnar, Ooty, and Kodaikanal. Within driving distance from major cities such as Bangalore and Mysore, this pristine place offers everything - waterfalls, lakes, coffee plantations, hills, mountains, temples, parks, leisure centers, restaurants, and more.

    Here are some of the resorts to visit when on a romantic holiday in Coorg:

    1. Orange County 

    Coorg honeymoon packages at this resort allows you to be cocooned in a different world. Be the guest of honor in a three hundred acre coffee plantation. Get treated like a king as you and your better half become the center of attention for the staff here. Spend time amidst coffee scented dales, which becomes a perfect setting to brew romance. Bask in the beautiful spice trail on location. There is much time to be spent in these verdant and picturesque settings.

    It is here you get to revel in the sweet heavenly aromas of nature. Adding to the experience is private pool that will be shared by only you and your better half. An ethereal experience indeed!

    Orange County Resorts and Hotels create romantic themes for honeymoon couples. The property at Coorg is built on the backdrop of coffee, spice, and plantation walk. It is believed that harvesting love amidst such serene settings goes a long way.

    2. The Tamara

    The Tamara resort at Coorg offers the Great Indian Honeymoon Package. There is an impressive set of features listed in this package. Two accommodations are on offer as part of this package – the Suite Cottage and the Luxury Cottage.

    The package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Depending on the season, you are taken on bird watching trails. You can also spend time at the sprawling plantation. To experience nature in a close range, you get guided trekking tours. For experiencing local culture, sightseeing expeditions are arranged.

    After a hard day’s fun, it is time for some relaxation at the yoga room. A yoga instructor guides you and your partner. Post that, you can top that experience with a candlelight dinner where a waiter breaks open a complimentary wine bottle. Drink and eat to your heart’s content.

    On offer is a picnic hamper that lets you enjoy a picnic on the estate. To drive you around, you get a complimentary chauffeur service. On location there are spa and sports facilities. The rooms are decked with the latest amenities. The Tamara provides all the ingredients to experience one of the best Coorg Honeymoon Packages.

    3. The Windflower Resorts

    The Windflower Resorts is nestled in a tranquil landscape and an ideal destination for Coorg honeymoon packages. The accommodation available here are cozy studios and each one overlooks a vast expanse of greenery. You can dine beside the swimming pool. There are certain meditation points neat the waterfront that are used for dining as well.

    The rooms are extremely well-furbished, stylish and come with impressive décor. The windows are large and allow enough air and light to seep in. You get the feeling of living amongst the nature and not in an enclosed room.

    Each suite or studio living place is equipped with a sitting area. There is a personal safe in each room where you can store your valuables. The bathroom is well-equipped with all amenities and even Ayurvedic toiletries.

    The sauna and steam facilities let you and your better half detox and relax. You can then sit beside the lotus pond and spend quality time together. The restaurant here is open-air and serves a mix of Asian and Continental dishes. During the day you can visit the Coffee Shop for snacks. The Windflower Resorts are ten kilometers from the Dubare Elephant Camp.  A sought after place, there are multiple routes to get here.

    4. Kadkani River Resort

    PhotoCredits: Mohan BN

    This is one of those resorts that captures the true essence of Coorg. The Kadkani River Resort believes in providing its guests a world full of surprises. There are thirty odd cottages here and each one has a private porch. Well-equipped, these cottages are set in the most serene surroundings. Tucked away in such luxurious settings, you live in close range to the Kaveri River. The resort administration provides a water sports expert to accompany you during your rafting in Coorg experience. There is no better way to bond than over a thrilling experience of adventure.

    It will be the perfect opportunity to bond with nature as well. You can combine rafting with trekking. There are plenty of impressive trekking trails in the vicinity where a professional naturalist will enlighten you on your surroundings along the way.

    The Kadkani River Resort also has a golf course where you can get trained by experienced golfers. This is the perfect time to pick up the sport. Relish in The Pride of Pachat restaurant where the regional culinary delights are served to you. With plenty avenues of relaxation here, your honeymoon experience becomes a memorable one.

    5. Amanvana Luxury Spa Resort

    Located on the banks of Kaveri River, Amanvana Resort is the perfect escape to a world full of nature’s delights on Coorg honeymoon packages. A perfect honeymooning spot, the place offers an experience that is unique and fulfilling. The simple yet sophisticated ambience makes you feel at home. The resort is located on the easily accessible Madikeri, Kushalnagar Road.

    There are eighteen bungalows in this resort. Each of which has a living area and bedroom with attached bathroom facilities. Flanking the bungalow is an individual courtyard, a great place for honeymoon couples to spend quality time with each other.

    Various treatments from aroma to stone therapy are offered by the spa on location. Additionally you get nutritional guidance from experts. Enhancing the whole experience is the rejuvenating sauna bath and Jacuzzi. Get detoxified here with the range of spa treatments.

    Also available for honeymooners are Private Barbeque facilities. For adventure enthusiasts, you can go on guided treks and adventure walks. There is also the provision to camp outdoors under the supervision of the resort administrative officials.  

    Here are some of the famous homestays of Coorg:

    This place is nestled in the foothills of Coorg. A personification of Garden of Eden, on location are exotic species of flowers. A great sight is when the flowers are in full bloom. The seven acre estate has so many indulgences of nature with the Kaveri River passing by in close vicinity.

    The Birds of Paradise is an ideal place for rejuvenation and relaxation as you can breathe in the fresh air and get the aroma of flowers. Get inundated with the sweet scents of nature’s wonderful creations. All of this makes it the perfect abode for the love-struck honeymooners.

    6. Ginger Home Stay

    The Ginger Home Stay is located in the Kadagadal Village, only seven kilometers away from Madikeri, the capital of Coorg. The home stay features a huge mansion and can accommodate up to four couples. But if you want the home to be all yours you can have that as well.

    Staying here lets you experience a Kodava lifestyle along with the comforts of the home. The well-furnished expanses of this home is inviting to the eye. Such is the hospitable ambience that exists here, you will feel like extending your stay here. It is among the best resorts in Coorg for honeymoon.

    A perfect backdrop, you are amidst a luxurious piece of space in the most verdant settings. From the home you can view the misty hills in its full splendor. You can also visit a coffee plantation during the day.

    The verandah is like a dream destination too when on Coorg honeymoon packages. This part of the home is vast and well-furnished. From here you can look-out into the hills and open spaces that surround the home. To top it all is the concierge service and the warm hospitality.

    7. Ajantha Homestay

    Ajantha Homestay

    Sometimes a home away from home is the perfect place to nurture romance. The Ajantha Homestay is one such place among all resorts in Coorg for honeymoon. No matter which part of the world you are from, you will always feel at home here. The homestay is like a beautiful little world with an identity of its own. Nestled amidst nature, the retreat provides a refreshing experience.

    Perched atop a hillock, the homestay is located only about a couple of kilometers from Madikere. Being near to the city, yet far from it is a trait of this place. This aspect enables you to visit this place often. As you reach here, you are welcomed by the expansive driveway and aesthetic sculptures. The landscaping too is amazing.

    Privacy is retained as you stay on the first floor of the house and the hosts on the ground floor. The interiors are exquisitely decorated. Some of the artifacts have a personal touch to them. You can also customize your homestay experience if needed. But prior information has to be given to the homestay staff.

    8. Honey Pot Homes

    Even rusting surroundings have beauty in them. That’s what you get at the Honey Pot Homes homestay. This place retains a rustic ambience and you are drawn to the homely atmosphere that pervades here. The setting makes it ideal for honeymoon couples.

    Surrounded by coffee plantations, the homestay is in the middle of a sprawling coffee state. You are in the middle of 225 acres of verdant greenery that is only a five to ten minute drive away from Madikeri.

    On location are three cottages that are aesthetically built. The professionally run homestay administration go out of their way to make your experience here worthwhile. Each home has an undercover porch where you can spend cozy moments in dim and romantic light. Be it the tables, chairs, windows, and the front patio – everything here is attractively furbished. You can enjoy the days by taking walks in the coffee plantation where there is a lot to see and explore.

    9. Vanavihar Homestay

    Vanavihar Homestay

    The Vanavihar Homestay has a soothing ambience. If Coorg mesmerized you with its bountiful nature, then this homestay will regale you with its homely ambience. Coorg is known as the land of greens and coffee plantations. There is no better place to experience the essence than at this homestay.

    Essentially an independent villa, it has all the reminiscences of being an ideal holiday destination. There are three residences in this vicinity. The villa is spacious with concierge service that is personalized. The features of the house include large living and bedrooms, rustic verandah and balconies that give you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding regions.

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    The best experience is the home cooked food with mainly Coorgi cuisine and some South Indian delicacies. Here the in-house chefs will prepare sumptuous meals for you and your better half. It is wonderful experiencing home-made delicacies in the most beautiful of settings.

    The friendly ambience is well-complemented by the friendly staff. The homestay is blessed with natural views and exuberates the cool and calm atmosphere that is typical of a hill station. It is a highly recommended place for people who love good food on their honeymoon.

    Here are some of the famous tourists spots to visit:

    10. Visiting Raja's Seat

    Visiting Rajas Seat

    Photo Credit :

    The Raja’s Seat is one of the romantic destinations in Coorg. An enchanting garden that was used by kings, it is here you get to see beautiful sunsets and sunrises. This place is known as the Raja’s Seat given that the Raja and his ministers used this facility as a leisure center. They used to sit in this place and enjoy the beauty of nature.

    A seasonal garden, this place is adorned with flowers and artificial fountains. Located in Madikeri in Coorg, Raja’s Seat is one of the highly visited tourist destinations in this region. The verdant layers of greenery leave you spellbound when on Coorg honeymoon packages.

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    Flanking the gardens are high-rise hills and mountains covered with mist. You can also see the valleys that connect these mountains. It is truly a king’s seat given the wealth of views that you can get from here.

    In the middle of the garden is the pillared structure that has majestic arches and is surrounded with a canvas of beautiful creations. Given that the Raja’s Seat is set at a high altitude you get amazing views of adjoining hills. To top the honeymoon experience, you can enjoy a sunset or sunrise together here.

    11. Omkareshwara Temple

    Photo Credits: Ritesh

    This temple is one of the most visually appealing ones in Coorg. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and built by Lingarajendra, this spiritual place has remnants of an Islamic style even though it is a Hindu temple. Incorporating Gothic and Islamic styles the structure bares testimony to the fact that religious harmony existed during the time of its construction.

    There is a legend behind the building of this temple. The king had killed a Brahmin. To appease the brahmin’s spirit, he brought the idol of Lord Shiva from Kashi and built a temple. It was believed that the spirit of the Brahmin left the king from here on.

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    Striking is the water body in front of the temple that houses many colorful fishes. When you look at the temple, you will know why it is different. With four minarets flanking the structure, a dome stands in an imposing stance at the center of the temple. The structure looks like an Islamic dargah and also a Hindu temple. The fusion of styles has created a remarkable piece of architecture that is worth watching several times over.

    12. Abbi Falls

    Located on the Western Ghats and only eight kilometers from Madikeri, Abbey Falls is an excellent location for a honeymoon outing. Several water ways combine to form the falls. The waterfall descends from a height of about seventy feet and gushes out of dense foliage. During the monsoon season, the water is sight to behold. The thunderous waters underline their presence even several miles away.

    Located between coffee plantations, there is much to see and explore in and around the falls while on a honeymoon. On location are plenty of trekking trails where you can backpack some camping gear and camp for a day here. To get a better view of the falls, you can see it from a hanging bridge an ideal location to take photographs from.

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    You can visit the Kali Mata Temple in the vicinity of the Abbi Falls as part of Coorg honeymoon packages. This is a perfect occasion for you to take blessings from the almighty. The location is extremely picturesque. For a unique experience, stand in the shallow parts of the pond created by the water which eventually flows to the Kaveri River.

    13. Golden Temple

    The Golden Temple is essentially the Tibetan Monastery in Coorg. Also called as the Tibet Camp, this place is within driving distance from Kushalnagar. There is a thriving Tibetan settlement here. The Tibetan population at Byle Kuppe is one of the largest in the country. When you visit this place, it could seem as if you have visited Tibet.

    At the monastery, as per estimates there are more than seven thousand monks. The Golden Temple and the Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery are part of the same complex. For tourists, the sight of the temple is a unique attraction. It is an ideal destination for a romantic couple to take photographs. The architecture and color combinations of this temple are outstanding.

    You can buy Tibetan merchandise from here as there are plenty of shops selling artifacts and other miscellaneous items. There are also several restaurants serving exotic Tibetan food.

    14. Dubare Elephant Camp

    Staying amongst elephants is a unique experience indeed, especially when on honeymoon packages! This is the kind of experience you get at the Dubare Elephant Camp. Set beside the Kaveri River, this elephant camp is actually that – a reserve for elephants. You will see plenty of them here on guided tours.

    The cottages offered inside the vicinity of the camp are high on comfort. When you visit this camp, you can also visit the training area of elephants. These trained animals are used for various activities and are also part of the Dussehra Festival. You can get interesting anecdotes from mahouts on the behavior of these gigantic creatures.

    Apart from that, you can enjoy a thrilling activity of White water rafting. Also, there are plenty of trekking trails here that top the list as the most thrilling activity. Some of the most riveting trails are said to be located in this part of the world. There is no better way to bond with each other than to be here. Dubare is also a place that is home for a large number of exotic birds. You can watch plenty of them at all times during your visit here.

    Here are some of thrilling activities to experience in Coorg:

    15. Barapole River rafting

    Honeymoons ought to have a mix of both – romance and adventure. The Barapole River rafting is frequented by couples. The river provides the perfect rapids for the experienced and in-experienced. You can dream of going on rapids on the Brahmaputra River. But if you are inexperienced, this is the place you will typically start off from.

    Not just rafting, there are other activities in Coorg as well. You can go zip lining and trekking by the surrounding regions. The location is a perfect place for you and your better half to retreat in a camp tent.

    Although the knowledge of swimming is not required, basic knowledge of swimming will be helpful. Safety is ensures as even before you enter into the water, you are given a thorough orientation. There are lifeguards at the scene too.

    16. Trekking

    Photo Credits: Vandana Mehra

    Coorg offers an ideal terrain and plenty of trekking trails. A trekking expedition in such verdant settings is an ideal way to spend honeymoons. It ranges from moderate to difficult. Being a hill station, Coorg is best experienced when places over here are trekked.

    The Tadiyandamol Trek is famous among all of them for it is the highest peak in this region. Trekking through this region is easy and you are rewarded with breath-taking views. The all-round natural beauty will pervade your consciousness and make your honeymoon a great one.

    17. Microlight Flying

    Microlight flying in Coorg is flying in a glider that can accommodate two people and is powered by engines. The glider is generally manned by a pilot. Flying over Coorg is extremely appealing given the magnificent biodiversity that this place has.

    This is a thrilling way to spend your honeymoon. You will be flying in the skies literally. The flight is generally for a period of three to four hours and covers a distance of around three hundred and fifty kilometers.

    18. Bird Watching

    Coorg is the ideal place for bird watching as many places here provide it. In fact, some of the finest resorts in this place are the location for some exotic species of birds. At the Tamara resort for example, you are taken on a guided tour for bird watching.

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    Bird watching is also possible at Dubare Elephant Camp and Nagarhole National Park. You can take guided tours at these wildlife sanctuaries. On a honeymoon, there is no better experience than watching and understanding birds. Even if you are not a bird lover, a bird watching experience will make you start appreciating these wonderful creatures.

    Some birds are seen only in certain seasons. There are many ornithologists in Coorg. You can consult one of them to get their thoughts on the best venue for an amazing bird watching experience.

    19. Coorg Spice Shopping

    Coorg Spice Shopping

    When in Coorg, don’t go back home without shopping for some authentic Coorg spices and coffee. The valleys here are dotted with innumerable coffee plantations bringing in the best of coffee. In the spices list, the most purchased spices are pepper and cardamom. In the fruits category, Coorg is famous for oranges.  

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