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  • As it is known Bangalore has the most amazing weather with its exotic views and surroundings.  There are a lot of places to visit around Bangalore during the monsoon season. By sheer geographical alignment, Bangalore leaves an avid traveller or those seeking a quick getaway spoilt with an array of destinations to pick from. Some lie in close proximity while a few require you to go across state borders. The otherwise disarming attraction of these places takes on a different hue giving a whole new dimension to your travel during monsoon.

    Monsoon getaways near Bangalore like hill towns, waterfalls, nature trails, beaches, and mountains transform into a captivating Neverland that you never want to leave. Rains in Bangalore more often than not conveys along wonderful spots to visit around Bangalore. They are quite recently outside of Bangalore in the scope of 200-400 km, which makes them culminate the end of the week getaways.

    With the downpours pouring down and the urban communities are lying splashed. The scenes, streams, lakes, and slopes from the edges of Bangalore allure us. How long can you possibly resist escaping into the rains surrounded by nature’s best?

    The hazy slopes, falling waterfalls, sandy shorelines and nature trails of Bangalore are rainstorm puts and additionally end of the week getaways, few of them are Ramanagara, Muthyalamaduvu, Chunchi Falls, Brindavan Gardens Mysore, Tiger Reserve Masinagudi, Kudremukh Coffee Estates and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. Let this monsoon be a special one while you visit some of the attractions near Bangalore this time.

    Here are some of the best places to visit near Bangalore during monsoon:

  • 01Mandalpatti, Coorg

    Mandalpatti, Coorg
    Image Credit : Joseph D'Mello - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 240km

    The more you discover Kodagu or Coorg, the more there is in store. Mandalpatti is one such hidden gem that can be best described as a path less trodden. The fog-covered, mountain range located 20km from the hustle-bustle of Madikeri is easily qualified as the most unexplored virgin areas in Coorg. Mandalpatti’s beauty, spectacular views are indefinable and consist all year round. But to watch this landscape change into an emerald green paradise during monsoons is a trip worthwhile. Though a haven for trekking, a word of caution is much needed. 

    Treacherous curves, tricky climbs, slopping hillside make this a difficult trail during monsoon. Hit the watchtower atop the mountain, which provides a magnificent view of the Pushpagiri Hills. Needless to say, the area is packed with Kodagu’s most beautiful waterfalls adding to the scenic locales. Most of them plummet into deep ravines surrounded by lush green hillocks, boosting the trekking experience.

    Offbeat Stays in Coorg:

    1) Coorg Camping Experience

    2) Coffee Plantation Stay In Coorg

    Offbeat  Activities and Tours of Coorg:

    1) Off Road Jeep Drive To Nishani Hills

    2) Temple Tour Of Coorg

    3) Visit The Tribal Village Of Coorg

    Stay at the Foothills of Brahmagiri

    Stay at the Foothills of Brahmagiri

    NNNNN442 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg


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  • 02Kudremukh and Coffee Estates, Chikmagalur

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    How can one not visit the land of rains or Malenadu region during monsoons? This area is known to be a treasure trove of Karnataka side of the Western Ghats. In the heartland of such beauty rampant with dense forests, hillsides, unabashedly flowing streams, waterfalls, and yes…coffee plantations is Chikamagalur. It is known for its pristine weather, home stay experiences, and ample play area for nature lovers.

    Kudremukh (horse face in Kannada, 95km) is an added attraction. Drive from Chikamagalur to Kudremukh is one of hills, rivers, and waterfalls. The quaint hill town’s virgin valley is made of connected mountain slopes and is a trekking paradise near Bangalore. With no specific trails, one can walk for long distances through Shola grasslands to heart’s content.

    These tropical forests are the largest in the region and overlook the Arabian Sea. Kudremukh National Park and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary run a successful global tiger conversation program in the ranges. Packed with waterfalls such as Hebbe and Kadambi, Kudremukh goes beyond expectations as a natural attraction and joins the list of monsoon getaways near Bangalore.

    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur

    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur

    NNNNN1075 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlChikmagalur

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  • 03Ketti Valley, Ooty

    Ketti Valley, Ooty
    Image Credit : Darshan Simha - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    Bangalore is blessed to be in close vicinity of queen of hill stations in India – Ooty. Planning an impromptu break is never a problem. As monsoon advances, Ooty’s makeover into a green glory is an undeniable treat to the eyes. Ketti Valley is one of the largest in the world extending from the plains of Coimbatore to the Mysore Plateau. A wealth of natural beauty, Ketti is an idyllic Nilgiri mountain village with undulating hills in the backdrop.

    A glimpse of rural lifestyle with livestock, farming, warm people welcome any traveller. Around the area, are Doddabetta (2,623ft) the highest peak, Municipal Gardens, Wenlock Downs, and the mesmerizing Coonoor. Valley view en route to Coonoor is considered as Switzerland of South India.

    Trek to Sengottaraayar Malai in Coonoor near Ooty

    Trek to Sengottaraayar Malai in Coonoor near Ooty

    NNNNM23 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoonoor


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  • 04Tiger Reserve, Masinagudi

    Tiger Reserve, Masinagudi
    Image Credit : CosmicDust - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 240km

    Treat yourself to a life in the jungles as rains lash the green thickets that bloom into amazing flora and heighten the flow of denizens freely wandering around their natural milieu. Madhumalai Tiger Reserve, Masinagudi is rightly a grand monsoon getaway near Bangalore. Perched on the foothills of Nilgiris, you get to revel in a time capsule set in a classic Indian forest landscape.

    Known for the highest tiger population in India, walking through the reserved forests is restricted by authority. However multiple options have their way of ensuring you feel like Mowgli out there – free spirited and happy! Get on an elephant-back ride safari, away from the beaten track as your animal guide shows you the jungle ways. Chances of spotting a chase at close quarters are a possibility. Plenty of accommodation options are available around the reserve. Also visit the Elephant Camp for a first-hand experience in taking care of pachyderms.

    Offbeat Stays in Masinagudi:

    1) Adventure in Masinagudi

    2) Adventure Jungle Stay in Masinagudi

    Nature Stay Experience In Masinagudi

    Nature Stay Experience In Masinagudi

    NNNNM69 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlMasinagudi

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  • 05Chembra Peak, Wayanad

    Chembra Peak, Wayanad
    Image Credit : Ken-ichi Ueda - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    Wayanad is one of the reasons for Kerala to be called God’s Own Country. A land that neatly puts together elements of a pre-historic era, wilderness, an overdrive of natural traits, and culture, Wayanad beholds some of the most scenic sights in Kerala. A bio-diverse region splurging with picturesque hill stations, sprawling plantations is where the tallest peak of the region stands. Chembra (2,100m) is an easy trek (2-3hours) and the feat includes climbing up six peaks. The rugged terrains are a good learning ground for beginners.

    Adding to its mystic charisma is a heart shaped lake, Hridaya Saras, which is believed to have never dried up. A good mid-point break, this is the camping ground for an overnight trek. A highly recommended place to visit near Bangalore in monsoon, prior permission from the Forest Department is required.

    Offbeat Stays in Wayanad:

    1) Bonfire And Stay Experience Near Eddakal Caves, Wayanad
    2) Stay Experience In A Bamboo House In Wayanad
    3) Wayanad Tree House Stay Experience
    4) Bon Fire and Stargazing Experience in Wayanad
    5) Camping in Wayanad Hills at Seagot Banasura

    Wayanad Tea Plantation Stay Experience

    Wayanad Tea Plantation Stay Experience

    NNNNN178 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlWayanad


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  • 06Estates and Sightseeing, Munnar

    Estates and Sightseeing, Munnar
    Image Credit : Nishanth Jois - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 480km

    Munnar or confluence of three rivers (Malayalam) is the famed hill station of South India. A beauty, at a height of 1,600mt there is natural splendour all around Munnar to explore and enjoy. This summer retreat from the Raj era is a must visit for tea lovers.

    South India’s largest tea growing region Munnar paints an emerald green as far as your eyes can see. Contours of the hilly slopes covered with well-manicured tea estates, low cloud cover, and crisp air paint a pretty picture of the terraced ornamental gardens. Plantation walk is the most common thing to do out here and one should for this is the easiest way to get acquainted with the entire tea production process. Tea Museum here has a collection of colonial photographs and tea-roller on showcase. If tea is not on your mind, then go ahead discover sights around verdant forests, rolling hills, valleys, innumerable streams, and luscious waterfalls. A great monsoon getaway near Bangalore, there are other sights in and around Munnar such as Eravikulam National Park that is home to endangered Nilgiri Thar, Anamudi, the highest peak in all of South, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Mattupetty, Echo Point, and several waterfalls.

    Monsoon truly creates magic if travel is on the mind. With a great number of options available to completely soak in the season, it’s time to pull out that rain gear, hit the road, and explore some brilliant monsoon getaways near Bangalore. 

    Trek to Top Station Munnar in Kurangani Hills

    Trek to Top Station Munnar in Kurangani Hills

    NNNNN131 Ratings

    d2 Daysn2 NightslMunnar


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  • 07Skandagiri

    Image Credit : pee vee

    Distance from Bangalore: 70km

    A little bit of history, more than a spoonful of adventure, and a whole lot of rains will give you the much-needed break at Skandagiri. It holds the recipe for a perfect day out. Packed with exploring the rural life around in the nearby scenic villages, trekking to the hilltop laced with clouds, and discovering an ancient fort ruins dating back to 18th century, Skandagiri is simply appealing.

    Trekking around the hillside is a popular activity, evident with the well-marked route leading to the top. It’s a fairly easy climb to the top. From here you get a panoramic view of the valley below. Enjoy the mysticism around the ruins to take back a story to tell. This delight can be listed as a place to visit near Bangalore in monsoon.

  • 08Shivanasamudra Falls, Mandya

    Shivanasamudra Falls, Mandya
    Image Credit : anoop madhavan - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 100km

    Tucked in an island town going by a similar name, visit the Shivanasamudra Falls during monsoons to know what form a waterfall can take on as it swells up with gusto when the rain unleashes its power. Sporting a very similar frame as that of Niagara Falls, this impressive cascade is formed by the meandering River Cauvery which naturally splits into two before plunging 320feet into a canyon after making a journey through the dense forests of Karnataka.

    The two falls parted by a distance of 5km – Gaganachukki and Bharachukki, present a majestic sight especially during monsoon. Bharachukki is easily accessible for viewing by a flight of steps leading to a viewpoint. Boat rides take you close to the falls, as you drench in the misty sprinkles from the gush. Swimming around here is also an option. Gaganachukki is best viewed from a watchtower located opposite the falls. The hydro plant around here is one of the first electric power projects in Asia.

  • 09Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

    Brindavan Gardens, Mysore
    Image Credit : Ashwin Kumar

    Distance from Bangalore: 140km

    A world famous terrace garden, renowned for its symmetrical designing and well-manicured vista, Brindavan Gardens lends a creative appeal to the Krishnaraja Sagara Dam site. Highly influenced by Kashmir’s Shalimar Gardens, this lovely ornamental garden is laden with fountains, lush green lawns, seasonal flowers, green patches of trees and shrubs along with running, cascading waterways engulfing the terraces. 

    Its ethereal beauty and grandeur is resplendent in the evening as the musical fountains illuminate the garden skies converting the place into a mesmerizing episode. Take a ride in the garden’s pond to capture another aura of the whole garden. As a quick monsoon getaway near Bangalore, Brindavan Gardens lures you with its man-made and maintained splendour which makes it must visit destination in Mysore.

  • 10Abby Dhama, Coorg

    Distance from Bangalore: 240km

    India’s very own Scotland Coorg is a fascinating place to visit near Bangalore in monsoon. More so because the high mist clad mountains and constant pitter-patter truly creates a heaven on earth. Verdant valleys, luscious waterfalls, and green coffee estates present a variety of places to explore and stay. Homestay, an oft used form of accommodation here is a convenient option on the wallet and open endless opportunities from treks on offbeat trails, mountain climbing, swim in the Cauvery, and more. 

    Abby Dhama one such abode on earth en route Abbey Falls gives an authentic plantation experience. Nestled amidst a huge coffee estate, this nascent accommodation bids three kinds of experiences – Hallimane (rustic, village home), Hosamane (contemporary, new house), and Henchumane (tiled roof house) let you rejuvenate to the brim. Follow farm trails, go bird watching, partake in plantation work, or just unwind.

    Offbeat Stays in Coorg:

    1) Coffee Estate Stay In Coorg
    2) Nature Heritage Home Stay Experience In Coorg
    3) Trekking And Camping In Madikeri, Coorg

    Offbeat Activities in Coorg:
    1) Coorg River Rafting
    2) Canoeing in Coorg
    3) Jeep Drive to Kabbe Hills in Coorg

    Trekking And Camping In Madikeri, Coorg

    Trekking And Camping In Madikeri, Coorg

    NNNNM744 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlMadikeri


    Starting from


  • 11River Rafting, Coorg

    River Rafting, Coorg
    Image Credit : Philip Larson - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 250km

    Along with coffee estates, plantations, misty mountains, Coorg is famous for its raging rivers and rapids. River Cauvery with her origins here blesses the region with some of her wild, unabashed stretches converging to create world-class rapids luring many a lover of extreme sports such as river rafting. For those with grit and thrill of adventure, a journey down these thundering currents is a must especially during peak monsoon. It is for this reason as well that Coorg gets high ratings as a place to visit near Bangalore in monsoon.

    While rafting is available as recreational activity, it is River Barapole which is most sought after by the serious kinds. The river runs through Brahmagiri National Wildlife Sanctuary for 3km and covers five imaginatively named rapids; The Morning Coffee, the Grasshopper, the Ramba Samba, The Wicked Witch, and the Big Bang. Riding the currents at this lesser known locale gives the much-needed adrenaline to confront mundane city life.

    Coorg River Rafting Experience

    Coorg River Rafting Experience

    NNNNN659 Ratings

    h2 HourslCoorg


    Starting from


  • 12Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh

    Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh
    Image Credit : RobertSteele - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 250km

    When you think about a nearby hill station weekend getaway from Bangalore to welcome monsoon, think Horsley Hills. A quaint yet pristine hill town in Chittoor district is a gift for nature lovers. Fondly referred as Andhra’s Ooty, Horsley Hills command breath-taking views of the Eastern Ghats. Lush expanses of forests, crisp clean mountain air, the idyllic hill station has some of the oldest geological rock formations.

    Rich in flora, exuding with wildlife and a pleasant climate to tag along give a face-lift to this otherwise underrated destination. Dense forests here shelter panthers, sambars, antelopes, bears, and several species of birds. An overnight stay allows visiting the Environmental Park with its own mini-ecosystem and zoo, Mansarovar Lake, high view sight points overlooking deep ravines, Gaali Banda or Wind Rock a monolith rock, Thimmamma Marrimanu banyan tree – the world’s largest with an interesting folklore behind its existence, Kalyani Tree – planted by WH Horsley in 1859, and many more. 

  • 13Ooty Lake, Ooty

    Ooty Lake, Ooty
    Image Credit : Prabhu B Doss

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    Ooty with its leftover aura from the British Raj has always been a pleasant and quiet getaway. As the heavens pour, Ooty exudes incomparable picturesque scenes and romance, making it one of the places to visit near Bangalore in monsoon. With a panorama of rolling tea plantations, crisp eucalyptus fragrant mountain air and chill weather, this splendor is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Several must visit spots can be checked out over 2 days. Ooty Lake cannot be missed, a stone’s throw from the city centre, this famous artificial lake created by damming the mountain streams flowing down to the valley, stretches in an irregular ‘L’ shape. Boat rides are available from the Boat House through the day. Surrounded by lofty eucalyptus trees and shrubs the lake is a scenic delight. At one end of the Boat House is a children’s park with a toy train. Pony rides are available along the lake’s periphery. Deer park is at a walking distance from here.

  • 14Nisargadhama Islands, Coorg

    Nisargadhama Islands, Coorg
    Image Credit : Saroj Kumar

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    A beautifully structured and well thought through man-made island on the banks of Cauvery is Nisargadhama. By sheer geographical luck of being present in Coorg, the island enjoys all the perks of the region. Situated 25km from Madikeri, 2km from Kushalnagar this island is a perfect place to for day 2 trip near Bangalore.

    Encircled with forest boasting of foliage, teak and rosewood, bamboo grooves, this is an ideal picnic spot. The island also has a mini zoo, deer park, elephant rides, boat ride, and tree house facilities. If you’ve little ones in the tow, Nisargadhama is a great stopover.

  • 15Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur

    Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur
    Image Credit : zehawk - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    For a weekend of trekking, head towards Baba Budangiri ranges, the tallest in Karnataka. Filled with ancient folklore, a shrine, trekking trails, and oodles of natural pearls, Baba Budangiri area is where coffee was first introduced in Chikamagalur. Mullayanagiri (1930mt), the tallest peak here is the target for ardent trekkers.

    With treacherous serpentine trails, the range throws challenges at every turn and is best traversed during daylight. The route passes through the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. So be prepared to sight elephants and bears which are common in the region. Midway through the trail is the shrine dedicated to Baba Budan and a short distance away is a cave with multicoloured hues from mineral deposits. For the adventurous, the cave can be explored as it extends further inside the mountain – but is infested with bats. Trek up the hill ends at a Shiva shrine and the view from here is breath taking. 

    Mullayanagiri Trek in Chikmagalur

    Mullayanagiri Trek in Chikmagalur

    NNNNM693 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlChikmagalur

    Starting from


  • 16Agumbe, Shimoga

    Agumbe, Shimoga
    Image Credit : anuradhac - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    Chirapunjee of the South, Agumbe receives the second highest rainfall in India. It makes for a fascinating place to visit near Bangalore in monsoon. What’s in it for you? A small village, comfortably perched in the middle of Malenadu, consumed by high hills, many waterfalls, incessant streams flowing through the jungles, and dime a dozen options to enjoy nature during the most favoured time of the region – monsoon.

    Agumbe, also called Hasiru Honnu (green gold) nurtures rare species of medicinal plants and numerous reptiles including the King Cobra. A rich biodiversity region, it has the country’s only permanent rainforest and last surviving lowlands. Need we say the bountiful waterfalls such as Kunchikal, Barkana, Onake Abbi are beautiful?

    Kodachadri Peak Trek in Shimoga

    Kodachadri Peak Trek in Shimoga

    NNNNN612 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlShimoga


    Starting from


  • 17Jog Falls, Shimoga

    Jog Falls, Shimoga
    Image Credit : Shuba - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    With monsoon round the corner, Shimoga is a delightful destination predominantly for the changing landscape. While Shimoga has many hidden treasures, Jog Falls is worth unravelling. Coming into its full glory during monsoons, this is India’s highest single drop waterfall. Born from River Sharavathi, the falls consist of four magnificent cascades – Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket.

    Observe nature’s spectacle of multiple rainbows forming over the falls every now and then. Gather your composure to trek down steps cut into the rocks, to the very bottom of the voluminous falls for a shower under the vaporous spray. One can also take an adventurous trek down the gorge to reach the gates of the Linganamakki Dam, one of the largest hydroelectric stations in India.

  • 18Yercaud Suicide Point, Yercaud

    Yercaud Suicide Point, Yercaud
    Image Credit : deepgoswami - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 380km

    Yercaud an all season destination, However monsoon creates a special magic over this lesser known hill station in Tamil Nadu. Considered a poor cousin of Ooty, Yercaud in its own right gives travelers plenty of reasons to enjoy natural beauty.

    The place gets its name because of its lakes (yeri) and dense forest (kadu). Discover scenic viewpoints, laid-back charm, and plantations that predate at 4,500ft in the Shevaroy Hills of the Eastern Ghats. Trekking around Yercaud is most popular. Long nature walks, endless bird watching episodes and a canvas for photography come your way here. 

    The place sets a slow pace, which’s ideal to leisurely explore what’s on offer. Plenty of viewpoints dot the town, mostly scattered around the lake. Suicide Point or Lady Seat is famed for splendid view of the sunset. Amongst other things on the itinerary are Gents Seat, Children’s Seat, Pagoda Point, Anna Park and Kiliyur Waterfalls.

  • 19River Rafting, Dandeli

    River Rafting, Dandeli

    Distance from Bangalore: 400km

    Few destinations come close to Dandeli to enjoy extreme adventure sports. If you are seeking an adrenaline rush, go here, as it is indeed a stellar place to visit near Bangalore in monsoon. 

    Set on the banks of the turbulent River Kali, crowded with dense forest, abundant rainfall and host of wildlife, Dandeli is an example of pristine locales to feel the pulse and rejuvenate the self. Kali poises world-class level rapids, mostly attracting the serious rafter.  Other attractions around here are wildlife trekking, rappelling, kayaking and angling.

    White Water Rafting at Dandeli

    White Water Rafting at Dandeli

    NNNNN347 Ratings

    h4 HourslDandeli

  • 20Monsoon Hebri Trek, Udupi

    Monsoon Hebri Trek, Udupi
    Image Credit : Karthik S - Flickr
    Distance from Bangalore: 400km

    Lounging on the foothills of the Western Ghats, Hebri in Udupi treats with nature’s many charms. It is laced with picturesque beauty and evergreen forests. The place especially comes alive during the monsoons with thick vegetation, gushing cascade and a dreamy weather.

    The path is laden with meandering trails and delights with Kudalatheertha Falls that usually comes on the way. You can also choose to up the experience with a camping experience that bestows sweet times by the bonfire and sleeping under the stars.

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