Things to Do in Mangalore

Are you looking for things to do in Mangalore that will make your holiday break worth remembering? If yes, then be ready for a long list of activities that will set your heart racing. Reckoned as one of the top attractions in India, Mangalore city is the best place to unwind and escape from monotony. Pristine beaches, alluring parks, and numerous temples- this south Indian beauty has everything that can make your holiday memorable.

If you are an ardent beach lover, this place is indeed your paradise on earth. Yes, the beautiful city of Mangalore boasts of Arabian coastline and golden sand beaches which are no less than a dream. For all those foodies who love to explore the local cuisine, this place has a huge variety to offer. From enjoying the scrumptious Mangalorian cuisines to treating your taste buds with its spicy street food, the taste of this city is to die for.

If you wish to get away from its vibrant streets and delve into the world of spirituality, don’t be disheartened as the city has a trunkful of holy sites which welcome the visitors with their irresistible charm and spiritual feel.

With its exquisite spots such as Panambur Beach, Surathkal Beach, Sultan’s Battery, and St. Aloysius Church, Mangalore has successfully preserved its old world charm. It is also surrounded by several surreal hamlets like Vamanjoor, which takes you away from the fast-paced city life and let you enjoy some peaceful hours of solitude.

Apart from being a rich wildlife spot, this village is also known for its picturesque botanical gardens and natural vistas. But Mangalore has much more to it than just the captivating beaches, lip-smacking food, and ethereal villages. So, if you are curious about the activities to do in Mangalore, here is all that you must know about this southern paradise.

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Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

Gokarnath, the most age-old temple built in the year 1912 is located in the center of the city. A dedicated temple to Lord Shiva that stands many devotees throughout the day, month and year. It is one of the best places to visit in Mangalore and popular attractions of the city too.

The temple counts no caste or creed, and you have to be a human being, to step inside the temple. Never miss to visit the temple in the Navratri times, and you will be left mesmerized. The decorations, style and the gigantic structure never fails to impress you giving you a serene and relaxed mode throughout your trip.

: Kudroli Gokarnath Temple is situated in Kudroli, from Hampankatta, in Mangalore city.

imings: To visit the temple you have to schedule your visiting hours between 6 am and 7 pm.

Entry Charges:
There are no entry charges.

Panambur Beach

Panambur beach located close by new Mangalore offers a sedative beach to rest your feet over brown and golden sand. Never miss the sunset view or the kite festival here. You can also see plenty of adventurous water sports on the beach.

Undoubtedly, Mangalore is the cleanest city of the country, and the same goes for Panambur beach, one of the cleanest beaches of the town. Get indulged in water rides, sunbathe, boat skiing, horse riding and a lot more.

You must not afford to miss Panambur in your tour list, and the beach has a lot to give you. Also, don’t forget to take your DSLR along, to catch memories.

Panambur beach is located in NH-66, quite close to New Mangalore Port Trust in Mangalore.

You can visit the place from morning 9 am to evening 7 pm.

Entry Charges:
It’s free of charge.

Ullal Beach

Another opportunity from the city to let you relax and unwind all your tensions just like the waves. Ullal beach never fails to impress the tourists, as it is one of the most popular places to visit in Mangalore.

Ullal coast is all covered with abundant trees and plantations. The view of the waves will make you go crazy with all its beauty. The beach is also an excellent spot for water sports and activities that you have always wished to do.

: Ullal Beach is located in the Ullal city of Mangalore. It is just 12 km far from the city.

: You can visit Ullal Beach anytime, but evening hours would be the best.

Entry Charges:
There are no entry charges.

Mangalore Beach

Mangalore is no less when it comes to beaches. It is one of the favorite destinations that people regardless of their ages enjoy the most. Mangalore beaches are one of those spots where you can visit with your family, loved ones or friends.

Enjoying the sunset with a peace of mind can be the coolest thing that you would do in your trip. It is another well-known tourist place that does not disappoint the tourists and travelers.

The Mangalore beach has got ample of things to offer you, just add it in your tour picks and enjoy the activities conducted during seasons.

: Mangalore beach is in Dakshina Kannada, which is quite near to Ullal Beach.

: It is open 24/7.

Entry Charges
: You don’t have to pay any entry charges.

Bejai Museum

Got kids? Looking to visit something more interesting? Well, Bejai Museum is all you got to see before you leave off from Mangalore. It is the only museum in the town that is never missed by any of the travelers or visitors. The museum has many such informative wonders to visit.

Bejai Museum is situated at the center of the city. Bejai is a two storey apartment that has got plenty of remarkable collections of history which includes the coins, weapons, armor, paintings and other such compilations that will impress you to the core.

: Bejai Museum Cross Road, in Mangalore city.

: It has got visitor timing between 10 am to 5:30 pm.

Entry Charges:
Charges an entry fee of INR 2/- per person.

Sultan Battery

A monumental tower that was constructed just to see and keep an eye on the attackers and invaders before and during the fight in our history. Tipu Sultan built the watchtower, being the most exciting tourist place to step in.

This long-living and robust tower are all made by black stones, to keep a watch on the Arabian Sea for the attacking ships.

The tower has basement chambers too, where weapons, including canyons and gun powders, were stored. It offers an astonishing Arabian Sea view from the Sultan Battery.

: It is located in Gandhinagar, Mangalore.

: You can visit the tower between 9 am to 9.15pm.

Entry Charges:
The entry charges are free.

Mangaladevi Temple

Take the blessings of Goddess Mangaladevi, the temple constructed during the 9th century. Even Mangalore is referred to as Mangaladevi. The temple is one of the famous places to visit in Mangalore.

It is one such attraction that is never missed by tourists visiting the town. Plenty of devotees from around the corners of the world, visit Mangaladevi temple for the goddess’s blessings.

Also, it is recommended that you visit the temple during Navratri and Dussehra, to see the intense beauty of the temple.

: Mangaladevi Road, Bolar, Mangalore, Karnataka.

: You need to follow the temple timings as it’s between 6am-10am, 12pm-1pm and 4 pm & 9 pm respectively.

Entry Charges
: Free Entry.

Someshwara Beach

The Somnath temple, being built in the rule of Queen Abakka Devi, it is surrounded by Someshwara beach, another such popular tourist places in Mangalore that is worth a visit. The beach is not very far from the city though.

It faces the Kanara region, which is quite close to Mangalore. Someshwara beach is also known as Rudra-Shile, as it carries pretty huge rocks over the shore.

Though it is not recommended to swim here just like the other beaches, as the ocean here is quite unpredictable, you can relax and enjoy the evening with the beautiful sunset, and the cold waves.

: It is located in Someshwar, Ullal city, Mangalore.

: You can visit the beach anytime.

Entry Charges
: Free Entry.

Surathkal Beach

Another spot in the Mangalore city for the beach lovers. Never miss exploring this pristine location in the city. It is another clean beach that you must step in your feet. Surathkal beach is situated quite close, around 18 kms from the city of Mangalore.

The sands are unique and smooth- it’s very powdery that you can even enjoy the location take naked footsteps. Also, don’t forget the light-house behind your back.

Yes, it gives an enlightening view of both the ocean and the city overall. Again, it is recommended that you perform water sports or any water activities under the supervision and not alone.

NH-66, Mangalore, Karnataka.

You can visit the beach between 6 am to 6 pm.

Entry Charges:
It’s free of charge.

Kateel Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple

Another most religious place in the city of Mangalore. Kateel-Shri Durgaparameshwari temple is located around 25 km from the town, but it is another holiest places that you must not afford to miss.

The temple is situated in the center of river Nandini. The religious place attracts a lot of devotees every day, every year. You must not miss the temple during Durga Ashtami and Navratri.

It draws a significant number of devotees during these festivals. Being one of the most popular places in South India, it is worth a visit.

: Kateel, Mangalore.

: You must follow the temple timings as it’s between 6 am to 10 pm.

Entry Charges
: There are no fees or charges to enter the temple premises.

St. Aloysius Chapel

The church is another most important holy places in the city of Mangalore. It is the religious place, and also one of the notable attractions in the city. St. Aloysius Chapel is inevitably one of the best places to visit in Mangalore city.

It has got the most remarkable building structure with the unique interiors being built in the 1800s. The church also offers you with astonishing views of the Arabian Sea just from the church’s premises.

St. Aloysius Chapel has plenty of beautiful houses with charming frescos, sculptures, paintings, by the Italian artists from our history.

P B No 720, St Aloysius College Rd, Kodailbail, Mangalore, Karnataka.

You can visit the church between 7 am to 7 pm.

Entry Charges:
Entry is free.

New Mangalore Port

One of the significant places of the Mangalore city. New Mangalore port is the one only harbor port in the state of Karnataka, and also the 7th largest harbor port in India. The port is located in the Panambur district of Karnataka.

It is quite near to the streams of Phalguni River and the Arabian Sea. The port started functioning in the year 1974. Before the establishment of this new port, Mangalore bunder was into operation, which is before the year 1974.

You can see many of the import and export operations in the port, which includes granite, iron ore, cashew, coffee, and spices. You must list the port in your itinerary.

Panambur, Mangalore.

Open always.

Entry Charges:
You have to pay an entry fee of Rs. 200/- per person.

Tannirbhavi Beach

This is the perfect place for the peace and nature lover. Well, Tannirbhavi is the quietest and offbeat location that people generally fail to visit. The place has all remained desolate and has always been kept apart from other places, just because of the isolated region.

Well, it’s pretty safe here. If you are looking to experience a peace of mind, with the utmost serenity, then this is the righteous place that you must never afford to miss.

The beach offers you an unruffled state, just enjoying the sunset in the evening. The only route to visit the beach is by road; it is quite close to Gurupura River or from the Sultan Battery.

Tannirbhavi Beach, Kasba Bengre, Mangalore, Karnataka.

Monday to Sunday, from 6 am to 10 pm.

Entry Charges:
The entry is absolutely free.

Sasihithlu Beach

Another most visited tourist places in Mangalore city. You have an excellent opportunity to be in a serene mode spending a whole day in the Sasihithlu beach. Sasihithlu is the most visited location in the state.

Of course, it is pretty nearby Tannirbhavi beach and Surathkal beach. So, you can dedicate a day of your trip just to visit the beaches in the city. The sunset is a view that we can even die for.

You can also ride from Surathkal just through the sides of the coast. Well, the beach is quite clean and is very safe too.

Sasihithlu Road, Haleyangadi, Sasihithlu, Mangalore.

You can visit the beach between 8 am and 7.30pm.

Entry Charges:
Free of cost entry.

Pilikula Park And Golf Course

One of the most exciting and happening places in the city of Mangalore. The Pilikula park and the Golf course are the most visited places that every tourist wish to visit due to mother nature’s magic all over the park.

The park is not just an ordinary one, and it counts a zoo, a lake, amusement park, heritage village, and of course a golf course which you can indeed enjoy with your family, loved ones and friends.

If your kids want some boating activities, then this could be the right pick for you. One day picnics, leisure outings can be merely a cool activity in Pilikula Park. It is situated in Pilikula, Moodushedde locality of Mangalore.

Pilikula, Moodushedde, Mangalore.

The visiting timings are between 7 am and 7 pm.

Entry Charges:
You have to pay a separate fee at every check-in.

Kadri Manjunath Temple

An actual work of art and the skills of artisans from the 10th and 11th century is what draws visitors from various corners of the world. Kadri Manjunath is the oldest temple in the city that was actually built in the 10th century; consisting of one of the traditional statues of Lord Manjunatha.

The architecture is solely a blend of both Indian and Buddhist culture. Well, Buddhism was the core religion in this part, until Hindus took over the temple.

You will see a variety of water ponds, along with refreshing gardens that will keep you relaxed and peaceful. Let’s take the blessings of Lord Manjunatha.

Kadri Temple Road, Vasanth Vihar, Kadri, Mangalore, Karnataka.

Monday to Sunday, between 6 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm.

Entry Charges:
No entry fee.

Kadri Hill Park

The park is just located nearby Kadri Manjunatha Temple. Well, to let you know Kadri Hill Park is one of the most popular places to visit in Mangalore that is a must check-in to add in your itinerary. Kadri Hill Park is one of the large parks that is visited by even the locals during weekends and vacations.

You can step inside the park along with your family and friends. It is the most extraordinary place that one must visit with loved ones to spend some quality time together.

You can also come across some varied species of animals in the park. There is also an animal conservatory aside the park.

NH-17, Hampankatta, Mangalore.

The timings are between 6 am, and 8:30 pm and other strict regulations have to be followed.

Entry Charges:
Entry fees varies for the check-ins.

Pilikula Nisargadhama

The Mangalore city, on the whole, is the most astounding places to visit and enjoy. The city has a great variety of locations that you can visit during your vacations or probably as a weekend getaway.

One such beautiful place that should be a mandatory visit is the Pilikula Nisargadhama. It is the perfect location for day-outs and picnics. It is quite near to Pilikula Park and Golf course and 15 kms far from the city.

Nisargadhama is very rich in giving you an ultimate wildlife experience. Lions, tigers, bear, and variety of wild species roam around quite freely; the botanical garden is famous too.

Mudushedde Post, Dakshin Kannada District, Mangalore, Karnataka.

Everyday except Monday, 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Entry Charges:  
Entry fees differ at various points, extra fees will be charged if you carry a camera.

Light House Hill Garden

Undoubtedly, one of the astounding places to visit in Mangalore. The garden is situated in the center of the Mangalore city drawing the attention of plenty of visitors and tourists from around the corners of the globe.

It is the most stunning place to have a look. The place was significantly created in the rule of Haider Ali in the 18th century. You can enjoy the sea view from the top of the light-house, which makes it more beautiful during the sunset.

The cool breeze, the sounds of soft waves, the chirping of birds and people all around gives a great calmness to mind, body, and soul.

Light House Hill Road, Hampankatta, Mangalore, Karnataka.

You can visit the garden from 9 am to 12 pm & 4 pm to 9 pm.

Entry Charges:
There is no entry fee.

Polali Rajarajeshwari Temple

The temple is situated in the banks of Phalguni River. It comes under the Bantwal Taluk. The place is surrounded by the plush and paddy fields.

Many ancient scriptures and inscriptions have mentioned Shri Rajarajeshwari Temple, along with Ashoka scriptures, Markandeya Purana, and many information about the old travelers.

The nearby locations were then ruled by Rashtrakutas, Hoisala, Kadamba, Chalukya and many other dynasties of our history. You have to adhere to the schedules or else strictly, the temple would be closed. Taking the blessings of Lord Rajarajeshwari is a must.

Bantwal Taluk, Dakshin Kannada, Polali, Mangalore, Karnataka.

The temple timings are between 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 5 pm to 8:30 pm.

Entry Charges: 
Entry is free.

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Mangalore Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Mangalore?

Though Mangalore city welcomes its visitors with a trunkful of activities to indulge in, there are some of them which cannot be missed. Here is a detailed list of the best things to do in Mangalore that will leave you in awe of this place.

Take a walk on Tannirbhavi Beach

Situated in the southern direction of Mangalore Port, Tannirbhavi beach is among the most sought-after tourist attractions in the city. Known for its mesmerizing sunset views, this spot is an idyllic destination to relish few hours in solitude or spend quality time with your loved ones. The beach features breezy winds and soft sand which form a perfect combination for a laidback evening. This is also a great place for swimmers and divers who love to explore the underwater world. Tannirbhavi beach is reckoned among the most deserted spots in Mangalore which makes it extensively popular among the peace seekers and nature buffs.

Visit Kadri Manjunath Temple

Dating back its existence to the 16th century, this temple is one among the many famous pilgrimage sites in Karnataka. The holy temple is cradled on the banks of Nethravathi river which further adds to its pristine beauty. Kadri Manjunath Temple, popularly known as Sri Kshetra, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it witnesses a huge influx of devotees throughout the year. If you are an art lover, you can’t miss out on its architectural style that gives a hint of Buddhist influence.

Take blessings At Mangaladevi Temple

Nestled in Bolar, Mangladevi temple was built in the loving memory of the princess of Malabar. The temple is known for its glorious history and rich heritage which have attracted travelers for years. Mangladevi Temple bears a lot of significance for unmarried girls who are looking for a suitable groom. If you wish to see the real charm of this place, plan a visit to the temple during Navratri festival. Every year, Navratri festival is celebrated here with great zeal and this is when a bountiful of devotees take part in Rathotsava on the last day of the festival.

Enjoy the sunset at Panambur Beach

Do you love to witness the panoramic sunset view on a beachfront? If yes, then Panambur beach is your go-to spot. Apart from being a spectacular sunset point, this beach is also known as the venue for the International Kite festival which is conducted here in the last week of April. The beach is situated in the heart of the city and this is why it attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year. The charm of its beautiful setting gets quadrupled with the ships anchored in the harbor. For all those adventure enthusiasts who are always looking for something new, a visit to Panambur beach is the best thing to do in Mangalore.

Explore nature at the Butterfly Park

Established in the year 2011, Butterfly Park is an ideal getaway for those people who want to experience something unique. Being home to around 114 butterfly species, this park is a heaven on earth for nature buffs and wildlife lovers. The park was built by Sammilan Shetty with the purpose of educating people about butterflies. Apart from being a traveler’s delight, this is also a perfect spot to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones.

Take a trip to Sultan Battery

A beautiful structure built with black stones, Sultan Battery looks no lesser than a mini-fortress. The majestic watch over is adorned with equipment used for shooting cannons. The structure was made by Tipu Sultan to keep a watch on the entry of warships into the river. Apart from being an architectural grandeur, Sultan Battery is also popular among travelers for its charismatic surroundings that include Arabian sea and Gurpur river. As you climb to the top of this watch over, you will get the surreal view of Arabian Sea that will leave you in awe of its beauty. If you wish to take a halt after the city tour, this is an ideal place to be.

Visit St. Aloysius Chapel

Cradled in the heart of the city, this iconic church is a part of St. Aloysius College. The foundation of the church was laid down by Jesuit missionaries in the year 1880. The walls and ceilings of St. Aloysius are adorned with frescos that contribute to its opulent interiors. The Roman style architecture of the church is truly a treat for art lovers and history buffs. If you wish to steal away a few hours of peace from your hectic sightseeing schedule, a visit to this place is the best thing to do in Mangalore.

Have fun at Kadri Hill Park

Kadri Hill Park is the largest park in Mangalore city that witnesses a huge influx of outsiders, as well as natives. On your visit to this place, you can also get to see the animal conservatory situated in close proximity to the park. The park houses a variety of animals including spotted deer, anteaters, sambar, reptiles, and rare bird species. If are looking for a hangout spot to spend quality time with your friends, there could not be a better activity to do in Mangalore than to visit this ethereal spot.

Go visit Kateel Shri Durgaparameshwari temple

Located around 25 km away from Mangalore city, Kateel Durgaparmeshwari is a holy temple cradled on the banks of Nandini river. The temple is mainly known for its presiding deity, Goddess Durga which is seen in a seating posture with 4 arms. Kateel Durgaparmeshwari temple lies in the middle of the river and this is why it is named as Kateel. Apart from Goddess Durga, the temple also worships other deities including Nagas, Ayyappan, Rakteswari, and Kshetrabalas. The temple also comprises a dedicated cultural team following the belief that Goddess Durga is fond of dance and music.

Admire the nature at Pilikula Nisargadhama

With an integrated park, botanical gardens, zoos, and boating amenities, this ecotourism destination is an apt place to spend a fun-filled evening. The park which resembles a lush-green blanket is sprawled over an area of 350 acres and is a common picnic spot for locals and tourists. The zoo is home to a variety of animals including tigers, leopard, lion, and wild boars. If you wish to see the beautiful spread of around 15000 different kinds of flowers and plants, the botanical garden of Pilikula Nisargadhama couldn’t be missed out.

Which are the best places to visit in Mangalore?

Mangalore city is a paradise for travel junkies who are looking for a perfect blend of natural vistas and man-made wonders. Apart from natural spots, this city also houses numerous temples and churches which are equally worth visiting. Here is a rundown of all the best places in Mangalore which deserve a mention in your travel diary.

Tagore Park

Kateel Durga Parmeshwari Temple

Bejai Museum


Jamalabad Fort


Milagres Church

Sulthan Battery

Kudupu Temple

Ullal Beach

Someshwar Beach

What is the best time to visit Mangalore ?

If you are willing to cover most of the tourist spots in the city, it is advisable to plan your tour in the months between September and April. While the September month marked the onset of winter in the city, April is normally the pre-monsoon month.

During this time, the temperature doesn’t rise above 30 degrees. Mangalore city receives heavy rainfall in the months between July and August and hence, it is the most inappropriate time to plan your journey. Summer in Mangalore is uncomfortably humid and hot and if you want to enjoy a hassle-free journey, this is certainly not the perfect season to begin the trip.

Which are the best places to have art and cultural experiences in Mangalore?

Mangalore city stands as an epitome of rich culture and art and if you wish to begin your art exploration here, there are few places which cannot be left out. Some of the art & cultural spots in Mangalore are listed below:

Pilikula Nisargadhama

Bejai Museum

Prasad Art Gallery

Mahatma Gandhi Museum

Chitralaya Art Gallery

Swami Vivekananda PlanetariumOrchid Art gallery


Which are the famous day out activities available in Mangalore?

Mangalore city welcomes you with a potpourri of activities that will quench your wanderlust. From exploring the art galleries to visiting the iconic museums, enjoying the sunset view alongside the Mangalore beach to performing the rituals at its holy temples, there are enough things to do in Mangalore to keep you indulged throughout the trip.

If you are a nature buff, step into the enticing Butterfly Park or head towards Light House Hill Garden. One can’t leave this city without shopping their heart out at City Centre, Hampankatta, and Forum Mall.

Which are the best places for camping in Mangalore?

Do you want to take a break from your hectic routine and live amidst nature like nomads? If yes, then there are numerous camping sites in Mangalore that will satiate your wanderlust. Some of those popular camping spots include Sultan Battery, Panambur Beach, and Mulki Beach.

While Mulki beach is an isolated beach which lets you spend a laid back vacation away from city clamor, Panmbur beach offers ethereal views of Arabian sea. For all the adventure junkies and peace seekers, camping is one of the most sought-after activities to do in Mangalore.

Which are the best places for shopping in Mangalore?

Though shopping is not the best thing to do in Mangalore, the city has several markets which will serve you with quality products at an affordable rate. Some of its popular shopping destinations include Central Market, City Center Mall, Empire Mall, and Hampankatta.

Central Market is among the most popular markets in the city and is best suited for buying ayurvedic medicines, cashews, species, meats, and fruits. For all the shopaholics who don’t get enough of branded clothes and accessories, City Center Mall is a one-stop destination.

At this mall, you can find almost all the popular stores including Lifestyle, Westside, Reliance, Big Bazaar, and Max. If you love to explore the old shopping street, Hampankatta is a place that you can’t miss out.

What can we do in Mangalore at night?

A night in Mangalore is worthless without exploring its pubs or admiring its beautiful beaches in the moonlight. Some of the popular beaches in Mangalore which offer an impeccable night view include Tannirbhavi Beach, Surathkal Beach, and Panambur beach. Mangalore city also features some amazing pubs which ensure an eventful night to the visitors. Some of these pubs are listed below.

Liquid Lounge

Froth On Top

The Jazz Bar

Drunken Monkey

Blue Waters

The Last Stop

London Street


What are some famous places to eat in Mangalore?

Mangalore city never disappoints the food lovers, thanks to its rich taste and local cuisines which do a perfect job of amusing your taste buds. From traditional south Indian specialties to coastal food, here one can enjoy a huge variety of dishes at pocket-friendly prices. Though the list of restaurants in Mangalore is endless, there are a few of them which have truly emerged out as foodie’s corner. Here is a brief rundown of all those food corners which are unmissable.

Shetty Lunch Home



Giri Manja’s

New Taj Mahal Cafe

Lighthouse Chaat

Which are the places to get rejuvenated with spas in Mangalore?

After a whole day of sightseeing and traveling, you might need to take a break and pamper your body in the best way possible. To make your travel experience comfortable, there are bountiful of spas in Mangalore which treat their customers with world class services. Some of the well-known spas in the city are as follows:

Fish Spa

Ira-TheL lifestyle Villa

Moon Shine Trend Salon & Spa

The Ocean Pearl Spa

Pandits Health Resort & Spa

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