Trekking in Sakleshpur

Trekking Places in Sakleshpur

The beautiful town of Sakleshpur, located in Karnataka, is a paradise of many treks and adventure enthusiasts. Sakleshpur treks are diverse and offer an amazing experience. The place is famous for its trekking due to the lush greenery enveloping the trails and a serene touch of nature. While some trek trails are easy and can be mastered by even beginner trekkers, some other trek trails are very difficult and need expert trekkers to take on.

Some famous sakleshpur trekking places are Murkannu Gudda trek, which is a famous attraction due to its topography like hills, waterfalls. Hadlu Waterfalls Trek provides you with the serenity of being in the lap of nature.

Bisle Ghat Trekking is nestled amidst the Western Ghats, and is perfect if you are looking to rejuvenate. Railway Bridge Trekking is great terrain for trekkers, whether they are beginners, intermediate or experts.
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Sakleshpur Trekking FAQs

Which are the best trekking trails in Sakleshpur?

Sakleshpur of Karnataka is one of the best trekking places and largely visited by many trek lovers. Some of the best Sakleshpur treks can be made in the following trails:

1. Ombattu Gudda: This point is located on an altitude of 971 m in the Kabbinale Forest Range. The trek to Ombattu Gudda begins at the Gundya Check Post on NH48 and ends at Hosakere.

2. Jenukal Gudda: This point is the 2nd highest peak of Karnataka and is, therefore, a very famous trekking trail. As fun as the trek to the point is, once you reach there, the view of the Arabian Sea and being enveloped by coffee plantations is like the cherry on top.

3. Bisle Ghat: Another very famous
Sakleshpur trek trail whose path is nestled between thick Fern and Bamboo Plantations. It offers splendid views from the top.

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What is the best time to go trekking in Sakleshpur?

As some of the Sakleshpur trekking places are difficult to cover, it is best to go trekking here from September to March as the monsoon season gradually gets over and a more suitable season for trekking begins.

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What is Sakleshpur famous for?

Sakleshpur Trekking places are the main attraction of the place and are visited by trek and adventure enthusiasts alike. Other than these places like the Manjarabad Fort, Bisle View Point, Shettihalli Rosary Church are also some very prominent famous places in Sakleshpur.

Where to stay while trekking near Sakleshpur?

If you plan to take your trekking in Sakleshpur for a couple of days, you can find a lot of great accommodations in and around Sakleshpur, which are made exclusively to accommodate tourists and trekkers. Some of the accommodations you can try are:

1. Coffee Bean Villa: This is a moderately priced place to stay where you can book a room in the villa and enjoy a comfortable stay amidst the beauty of nature.

2. Sereno Resort: Although the place is a slightly expensive one to stay in, most people have reviewed it as one with great services and a comfortable stay. The accommodation is in the form of cottages.

3. Aadhavana: This accommodation place is appreciated for being very family-friendly and located on a place enveloped by lush greenery and serenity.

What to carry while trekking in Sakleshpur?

What you should carry while trekking in Sakleshpur totally depends on which trail you are going to be trekking on and whether you plan to take 1- 2 days on it. But some general things to carry are:

- Good trekking shoes
- Water
- Some snacks
- Flashlight
- First aid.

What are some of the easy Sakleshpur treks?

Here are some of the easy Sakleshpur treks:

1. Murkannu Gudda And Hadlu Waterfalls Trek: This is a well-guided trek of about 8 km that takes adventure seekers close to rich biodiversity. You will be passing through a number of forests, cascading waterfalls, and valleys. The enchanting views of the Ethina Bhuja, Jenukallu Gudda, and Amedikallu Peak will surely mesmerize you.

2. Ombattu Gudda Trekking: 
Ombattu Gudda trek takes place at an altitude of about 971 meters in the reserved forest of Kabbinale. The trek will start from Gundya check post, you can head towards the waterfall climbing up to Ombattu Gudda, and get down at Hosakere.

3. Bisle Ghat Trekking: 
Bisle Ghat Trekking for about 24 km offers pristine views of the shola grasslands and evergreen jungles. Taking this trek, you will be passing through the wilderness of the western ghats close to the thick fern and bamboo forests.

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What are the best short treks in Sakleshpur?

Here are some of the best short treks in Sakleshpur:

1. Jenukal Gudda Trekking: Jenukal Gudda Trekking is the second highest mountain in the Indian State of Karnataka which is known for its serene views of the Arabian Sea in Mangalore. The trek is covered with thick forest and aromatic coffee estates.

2. Railway Bridge Trekking: This trek is located in the heart of the majestic western ghats on the Bangalore Mangalore railway line. The trek offers magnificent views of the misty lush green mountain ranges, cascading milky waterfalls, and dark tunnels and bridges over the river streams.

3. Ombattu Gudda Hill: Ombattu Gudda Hill can be considered as a trekkers delight with a number of unpredictable trails in the majestic western ghats which calls out adrenaline junkies. With a combination of all the beautiful elements of nature starting from beautiful streams and dense flora, this trek is surely going to impress you starting from the Kabinhole Reserve forest. 

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