Mallalli Falls Overview

Located in the Pushpagiri Hills in the Western Ghats, Mallali Falls is one of the most beautiful falls and are counted amongst the top Coorg tourist places. Created by a 200 ft. plunge in River Kumaradhara before it carries on its route to the Arabian Sea, the waters of the falls crash into a huge gorge. It’s a great experience listening for the sounds of crashing waters amidst the quiet of nature as one gets closer to the falls through the rugged 2 kilometre long trail.

The stunning milky-white Mallalli Falls finds abode in the north of Kodagu region is the pride of Karnataka, India. The cascading falls seated 26 km off Somwarpet right at the base of the Pushpagiri Hills leave tourists mesmerized with its beauty and splendour.

It starts from where the Kumaradhara River takes an extreme dive of more than 1000 m and then takes a natural course leading to the Arabian Sea. Take in the beauty and behold the sights of the verdant jungles, the surrounding scenery, and the river diving deep from the origin of Mallalli Falls. 

Mallalli Falls is the most sought-after tourist place to visit in Coorg, Karnataka. It is one of the bemusing natural beauties, frequently talked about together with the Abbey Falls, Kodagu. One cannot compare the heavenly beauty of Mallalli Falls with another water body in the state of Karnataka. 

Mallalli Falls is in its full form during the rainy season, plummeting from above in a sequence and in two levels. You can spot this jaw-dropping beauty from the foot of the Pushpagiri Hills. Keep walking to hear the divine sound of the water falling from above, increasing in decibel while you trek up towards this natural wonder. 

While getting closer to Mallalli Falls, you can feel the cool sprinkle of water caressing your face, when trekking through the spectacular Western Ghats trail. Visit during the monsoons, as Mallalli Falls is a seasonal beauty. A jeep drive towards Mallalli Falls is an experience that you will treasure until the end.

How To Reach

By Rail: The nearest railway station is in Mysore if you are travelling by train. The distance from the station to Mallalli Falls is approximately 134 km. You will need to hire a taxi or private vehicle to reach the falls. 

By Road: The stunning Mallalli Falls is approximately 42 km off Kushalnagar and 26 km from Somwarpet. Take a private taxi from Somwarpet if you are travelling by road. 

By Bus: You can also travel by bus from Somwarpet until Bidali that is approx 2.5 km from Mallalli Falls. The distance from Madikeri Bus Stand to Mallalli Falls is approx. 57-58 km. A bus journey is a bit tiring for you and your family, as you need to cover a lot of distance. 

The easiest way to visit Mallalli Falls is by driving a jeep or a cab, taking the Kalahali Road via Somwarpet Taluk. Mallalli Falls is well-connected via roads.

Best Time To Visit

The ideal time to visit Mallalli Falls is during the monsoons, from June to September. Take delight in the beauty of this seasonal fall when the water level is at its peak during the rainy season. 

Other Essential Information

- Timings: You can visit Mallalli Falls from 9 am to 5 pm throughout the week. It usually takes three to four hours to take a tour of the falls.  

- Location: Mallalli Falls is situated in the Western Ghats, falling in Coorg, taking abode at the foothills of the Pushpagiri Hills, a distance of 26 km from the village of Somwarpet 573123, Karnataka. 

- Height: Mallalli Falls plummet from an elevation of 200 ft. or 1000 m in a beautiful sequence of two steps. The waterfall looks stunning from below, offering you a spectacular view of the sharp valleys and verdant mountains surrounding the fall. 

- Transportation: Mallalli falls is well-connected through roads and the convenient mode of transportation is a jeep or a taxi. Bus services are also available from Somwarpet to Kumaralli, the closest village to the falls. 

- Medical Facilities: The Gowrikere Homestay on the Mallalli Falls Road has a doctor-on-call facility for its guests. Besides, the Vijaynagar Hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka is 255 km from Mallalli Falls and takes approx. five hours of driving time.

- Network Connectivity: Some of the homestays such as Chiguru does not have mobile network connectivity or Wi-Fi facilities. You are free from the daily distractions and get to spend some quality time with your family and friends in the lap of nature. 

So pack your bags and head for Mallalli Falls with your loved ones. Trek, hike, do river rafting, eat, and have loads of fun!

Places to Visit Near Mallalli Falls:

1. Pushpagiri known for nature’s bounty has numerous untrodden paths perfect for trekking or hiking. Put on your best hiking boots and explore this adventurous spot in Coorg, popular among adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, and photographers. 

Explore Virajpet and Brahmagiri Hills. Most of the resorts here organize hiking tours. Therefore, include Pushpagiri in your itinerary to soak in the beauty of the great outdoors!

2. Bisle Ghat is located in the Hassan district border of Karnataka. Get the spectacular views of the three picturesque mountain ranges of Pushpagiri, Dodda Betta, and Kumara Parvatha from the Bisle viewpoint. 

Besides jaw-dropping sceneries of streams, waterfalls, and greenery around, Bisle Ghat is also a trekker’s paradise. The pristine Bisle Reserve Forest is home to numerous species of plant and animal life. Spot monkeys, peacocks, spotted deer, or gigantic elephants while passing through the place. 

3. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary seated in Coorg, Somwarpet Taluk in Karnataka is one of the most frequented bird sanctuaries of the world, housing the most endangered, rare bird species and recommended as one of the world heritage sites. The timing is from 6 am to 6 pm. The tour will take you around 3-4 hours. The entry fee is 10 INR only. 

About 70 percent of the sanctuary is deep, forest-covered and home to varied bird species such as grey-breasted laughing thrush, black and orange flycatcher, Nilgiri flycatcher, Malabar gray hornbill, Nilgiri wood pigeon, blue-winged parakeet, and grey-headed bulbul. 

4. Honnamana Kere, a serene, picturesque lake in Coorg, Karnataka, is the biggest water body nestled in this region, popular for the rituals of Gawri festival. People visit this lake during the festival when goddess Honnamana is worshipped here. A unique ritual Bagina is performed and the things belonging to the idol are offered to the lake. 

Besides rituals, tourists enjoy fishing and boating in the lake surrounded by forests, unwinding in nature’s lap. 

5. Gaddige, popularly called Raja’s Tomb, is seated in one of the picturesque hill stations of Coorg, Madikeri Karnataka and offers a sweeping view of the town. The historical monument has the earthly remains of the Kodava dynasty. However, the monument is reminiscent of Islamic architecture with tombs taking center stage and turrets around the corners. 

You will find many temples and scenic beauty around this place including Basaveshwara Temple, Muttappa Temple, Pushpagiri sanctuary and Honnamana Kere. It is a very touristy spot for both history lovers and nature aficionados.

Tip for Visiting Mallalli Falls:

-Since monsoon is the best time to visit Mallalli Falls, carry spare clothes, raincoats, and hiking pole. You will require clothes if it starts to pour or you are wet due to the drizzle of the waterfall. 

-You will find no food stalls close by and therefore should visit Chiguru homestay for food and refreshments. Though you may find tea stalls at the check post close to the falls, it is better to carry water, some snacks, and energy drinks. 

-Wear the right trekking gear. 

-Make sure you wear tough hiking boots, as there are leeches in the jungles as well as marshes, particularly during the monsoon. 

-Carry medicines and a first-aid box.

-Walk carefully when ascending the steps towards the fall.

-Park your car or vehicles in a responsible way on the Kalahali Road. 

-Avoid leaving your phones, camera, or other expensive items in the parked vehicles.

Places to Stay Near Mallalli Falls:

1. Shreegandha Homestay: Situated in Somwarpet, Karnataka, this Homestay offers guest accommodation with an a la carte breakfast for you daily. Shreegandha comes with free parking facility. The accommodation costs are approx. 3,540-5,310 INR per night, depending on the room types. 

2. StaySimple Spicefarm: Located in Somwarpet featuring rooms with a private balcony, this homestay overlooks coffee plantations. All guest rooms with bed and breakfast facility have flat-screen television. The accommodation costs are around 1,722-2,092 INR per night. 

3. Athena Homestay: Located in Somwarpet, this homestay features a garden. Rooms are equipped with flat-screen television and preferred by couples. Car parking and cab rental services are available here. The accommodation costs are around 1,711-3,540 INR per night. 

Places to Eat Near Mallalli Falls:

1. Saphali Family Restaurant: You can eat at this restaurant in Somwarpet serving both Indian and Chinese food. The place also serves local cuisines and wine. 

2. Cauvery Hotel: Located on the Mallalli Waterfalls Road, this restaurant is easy on your wallet and known for its vegetarian dishes. You need to order one hour in advance if you want non-vegetarian food. 

Places of Historical Interest Near Mallalli Falls:

Madikeri Fort: If history beguiles you, visit Madikeri Fort near Mallalli Falls, located at a distance of one km from Madikeri bus stop. The historical fort seated in the heart of the town still conserves its ancient charm. 

Built by King of Coorg, Mudduraja in the seventeenth century AD, this fort is one of the coveted tourist spots near Mallalli Falls. Tipu Sultan rebuilt this fort in stone back in 1781 AD. Be mesmerized with the stunning architectural designs of the Madikeri Fort, housing a two-storeyed, enormous, and spacious palace, rising 110 feet in height. 

The major attraction of the fort is the life-size elephant replica in the northeast corner of the fort. The belief goes that the Madikeri Fort has secret passageways adding to the aura and mystery of this place. 

The timing is from 10 am to 5.30 pm and closed on Mondays. There is no entry fee.

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Point of Interest for Mallalli Falls
Adventure Jeep Drive

Adventure Jeep Drive

Join other tourists and adventure-seekers in a breathtaking jeep drive to the falls. Enjoy a bumpy ride along the rugged roads and getting closer to Mallalli Falls, you can hear the sound of the gushing waters of the fall down the hillside. 

The jeep ride is sure to give you goosebumps as you drive down the swift downhill waters. Take snaps of the natural beauty around while relaxing in nature’s lap, taking in the beauty of Mallalli Falls. Enjoy the six-hour drive, exploring the depths of the lush green jungles. 

Trek to Mallalli Falls

Trek to Mallalli Falls

Trek along the big, concrete steps leading to the falls. It is a pleasant walk because the government has ensured that the waterfall is easily accessible to tourists. The trek is ideal for people who are looking for some adrenaline rush in sunny, sometimes misty weather. 

The adventure seekers can explore the mystery of the forests and visit private coffee plantations and fruit orchards close to Mallalli Falls. If you want to reach the foot of Mallalli Falls, simply follow the stream and tread carefully down the fall. It will take you approx. 40 or 45 minutes, but the walk is worth it due to the stunning scenery around. 

If you are into nature photography, capture some stunning photos of the mountains, the fall, the forest, and the greenery around, in your camera lens.

River Rafting in Mallalli Falls

River Rafting in Mallalli Falls

Go onboard on a thrilling journey when you do river rafting around Mallalli Falls. The rivers of Coorg have the blessings of the gushing waters of the monsoons, making white water rafting one of the coveted adventure sports around Mallalli Falls. 

There are two kinds of rafting to enjoy with your family and friends, gliding through the gushing waters during peak monsoon and still water rafting in less turbulent waters. Enjoy rafting at Barapole River and Dubare Elephant Camp. 

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