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Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya Tickets highlights

  • Visit the Sanctuary of Truth constructed of wood and marvel at the intricate carvings depicting various aspects of Thai, Hindu, Buddhist, and Khmer cultures. 

  • Marvel at the detailed sculptures and figurines decorating the Sanctuary and look for depictions of mythical creatures and scenes from religious stories.

  • Learn about the symbolism and philosophy behind the carvings, which blend Buddhist and Hindu influences.

  • Look at traditional carpentry techniques, the intricate carvings and towering spires showcase a blend of Buddhist and Hindu influences. 

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Sanctuary Of Truth
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Sanctuary of Truth
206/2 หมู่ที่ 5 ถนน Pattaya-Naklua, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

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Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya Tickets overview

About Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya:

The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand, is a wooden structure constructed entirely of wood without any metal nails, this sanctuary stands 105 meters tall and covers an area of over two acres. The intricate carvings that decorate the building depict mythological scenes, celestial beings, and traditional motifs, reflecting ancient Thai craftsmanship. Commissioned in 1981 by Thai businessman Lek Viriyaphan, the Sanctuary aims to promote cultural heritage, spiritual reflection, and the appreciation of art and nature.

About Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya Tickets:

  • Visit Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, a wooden structure built using traditional Thai techniques without any metal nails. 
  • Explore the largest wooden structure in Thailand and look at the detailed carvings depicting various mythological and religious themes.
  • Admire the detailed carvings that depict various mythological and philosophical themes from Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Asian traditions.
  • Get insights into the construction process, the stories behind the carvings, and the vision of the Sanctuary's creator.
  • Marvel at the wooden structure that stands over 105 meters tall and is entirely constructed from intricately carved teakwood. 
  • Capture the intricate details of the carvings, the beautiful architecture, and the picturesque views of the surrounding gardens and coastline.
  • Stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the sanctuary lined with lush vegetation, exotic flowers, and serene water features.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: The Sanctuary of Truth is located 7.9 km away from the city centre. It will take around 19 minutes to reach the destination via  Pattaya - Na Kluea Road.

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Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya Tickets faqs

What is the best time to visit the sanctuary of truth Pattaya?

Although the place is open to the public from 8 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening, most people prefer to visit the museum early morning from 8 AM or 9 AM. The reason is that, apart from the museum itself, there are lots of enjoyable outdoor activities that the place offers.

To be able to cover everything, it is better to start early. One can start at 8 am or 9 am and take 2 hours to complete the museum and then enjoy the shows at 11 am or 3 pm and spend the rest of the time participating in other activities.

Why is the Sanctuary of truth Pattaya so famous?

This magnificent museum is famous for its architectural excellence. The world’s largest and most beautiful wood carving structure is one of its kind. The ancient wood joining technique, which has been used to build this place, is not found elsewhere. As construction is still under process, a live display of craftsmen working makes it a unique experience.

Apart from the architecture, the place has also been inspired by Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. Each area of the museum teaches the visitors some values starting from positive thinking to the way of life to family beliefs.

What are the best things to do inside the Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya?

Elephant riding: Upon your visit to the sanctuary of truth, you will enjoy a delightful ride of an elephant while passing through some of the most beautiful attractions of this area and enjoying a magnificent view of the temple from high above..

Horse riding: Very similar to the activity of elephant writing, a session of horse riding will lead to exploring this Castle Museum in style. You will easily find various Vendors selling your horse riding passes in which your safety will be the first priority.

Ancient boat ride: Since you will be spending some time at the most secret location of Thailand, you will get a chance to take a ride on a 100-year-old ancient boat. This portrait will let you explore the beautiful attractions around this place from a totally different perspective.

ATV ride: The highlight of the sanctity of truth is the ETV ride which is a must-try activity for the adventure junkies. One can easily avail an ATV while entering the area and can spend the rest of their time sightseeing the place in style.

How much is the distance from the sanctuary of truth Pattaya to the nearest airport?

The Sanctuary of Truth is located in the Naklua area of Pattaya, which is a little way out of the town. The nearest airport Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bankok is at a distance of 82km from the Sanctuary. It takes around 1 hrs 18 mins to reach the place by car. By bus, visitors can go up to Pattaya Bus Terminal traveling 2hours. From the bus terminal, taxis or Tuk Tuks are available to reach the place.

How Old is the Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya?

The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya was established back in 1981 and since that day it has been providing people with a perfect place to spend some time in the middle of serenity as well as tranquillity. The building covers an area of 13 ha and the Temple located here has an internal space of 2115 m².

Which restaurants are near The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya?

  1. Surf and turf beach club and restaurant: The best part of this restaurant is that it is located on the Beach, therefore you can relish some of the most beautiful views of the setting sun while hogging on delicious food. From oysters to grilled pork, a wide variety of food items can be enjoyed here.
  2. Mum Aroi: Mum Aroi is vastly famous for serving some of the most tasteful Thai seafood dishes. Every item prepared here is freshly made using locally sourced ingredients and is prepared by some of the most excellent chefs.
  3. Fat Belly: Serving tasty as well as comforting food the fat Willy will let you relish upon some of the most tasteful delicacies including tender spare ribs as well as shrimp paste. This restaurant is located just a 10-minute drive away from the sanctuary of truth, there for You can easily reach her without any hassle.
  4. Spa Cafe: offering you some of the most beautifully presented as well as tasty international cuisine options, the spa cafe is the perfect place for the ones who look for clicking the pictures of their food before even smelling it.

Which is a better sanctuary of truth Pattaya or sea life Bangkok?

Sea life in Bangkok is the largest in Southeast Asia having hundreds of different species on display. Sanctuary of truth is a magnificent wooden structure which is a hybrid of temple and castle built based on Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. The place is the world’s largest wooden structure and its architecture is second to none.

While both are worth visiting being world-famous places, the Sanctuary of Truth is one of its kind and such beauty, especially, still in the construction phase can be seen nowhere else. Hence it is better to visit the sanctuary of truth if one cannot visit both.

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