Things to Do in Karwar

Kurumgad Island
A charismatic island shaped like a tortoise, Kurumgad is known as a hub for water sports and adrenaline activities. It is one of the five major islands in Karwar and is dotted with lush green palm trees which contribute to its unspoiled beauty. The island is frequented by both adventure enthusiasts and pilgrims as it also houses the famous Narasimha Temple.

You can also find a deserted lighthouse at this place which further adds to its charm. With its ardent beauty and enthusiastic vibe, Kurumgad Island is undoubtedly among the top-notch tourist places in Karwar.


- Fishing

- Water sports

- Sunbathing

- Nature walks

- Beach volleyball

Location: Kurumgad Island, Karwar, Karnataka
Majali Beach
Has a beachside house always been your dream? If yes, head to the surreal island of Majali and enjoy your stay at one of its many luxury resorts. Majali Beach is home to bountiful of sea-facing cottages and resorts which provide top class amenities to their visitors.

From private balconies to in-house laundry, and sit-outs, these accommodations have it all covered. On your visit to the beach, you can also indulge in leisure activities like bird watching and fishing. The sunset view from the beach is another thing that will make you fall in love with this place.


- Kayaking

- Rowing

- Fishing

- Bird watching

Location: Majali Beach Village, Karwar, Karnataka.
Devbagh Beach
Nestled on Karnataka-Goa border, Devbagh is a private beach that forms an ideal getaway destination for peace seekers and couples. This magnificent beach is cradled between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Majorly known for its golden sand and ethereal backdrops, Devbagh is also a popular name among the adventure enthusiasts.

From kayaking to parasailing and banana boat rides, there is absolutely no water sport that you will miss out here. If you are on an extended vacation, you can also book your stay at one of its houseboats, cottages or resorts. The scrumptious seafood of this place is definitely worth a try.


- Banana boat ride

- Kayaking

- Fishing

- Snorkelling

- Dolphin watching

Location: Devbagh Beach, Karwar, Karnataka

Warship Museum

The INS Warship Museum is situated on the beautiful Rabindranath Tagore Beach. The museum is named after a Russian made OSA missile boat, named INS Chapal. Popularly known as K94, Warship Museum is a 245-ton ship which is remembered for its performance in the Indo-Pak war of 1971

On your visit to this museum, you can find several artefacts and collections which will give you a brief insight about the sea warfare. In addition to this, it is also home to several mannequins that are dressed as sailors, doctors, and captains. If you are a history lover, Warship Museum is one of the key places to visit in Karwar.


- Watch a 15-minute long documentary on Indian naval history.

- Learn facts about the historical war of 1971

- Get information about sea warfare.

Location: NH66, Kodibag, Karwar, Karnataka

Tilmati Beach

Blessed with immense beauty and serene atmosphere, this beach is one of the many unexplored places to visit in Karwar. The awe-inspiring views of Arabian sea from this beach is what sets it apart from other tourist attractions in the region. If you wish to make the most out of your Karwar trip, visit this place during the sunset hours as the sunset view from Tilmati Beach is truly irresistible.

A large number of vacationers visit here for night camping and stargazing experience as well.  Tilmati is also popular among the locals as the black sand beach. It is believed that Arabian sea brings the black sand of river Kali to the shores of the beach.


- Enjoy the sunset view

- Nature walk

- Night camping

Location: Majali, Karwar, Karnataka

Rabindranath Tagore Beach

One of the most popular tourist places in Karwar, Rabindranath Tagore beach forms the confluence point of River Kali and Arabian sea. The beach is home to many other touristy spots including Warship Museum. You can also explore the recreational park, aquarium, and planetarium situated within its premises.

Though Ravindranath Tagore beach doesn’t have any beach sports, you can still indulge in leisure activities like swimming and nature walk. It also hosts the biggest cultural event of Karwar, named Karwali Utsav, which is celebrated in the months of December and January. If you don’t want to go overboard with adventure activities, just bask in the warmth of the sun or relish the sunset view from this beach in the cool evening breeze.


- Relish the captivating sunset view

- Visit the Warship Museum

- Explore the marine aquarium situated within the premises.

- Head for nature walk.

Location: Rabindranath Tagore Beach, Kodibag, Karwar, Karnataka

Kali Bridge

With its picturesque setting and pleasant vibe, Kali Bridge is one of the most sought after tourist places in Karwar. Nestled at the meeting point of Arabian sea and Kali river, this bridge is known for its mesmerizing views and tranquil atmosphere. It was constructed in the year 1983 to connect the neighboring states of Goa and Karnataka.

A large number of nature-buffs gather here to witness the confluence point of two water bodies. On your visit to the Kali Bridge, don’t forget to explore the historical Sadashivgad Fort, which is just a short walk from this bridge.


- Relish the splendid view from the bridge.

- Pay a visit to Sadashivgad Fort.

Location: NH17, Karwar, Karnataka

Narasimha Temple

A beautiful Vishnu temple situated atop the hill in Kurumgad, Narasimha temple sees a massive influx of travellers throughout the year. In the month of January, the temple gets entranced in the spirit of celebration and joy with the onset of the yearly festival, Yatra.

Some of the young travellers prefer to trek their way towards the temple. Visitors can also use ferry services to access this pilgrimage site. For all the Hindu Devotees, Narasimha Temple remains one of the most prominent places to visit in Karwar.


- Trekking

- Participate in the yearly festival organized in the month of January.

Location: Kurumgad Island, Karwar, Karnataka

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