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About Calicut

Calicut (Kozhikode) is a northern district in India's southwest coastal belt. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the west, this region was once a thriving commercial hub. Calicut City was known for its spices and silk, which helped it establish trade links with many countries in the Indian Ocean. Calicut is a paradise for travelers who love walking. The city appeals with its awe-inspiring lush greenery, tranquil beaches, stunning backwaters, and historic sites.

Calicut tourism comprises rich heritage and diversity abound in its churches, temples, avenues and monuments. Beypore and Kappad Beaches entice visitors with coastal fun. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary piques the interest of birdwatchers. Whereas the Thikkoti Lighthouse, Pazhassiraja Museum, Mananchira Square, Lion's Park, Kalipoyika, and Tali Temple in Kakkayam are other attractions that leave visitors awe-struck.  From spending the evenings on Calicut beach, enjoying the breeze and the sunset, picnicking at the Thusharagiri Waterfalls or Peruvannamuzhi Dam to relishing local dishes at world-class restaurants, Calicut has something for everyone.

Kozhikode has a tropical monsoon climate with mild winters and hot summers. Summer in Kozhikode begins in March and lasts until May. The weather remains hot, but it is a good time to go bird watching. The monsoon season in Calicut lasts from June to September. The winter season lasts from October to February and is the best time for exploration, indulgence as well as relaxation.

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Calicut FAQ's

Travel Advice

  • Never leave your important documents or cash and valuables in the hotel room.

  • Always make sure that you book a hotel or a resort in the bustling area.

  • If you are lost anywhere or someone from the group is lost, you must immediately seek the help of the police.

  • Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

  • Do not get involved in physical or verbal spat with anyone.

  • Don’t flash your valuables in the public area.  

  • Do not hire a guide who is not from a trusted or authentic agency.

  • Never trust any stranger who gets friendly with you in just a short while.

  • Don’t eat food off the street vendors.

  • Carry with you a copy of your licenses and passport.  

  • Don’t let anyone in the city misguide you. Acquire sufficient information before heading to a new place.

  • Dress appropriately.

  • Nudity is strictly prohibited here.

  • Do not film or do videography without the legal permissions.

  • In case the banner or sign says, ‘No Photography’ obey it.

  • Avoid traveling alone in the night hours.

  • Do not go around with too much cash during the night hours.

  • Take a comprehensive travel and medical insurance before traveling.

  • Keep the touts at bay.

Drinking Age

The legal age for drinking in Calicut is 21 years.

What you will like there?


Calicut is one of the best places to indulge in some shopping. One of the most shopped items here are the spices. Calico clothes are also an important item bought by many people. Those looking for a memento can buy a model of Beypore Uru or a Koyilandy Hookah. Koyilandy Hookah is basically a water pipe that is made in the town located in the vicinity of Koyilandy. Urus on the other hand are seafaring vessels which are manufactured in an authentic traditional manner at Beypore. Another must have things in Calicut are handlooms, handicrafts and fabrics that have been carved in rosewood. Coir products, miniature snake boats and the buffalo horn also deserve your attention.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Calicut and Kerala on the whole is known for the extensive ayurvedic treatments and the spa treatments that it offers. You definitely must indulge yourself in a good one hour ayurvedic treatment to completely relieve and rejuvenate yourself.

Revathy Pattathanam Festival in Calicut

The Annual assembly of the Vedic scholars is conducted in Calicut ever since the ancient time. In this unique gathering, the Vedic scholars compete with each other in a seven day event for the position of Pattathanam. The festival is held during the months of Oct to Nov during the Malayalam month of Thulam. Attending this festival is an important thing to do here.

Malabar Mahotsavam Festival in Calicut

Another important festival that you can attend in Calicut is the annual tourism festival. This is the festival that is organized by the Kozhikode District Tourism Promotion Council in the month of January. Under this festival you can know about the various art forms, music, dance and the culture of Kerala. The performances here will put forth the vast cultural heritage here. Some of the performances held here include Mohiniyattom, Kathakali and Ottamthullal.

Halwa, Chips and Biryani

Calicut is a paradise for all the foodies. You’ll get a biryani tastier than Hyderabad here. Trying on these authentic cuisine is definitely an important thing to do here. Kozhikode has a vast fishing industry. So, naturally the food here is brilliant. Don’t forget to try out the banana chips and the halwa which are the two key specialties of this region.


The locals of Kerala are loving and have a hospital nature. They’ll love having you around and are just as polite as you expect them to be. One specialty of the locals here is that they’ll always greet you with a smile.

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Calicut Reviews

Rageswari Reddy
Reviewed: 15 Sep 2015
After a long year this is what you can expect from your holiday. It turned out outstanding. The caves, trekking and the bon fire with the residents in the hotel cannot be forgotten easily. Hoping to go back soon but this time as a couple.
Rageswari Reddy
Rageswari Reddy
Rageswari Reddy
Chakor Iyengar
Reviewed: 06 Dec 2015
It was a trip planned by my college friends and it turned out to be really amazing,spent a grt time trekking and exploring the ancient caves,everything was well planned and very well organized .Had a grt time with my grp.Excellent place. Excellent food and excellent hotels with views. Thumbs up for... Read More
Chakor Iyengar
Chakor Iyengar
Anal Embranthiri
Reviewed: 08 Feb 2016
After a good research I chose the place for a visit. The trek was awesome and properly guided. Experiencing a visit in a stone age old cave was mind blowing. And the final touch with the bon fire at the end of the day charges you well for the rest of the year.Its well planned and organized activity,... Read More
Anal Embranthiri
Anal Embranthiri
Shreya Menon
Reviewed: 30 Apr 2016
Wayanad is a nice place in Kerala to visit and spent some quality time to refresh your senses .It was a good break from office life, spending time with friends.Liked the cave expedition experience.Had a great time with frndz, sharing old stories of college time over bon-fire really made my day.Its a... Read More
Himani Dhawan
Reviewed: 25 Nov 2015
The bon fire experience was too good. Long trek to reach the caves was overwhelming. The stone age carvings were fascinating.Relived so many memories of my childhood with my parents had a great time with them. Though the trek part was tiring and difficult for them,but they enjoyed the views and the ... Read More
Himani Dhawan
Chandani Mishra
Reviewed: 02 Feb 2016
We were much impressed by the manager of the tour who handled the entire operation. Actually we came back a couple of days later to get more delicious foods and various types of nuts, after visiting there and seeing the contrast in feature and agony here. They aren't timid at all to try various new ... Read More

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