35 Adventure Activities in Bangalore Starting from ₹250 Only
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Camping In Bangalore
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Resort Day Out In Bangalore
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Bangalore In City Experiences
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Weekend Treks Around Bangalore

Adventure Sports in Bangalore

# Trekking at Skandagiri
# Camping at Nandi Hills
# Dirt Biking at Dirt Mania
# River Rafting at Coorg
# Micro Light Flying at Jakur
# Wildlife Safari at Dandeli
# Parasailing at Jakur
# Go Karting at Meco Kartopia
# Cycling to Big Banyan tree
# Paintball at Play Arena

With an extensive list of adventure sports in Bangalore, you can never run out of plans to fill your holidays with excitement. Partaking in thrilling quests is the most effective way to break the monotony of life, and Bangaloreans are blessed with so many options nearby.  

Whether you are the kind of person who likes to climb mountains and camp at the top or you are someone who takes pride in the richness of nature and explores forests, Bangalore and its environs are replete with varied experiences for you. Trekking, wildlife safari, camping, rafting or whatever your choice of action be, you can try all kinds of adventure activities in Bangalore and its neighbouring towns. 

Thrill your senses on nerve-wracking rapids of Barapole River in Coorg, challenge your muscles and mind to trek to the top of Kudremukh, or spot and capture tigers at Bandipur National Park. You can feel the adrenaline surge through your veins as you pick your type of thrill and indulge in it with all your heart. So if you are planning to take a break from your routine in Bangalore, go through all the options you have and choose what pleases the adventurer in you the most. 
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Best Adventure Activities in Bangalore



One can always remain assured to enjoy adventure sports in Bangalore as the hilly terrain that engulfs the city has a myriad of trekking trails. Ideal for all types of thrill-seekers, these treks are a perfect recipe for spending one’s vacation doing something memorable. With trails passing through thick forests, steep slopes, boulders, and rocky terrains, trekking near Bangalore becomes a delightful journey of passing hurdles and conquering soaring mountain peaks.

The summits of these treks promise enchanting panoramas of valleys, winding roads, misty hillocks, and settlements. Whether you are a seasoned trekker or new to the world of trekking, among a variety of fascinating trails, you will find a choice that fits your requirements.

Best Places for trekking:

- Antharagange
- Kodachadri
- Kudremukh
- Kunti Betta

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If you wish to revive your senses by connecting yourself with nature and its serenity, a camping experience near Bangalore is the most recommended option. While there are campsites that can only be reached by trekking, there are also peaceful adventure places in Bangalore one can reach by vehicle and pitch a tent.

Those who are inclined towards forests can find nature camps that give one an opportunity to relish a stay in wilderness. But for those who are more interested in hills, almost all the hill stations near Bangalore are replete with picturesque campsites where mountain camping can be enjoyed without interruption.

Best Places for camping:

- Coorg
- Wayanad
- Ooty
- Nandi Hills

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One of the extreme outdoor adventure sports in Bangalore, rafting is an electrifying activity. Nothing can be more satisfying for an adventurer than struggling to escape the narrow passageways of a river and its volatile currents. There are a number of famous destinations around the city where one can enjoy the experience.

Since the activity is organized by professionals and all required safety measures are in place, your safety is the last thing you should concern yourself with during rafting. From Grade 1 and Grade 2 rapids that are ideal even for beginners to Grade 4 and Grade 5 rapids that are the ultimate dose of thrill, rivers around Bangalore have a variety of rafting experiences to offer.

Best Places for Rafting:

- Coorg
- Dandeli
- Chikmagalur

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2798 Ratings
Superb 2798 Ratings
2798 Ratings Ratings
2798 Ratings
Superb 2798 Ratings
2798 Ratings Ratings
₹ 4,900 ₹ 3,800 per Adult

About Microlight Flying in Bangalore

Microlight flying at Jakkur Aerodrome in Bangalore, offers a thrilling and unique way to view the city from 3700 feet to 4000 feet. This adventure allows participants to fly in a lightweight, fixed-wing aircraft piloted by experienced aviators. The main feature of this activity is the breathtaking aerial views of Bangalore’s skyline and lush landscapes. Flights typically last 10 to 20 minutes and include a safety briefing. Ideal for adventure seekers, this experience provides a safe, unforgettable way to explore Bangalore from a bird’s-eye perspective.

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Wildlife Safari

Owing to the unusually rich biodiversity in the regions surrounding Bangalore, wildlife enthusiasts never run out of opportunities to surprise themselves. There are plenty of wildlife sanctuaries and reserved forest areas in close proximity to the city where one can reach within a few hours and partake in a thrilling wildlife safari adventure.

One of the most loved adventure activities in Bangalore, wildlife safari is exhilarating and entertaining. A tour into the deepest parts of raw nature will enthral your senses. Just board an open safari jeep, and embark on a journey to spot and capture majestic animals like tigers, gaurs, leopards, elephants, etc., roaming freely in their natural habitats.

Best Places for Wildlife Safari:

- Bandipur National Park
- Nagarhole National Park
- Bannerghatta Biological Park

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Adventure activities in Bangalore that gives you wings and lets you relish the picturesque environs of the city from the perspective of a bird, Parasailing is an activity for all. In this activity, a participant is attached to a parachute, which is towed by a vehicle. The movement of the vehicle results in the movement of parachute, and the participant gets to enjoy a flight.

As you gain elevation and fly higher in the sky, you can feel a rush of adrenaline in your veins. The breathtaking panoramas from a soaring height, on the other hand, will make your heart skip a beat with a feeling of joy. For those with scarceness of time, parasailing is one of the most recommended adventure sports in Bangalore.

Best Places for Parasailing:

- Jakkur Aerodrome
- Aero Adventures, Jakkur
- Getaway Now, Jakkur


Go Karting

Those who love the thrill of speed should definitely try their hands on go karting to satisfy their urge for adventure sports in Bangalore. A fun activity where you get to drive a kart on safe tracks and beat your friends with your speed, go karting is a perfect plan for an adventure-charged day.

So lower yourself in the driver seat and enjoy every moment of thrill as you vroom like a pro on the bends and curves. Moreover, some of these adventure places in Bangalore have different karting tracks for adults and kids, which makes it a good choice for a happening family outing as well.

Best Places for Go Karting:

- Grips Go Karting and Bowling, Bangalore
- Meko Kartopia, Bangalore
- Torq03, Bangalore

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Your hunt for the best adventure places in Bangalore is incomplete until you try a go karting experience. Out of all the adventure sports in Bangalore, paintball enjoys a matchless fame among youngsters. There are several paintball arenas across the city, featuring exciting set ups and some unique paintball experiences.

Whether you want to target your companions in an open lawn or you want to choose a pool as the battleground, these places provide it all. If an outing with friends is long due, hit one of the paintball arenas in Bangalore and you are guaranteed to have some of the most joyous moments with them.

Best Places for Paintball:

- Electronic City, Bangalore
- Ramanagara
- Sarjapura
- Allasandra, Yelahaka

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Dirt Biking

A highly stimulating sport that will boost your spirits with jolts and jerks, dirt biking is definitely one of the best adventure activities in Bangalore. There are a couple of adventure places in Bangalore where you can buy yourself an opportunity to indulge in the crazy fun of driving an ATV on a dirt track.

The trails cover mud patches, hilly slopes, and rocky tracks to ensure you a variety of experiences within a single ride. The combination of speed, thuds, and imbalances on this adventure will help you enhance your weekend by adding some electrifying moments to it. If you are looking for some extra thrill, you can also partake in dirt biking at night.

Best Places for Dirt Biking:

- Dirt Mania Outdoor Adventures, Bangalore
- Slideways Motoranch, Bangalore

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27 Ratings Ratings
  • 6H
  • Bangalore
  • 6H
27 Ratings
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₹ 599 ₹ 499
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Location: Mysore Road, Bangalore

Timings: 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM

A major tourist attraction near Bangalore, Big Banyan Tree boasts to have an existence for over four centuries now. Also known as ‘Dodda Alada Mara’, it spreads over 3 acres and is a testimony to the bygone era and is one of the unique sites to visit near Bangalore. Get ready to explore this quick weekend destination, a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Get ready with the cycles you have and board towards a memorable journey 3 km from the Manchanbele Dam.

Assemble at the meeting point at 6:30 in the morning and start the adventurous quest. Ride your bikes as you bask in the surrounding beauty of nature and feel the cool breeze hitting your face. Arrive at the Dodda Alad Mara and find time to relax and explore at the pace you like. Explore the paths that are unexplored and click as many pictures as you can. After having breakfast, we would get back to the cycles and ride back home. Come along with your friends and family members and immortalise the experience.

How to Reach:
The meeting point is easily accessible through public or private transportation.

A minimum of two people is required to book the package.
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Trekking Adventure near Bangalore

354 Ratings
Excellent 354 Ratings
354 Ratings Ratings
  • 1N
  • Bangalore
  • 1N
354 Ratings
Excellent 354 Ratings
354 Ratings Ratings
₹ 1,249 ₹ 950
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Timings: 11:00 PM

Pick Up/Drop Locations:
RR Nagar (11:00 PM) - Gopalan Arcade, Mysore road
Banashankari (11:30 PM) - Bus Stop
BTM (11:40 PM) - Udupi Garden Bus Stop, Near A2B
Silk Board (12:00 AM) - Near Krishna Bhavan Restaurant
Marathahalli (12:30 AM) - Opposite to Kalamandir
Hebball (12:50 AM)- Opposite to Esteem Mall

Located at a distance of about 60 km from Bangalore Palace, Skandagiri hills are also known as Kalavara Durga. It stands at an altitude of about 1450 metres and is one of the most popular trekking destinations for the adventure lovers. One of the best ways to admire the immense beauty that nature beholds, the Skandagiri Sunrise Trek, Bangalore experience will leave you amazed. Start the trek at night and be able to view the sunrise from the top, it will one of the most beautiful sunrises you will ever see.

An 8 km trek which can be easily completed within 4 to 5 hours of ascending and descending, awaits your presence. The tour starts from Bangalore as you get picked up from various pickup points. To enjoy the experience utmost the trek starts in the middle of the night and you can reach the top early in the morning. Not to mention, you would be able to see the ruined remains of Tipu Sultans fort and an abandoned fort remains. The greatest sunrise experience can be encountered during the morning. Come along with your friends and family members and make a worth-sharing experience.

All participants aged 12+ years can participate in this activity.
Min 2 people are required to book this activity.
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26 Ratings
Superb 26 Ratings
26 Ratings Ratings
  • 14H
  • 14H
26 Ratings
Superb 26 Ratings
26 Ratings Ratings
₹ 300 ₹ 300 per Adult

Activity Location: Nandi Hills

Activity duration: 14 Hours

Trek difficulty: Moderate-Challenging

Pick up location/ time:

  • Indiranagar opp. karachi bakery- 6:00 AM
  • Domlur- 6:30 AM
  • Esteem mall, hebbal 7:15 AM

About Channagiri Trek Bangalore:

The trek to Channagiri takes you to the amazing Nandi Hills near Bangalore, which happens to be one of the favorite weekend and trekking spots for the entirety of Karnataka. The 2- trek to the top begins from the very bottom of the peak where you will be walking by hugging the ridge of the peak. You will notice that the place has a rather arid kind of vegetation, but that is totally complimented by the unbeatable views of the Deccan Plateau. The challenging trail ends at the top, where you will have your packed lunch. From the top, also, you will get some unbeatable views of the nearby hills like Skandigiri and the Nandi Hills. 

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Camping Around Bangalore Explore All (8)

Kunti Betta Trek

A short trek, ideal for seasoned trekkers as well as beginners, Kunti Betta Trek is one of the best choices of adventure sports in Bangalore. Located in Pandavapura, Kunti Betta are hills with religious significance, and are frequented by trekking enthusiasts owing to their perfect terrain.

You can travel up to the base camp by your vehicle, and start your journey uphill on your foot. Once you reach the summit, the panoramic vistas that greet you will leave your surprised. Kunti Betta is also widely known for night trekking experience, just in case you are in the mood for extra thrill or camping under the moon.

Distance from Bangalore: 122 km

Difficulty Level: Easy

Location: Pandavapura, SH 19, Karnataka


Anthargange Trek and Caving

Not far from Bangalore, you can indulge in this trekking experience and let yourself relish an ultimate dose of thrill. The best part of Anthargange Trek is that it pairs trekking with cave exploration, enhancing the charm of your vacation, making it one of the best adventure activities in Bangalore 

Since the top of Anthargange offers enchanting sunrise views along with sweeping vistas of the surrounding landscape, most trekkers prefer to do the trek at night so as to witness the magical dawn scene. So, if you do not have a lot of time on your hands, it is possible for you to partake in this experience at night and travel back to Bangalore the following morning.

Distance from Bangalore: 65 km

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Location: Near Kolar, Karnataka

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Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga

If you are missing out on adventure in Bangalore, plan a weekend adventure in Kodachadri and the experience will render you overwhelmed. A part of the majestic realm of the Western Ghats, Kodachadri is an imposing mountain peak with the maximum elevation of 1343 metres.

The adventure of trekking to the top is highly rewarding as the trail is scenic throughout and challenging enough to satisfy your urge for action. You will get to enjoy the sights of vast grasslands, rolling hills, and dense tropical evergreen forests. The trek also covers visits to Hindlumane Waterfall and Shivappanaika Fort.

Distance from Bangalore: 412 km

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Location: Mookambika National Park, Shimoga

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Kumara Parvata Trek

Trekking in the Western Ghats is a memory for a lifetime, and you will realise it when you indulge in Kumara Parvatha Trek. This popular trek in Karnataka takes you to a maximum altitude of 1712 metres through a moderately difficult trail making it one of the best adventure activities in Bangalore.

While the steep ascents break your spirit, the fine artistry of nature in the form of lush greenery of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary paired with fresh air will motivate you to keep going. Since this is the second-highest peak in Coorg, the views from the top are truly unequalled.  The peak overlooks an endless stretch of forests on the undulating hills of the lower elevations.

Distance from Bangalore: 255 km

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Location: Coorg, Karnataka

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2186 Ratings
Excellent 2186 Ratings
2186 Ratings Ratings
  • 2D/1N
  • Bangalore
  • 2D/1N
2186 Ratings
Excellent 2186 Ratings
2186 Ratings Ratings
₹ 2,799 ₹ 2,099
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Trip dates: 24th Dec, 25th Dec, 30th Dec

Trip Starting From: Bangalore

Difficulty level of Gokarna Beach trek: Easy

We have heard so much about Gokarna and its beaches, splendidly spreading amidst the green nature. A trek through the beaches of Gokarna would create amazing stories of happiness with your loved one.

Here is a trekking trip of 2 days to Gokarna from Bangalore after getting picked up from different points in Bangalore on Friday night. 
The next two days will be filled with so much excitement and adventure. The moderate trek brings you some of the wonderful moments you can ask for. The package of Gokarna beach trek includes food, accommodation in tents (on 2 and 3 sharing basis), and transportation throughout the trip inclusive of pick up and drops off.

Pickup location for Gokarna beach trek from Bangalore:
Indiranagar, Near CMH Park at 7.00 PM
Domlur, New Shanthi Sagar Hotel at 7.15 PM
Goraguntepalya Metro station at 8.00 PM

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Tadiyandamol Trek, Coorg

Give yourself a chance to disconnect from the chaotic atmosphere of Bangalore by embarking on this adventure that will take you to the highest mountain peak in Coorg. Boasting a height of 1748 metres, this mountaintop is an excellent vantage point, letting you enjoy the panoramic sights of the hilly landscape around, draped in mist.

The trail is easy in most parts with some steep patches which are not too daunting even for beginners. On your path to the top, you will be greeted with a number of refreshing sights as you cross waterfalls, lush forests, and grassy clearings. So if you cannot quench your thirst with adventure in Bangalore, this trek is the answer.

Distance from Bangalore: 267 km

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Location: Tadiandamol, Coorg, Karnataka

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Bangalore Adventures Explore All (9)
Explore All (9)

Mullayangiri Trek, Chikmagalur

Every Bangalorean adrenaline junkie must try this adventure, as climbing the highest mountain peak in Karnataka is naturally one of the most celebrated adventure activities in Bangalore. Come prepared with your friends and set out on a journey to create new memories with them in the magical realm of Mullayangiri.

Rising up to an elevation of 1925 metres, Mullayangiri is praised for its magnificence and featuring an exhilarating trail that leads one into a world above the clouds. The exotic location will sweep you off your feet and compel you to click several dozen pictures of the landscape. With a short trail which is barely difficult to tread upon, this adventure in Bangalore is also ideal for amateur trekkers.

Distance from Bangalore: 243 km

Difficulty Level: Easy

Location: Mullayangiri, Chikmagalur

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Kudremukh Trek, Chikmagalur

Let the adventure junkie in you rejoice with the refreshing landscape of Kudremukh and the challenging trail to its top – this trek is nothing like other adventure activities in Bangalore. A perfect opportunity to test your trekking skills and strength, this 22 km long trekking excursion is a treat for the people searching for some serious action in Karnataka.

Kudremukh Trek is also sought by photographers and nature lovers owing to the exceptionally beautiful scenery one gets to witness on the trail that passes through rainforests. The panorama of the green valleys and lush vegetation dotted with waterfalls keep on becoming more exquisite as you reach higher.

Distance from Bangalore: 331 Km

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Location: Kudremukh, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

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Camping Adventures near Bangalore

3229 Ratings
Superb 3229 Ratings
3229 Ratings Ratings
  • 2D/1N
  • 2D/1N
3229 Ratings
Superb 3229 Ratings
3229 Ratings Ratings
₹ 2,160 ₹ 1,016 per Adult

Activity Location: Nandi Hills, Karnataka (60-65 km from Bangalore)

Check-in Time: 05:00 PM (Day 1)

Check-out Time: 09:30 AM (Day 2)

Activity Duration: 2 Days 1 Night

About Nandi Hills Drive-In Camp:

Embark on an unforgettable camping adventure in the foothills of Nandi hills. Surrounded by scenic hills and lush greenery, this campsite offers great comfort and serenity. Stay in cozy tents, allocated on a double basis, and enjoy nature. Spend a fun-filled time with your folks as you play a range of outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, and more. Experience a fun-filled and relaxing getaway with your friends and make memories to last a lifetime.

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Explore All (10)
4128 Ratings
Superb 4128 Ratings
4128 Ratings Ratings
  • 2D/1N
  • 2D/1N
4128 Ratings
Superb 4128 Ratings
4128 Ratings Ratings
₹ 1,999 ₹ 1,849 per Adult

Activity Location: Ramanagara, Bangalore

Activity Timings:

  • Check-in Time: 4:00 PM / 12:00 PM (Depending on the package option selected) (Day 1)
  • Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM / 11:00 AM (Day 2)

Activity Duration: 2 Days 1 Night

About Ramanagara Camping With Adventure Activities:

Ramanagara is located amidst lush green hills that seem to sing with the cool wind blowing around, the campsite allows you to relax to the fullest. The lush green hills are spread out as far as the eye can see and offer spectacular panoramic views. Go for this exciting camping experience with adventure activities in Ramanagara and grasp the mesmerizing scenes of Ramnagara with great thrills. Based amidst lush green hills that cater for the perfect landscape views, the campsite allows rejuvenation to the fullest. Enjoy a perfect getaway with your dear ones and avail fun-filled activities like trekking.

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5693 Ratings
Superb 5693 Ratings
5693 Ratings Ratings
  • 2D/1N
  • 2D/1N
5693 Ratings
Superb 5693 Ratings
5693 Ratings Ratings
₹ 2,016 ₹ 1,700 per Adult

Activity Location: Kanakapura, Bengaluru

Check-in Time: 01:00 PM/04:00 PM (Depending upon the package selected)

Check-out Time: 11:00 AM (day 2)

Activity Duration: 2 Days & 1 Night

About Nature and Adventure Camping near Bangalore:

Put on your best adventure camping gear for a great trip to Kanakapura, a Nature Adventure Camp close to Bangalore. It is the perfect location to experience exciting outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, rappelling, and many more. Enjoy a delicious dinner or a cool plunge in the swimming pool while taking in the stunning mountain views.

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127 Ratings
Excellent 127 Ratings
127 Ratings Ratings
  • 2D/1N
  • 2D/1N
127 Ratings
Excellent 127 Ratings
127 Ratings Ratings
₹ 3,050 ₹ 2,350 per Adult

Activity Location: Mysore, Karnataka

Activity Timings:

  • Check-in Time: 12:00 PM (Day 1)
  • Check-out Time: 11:00 (Day 2)

Activity Duration: 2 Days & 1 Night

About Camping In Mysore:

There are many natural getaways from Mysore as it is located on the foothills of Chamundi hills. This camp is nestled in the heart of nature, just 10 kilometres from Mysore city, and offers one-of-a-kind tent stays. The property will allow you to relax and rejuvenate. Come along with your friends and family members on a quest you will never forget.

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Resorts Around Bangalore Explore All (69)
Explore All (69)
819 Ratings
Superb 819 Ratings
819 Ratings Ratings
  • 2D/1N
  • 2D/1N
819 Ratings
Superb 819 Ratings
819 Ratings Ratings
₹ 1,850 ₹ 1,100 per Adult

Location: Hanbal, Sakleshpur

Check-in Time: 12:00 PM (Day 1)

Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM (Day 2)

About Camping In Sakleshpur:

Surrounded by the lush greenery and beautiful landscapes, Sakleshpur is a perfect landscape to spend a memorable vacation away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Get an amazing camping experience amidst magnificent hills and rich biodiversity of the Western Ghat of Sakleshpur. Indulge in a range of outdoor games and spend a fun-filled day with your friends here. Be mesmerized by the stunning views of sunrise and sunset while staying in the camp. Enjoy some amazing activities like mountain trekking and bird watching during the trip.

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Camping in Coorg

Coorg is one of the most exquisite destinations in Karnataka, so camping here is bound to be a heavenly experience. Whether after a long, tiring trek in hills or after a serene jungle exploration, the feeling attached with camping in Coorg is therapeutic. Although there are plenty of sites where one can enjoy this adventure in Bangalore, travelling to Coorg would be even better since it boasts countless scenic campsites.

The camping experiences in Coorg come in the form of fishing camping, hill camping, and nature camping. Furthermore, you can also choose if you want to stay in a basic tent or a tent laced with luxurious amenities, as per the level of comfort you are seeking.

Best Places for Camping in Coorg:

- Madikeri
- Kotta Betta
- Virajpet

Distance from Bangalore: 267 km

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Camping in Wayanad

A stay in the middle of raw foliage, under a sky full of stars is always worth cherishing, and Wayanad is arguably the best place to go if you are missing out on camping adventure in Bangalore. A 6-hour drive away from Bangalore, this hill station in Kerala is frequented by vacationers as well as adventurers for outdoor activities.

Whether your preference is camping in a tea estate or you would rather like to camp on the banks of a dam, Wayanad has several types of varied camping experiences to offer. Besides, hillside camping is always a good idea here because the views of open sky and undulating hills make things all the more pleasant.

Best Places for Camping in Wayanad:

- Banasura Dam
- Wayanad Tea Estate
- Chembra Peak Base

Distance from Bangalore: 277 km

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Best Camping Tours in Wayanad for your next trip


Camping in Dandeli

Dandeli is blessed with an unusual collection of flora and fauna species, and camping in the wilderness of this wildlife sanctuary should be a dream experience for any explorer residing in Bangalore. Tents with basic amenities pitched in the middle of wild forest or jungle lodges bearing all traits of luxury accommodation, the camping here comes in different styles and budgets.

So whether you are willing to take this experience with your family or friends, you can be assured to get the kind of comfort and level of thrill you desire. Most packages combine this adventure with a wide range of other activities like wildlife safari, zip-lining, coracle ride, trekking, etc., making this an unforgettable memory for one.

Best Places for Camping in Dandeli:

- Dandeli Wildernest Jungle Camp
- Kali Adventure Camp
- Dandeli Resorts

Distance from Bangalore: 459 km

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Camping in Ooty

Thanks to the myriad of picturesque campsites it encompasses within its surreal ambit, Ooty is among the finest adventure escapes near Bangalore. Set amidst rolling hills in Tamil Nadu, Ooty is a popular choice among adventure lovers for its trekking trails and campsites.

While most camping experiences here involve trekking and reaching the natural campsites, there are also a number of resorts in Ooty which provide well-equipped tents. Overnight camping here is an enriching affair, as you sit around a bonfire with your friends, indulge in stargazing experience, and soak up the beauty of nature from an elevation of more than 2,200 metres.

Best Places for Camping in Ooty:

- Tiger Hills
- Adventure Ooty
- Sterling Ooty Fern Hills
- Ooty Hidden Valley Jungle Camp

Distance from Bangalore: 271 km

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Rafting Adventures Near Bangalore


Rafting in Coorg

If you thought Coorg is only famous for trekking and camping, you must try white water river rafting here at least once. Barapole River offers a nail-biting rafting experience with its volatile flow that brings about unexpected frights. The activity follows a training session where the rafters are instructed on safety measures and skills involved in rafting.

Dubare is another choice for rafting in Coorg with a long run as compared to Barapole. While you steel yourself to bravely and carefully go with the flow, the picturesque forested banks of the river will make the ride all the more delightful.

Best Places for Rafting in Coorg:

- Barapole River
- Dubare in Cauvery River

Distance from Bangalore:
267 km

Best time:
July to September

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Rafting in Dandeli

White water rafting in Dandeli is one of the most promising adventures, ideal for turning your holiday into an absolute joyride. River Kali snakes through the Western Ghats with a gush, making Dandeli an exciting venue for rafters.

The 12 km long stretch of the rafting channel is dotted with Grade 2 and Grade 3 rapids, which makes it an ideal venture for professionals as well as beginners.  As it is a long trip downstream, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, thrilling bumps, and narrow passageways that come your way.

Best Place for Rafting in Dandeli:

River Kali

Distance from Bangalore:
458 km

Best time:
March to June

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Rafting in Chikmagalur

In addition to its undulating, lush green hills, Chikmagalur is also famous for Bhadra River that cuts through its mountains and blesses adventurers with an opportunity to enjoy white water river rafting. With numerous Grade 4 and 5 rapids lying in the stretch of 7-8 km, you can expect this to be one of the most thrilling rafting experiences you will have ever taken.

Even if you have no prior experience of rafting, you can put your faith in the trained professionals and high-quality equipment, and plunge into the world of adventure in Chikmagalur with your friends. 

Best Place for Rafting in Chikmagalur:

Bhadra River

Distance from Bangalore: 243 km

Best time: June to October

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Wildlife Safari Adventure near Bangalore


Wildlife Safari in Dandeli

A wildlife safari in Dandeli is the perfect vacation plan for any nature or wildlife enthusiast in Bangalore. Taking you into the world of raw nature and wild creatures, this experience can be full of surprises as you encounter elusive animals crossing your path or lurking amidst the foliage of Dandeli.

Animals like sloth bears, leopards, tigers, and black panther are known to inhabit this wildlife sanctuary in Dandeli, so keep your camera ready during the safari. Dandeli even boasts an impressive collection of flora and avifauna species, adding to the reasons why one should not miss out on a wildlife safari here.

Distance from Bangalore: 456 km

Safari timings: Morning Jeep Safari from 6 am to 8 am; Evening Jeep Safari from 4 pm to 6 pm

Safari cost: INR 2500 to 3000 per jeep safari

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Nagarhole Wildlife Safari

Nagarhole National Park is located within the wilderness of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in Karnataka, and covers an area of 642 sq km. Taking a wildlife safari at this wildlife park is a rewarding adventure and a great opportunity to come across countless exotic species of mammals, plants, and birds.

You can opt among jeep safari, coracle ride, and bus safari to explore wildlife here. The park majorly teems with deciduous vegetation which shelters a variety of endangered animals.  During safari here, you can expect to spot Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, barking deers, elephants and many other animals.

Distance from Bangalore: 220 km

Safari timings: Morning Jeep Safari from 5:30 am to 10 am; Evening Jeep Safari from 3 pm to 7 pm

Safari cost: INR 1850 per jeep safari

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Bandipur Wildlife Safari

If you are missing adventure sports in Bangalore, leave for Bandipur National Park which is one of the closest gateways to the wild. Rich with an extensive range of flora and fauna, the forests of this wildlife preserve offer a matchless wildlife safari experience. The parks feature jeep safari, elephant safari, and bus safari.

Though Bandipur is majorly known for its population of tigers, a jungle exploration here also assures you sightings of other animals like elephants, spotted deer, leopards, and striped hyenas, residing here in great numbers. Furthermore, the park houses and hosts more than 200 species of resident and migratory birds, making safari here all the more rewarding.

Distance from Bangalore: 219 km

Safari timings: Morning Jeep Safari from 6 am to 9 am; Evening Jeep Safari from 4 pm to 6 pm

Safari cost: INR 3,000 per jeep safari

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  4. Is Bangalore safe for tourists?

    Bangalore is a safer tourist destination in South India. The garden city boasts of zero organized crimes and city administration is at all times on the go to control any mishappenings. You can come to this Silicon Valley of India and spend some of your days witnessing the architectural marvels of the city and exploring its gardens.
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    Bangalore resorts are flourishing into many lives to rejuvenate minds and hearts with the gist of positivity and optimism. Check out the list of the best resorts in Bangalore for day outing starting from Rs 720 only:

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  7. Which are the famous weekend drives from Bangalore with fastest route map?

    Road trips from Bangalore are a perfect opportunity to cherish life and create memories with your friends and family. You have an abundance of options for famous weekend drives from Bangalore some of them are: 

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    3. A Thrill-Filled Camping Date at Ramanagara
    Capture Love at Thattekere Lake
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  9. What is the best time to visit Bangalore?

    Although October to February is the best time to visit Bangalore but to bifurcate further:

    - October to February is the winter months and it is the best time to visit the city.
    - March to May are the months when the winters are over but the weather is still pleasant and you can plan in these months as well.
    - June to September is the time when the Monsoon begins and it could prove to be perfect if you are a person who enjoys the rain.
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