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  • Trekking has always been one of the most favoured activities out of all the adventure activities. This detailed guide to trekking in Coorg will let you explore and chose the kind of terrain which you have always looked for. Coorg, which is known for its verdant hills and equable atmosphere, has numerous prevalent trekking courses that are prominent among the end of the week swarm from neighbouring urban areas. The enthusiast trekker can investigate the less frequented terrains for and make their weekend a happening one.This area is in the Western Ghats, and it gets higher than normal precipitation and has a thick woodland cover. 

    Coorg is popular for its coffee bequests, orange forests, flavour ranches, and its salubrious atmosphere.  Get ready to experience the fun and adventure as you head out for trekking in this amazing land. Not just for its picturesque beauty, the local people and the vibrant greenery will make you forget all your worries. There are many summits to conquer and many jungles to trek while you are visiting Coorg. The region offers all kinds of terrain for people to explore from easy to moderately difficult to extremely challenging; you can explore and choose the kind of terrain you are comfortable with. Whether you are with your team mates or your friends this beautiful region will definitely make everything very special for you. From easy trek to the most difficult trek, from zig zag trek to the most beautiful trek this guide will definitely kill all your tension and let you chose which one to go first.

  • Easy Treks in Coorg

  • 01Nishani Betta Trek

    Nishani Betta Trek

    Nishani Betta or Nishani Motte is a lesser known trekking spot around Coorg and is situated in the Brahmagiri mountain range of the Western Ghats. The beauty of this place is more or less intact due to the limited inflow of tourists and this makes Nishani Betta a favourite among people who love trekking in serene and tranquil places.

    Nishani Betta offers a gentle trekking trail through beautiful coffee plantations and the peak can be reached easily in an hour if you are a quick climber. There are gurgling streams of fresh water along the route if you want to take a break for freshening up.

    Scenic and sublime, Nishani Betta is perfect for exploration and is a refreshing break from all the crowded tourist places in the area. The horizon is a riot of colours when seen from the Nishani Betta peak.

    Best Season: October to February
    Trek Distance: 8 kms
    Difficulty Level: Easy
    Guide: Recommended
    Sightseeing: Must visit tourist attractions in Coorg

    Trek to Nishani Motte Hills in Coorg

    Trek to Nishani Motte Hills in Coorg

    NNNNN172 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg

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  • 02Tadiyandamol Trek

    Tadiyandamol Trek

    Tadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg. With gentle, velvety green slopes, Tadiyandamol is an ideal destination for those looking for an easy going trek or if you are a newbie at trekking. Tadiyandamol is the third tallest peak in Karnataka with an elevation of 5,735 feet and offers a challenging to terrain to cover with some breathtaking views.

    Trekking to Tadiyandamol peak is easy and requires little or no experience. Coorg is well known for its natural beauty and the Tadiyandamol being among the tallest peak undoubtedly gives some unforgettable scenic views of Coorgs picturesque landscape.

    If you intend to do camping in Coorg, there are some excellent spots with boulders blocking the flow of wind for setting up camps. The sunrise from Tadiyandamol is a sight to behold, so do not forget to pack in your camera too.

    As you climb towards the peak, the slope may get a little steeper but the pleasant weather and the scenic beauty will keep your mind too occupied to realise the fatigue.

    On reaching the peak, you will be able to view the beauty of the landscape with the greenery stretching below and the misty clouds at your feet.

    Best Season: November to February
    Distance: 8 kms
    Difficulty Level: Easy
    Guide: Not Required
    Accommodation: Best Resorts and Places to Stay in Coorg

    Coorg - Tadiandamol Trek and Adventure Escape

    Coorg - Tadiandamol Trek and Adventure Escape

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    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg


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  • 03Trekking And Camping In Madikeri, Coorg

    Trekking And Camping In Madikeri, Coorg
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMadikeri
    • NNNNN767 ratings
    • Sai Muthanna
      Sai Muthanna

    About the Destination:

    • Whether you are adventure lover, traveller or nature lovers, Kodagu or Coorg will lay a claim to your hearts as soon as you get here. Nestled peacefully on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, the terrains of Coorg are hilly and green. The wooded slopes, the scenic vantage points and a rich and colourful local life captivates the imagination of every tourist who comes here. A heaven of sorts for coffee lovers, the drink is locally grown and if stories are to be believed is best tasted in the hills of this dreamy town.
    • The northern region of Coorg is bedecked with hills and valleys such as the Nishani Betta, a hill in the Talacauvery ranges. Camping in Coorg is truly an experience that can only be felt and not described.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Nourish that adrenaline junky in you and Stay in campsites and North Coorg to get a taste of adventure in the bounty of best that nature has to offer! Breathe the fresh air and marvel at the picturesque Nishani Hills that accompany you all the way to the Coorg camping site. Challenge yourself to various sports such as zip lining, rappelling, trekking and unwind around a campfire to take back an experience that will revitalize you from the inside!

  • 04Trek to Kopatty, Coorg

    Trek to Kopatty, Coorg
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN28 ratings
    • Habeeb Ul Haq
      Habeeb Ul Haq
    About the Activity:
    • Be a part of the exciting tour to Kopatty Hills, one of the beautiful hills in Coorg and a lesser explored site in Karnataka. 
    • The two day trip starts from Bangalore on Friday evening. The location is 295 kms away from the city.
    • A magnificent trail that leads up to the hill goes through jeep trails, dense forests, small streams, green meadows and fresh grasslands. For trekking enthusiasts, Koppady would definitely be a blind choice. 
    • The hills are tucked amidst unbeatable serenity prevailing in Talacaveri range, 3 kms away from Cherambane.
    • In the beginning of the trail, one can relish the beauty of a tarred road flanked by paddy fields on both sides. After 2 kms long tarred road comes the real challenge. The trail goes through muddy jeep track for 20 minutes until the first stream appears.
    • Take left at the Y-intersection and after ten minutes you reach two abandoned houses that take you into the forest. Walk through the forest for 2 kms and reach an open region again.
    • Now you are on the top of a flat table range of Mandalpatti that overlooks Erullivana, a scintillating valley. Kopatty Hills are visible from here.
    • Continue for next ten minutes to climb the ascent up to reach the peak from where the panoramic view of the Western Ghats is quite alluring.

    • The altitude is 4300 ft (1375 mt) above sea level. 
    • Grade – Moderate
    • Trek Distance – 14 KM in total
  • Medium-Difficult Treks in Coorg

  • 05Brahmagiri Trek

    Brahmagiri Trek

    The Brahmagiri trekking trail is a popular spot for trekking in Coorg. The Brahmagiri mountain range, situated in the Western Ghats, lies on the border of Kodagu district and the Wayanad district of Kerala. The slopes of the Brahmagiri Mountains are covered by thick forests and are home to many wildlife animals.

    The Brahmagiri peak is at an elevation of 5,276 feet and hence is a favourite among trekkers as a trekking spot around Coorg. The Brahmagiri peak is frequented by many trekkers all throughout the year.

    The mist covered peak with cottony clouds hovering around it entices tourists on to the Brahmagiri trail and for this reason, you may find a lot of trekking groups in the area.

    The Brahmagiri trek isn’t easy as the slopes will challenge your patience and will test your energy levels from time to time, but will also reward you with sweet waters of intermittent springs and the refreshing beauty of the surrounding areas. So if you are looking for some adventure that also facilitates good sightseeing, Brahmagiri is the place for you.

    Best Season: December to February
    Trek Distance: 10 kms
    Difficulty Level: Medium to Difficult
    Guide: Recommended

    Brahmagiri Trek, Waterfall Visit and Nagarhole Wildlife Safari

    Brahmagiri Trek, Waterfall Visit and Nagarhole Wildlife Safari

    NNNNN557 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg

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  • 06Kumara Parvatha Trek

    Kumara Parvatha Trek
    Image Credit : karthick siva - Flickr

    Coorg is the abode of the scenic Kumara Parvatha. Being the second highest peak in the region, it attracts plenitude of trekkers, nature lovers and adventure buffs. Also konwn as 'Pushpagiri', this 1,712m peak offers rugged and challenging terrains, and upon the completion of the trek, the trekkers are rewarded with beautiful sights of Coorg.

    Although the temperatures are pleasant, slippery slopes can be an impediment while trekking in Coorg. The Kumara Parvatha offers an excellent view of the surroundings from its peak.

    Best Season: October to December
    Trek Distance: 14 kms
    Difficulty Level: Medium to Difficult
    Guide: Recommended
    Accommodation: Best homestays in Coorg

    Kumara Parvatha Trek in Coorg

    Kumara Parvatha Trek in Coorg

    NNNNN1002 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg

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  • 07Pushpagiri Trek Of Coorg

    Pushpagiri Trek Of Coorg
    • h5 Hours
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN30 ratings
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    About the Activity:

    • Whether you are a coffee lover or not, an adventure junky or not, you must visit Coorg at least once in your life. With enchanting rolling hills, fascinating curves, terrains and lush green ambience, this scenic hill station in the Western Ghats allures a large number of visitors.
    • Also referred to as Kumaraparvata, Pushpagiri is the second highest peak of Kodagu District or Coorg. Located about 36 km from Somwarpet and 1.5 km from Kumaralli, this beautiful peak is surrounded by forests on all four sides! Those who wish to embark on an interesting Pushpagiri trek; this will be a fun challenge for you! Though a bit strenuous, on completion, the trek offers several bountiful views of Coorg’s evergreen and mesmeric charm.
    • Located on the northern side of Coorg, the Pushpagiri Peak can be reached by two different routes. For those with an eye to scale high peaks, grab your gear and experience the adventurous Pushpagiri trek! The eastern entrance for the peak is from Beedehalli through the Heggademane Temple. For the observant traveler, there is a check post of Somwarpet Wildlife Range.
    • The Pushpagiri trek is around 12 km starts around 09:00 AM and lasts for 4-5 hours. Beedehalli can be accessed easily while Somwarpet can be approached from Madikeri at a distance of about 30 km. You could explore the wide expanse of the Pushpagiri Wildlife sanctuary upon your visit here, and can be accessed from Madikeri town.
    • Somwarpet can also be accessed from Mysore via KR Nagar and Ramnathpur. The beautiful climate and the friendly locals will make you feel right at home, and allow you to bask in the glory of all that nature can provide you in ample quantity.
  • 08Galibeedu Trek

    The Galibeedu mountain range is situated near Madikeri, which is a very popular destination for trekking and camping in Coorg in Karnataka. Madikeri is the headquarters of Kodagu district and is renowned for its natural beauty and scenic splendor. If you are also planning to spend quality time with your loved ones, Madikeri  also offer well-known honeymoon destination package n Coorg

    The Galibeedu range is popular among trekkers for its diverse terrain and picturesque surroundings. The temperature is relatively pleasant but can dip to freezing temperatures during the winters.

    Galibeedu to Subramanya is the most opted trail, this trail needs an expert guidance due to its wilderness and thick woods.The Nishani Motte is the highest peak in the Galibeedu range.

    Best Season: January to April
    Trek Distance: 25 kms
    Difficulty Level: Medium
    Guide: Recommend
    Packages: Best Coorg tour packages

  • 09Kotebetta Trek

    The Kotebetta, which means the Fort Hill, is the third highest peak in Coorg. A very popular destination among tourists, Kotebetta also attracts a fair share of trekkers with its fantastic terrain and scenic splendour.

    This beautiful hill which looks like a fort lies on the border between Coorg and Dakshina Kannada. From coffee plantations to forest covered slopes, Kotebetta offers a diverse terrain and several trails for trekking in Coorg.

    Best Season: October to March
    Trekking Distance: 16 kms
    Difficulty Level: Medium
    Guide: Recommended
    Offbeat Stays: Best coffee plantation stays in Coorg

  • 10Kakkabe Trek

    Image Credit : Sankara Subramanian - Flickr

    The Kakkabe trail offers stretches of unspoilt greenery, fresh air and a cool weather. It is situated near the Tadiyandamol peak and trekkers can explore this beautiful trail when visiting the Tadiyandamol.

    Kakkabe also has a number of tourist spots nearby such as the Nalnad Palace, Padi Igguthappa temple. The Kakkabe trekking trail provides ample opportunities for nature walks and exploration.

    The honey of this region is quite famous and you can buy yourself a jar. The historically important town of Karada is also situated nearby.

    Best Season: September to December
    Trek Distance: 6 kms
    Difficulty Level: Medium
    Guide: Recommended
    What to do: Must do activities in coorg


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