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Jungle Camping
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Off-beat Camping

Dandeli Camping

Explore best offers on Dandeli camping packages at Thrillophilia. Book the best camping tours in Dandeli with exciting deals & offers to pamper you on your camping experience.

Pitch your tent and spend the night beneath the stars as you enjoy camping in Dandeli. Break free of the monotony of the bustling city life and spend some me-time with yourself by planning your stay at the best campsites in Dandeli that are a secret refuge of nature. The campsites offer completely staggering views and are ideal for a rugged camping experience. Dandeli Jungle Camp is a picture-perfect campsite that offers the thrill of a memorable camping adventure in the wilderness without compromising on comfort. Hear the chirping of the birds, breathe in fresh air to detoxify your lungs, enjoy stargazing and see the animals roaming freely as you enjoy your stay at Adventures Nightout Camp.

To make your Dandeli Camping more enjoyable, these campsites also provide the opportunity to enjoy various activities such as jungle trekking, boating, target shooting, and archery. Panther Jungle stay is one of the most popular camp stay in Dandeli, surrounded by forests from three sides and an open field on the fourth side. You can also plan your stay at Dandeli Rangers Camp, nature’s miniature world where you can enjoy great storytelling around the campfire and limitless adventure. So, book the Dandeli camping packages and give your weary soul a chance to recover from the city woes.  
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Adventure Jungle Stay in Dandeli


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: DandeliActivity Timings:Check-in Time: 12:00 PM (Day 1)Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM (Day 2)Activity Duration: 2 Days 1 NightAbout Dandeli Jungle Camping:Explore the beauty of nature and delight your mind in the riverside camp stay that will help you unwind yourself away from your monotonous life in the Dandeli Jungle Camping. With the breathtaking views of Dandeli's landscapes, you would be enjoying a comfortable and exciting tent stay, allocated on multiple sharing bases.

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

₹ 2,199

₹ 1,270 per Adult

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Kali Adventure Camp Dandeli


Thrillophilia Safe
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Location- Ganeshgudi, DandeliCheck-in Time- 12:00 PMCheck out Time- 11:00 AMDuration- 2 Days & 1 NightAbout the Kali Adventure Camp, Dandeli-Located on the banks of the River Kali, in the outskirts of Dandeli, this camp combines the unevenness of the jungle with the reassuring comforts of home. This is the only place in South India, where white-water rafting is organized most of the year. For those who want to feel the fierceness of its cascading waters and encounter the thrill of white-water rafting, Kali adventure camp is the place to be. 

74 Ratings


74 Ratings

₹ 1,900

₹ 1,499 per Adult

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Dandeli Nature Camp


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Dandeli Check-in Time: 12:00 PMCheck-Out Time: 12:00 PM (Next day)Activity Duration: 1 DayAbout Dandeli Nature Camp:Located in the Badgund area, Dandeli Nature Camp is a popular choice for travelers. With its convenient location, the property offers easy access to the city's must-see destinations & adrenaline-pumping activities. Have fun while playing various indoor-outdoor games and partake in water-based activities. You can relax in Jacuzzi, go for a walk, and enjoy the relaxing bonfire session.

82 Ratings


82 Ratings

₹ 1,599

₹ 1,299 per Adult

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Dandeli Jungle Camping


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Dandeli Camping Location: Kogilban, DandeliCheck-in Time: 12:00 PM Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM (next day)Duration: 2 Days & 1 NightAbout Dandeli Jungle Camping:Explore the beauty of nature, and delight your mind in the riverside camp stay to unwind yourself in the Dandeli Jungle Camping. With the breathtaking views of Dandeli's landscapes, you would be enjoying a comfortable and exciting tent stay, allocated on multiple sharing bases. Partake in fun and exciting activities while relishing the delicious meals.

729 Ratings


729 Ratings

₹ 1,350

₹ 1,199 per Adult

People Also Ask About Camping in Dandeli

  1. Which are the best sites for camping in Dandeli?

    1. Dandeli Jungle Camp: Immerse yourself in a memorable camping experience by planning your stay at Dandeli Jungle Camp. The campsite is situated near the kali river stream, and the views from this campsite are completely staggering. The rooms are allocated here on a multiple-sharing basis, and you can unplug from the entire world while enjoying your stay here. It consists of twelve cottages, a Goal Ghar, and a Family Room equipped with all the modern amenities. You can enjoy activities like zorbing, jungle trekking, boating, target shooting, archery, and wall climbing.

    Location: Near 8th Mile Pradhani, Dandeli - 581325, Karnataka, India
    Price: Rs 1758 per person
    Amenities: Comfortable bed, buffet, free parking, travel desk.

    2. Panther Jungle Stay:
    Wake up with the sweet rhymes of the birds and the fresh cool air by planning your stay at Panther Jungle stay that is an otherworldly paradise for the visitors. It is surrounded by forests from three sides, and one side is an open field where you can spot animals grazing on grass. This jungle stay resort offers various accommodation options such as tent stays and four-bedded rooms. It also has an in-house restaurant where you can enjoy lip-smacking delicacies. You can enjoy fun outdoor activities here like swimming, volleyball, jungle safari, and white water rafting.

    Location: Kogilban Road, badakanshirada village, Taluk-Haliyal, Dandeli
    Price: Rs 1071 per person
    Amenities: Kitchenette, power backup, luggage storage, parking, housekeeping

    3. Dandeli Rangers Camp: If you’re looking for nature’s miniature world where you can have a relaxing stay while enjoying camping in Dandeli, Dandeli Rangers Camp can be your ideal choice. It is situated in village Bamanagi, and you see here animals and birds moving freely with the humans.

    The campsite features forty rooms spread across four floors and a garden area where you can relax and unwind with your friends and family. If your belly craves delicious food, you can enjoy delectable cuisines at the in-house restaurant. You can also enjoy jungle walks, interact with the locals, hear interesting stories of fellow campers while sitting beside the campfire, and enjoy stargazing.

    Location: 210 Bamanagi, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325
    Price: Rs 1316 per person
    Amenities: Lawn, fireplace, reception, barbeque, luggage room.

    4.WoodPecker Jungle Camp: Make camping in Dandeli memorable by planning your stay at WoodPecker Jungle Camp that seems to be straight out of a jungle book. This luxurious campsite offers you an opportunity to witness the splendid beauty of lush tropical forests and waterfalls. The tented suites come with all the amenities and comforts you’d expect of a luxury camp, including showers and bathrooms. Outside, there’s an organic garden from where you can pick fresh fruits and vegetables for your meals. You can enjoy activities here such as jungle trekking, bird watching, white water rafting, and zorbing.

    Location: Jagalbet Village, Dandeli 581129
    Price: Rs 940 per person
    Amenities: Power backup, free parking, newspaper, restaurant.

    5.Adventures Nightout Camp: Escape from the bustling city life and reconnect with nature by enjoying your stay at Adventures Nightout Camp, which is the favorite staycation option of the campers. The campsite features rustic cabins to tented accommodations, and deluxe rooms. Under each canopy are a dressing area, living area, bathroom, and bedroom with a private verandah. You can enjoy activities here like rock climbing, jungle trekking, rappelling, forest trekking, and stargazing.

    Location: Badakanshirda village kogilban road Dandeli
    Price: Rs 2350 per person
    Amenities: 24-hour water, kitchenette, free parking, lawn

  2. What is the best time to visit Dandeli for camping?

    The best season to do camping in Dandeli is during winter, from October to March. The temperature varies between 14 – 25 degrees Celsius. The town is swathed in fog, so carry ample of winter clothes for protection from the cold.
    You can even visit in summers (April – June) if you can bear with the sweltering heat. Avoid monsoons (July – September) if your itinerary includes trekking because the slopes and hills get slippery and more dangerous.

  3. Is it safe for a solo female to camp in Dandeli?

    Yes, it is completely safe for a solo female or any other category of tourists for Camping in Dandeli. The accommodations booked under the well organised package of thrillophilia are placed where you will feel like your home. So, rest assured of any second thoughts as you book your camping package from thrillophilia.
  4. What are the things I should keep in mind before going camping?

    Before proceeding for your camping expedition in Dandeli, one must keep these following things in mind and some in their bags too.
    -The Right Clothes: The temperature can get really cold during the night so pack enough warm clothes which can easily be layered.
    -Trekking Shoes: Happy feet will let you explore more on the mountains and rough terrains present at the location.
    -Snacks: Some healthy and energy retaining bars should be kept in a bag to fight your mid night hunger or cravings at the camp.
    -Medicines: Carry some basic medicines with you like that for fever, headache, cold and others to save yourself  from getting any traces of illness on tour.

  5. Is it safe to go camping in Dandeli?

    Dandeli Camping is an extremely safe and reliable activity. You will be accompanied by operators that will take care of all the camp-related activities, including your food arrangements and living arrangements. Therefore, you will be fully taken care of, and you will spend your time in a comfortable, safe, and hospitable environment.

  6. What is the best time for camping in Dandeli?

    October to February is the best time for Dandeli Camping as the weather remains pleasant, and you can explore the natural vistas and enjoy various outdoor activities. 
  7. Is the monsoon a good time for camping in Dandeli?

    No, monsoon is not a good time for camping in Dandeli as the region experiences heavy rainfall, and you won’t be able to enjoy outdoor activities and enjoy natural vistas. Due to the incessant rainfall, you might have to stay inside your tent, and mosquitos and flies might linger all around you. 
  8. Apart from camping, what are the other types of activities available in Dandeli?

    Camping in Dandeli is an unparalleled experience, sure. But there is much more that Dandeli has to offer besides camping. Check out some of the most fun-filled activities you can enjoy here, besides camping:

    - River rafting
    The Kali river is a true delight of nature for adventure enthusiasts. With magnificent views of the green jungles, gorgeous valleys, and deep gorges – the river is ripe for rafting. Enjoy the thrill of surging with the waters, and get a dose of adrenaline. The river has grade 2 and grade 3 rapids, and an untamed terrain that will give you goosebumps.

    - Stay in the jungle
    If you are a true nature enthusiast and want to explore the tropical forests of Dandeli in an authentic manner, you can try camping within the jungle. The lush green forest, singing birds, and fresh breath of air make it all extremely pleasant. You can also participate in bird watching, swimming, boating, and trekking here.

    - Rock climbing
    If you are a health nut and want to take advantage of this trip to get some workout, you can try your hand at rock climbing near the Supa Dam. The activity is accompanied by professionals, so even amateur climbers can participate.

Dandeli Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Dandeli
14 April 2015
Omkar Murkumbi Dandeli Jungle Camping
It was a great experience. Accommodation and meals were good. Activities offered here are very adventurous. Great place and would recommend everyone.
13 March 2020
One of the best camping places in Dandeli. I had an amazing time there with my friends. This place is very calm and you can forget all your worldly worries here. I have never been to such a calm campsite.
Chakor Pothuvaal Dandeli Jungle Camping
Hospitality was 5/5, the host was excellent, all arrangement was fantastic, nice being at this place with favorite people...
Aanandaswarup Pothuvaal Kali Adventure Camp
It was a nice expereince, the host was welcoming and friendly, we get everything as mentioned on the website... Thanks...
Aaditya Mehra Dandeli Nature Camp
Beautiful place with various fun activities, our leader and the entire staff were great. All in all, It was unforgettable expereince
07 March 2020
This place connects you with nature and gives you time to calm yourself. This place also provides you a view in the wilderness of Dandeli. I was hooked on this place. In the morning, you can hear birds chirping and rustling of trees. It is the best place to spend your money. On top of that the hospitality that you get from the staff during your stay is amazing.
19 January 2020
Gobinda Asan Dandeli Jungle Camping
I booked my camping tickets from Thrillophilia. They provided me with various choices for this campsite. After reaching there we met with the manager who was super friendly and welcomed our stay. The food was excellent there as well. A recommended place to visit.
04 March 2020
Tara Trivedi Dandeli Jungle Camping
This campsite in Dandeli gives you a glimpse of nature in Dandeli. I am thankful towards all the staff that made my stay pleasant. I am also thankful towards the Thrillophilia team for advising me to visit there. This place has a pleasant aura and you will feel that aura running through you. This place is heaven in disguise.
14 March 2020
Anjali Trivedi Dandeli Jungle Camping
It is a value for money Deal. As you get excellent food there. They also have a swimming pool where you can enjoy with your friends. Booking in advance gave us a benefit to choose our desired side. Overall, a 5 Star place.
06 March 2020
Aaditya Sethi Dandeli Jungle Camping
I had an amazing stay at this campsite. I felt that it is the best campsite in Dandeli and everyone should visit once. They have an amazing campsite with a dining place and a swimming pool. I really loved the concept of this place. The Manager of this place was very polite and the staff there was courteous. Much appreciated gesture.

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