25 Best Picnic Spots in Bangalore - 2024 (Photos & Reviews)
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Resort Day Out In Bangalore
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Handpicked Treks And Camps Around Bangalore
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Bangalore In City Experiences

Picnic Places in Bangalore

Nandi Hills, Ramanagara, Savandurga, Bheemeshwari, Makalidurga, Bannerghatta National Park, Chunchi Falls, Skandagiri, Sangama and Mekedatu, Wonderla, Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary, Big Banyan Tree, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Mysore, Shivanasamudra Falls, Yelagiri Hills, Hogenakkal Falls, BR hills, Yercaud, Coorg and many more.

Looking for good picnic spots in Bangalore? You’ll be delighted to know that the silicon valley holds a lot of escapades in its abode. From the scenic destinations which can be traced in a day to the picture-perfect getaways which are apt for the weekends, this place holds all of them.

Whether you wish to explore the lush green highlands like the Nandi hills or you wish to get close to nature with camping at Ramanagara, here you are spoilt for choice. Bangalore picnic spots are for all and hold places like Savandurga, Antharagange, Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary, Shivanasamudra Falls, Yercaud, and several others.

If you are in search of peace and ultimate solitude then places like Coorg are also there which is famed as the Scotland of South. But if this is not you want and wish to just splash some water then you can also visit Wonderla.
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Picnic Spots in Bangalore within 150 Kilometres


Nandi Hills

Let the fresh air and jaw-dropping views of one of the best picnic spots in Bangalore, Nandi hills bewitch you. This hill fortress is also known as the Nandidurg and has a massive statue of Nandi bull from where it derives its name.

If you are a history lover then this place owns a while wide platter of beautiful forts and retreat for you. Apart from this, here you can also enjoy camping along with the green trails and amazing views. Whether you are looking for a getaway from the busy life or just wish to relax this is a perfect place for you.

Distance from Bangalore: 61 km approximately.



Located 50 km away from the bustling city, Bangalore this hill is regarded as one of the largest monolithic areas of Asia. From the rugged terrains which are adorned with the rocks to the high peaks, this place has all of it.

Apart from this, this place is also revered by the devotees of Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy and Narasimha Swamy as the hilltop has a temple. There you can not only seek blessings but also enjoy the 360-degree view of the entire town and also it comes among the one day picnic spots in bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 50 km approximately



Gaze at the beautiful sky contrasting with the lush green trails at one of the most wonderful picnic spots in Bangalore, Ramanagara. Gaining its prominence from the era of Tipu sultan this quaint town is located at an elevation 747 m above the sea level and makes a great getaway spot.

This place has almost everything a vacationer needs, from the ever-fantastic Arkavati river which flows elegantly over the town to the Janapada Loka which is the open-air museum. There is no dearth of options for the one looking for spending quality time with loved ones.

Distance from Bangalore: 47 km approximately.

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Next in the spectrum of picnic spots in Bangalore is Skandagiri which is also known as Kalavara Durga. Settled at an elevation of 1500 m above the sea level, this destination makes an excellent picnic spot for the ones looking for silent places.

The destination not at all jam-packed with tourists and often remains quite. So the ones looking for an escape from the hustle bustle of city life, this place is for you. The weather is always amazing and can be toured anytime.

Distance from Bangalore: 61 km approximately



Embellished with the striking river Cauvery this destination is a true delight for the wandering souls. From the gorgeous courses to the trails of dense forests, the beauty of this destination is just beyond one’s imagination.

If you are looking for an adventure filled holiday near Bangalore, then this is your place to be as here you can enjoy the nerve-wrenching rafting along with rock climbing and a few more adventures. Not only this here you can even stay at the camps and whiff in the fresh breeze along the river and it is also the best one day picnic spots in bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 105 km approximately

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What does one need on vacations? Peace. This place is an excellent epitome for the purpose as the caves, temples, and treks more such beautiful locales are there for you and it is the best one day picnic spots near Bangalore. Here you can trek up to the hill and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva at the Kolar temple or you can just gaze at the scenic wonders this beautiful land owns.

This slice of Shatha Shrunga mountain range is actually a series of mountains which serve as an excellent getaway from the city life. Antharagange means “The Ganges from the deep” and once you are here you’ll know the reason why it is called so.

Distance from Bangalore: 282 km approximately

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Located 60 km away from Bangalore this is a place of serenity. With a temple of Lord Shiva on the summit of the hill, this place is revered frequently by the devotees. Not only this here you can also enjoy night trekking which is not victualed by many places.

This hill sets apart from all other getaways near Bangalore and is becoming a popular one day picnic spots in bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 59 km approximately


Bannerghatta National Park

Love the wildlife? Explore the wide range of flora and fauna at Bannerghatta National Park which is one of the most revered picnic spots in Bangalore. ALso famed as BBP this is an integral part of the biodiversity of the region and is toured by the flocks of tourists all around the year.

The aim of the park is to provide the visitors with a Biological Recreation Center. This is not only a good spot for recreation but an equally important spot for teaching children about wildlife.

Distance from Bangalore: 35 km approximately


Chunchi Falls

Cascading down from the height of 50 feet above the ground this fantastic fall is a delight not only to the eyes but to the soul alike. This segment of the Arkavati river is one of the best getaway options near Bangalore and is a perfect place to soothe your senses.

The shimmery water falls down and the birds keep on chirping, such a setting truly a picnic spot with no regrets.

Distance from Bangalore: 62 km approximately

Camping Near Bangalore Explore All (7)

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Love the blossoms then this a place for you! This place is also known as Lalbagh and was started by Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. The entire garden is made on the design of Mughal gardens has a variety of flowers of all colours.

This place also serves a good recreation spot and hosts two flower shows. The park also has an adjoining lake which is a plus to the beauty of the place. Also, there is a watchtower from where you can take the view of the entire place.

Distance from Bangalore: 4 km from the centre of the city.


Sangama and Mekedatu

These two beautiful destinations are located close to each other and serve as a peaceful getaway. Getting its name “Sangama” as the two rivers Kaveri and Arkavathi merge here and the landscape is a delight to the eyes. With the literal meaning of goat's leap, Mekedatu is also a famous picnic spot.

The beauty of this place is forever enticing and the scapes will make you fall in love with its charm. Something which makes this destination unique is the ever-flowing fresh breeze and soothing vibes.

Distance from Bangalore: 99 km approximately



Go splashing and sliding from one slide to another at one of the best picnic spots in Bangalore. From the high ferry wheels from where you can splash down in the water to the waterslides, this place has everything.

Not only this there are also virtual reality experiences available. If you are looking for a power-packed day then this is your place to be, to beat the hot scorching sun.

Distance from Bangalore: 30 km approximately


Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

Are you a bird lover? Feast your eyes with a wide range of beautiful birds which fly from different corners of the world. Here you can spot Little Cormorant, Black Ibis, Grey Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron, and more such beautiful migratory birds. This place is a paradise for bird lovers and showcases the scenic bounties of nature.

Distance from Bangalore: 87 km approximately


Big Banyan Tree

As the name suggests this place owns a huge Banyan tree and is famed for that. Located in Ramohalli this place is also known as Dodda Alada Mara and is an excellent spot for nature lovers.

While the sunlight does peek-a-boo, the trail of trees adds to the charm of the place. This tree is more than 400 years old and sprawls over an area of 3 acres. Though it is a single tree but it looks like a sequence of trees.

Distance from Bangalore: 28 km approximately


Shivanasamudra Falls

Soothe your soul at one of the most rejuvenating Bangalore picnic spots, Shivanasamudra Falls. The best time to visit this place is from June to September as the charm of the place multiplies and the displays will melt your heart away.

These falls are located on the banks of river Kaveri and the region is always adorned with soothing fresh smell. The fall cascades down from 98 m above the ground and the landscape is more like that of a streaky canvas.

Distance from Bangalore: 133 km approximately

Picnic Spots in Bangalore beyond 150 Kilometres


Yelagiri Hills

Snuggled at an elevation 1,111 m above the sea level, this beautiful hill is frequented by travellers from both Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. The place gets its prominence from the Velavan Temple which is a Murugan temple and is a sacred site of the devotees.

Here you can also refresh your soul at Jalagamparai Waterfalls which is one of the most scenic sites of this place. But if this is not what you are looking for then you can also visit the natural lake of the place which is the Punganur Lake and extends awe-inspiring views of nature. If you are looking for an escape close to serenity, then this is truly your place.

Distance from Bangalore: 146 km approximately

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Hogenakkal Falls

Give yourself a refreshing retreat at one of the most scenic picnic spots near Bangalore, Hogenakkal Falls. Cascading down from 20 m above the ground level this beautiful waterfall is also known as the “Niagara Falls of India”.

The water bullets fall down on the ground and the view is just one of its kinds is a feast for the eyes. With literal meaning ‘smoking rocks’ this place has a lot of them. The water of the fall is derived from the river Kaveri and this is a truly rejuvenating site.

Distance from Bangalore: 258 km approximately


BR hills

With its original name Biligirirangana Hills, this place is one of the most tranquil picnic spots near Bangalore. While the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple is known for its serenity, the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary holds a wide array of wildlife.

Not only this but here you can also stay at the lavish resorts which give the views of the picture-perfect backdrops. If you love camping along with nature then you can also stay at the K. Gudi wilderness camp which offers a plush of amenities along with views of nature.

Distance from Bangalore: 170 km approximately

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Located in Tamil Nadu this hill station is one of the most wonderful picnic spots near Bangalore for vacations. The entire region is covered with coffee and tea plantations and one can stroll along with them.

On the eastern shore of the town is the Anna park which has all the local plants and on the other side is the Lady’s seat from where you can take a view of the entire town. If you are a nature lover and wish to stay close to the soothing aroma of serenity, then this place will surely cast a spell on you with its beauty.

Distance from Bangalore: 230 km approximately

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Unravel the bounties of nature at one of the most alluring picnic spots in Bangalore, Coorg. Also known as Kodagu this rural district of Kerala has everything you need on vacations.

If you wish to explore the tranquil site then you can visit the umpteen number of waterfalls it owns as the Abbey falls, Iruppu falls, and countless small booklets. But this is not what you are seeking for solitude is your agenda than the place like Raja’s seat, Madikeri Fort, and several others are also there.

Distance from Bangalore: 265 km approximately

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Driving its prominence form the Chipko movement, this is a well-known place. The clouds literally kiss the peaks and the views are beautiful enough to make you fall in love with its beauty.

This place as also known for the three holy caves which not only draws tourists from the neighbouring places but farther too. If you wish to taste the serenity of the Western Ghats then this is your place to be as it has the trails of grasslands and is adorned with coffee plantations. From the beautiful waterfalls to the high peaks, this place has everything and also one of the best picnic spots near bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 243 km approximately

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Horsley Hills

Another in the array of Bangalore picnic spots is Horsley hills which exhibits an exceptional combination of greenery and rugged terrains. If you are looking for a destination for a family outing then there is no better option than this place as it holds a wide array of wildlife and serenity.

The entire region is an epitome of serenity as the cool fresh air is always in the aura and it also has a remarkable count of cottages where you can stay while you are on a trip to this place.

Distance from Bangalore: 157 km approximately

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Another in the array of Bangalore picnic spots in Wayanad which exhibits an exceptional combination of greenery and Neolithic architecture. If you are looking for a destination for a family outing then there is no better option than this place as it holds a wide array of wildlife and serenity.

The entire region is an epitome of serenity as the cool fresh air is always in the aura and it also has a  remarkable count of cottages where you can stay while you are on a trip to this place and lalso known as the best one day picnic spots near Bangalore.
Distance from Bangalore: 295 km approximately

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Hear to the call of greens and escape to one of the most fantastic picnic spots in Bangalore, Sakleshpur. Known for its bounties of nature along with awe-inspiring scapes, this destination is a true delight for the nature lovers.

The entire region is surrounded by the trails of coffee and tea plantations and houses a good number of spice plantations too. If you wish to make the most of your vacation then this place welcomes you with open arms and is truly enticing all around the year. Not only this, but it also owns a might fort which attracts the history buffs in its abode.

Distance from Bangalore: 221 km approximately

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Last in the list of Bangalore picnic spots is Mysore. Also famed as Mysuru this destination showcases the grandeur of the bygone era. The Palace and more such ornate historicals sites exhibit a blend of Islamic, Gothic, and Rajputana style of architecture which is just one of its kind and will truly bewitch you.

Ranging from beautiful things like sandalwood, spices and more such homegrown products could be found here. Apart from this, here you can also witness the lush greenery with ever fantastic weather.

Distance from Bangalore: 144 km approximately

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People Also Ask About Bangalore

  1. What are the famous picnic spots near Bangalore within 50 km?

    Here are some of the most famous spots for a picnic near Bangalore within a 50 km distance:

    1. Ramanagara: Known for its verdant natural trails, Ramnagara is a great place to enjoy a picnic with your near and dear ones. From a pristine river flowing nearby to other attractions and a great soothing ambiance, this town is your best bet for a memorable picnic. 

    2. Savandurga: Known as one of Asia’s largest monolithic areas, Savandurga is yet another place to enjoy a picnic at. Surrounded by majestic peaks to small hills and rugged terrain, the place is also home to a Narasimha Swamy temple, from where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscapes. 

    3. Bannerghatta National Park: For a memorable picnic amidst exotic flora and fauna, you can head over to the famous Bannerghatta National Park. Being an important biodiversity spot, the park is also home to many exotic species of animals, such as leopards, tigers, lizards, and more. 
  2. Which are the best picnic spots in Bangalore for family?

    A family day out in Bangalore to enjoy a fun picnic is a great idea and this list will help you with the best spots in and around the city to spend a day. 

    1. Nandi Hills: A hill fortress, come here for a trekking activity as part of the family picnic and enjoy the panoramic views from the top. 

    2. Bannerghatta National Park: An outing to the park will let you get closer to the exquisite flora and fauna here. 

    3. Wonderla: A place for people of all ages. The amusement park with its enjoyable rides would make the family outing great fun. 

    4. Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary: Spend a day admiring flocks of colourful birds, go on a bird-watching adventure as part of the family picnic. 

    5. Lalbagh botanical garden: Located within Bangalore, this garden will give a fragrant and vibrant touch to your family picnic and outing.
  3. Which are the best picnic spots near Bangalore?

    This list includes all the best places to go for a one day picnic outing. These places have a mix of scenic beauty, interesting attractions and fun activities as well. 

    1. Hogenakkal Falls: The water from the Kaveri River cascades from an elevation of 700m, leaving the visitors spellbound. There is also a famous bathing spot around here.

    2. BR Hills: Head to this hidden gem in Karnataka and enjoy a day trying out activities, visiting the BRT wildlife sanctuary, Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple and  the plantations among other things. 

    3. Coorg: A little town cradled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Coorg will win you with its astute sights, the coffee plantations and a rich wildlife. 

    4. Horsley Hills: A series of hill ranges in Andhra Pradesh, interesting places worth checking out here are the Horsley Hills zoo, Whisper Winds View Point among others. 

    5. Wayanad: A district in Kerala, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is the most renowned attraction worth visiting. The Ambukuthi hills and Edakkal caves are other places of interest here.
  4. What are the best picnic spots near Bangalore for one day?

    Some of the best picnic spots near Bangalore for one day are:

    1. Sangama: 
    One of the best one-day getaway spots for a picnic is Sangama. It is the place where the Kaveri River meets the Arkavati River and the two merge together. With mountains and forests surrounding the region, it is a great place for a picnic, with a cool breeze and a quaint ambiance. 

    2. Wonder La:
    For a fun-filled day and picnic, you can head over to Wonder La, and enjoy adventure rides and more. From ferry wheels and roller coasters to waterslides and more, there is a lot you can do here. 

    3. Hogenakkal Falls: 
    Also known as the “Niagara Falls of India,” the Hogenakkal falls is a popular picnic spot and a sight to see. The water here comes from the Kaveri river and falls into the ground from multiple spots, giving the illusion of smoke
  5. Are there any picnic spots between Bangalore and Mysore?

    Yes there are a few magnificent picnic spots between Mysore and Bangalore which include:

    1. Ramanagara: A small city near Bangalore, there are places like the sholay hilltop, kanva reservoir, Ramanagara Ramdevra Betta Vulture Sanctuary among other places.

    2. Chunchi Falls: A beautiful natural site, the falls are nestled between greenery.

    3. Bheemeshwari: A quaint town in the state of Karnataka, it is famous among the fishing enthusiasts. Besides, the Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary is where you can spend your picnic.

    4. Savandurga Hills: These hills are the second largest monoliths in Asia. The Trekking tours and the beautiful scenery make this place a favoured outing destination.
  6. Which are the best picnic spots around Bangalore within 100 kms?

    Bangalore has many attractions that you can visit for a fun day of picnicking. This list lets you know about some of the top places.

    1. Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary: A haven for bird-watchers, a family outing amidst the bounty of nature in the park is near to perfect.

    2. Makalidurga Hills: Take a day off to visit the Makalidurga fort and go on an adrenaline filled trek to reach the beautiful structure as well as a Lord Shiva temple here.

    3. Skandagiri: A mountain fortress, Skandagiri is renowned for its treks, especially night treks. At the top of the hill is a temple, two caves and expansive views of the nearby landscape.

    4. Sangama and Mekedatu: A popular picnic spot, this place also has a mythological significance attached to it. Moreover, the natural beauty and the water from the Cauvery River flowing through the narrow gorges are quite enjoyable.

    5. Wonderla: An amusement park with fun rides and water activities is also one of the best picnic spots in Bangalore.
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24 October 2015
Agnimitra Banerjee Nishani Motte Trek
Trekking and water adventure...what else can be so tempting especially for adventurists like me. This things give me my Kick. Wonderful place and everything is just up-to-the-mark. I'm certainly exploring more of South India now and to get the best of South I prefer reading thrillophilia reviews .
26 July 2018
It was a very well organised trek by friendly and courteous hosts. Shahid, Danny, Habib and Avinash were great and were fun to trek with. Homestay near Shuntikoppa was beautiful with coffee plantations close-by and it was raining the whole time. Trek is an easy to medium range one. Except for the rain and leeches (which we were informed earlier) there is absolutely nothing to point out in the trek. We met many new people and it felt like college days all over again. Loved this trek and would definitely recommend it to everyone.
17 September 2018
Abhi Abhi Kudremukh Trek
I would say that this is once in a lifetime trekking experience. Conquering the 3 highest peak. Karthik n Anupam who were our ODL made our trek memorable n entertaining through out, very friendly n energetic guys. We never felt that this was a group trek with some strangers, it was a nice bonding experience n meet new people. It’s a must do for core trekkers.. tests your endurance n spirt. 22 kms to n fro.. if u think only climb would b difficult n u can come down easily your wrong.. the path is so narrow n tricks n will test you in each n evry corner. A sense of accomplishment after completing the trip successfully with lots of stories to tell around and eager to venture on the next one. Thanks a lot to Anupam n karthik who took such good care of us throughout the trip.. awesome hospitality. Would love trekking with you all again soon
15 August 2014
Rajinder Butt Kudremukh Trek
Kudremukh is an amazing peak and so far I had just heard about this place but finally I get to see it. Amazing place - loved the trekking experience. What an experience. I'm going again.
26 September 2014
udit kumar Skandagiri Trek
It was my first trekking and had loads of fun :) Planning another trip with thrillophilia grp very soon.
04 March 2021
Shanmuk Shanmuk Kudremukh Trek
It's really wonderful, with stay and hosting. Totally liked it.
02 March 2021
Positive Trip was well organised. Pick up was on time. Cottage was decent and comfortable. Doodhsagar Trek was amazing. Trek Lead Randhir was always there for help. Bonfire was great. Not so positive There were 13 members but the vehicle arranged had only 12 seats. 4 people had to adjust in 3 seats in last row. It was mentioned that for the trek for half way Jeep will be provided and rest will be trek. However, there was no jeep facility. We did trek for 9kms ‘To’ and while coming back it 14kms way which would have been impossible to cover just by trek. Luckily we found alternative. Also, the next day due to crowd and fall in water level we missed the river rafting which was the main attraction of Dandeli. It was truly disappointing. Had we planned well, we wouldn’t have missed it may be. Overall it was a great experience. Thanks to Thrillophilia and Trek Lead.
01 March 2021
I booked it for my husband , as it was his dream to fly a plane. And could say it was the best gift I was able to give him in our so long relationship. But make sure you book from thrillophilia , don't get cheated by other sites who offer same experience in double the amount.
28 February 2021
A wonderful & challenging trek - toughest that I have done in South India. The views & the environs at the top of Seshaparvatha were just thrilling. The trek had multitude of elements - forest, grasslands, rocks, a refreshing stream ... Plus the experience of staying in a tent, being in the lap of nature was wonderful The initial part of the trek till Girigadde (on day 1) was exhausting due to the heat and the humidity plus having to carry our luggage along with our tent & sleeping bag. But the second day was all mesmerizing - with that experience, we did not know tiresomeness at all. Few suggestions - 1. It would be great if the hotel where we stop for dinner is vegetarian - it will allow for inclusivity in the group 2. If arrangements could be done to get the tent & sleeping bag delivered at Girigadde, we do not have to carry it along, making the first day experience also enjoyable. Overall a pleasant experience and looking forward to many more
24 February 2021
Good place to have family, it can accommodate larger groups. Could have even organizers more activites in wider spread orchid area, pool is pretty good. Rain dance floor other activities was awesome and Peaceful place. You can spend a day with your family or friends peacefully. Food was decent in both veg and non veg are good. I personally recomend to everyone to visit and enjoy ur day with family or friends.. we enjoyed a lottttttttt.

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