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  • Sprawled in an area of 834.16 in the Uttar Karnataka region of Southern India, Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is a joint tiger project with the adjoining Anshi National Park. In 1956, it gained the title of a national wildlife sanctuary and got recognized as the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka.

    Hordes of nature enthusiasts visit the park every year to get lost in the wilderness of lush and verdant jungles of the sanctuary, spotting a plethora of diversified faunas and floras to capture in the camera lenses.

    Today, Dandeli is home to around 11 tigers and is one of the exhilarating getaways in Karnataka that is wet, wild, and wonderful. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is an adventurous escapade that not only encompasses jungle safaris and jungle camps but there are myriads of water activities that one can indulge in such as Kayaking, river rafting and coracle rides in the Kali river that flows through the sanctuary.

    Attractions such as Kavala caves, Magod falls, Molangi falls, Syntheri rock,  Shivaji fort and Anshi National park can be visited in the sanctuary. People from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore who are willing to travel a distance of over 400 can be beckoned by Dandeli as one of the holidaying destinations that call out for a wild and thrilling escape.
  • 01Safaris in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

    Safaris in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

    Embark on a Jungle safari in a jeep and venture into the land of sights and sound. Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary has some of the exemplary green patches to spot wild animals like Crocodile, Bison, Tigers, Black Panther, Sloth Bear, Elephant, Leopards, a number of reptiles and birds etc.

    The wildlife reserve authorities or professional guides take you on a safari covering a distance of around 30 KM into the deep dense forest. The open jeep can accommodate around 8 people in one trip. The Safaris run in two slots out of which one sets off in the early morning and the second trip runs in the evening.

    Safari Timings: Morning trip from 6 AM to 8 AM, Evening trip from 4 PM to 6 PM.

    Safari cost: You end up paying somewhere between INR 2500 to 3000 which includes a vehicle, a guide, a driver, permits and entry fee.

    How to Book Jeep Safari: The safaris are conducted by Professional wildlife guides and the wildlife reserve authorities at the entry of the park.

    Best time to visit: October to March.

    Safari duration: Around 3 to 4 hours.

  • 02Flora


    The verdant green and olive shades of the forest is caused by a number of creepers, wildflowers, trees, shrubs and plants. Plant species such as Eucalyptus, Tectona grandis, Grevillea robusta, T. bellerica, Adina cordifolia, Mitragyna parviflora, Acacia, Xylia xylocarpa and various types of orchids are found at Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. 

    It is also rich in herbs, climbers and bamboos with many other wild and medicinal plants.

  • 03Fauna


    Dandeli wildlife sanctuary houses the umpteenth number of bird and animal species. It is home to vulnerable and endangered species as well. 

    The commonly seen faunas at this nature’s paradise are Malabar Giant Squirrel or Ratufa Indica, Barking Deer, Gaur, Indian Pangolin, tigers, flycatchers, woodpecker, Malabar pied hornbill, parakeets, kingfisher, leopards, barking deer, elephants, Chintal, sloth bear, wild boars, black panther and crocodiles etc.

  • Places to Stay in Dandeli

  • 04Hornbill Resort

    Hornbill Resort

    Hornbill resort is situated right next to the magnanimous Kali river and has an abundance of water activities to offer. This grand property is a set of four spacious and well-equipped rooms with a river and jungle view. It is situated around 28 KM from the Dandeli Bus stand and can be reached by cab or a private car.

    Activities like water rafting and swimming can be arranged by the resort if requested. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly to make you feel comfortable at Hornbill resort.

    Location: Ambeli Village, Near Supa Dam, Ganeshgudi, Joida, SH 34, Dandeli, Karnataka 581365

    Timing: Check in after 12 PM and Check out before 12 PM.

    Prices: From INR 12000 to 14000.


  • 05Panther Stay Jungle Resort

    Panther Stay Jungle Resort

    This jungle resort is surrounded by a pond and open green field where a number of recreational activities are conducted. A total of 5 well-maintained and opulently decorated rooms in the middle of Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is a treat to all the five senses in your body. 

    It is about 2 KM from Dandeli National park, offering a variety of activities like zip-lining, Kayaking and boating in the Pond nearby with other indoor games.

    Location: kogilban Road, badakashirada, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325

    Prices: INR 2500 to 3500.

    Timing: Check in after 12 PM and Check out before 11 AM.

  • 06Jungle Nest Resort

    Jungle Nest Resort
    Situated around 12 KM from Dandeli town and 2 Km from the reserve, This luxurious and neat accommodation option is one of a kind. From budget-friendly tents to lavishly spacious rooms; Jungle Nest resort is the perfect option for all kinds of traveller. 

    One can take rented bikes from the resort and also indulge in activities like hiking, cycling, jungle walk, river rafting etc. The main feature that commands a detour to this resort among many tourists is the Jungle campfires which enhances the experiences to a different level.

    Location: Patoli Village,SH 46 Dande

    Prices: INR 600 to 18,000.

    Check in after 12 PM and Check out before 11 AM.
  • 07Kali adventure camp

    Kali adventure camp

    Kali adventure camp is a grand bungalow against a mesmerizing lush backdrop of the dense forest gorges and valley, and the frothing and swirling meander of Kali river. The camp is well-equipped for taking a coracle or river rafting experience. 

    The lodge is adequate and serves simple delicacies which are commendable. It is easily accessible from NH 4 and hence getting there is not a task.

    Location: Dandeli, Karnataka 581363

    Prices: INR 11000 to 13500

    Timing: Check in after 12 PM and check out before 11 AM.

  • 08Dandeli Shikra Jungle Resort

    Dandeli Shikra Jungle Resort

    This well-constructed resort is situated at a distance of 12 KM from Dandeli village in the Global village of Karnataka. From tented cottage rooms to tree houses, from adventure pitch tents to dormitory; you can avail any kind of accommodation according to your budget and you will boast of your stay here. 

    It is ‘value for money’ resort which also offers guided trekking tours and river rafting expeditions.

    Location: Global Village, Haliyal Taluk, Karnataka, 581325

    Prices: INR 1500 to 2500.

    Timing: Check in after 2 PM and check out before 12 PM.

  • 09Bison River Resorts

    Bison River Resorts
    Image Credit :

    Bison river resort is situated around 20 km from Dandeli in  Illva village and is one of the best accommodation to enjoy Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. This resort sits at the bank of river Kali and has many facilities to offer the visitors such as kayaking, river rafting, river crossing, river jacuzzi, coracle ride and zipline etc. 

    People taking abode at this resort are lucky to witness flocks of   Malabar Pied Hornbills and minivets. If you take a jeep jungle safari then there are chances to spot leopards, gaur, black panthers, tigers, elephants, deer, bears and antelopes etc.

    Location: Ganeshgudi, Dandeli, Karnataka 581365

    Prices: INR 4000 to 7500.

    Timing: Check-in after 12 PM and check out before 11 AM.

  • 10Whistling Woodzs Resort

    Whistling Woodzs Resort

    The location of this river resort wins an Oscar as it widely sprawls in an area of 7 acres right on the banks of river Kali in Dandeli. The deciduous forests surrounded this grand resort and the gushing sound of the river flowing next to it adds a jewel in their unparalleled hospitality and resources. 

    One can indulge in myriads of activities within the campus itself such as zip line, natural jacuzzi,  boating, river rafting, kayaking and adventure obstacle activities such as  Moto-karting, Burma bridge, vertical and horizontal swing, multi-vein swing, jungle safaris and camping,  dumbbell walk etc.

    Location: Whistling Woodzs Wilderness River Resort, Village Badgund, At Post: Ganeshgudi (Dandeli), Taluka: Joida, Dist: Uttar Kannada, Ganeshgudi, Karnataka 581365

    Prices: INR 5000 to 18000.

    Timing: Check-in after 12 PM and check out before 12 PM.

  • Places to Visit in and Around Dandeli

  • 11Molangi Falls

    Molangi Falls
    Image Credit : vijeth V

    The Kali river running through steep cliffs and treacherous rock formation in the thickets of Bamboo trees is where the Molangi falls are located. 

    It is one of the best hideaways for jungle treks and camping. It is situated 8 KM from the city centre and can be visited on a guided tour. 

    Molangi falls is an ideal picnic spot and can be visited for a couple of hours to feel the refreshing mist and greenery.

  • 12Kavala Caves

    Kavala Caves
    Image Credit : stayindandeli
    One needs to cross around 375 steps through a green patch of forest to reach the ancient caves of Kavala. It is believed that the humans from prehistoric era dwelled in these limestone caves and it is now famous as the home of Lord Shiva.

    The enchanting feature of this volcanic formation Shivlinga is that river Kali flows through the caves from 40 feet down, giving a surreal touch to the exotic location.
  • 13Anshi National Park

    Anshi National Park
    Image Credit : outlook traveller
    Anshi National Park is a joint venture of the Indian forest authorities with Dandeli wildlife sanctuary and is a safe haven for a number of vulnerable flora and fauna.

    This national park is a birder’s paradise, wildlife photographers and nature lovers spend days in the vicinity of the forest to enjoy slow life amid the green and wild terrain.
  • 14Kulgi Nature Camp

    Kulgi Nature Camp
    Image Credit : palm grove
    If you are searching for neat and well-maintained cottages with a porch to where a plethora of birds like Indian hornbill, flycatchers, drongos, parakeets, sunbirds etc can show their moves while you lazily lean against your rocking chair then Kulgi nature camp is the place you need to hit.

    Kali Forest Tiger safari can be accessed due to its proximity to the camp, other than that, this camp conducts some interesting strengthening activities like tyre swinging, trampoline, net climbing, tyre bridge etc.
  • 15Syntheri Rock

    Syntheri Rock
    Syntheri Rock is a monolithic granite and is around 300 feet tall structure. This rock structure is nestled deep within the forested patch of Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary and the presence of Kaneri river beside it makes it a sight to behold.

    It is situated close to Ulavi temple and is home many bird species in the forest. It is located 35 Km from Dandeli and can be reached by hiring a jeep or by walking down 200 steps from Ulavi temple.
  • 16Shivaji Fort

    Shivaji Fort
    Image Credit : 3.bp
    Shivaji fort was built by the renowned Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji and it is situated at around 22 KM away from Dandeli.

    It is a great escape for trekkers and heritage lovers who once reach will find the rigid and strong structure of the fort where some exemplary forms of warring technique and architectural marvels can be witnessed.

    It is a well-maintained fort which is one of the oldest in Karnataka with a very fine view of the region.
  • 17Magod Falls

    Magod Falls
    Image Credit :

    In the Magod village of North, Karnataka flows river Bedti which takes a plunge from an elevation of nearly 200 meters and this group cascading beauties are famous as Magod falls. 

    The location of the falls is very remote and it runs dry during the summer season but the volume increases in the monsoon season making it a captivating sight to the sore eyes.

  • Things to Do in Dandeli

  • 18White water rafting

    White water rafting
    Image Credit : Banglore Trekking club
    The thrilling rapids and the fast flowing river water when toured together in a raft, it almost becomes a heart-stopping experience.

    The inflatable rafts can accommodate eight to ten people depending on the size of the boat and the sport is divided into different grades depending on the rapids in the river.

    The sport at Dandeli takes around 2 to 3 hours including the instruction and training sessions and the grades that one raft in Dandeli is 2nd or 3rd level.
  • 19Coracle Ride

    Coracle Ride
    Image Credit :

    Hire a traditional Coracle rower and scull in the rippling water of Kali river at Dandeli. In simple words, coracle is a kind of roundish and small boat that has a waterproof layering at the base and has an interwoven wicker framework inside. 

    Coracle ride fancies almost everyone who visits Kali river for adventurous yet traditional water sports. If you take a coracle ride in the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary, you will be dodging crocodiles and watching fishes and turtles through the water.

  • 20Kayaking on the Kali river

    Kayaking on the Kali river
    Image Credit : Inme
    Row and scull and then float; that is what one does in a Kayak. A kayak is like a canoe boat which is low to the water where the paddler is supposed to sit with legs in front of the kayak, facing forward and rowing with a double-bladed paddle.

    You will be given life jackets to wear while kayaking, the difficulty level of the sport depends on the rapids in the river and river Kali is an ideal waterbody to launch your kayak far into the river.
  • 21Bird watching at Ganeshgudi

    Bird watching at Ganeshgudi
    Image Credit :
    Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is considered to be the Mecca for birdwatchers. Ganeshgudi is a fantastic destination at Dandeli for birding. It is one of the richest forests in Karnataka where there is no concept of walking and searching for birds, almost 20 to 30 species of birds can be spotted from the balcony or the porch of your room.

    Some of the commonly seen birds such as paradise flycatcher, yellow browed bulbul, rufous woodpecker, Golden-fronted leafbird, greater flame back woodpecker, black-naped monarch flycatcher, Malabar trogon and Malabar pied hornbill, emerald dove, and brahminy kite etc can be captured in your camera at Ganeshgudi.
  • 22Jungle Camping

    Jungle Camping
    Image Credit : Adventure Journeys
    The glory of a jungle is revealed only after the exquisiteness of the dawn’s light. The jungles at Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is enchanting and wild, from lush green swards to hoods of black shadow, camping is one enthralling sport that lets you be in the wilderness and in a very natural setting.

    The vastness of jungle at Dandeli can be a sight and sound experience while staying in a tented accommodation, listening to the harmony of the river and the hissing of insects. For a guided camping experience contact some of the organizers at Dandeli who offer tents and other facilities.
  • 23How to Reach Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

    How to Reach Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
    Image Credit :
    From Bangalore: Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is around 465 KM from Bangalore and it can be reached by train, bus, cab or car. If you are travelling by train then you need to get off at Londa junction and then hire a cab to reach Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. You can also take an overnight sleeper bus from Bangalore to Dandeli or can drive on NH48.

    From Goa: Dandeli is around 100 KM from Goa and one can drive his/her car or take a cab to reach Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. Take the Panjim-Belgaum highway and turn onto Belgaum Karwar highway via Bapeli-Potoli to be at Dandeli. Local and private buses are also available from different bus stands in Goa.

    From Pune: Tavargatti and Belgaum are two nearest stations for Pune travellers who board a train. There are private sleeper buses available from Pune to reach Dandeli. If driving, one has to take NH48 on the Pune-Bangalore highway.
  • Essential Things to Keep in Mind

    1. While you are travelling to Dandeli wildlife sanctuary, there are some basic norms that you must follow in order to make it a safe, fun-filled and adventurous sojourn. One must follow the basic drill of moving in and around a forested region and must not disturb the natural habitat.

    2. Avoid flash photography or videography as it might trigger some animal and possible attacks can happen to jeopardize the security of the entire bunch.

    3. Avoid wearing jarring or bright colours and try to put on colours like olive, green, brown etc in order to blend with the environment of the sanctuary.

    4. Please be careful with the waste and do not litter around. It is everyone’s duty to keep the mother nature clean and free from debris.

    5. One must not feed the wild animals that you get to see during the safari ride as they may get into fetching for more food and can get agitated. Also, this is a standard drill to be followed by not feeding animals in a wildlife sanctuary.

    6. Always keep an insect repellant with you and apply before venturing into Jungle trails. A small torch, sunscreen and hat and other rain gears are absolute necessities for a better and healthy experience of the forest.

    7. Try to stay with the group and not stray away. Do not carry alcohol or any combustibles in the jungle as it can lead to a forest fire.

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