Things to Do in Barcelona

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter is a historic neighbourhood in Barcelona and is known for its labyrinth streets and Gothic architecture. The Gothic Quarter features a rich history which is as old as the Roman times. This place has an old world charm and forms an important part in the history of Barcelona. In fact, it is also a testament to the cultural vibrancy of the city, thanks to the number of cafes and shops that align the place. Gothic Quarter is a part of the old town and is known for prominent sites like Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. The history of this place goes back to more than 2000 years and continues to charm both locals and residents. So in some way or the other, you are sure to stumble upon some interesting attraction worth noticing. Some places include the Jewish Quarter and the Stomping Grounds of Pablo Picasso.

Olympic Village

Explore the vibrant spirit of Olympic Village, a dynamic hub that hosted athletes during the Olympic Games. Discover its modern architecture, recreational facilities, and green spaces, all designed to foster a sense of community and camaraderie. Uncover the legacy of the Olympics and the cultural significance of this urban district. A must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts and travelers seeking to experience the dynamic atmosphere of Olympic Village.

Salon del Tinell

The Salo del Tinell is a part of the Palau Reial which was the residence of the Royal Family of Barcelona. This is a vast hall with lavish interiors and is an apt example of Gothic architecture. History suggests that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel received Columbus in this hall after he returned from the New World.

Chapel of Santa Agueda

Experience the serene beauty of the Chapel of Santa Agueda, a historic religious sanctuary in Barcelona, Spain. Admire its charming Gothic architecture and tranquil ambiance, providing a peaceful retreat for visitors. Discover the spiritual significance and cultural heritage of this intimate chapel, dedicated to Saint Agatha. A must-visit destination for travelers seeking a moment of reflection and to immerse themselves in the historical legacy of the Chapel of Santa Agueda in Barcelona.

Poble Espanyol Barcelona

Set out on a fun and interesting tour of the Poble Espanyol, an open air museum that actually resembles a small village. Enjoy witnessing a unique blend of art and architecture with some of the most impressive life sized emulations of famous Spanish buildings. Stroll through the unique handicraft centre and learn how to create amazing handmade items.

Casa Batllo
Designed and developed by the great architect Antoni Gaudi, Casa Batllo is one of Barcelona's most sought-after tourist destinations, famous for its atypical shape. This place was formerly the townhouse of the renowned Catalunya Batlló family. Because of its unique structure and design, it looks similar to Disney castles which enthralled kids and adults alike. Its other names are “The House of Bones” and "The House of Dragon."
Casa Vicens Gaudi Barcelona
Visit the Casa Vicens in the city of Barcelona, and explore this stunning monument, along with the adjoining garden. Admire the interiors of the building, which is said to be the first ever building designed by Antoni Gaudi, one of the most popular figures in the world of architecture. Explore the intricate details of the building, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Casa Amatller Barcelona
Plan a visit to Casa Amatller, which was the home of famous chocolatier Antoni Amatller, and ranks as one of the most important buildings in the city. Admire the work of Catalan modernism in this structure, and explore the museum, which still houses all of the original furniture and decor from the times gone by. It is also one of the buildings that make up the city’s "Manzana de la Discordia" ("Block of Discord"). 
Casa Mila Barcelona
A truly unique structure, Casa Milà, or more commonly known as La Pedrera, was built by architect Antoni Gaud between 1906 and 1912 and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. In its current incarnation as Fundacio Catalunya La Pedrera’s headquarters, the building serves as a cultural centre that has become a major attraction in Barcelona thanks to the wide variety of events it hosts and the numerous exhibitions and other public spaces it provides.
Ciutadella Park Barcelona

As Barcelona's largest park, the Ciutadella is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Originally opened in 1888, it is home to a historic waterfall, pond, and romantic English garden that is framed by two tree-lined boulevards. As a star fort built in 1715 by Prosper Verboom for King Philip V, it has been there since before the American Revolution.

Bellesguard Barcelona
Enjoy a visit to Bellesguard, a modernist villa designed by Antoni Gaudí, and built on the site of a medieval castle overlooking the city. Currently being served as a museum, the Bellesguard house is a great place to learn about Gaudi, the history of the city, as well as the music and arts from times gone by. 
Cascada del Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona

Witness the beautiful waterfalls, which ranks as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona. Located in the Parc de la Ciutadella, this stunning waterfall cascades down a series of steps. Make sure to see the waterfall illuminated at night, which is a sight to behold and an experience of a kind. 

Port Cable Car Barcelona

Popularly known as the Port Vell Aerial Tramway, the Port Cable car is a fun experience to indulge in, when in Barcelona. With the frequency of rides being every 10 to 15 minutes, the Cable Car traverses between Barceloneta beach and the Miramar Hotel, present on the Montjuic mountain. One of the best things about the Port Cable car ride is the spectacular views it offers.

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona
Embark your tour to Tablao Flamenco Cordobes to enjoy the historic Spanish art form during your visit to Barcelona. A popular UNESCO World Heritage site, you will be awakened by the energy here. Get ready to dive into the traditional Spanish dance and outstanding performer's spirit, which forces you to dance to their beat. 
Mar Bella Beach Barcelona

Just south of the bustling city centre, Barcelona’s beach life begins at Platja de la Mar Bella. This wide, sandy beach is especially popular with the city’s gay community, but everyone is welcome to enjoy the sun and sea. With a few beach bars and restaurants, as well as a water sports centre, there’s plenty to keep you busy at Platja de la Mar Bella.

Museu de la Xocolata Barcelona
Museu de la Xocolata is a chocolate museum where you learn more about the cultural significance of chocolate in Europe; including its origins, its journey to the New World, and its role in the marketplace as a commodity with varying degrees of legitimacy. It also details the entire chocolate-making process, from starting with a cocoa bean all the way to mass-manufacturing techniques.
Museo de Cera de Barcelona
Famously known as Wax Museum Barcelona, Museo de Cera de Barcelona is a famous tourist destination in Barcelona, Spain. It is a two-floor building featuring nearly 150 wax statues of popular faces from varied industries. Here, you can pose with idols like Johnny Depp, Kit Harington, Billie Eilish, Picasso and others. It is open to the public to indulge in a lifetime experience.
Columbus Monument Barcelona

Also known as Mirador de Colom, the Columbus Monument is one of the best landmarks to see in the city of Barcelona. The monument is a memorial to Christopher Columbus, the great explorer, and was built to commemorate his first voyage to the Americas. The monument consists of a bronze statue of Columbus mounted on a pedestal decorated with reliefs showing scenes from his life and discoveries.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic Barcelona
Witness the wonders of the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, known all over Spain for its stunning display of lights, colours, motion, music as well as water acrobatics. The fountain was designed by Carles Buigas and is made up of a series of cascading fountains, which are illuminated at night by a series of coloured lights.
Placa de Sant Jaume Barcelona

Head to Plaça de Sant Jaume, a square at the centre of the Old City of Barcelona, and an iconic landmark of the Catalan political power, with a history that dates back to more than 1000 years in time. Spend some time relaxing here, or learning how this place represents the social and political centre of the city of Barcelona, just as it did several hundred centuries ago.

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Barcelona Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Barcelona?

1. Visit the Sagrada Familia: One of the most family-friendly activities to do in Barcelona is visiting the stunning architectural masterpiece of Sagrada Familia. On your visit to this wonderful craftsmanship, you can spend time marveling at the 140 years of relentless hard work and effort of the renowned architect of Catalonia, Antoni Gaudi. You can admire the gorgeous contrasting facades, stained glasses, and impressive sculptures of this quirky structure. You can also pay a visit to the crypt, which is the site where Gaudi is buried.

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2. Explore Park Güell: If you are in love with nature and architecture, visiting the famous Park Güell will definitely be one of the top things to do in Barcelona. The most exciting thing about your visit to Park Güell on Carmel Hill will be the spectacular panoramic views of the city of Barcelona offered at the highest point of the park. You can spend your time at this park marveling at the stunning fountains, brilliant sculptures, and impressive colonnades. You can also spot the fascinating serpentine benches that you must have seen many times in movies and postcards. You can also visit the Monumental Zone, where you will spot the popular monuments of Park Güell.

3. Hike Up Tibidabo: If you are an adventure enthusiast and having a tough time wondering what to do in Barcelona, take a hiking tour to Mount Tibidabo, without giving it a second thought. Hiking this magnificent mountain will reward you with awe-inspiring panoramic views of the entire city of Barcelona. You will also find the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor perched on the summit of this mountain, featuring a magnificent bronze figurine of Jesus. You will also come across the Tibidabo’s Amusement Park, which will let you enjoy its exhilarating retro-style attractions, including a Ferris wheel.

4. Take a Tour of Camp Nou: If you are a football junkie and that’s majorly the reason for your tour to this city, taking a tour of the iconic Camp Nou is undeniably one of the most suggested fun things to do in Barcelona for you. You can take an informative guided tour of this magnificent football stadium that has the capacity of accommodating the highest number of spectators amongst all the European stadiums. During your tour to Camp Nou, you can take a stroll around the huge stadium, see the television studio, and visit the commentary boxes and the changing rooms of the players.

5. Attend a Cooking Class in Barcelona: One of the most fun activities to do in Barcelona is attending an enjoyable cooking class. If you love cooking and learning new recipes fascinates you, you can look for a cooking class in the city and enroll to try your hands on new, innovative delicacies and explore the inner chef in you. You can note down the ingredients and preparation process of the authentic Spanish recipes you learn at your cooking class and recreate them at your own kitchen once you are back home.

6. Bridge Jumping Near Barcelona: If you are trying to figure out what to do in Barcelona that can be offbeat and exciting, go bridge jumping without thinking any more. To enjoy bridge jumping, head to Sant Sadurni d’Anoia bridge, which is located at a small approximate distance of around 50 kilometers from the city centre of Barcelona. Once you reach this bridge and are ready to start the activity, you will be tied to a harness that is connected to a bungee cord. You can then dare to take up the challenge of jumping off this bridge to enjoy the breathtaking views and feel the fresh cool breeze, while hanging in the air.

7. Indulge in Churros and Chocolate: For travelers looking for the perfect amalgamation of rich authentic taste and instant energy in their food in Barcelona, one of the most recommended delicacies to try is the iconic churros and chocolate. Made and served best in the city of Barcelona, churros and chocolate is a long doughnut-style Spanish dessert that is loved by kids as well as adults. The best way to enjoy this delicacy is by dipping the yummy churros in tempting thick chocolate. You can try churros and chocolate at one of the quaint cafes dotting the Gothic Quarter.

8. Marvel at Santa Maria del Mar: One of the most spiritual things to do in Barcelona is to pay a visit to Santa Maria del Mar - not just to seek blessings, but also to admire its stunning architectural design. This magnificent age-old Gothic church will perfectly treat your eyes and leave you astound. Witness the tall columns of the building that are positioned 43 feet apart and gaze in awe at the magnificent stained glasses. Try to spot the dark scorch stains on the roof of the church, which are the result of the July 1936 fire, which burnt the building for 11 days.

9. Go on a Food Tour: No foodie can leave Barcelona without taking a food tour through the streets of the city. You can plan for umpteen varieties of food tours in Barcelona, according to your preference of trying local food. You can either explore the food markets along with a knowledgeable chef or dine at the various street cafes watching the crowd. The bustling markets, flamboyant restaurants, and teeming bars will introduce you to the exuberant food culture of Barcelona and let you dine like a local, relishing paella, bombas, Catalan salad, Pa amb Tomàquet, Escalivada, Crema Catalana, and mató.

10. Take a Stroll on Las Ramblas: If you are looking for an enjoyable day out, head to the very popular Las Ramblas and enjoy the plenty of top things to do in Barcelona offered by this place. You can take a serene leisure stroll through this enchanting pedestrianized boulevard, which runs from the Columbus Monument to Plaça de Catalunya. You will find a myriad of old-school florists selling fresh colourful flowers and colourful candy stalls offering the delightful crema catalana. You can also stop by a food stall and relish a bite of the freshly baked gofres. You can also shelter yourself under the shade of a tree and enjoy watching the skilled street performers, who can occasionally be spotted here.

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Which are the best things to do in Barcelona at night?

1. Drink through the Night at Marlowe Bar: Visit one of the best and oldest bars of Spain, Marlowe Bar and relish some gimlet or martini through the night. Soak in the uber-cool chic decor of this 4 decades old bar, as you enjoy your drinks.

2. Watch a Stunning Live Performance at Liceu Opera House: One of the real entertaining things to do in Barcelona is enjoying an impressive performance at Liceu Opera House. You can watch brilliant concerts and ballet performances at this iconic 1847 opera house.

3. Enjoy the Vermouth at La Vermuteria del Tano: Enjoy the famous fortified wine of vermouth at the very popular La Vermuteria del Tano with their special home-made accompaniments, including olives, sardines, and crisps.

4. Relish Delicious Seafood at La Mar Salada: One of the best night activities to do in Barcelona for families & couples is to enjoy delicious authentic paella at La Mar Salada. Also try their drool-worthy de senyoret rice that is served with prawns, razorfish, & monkfish.

Which are the best things to do in Barcelona with Kids?

1. Have a Fun Adventure at Tibidabo Amusement Park: This theme park has a variety of exciting rides for visitors of all ages, including roller coasters, a ferris wheel, and a carousel. Tibidabo Amusement Park is one of the best things to do in Barcelona as it presents the unparalleled views and panoramic vistas from the tallest hill of the city of Mount Tibidabo.

Location: Plaça del Tibidabo, 3, 4, 08035 Barcelona, Spain

Timings: 11 AM - 7 PM Saturday & Sunday

2. Dive into the World of Science at CosmoCaixa: CosmoCaixa is a well-known science museum in Barcelona that features a variety of interactive scientific activities and exhibitions. A visit to this museum is highly recommended if you are looking for both enjoyable and educational things to do in Barcelona. Besides learning about science, you may also visit the magnificent planetarium housed in the centre.

Location: Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Timings: 10 AM - 8 PM

3. Visit Barcelona Aquarium: A trip to the Barcelona Aquarium, Europe's largest Mediterranean aquarium, is ideal for those seeking family-friendly activities to do in Barcelona. The Barcelona Aquarium, with 35 aquariums showcasing 11,000 animals from 450 different species, provides an exquisite underwater world experience. It also has a separate section for children called the Oceanarium.

Location: del Port Vell, Moll d'Espanya, s/n, 08039 Barcelona, Spain

Timings: 10 AM - 7 PM (Monday to Friday), 10 AM - 8 PM (Saturday, Sunday)

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4. Enjoy Water Rides at Illa Fantasia Water Park: When visiting Barcelona with kids, a trip to the Illa Fantasia Water Park, one of the largest water parks in Europe, is a must! The theme park offers a range of exciting water slides, wave machines, pools, and rides for visitors of all ages.

Location: Finca Mas Brassó, s/n, 08339, Vilassar de Dalt

Timings: 10 AM - 6 PM

Which are the best adventurous activities to do in Barcelona?

1. Parasailing: Enjoy breathtaking views of the Costa Brava beach while floating high above the sea water in the fresh air. Parasailing in Costa Brava is one of the safest adventurous activities in Barcelona, for children and even for solo and group adventures.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to go parasailing in Barcelona is between March and September when the skies are mostly clear allowing longer flights.

2. Kitesurfing: Kitesurfing on one of Barcelona's numerous local beaches is a fantastic idea for water and outdoor sports enthusiasts! The perfect weather, consistent winds and the pristine coastline are the beach conditions for great surfing adventures. In among 20 beaches, you can choose the perfect location like Castelldefels, Catalonia or more for unforgettable experience and it is considered as one of the best things to do in Barcelona.

Best Time to Visit: Between March and May (spring season) and between September and November (autumn).

3. Hiking: While there are several treks in Barcelona, for the most thrilling experience you can hike up to Mount Tibidabo, the highest hill in the city. From here, you can enjoy unparalleled views of the Catatonia capital and also visit the splendid Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Best Time to Visit: September and October offer the ideal weather conditions to go hiking in Barcelona. 

4. Scuba Diving: Among the various water activities to do in Barcelona, scuba diving is a top favorite and one of the best activities in Barcelona. The best area to go scuba diving is Costa Brava which is home to all kinds of adventure sports in the city and has a beautiful aquatic life.

Best Time to Visit: Between January and August as the water is very clear during this time.

How can I spend 3 days in Barcelona?

Day 1: You can spend this day exploring the city centre of Barcelona, which will cover the prominent masterpieces of Anton Gaudi. The attractions you will cover today include Casa Batlló, Casa Milá, Las Ramblas, La Boquería, Mirador de Colom, Las Golondrinas, and the Barcelona Aquarium.

Day 2: This day can be reserved for exploring the top places of interest in the north eastern region of Barcelona. Today, you can visit Sagrada Familia, the Recinte Modernista Sant Pau, and Park Güell.

Day 3: You can spend the last day of your tour to Barcelona exploring the iconic Gothic Quarter and some prominent museums of the city. On this day, you can visit iconic landmarks, including Barcelona’s Chocolate Museum, the Gothic Quarter, Montjuïc Castle, Poble Espanyol, Joan Miro Foundation, National Museum of Catalunya Art, and the Magic Fountain.

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How to reach Barcelona?

By Air: Barcelona has excellent connectivity with most of the popular European countries through major airlines, flying regularly to and from the Barcelona El Prat Airport. There are also two small airports near Barcelona, namely the Reus Airport and the Sabadell Airport.

By Rail: Barcelona is well-connected to the prime parts of Europe and Spain by good railway networks.

By Road: Well-maintained intra-city roads make traveling from various parts of Europe and Spain to Barcelona quite convenient and safe.

What is the best time to visit Barcelona?

The most ideal time for visiting Barcelona is between the months of May and June, when the city experiences balmy and salubrious weather, observing the advent of the summer season. This is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities in the city, including sightseeing, hiking, and swimming.

What should I not miss in Barcelona?

- Local delicacies at Mercat de Santa Caterina
- The iconic flamenco show at the City Hall Theatre
- A helicopter tour across the Spanish skies, over the dramatic Barcelona cityscape
- Exotic cocktail at Eclipse, the rooftop bar of W Hotel
- Jet skiing along the exuberant coast of Barcelona
- Quirky, contemporary artworks at Fundacio Joan Miró

Is Barcelona Spain expensive?

Barcelona is not a very expensive destination to visit and can be toured with a limited budget. In general, the daily expense in Barcelona sums up to approximately €40, per head. Your per day accommodation in a shared room will be €20 per head, local transport in public vehicles will be €2.60 per head, meals at mid-range hotels will be around €12 per head, and other miscellaneous activities will cost you around €5 per head.

What Barcelona is famous for?

The city of Barcelona is known popularly for its iconic architectural masterpieces, amazing vantage points, picturesque beaches, delicious Spanish cuisine, photogenic streets, and exciting football matches.

How many days are enough for Barcelona?

You need at least 4 days to cover the major attractions of Barcelona. On this fun-filled 4-day trip to Barcelona, you can cover almost all the prime places of interest of the city, including Las Ramblas, Sagrada Familia, Montjuïc Fortress, Park Güell,Tibidabo Amusement Park, Casa Mila, and many others.

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