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  • Tired of the monotonous hectic work schedule? Worried about the building stress levels among your team mates? It’s time to get out of those stuffy office cubicles and explore and experience nature in a way you have never done before. If you are looking for a corporate outing with teammates, Thrillophilia is here to help.

    Thrillophilia brings you an assortment of corporate outing packages in some of the most entertaining and adventurous places near Bangalore. Ideal for short trips, these places have been listed down by a team of dedicated professionals who are travel and adventure enthusiasts themselves.

    So rest assured, each and every place listed down below ensures maximum fun and an incredible experience of getting up close with nature. Furthermore, through its association with the best resorts and hotels, it provides the best accommodation facilities. In a nutshell, Thrillophilia provides complete end to end solutions to ensure that your off-site camp is fun filled and entertaining. 

    So if you are looking for a spot to plan a adventure corporate outbound in Bangalore, here’s a list of some interesting and lesser known destinations around Bangalore that promise adventure and fun:

  • Team Outings Within 100 km from Bangalore

  • 01Ramanagara

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    Image Credit : Navaneeth K N - flickr

    The land of Gabbar Singh, Ramnagar, picturised as the village Ramgarh in the Hindi movie Sholay, is a favourite among trekkers and rappelling enthusiasts. Slither down the heady heights of the rocky slopes of the hillocks, which are as high as 60 to 70 feet, of Ramnagar or try chimney climbing between two boulders. 

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 50 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Put your courage and stamina to test with the innumerable adventure activities that Thrillophilia plans for you. Other activities include high rope traversing, trekking etc. 

    For adventure corporate team outings in Bangalore, Thrillophilia designs packages that include the best of accommodation, food, adventure activities and team building activities to make sure that the objective of the trip is effectively met.

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • 02Kanakpura

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    Image Credit : Joseph D'Mello - flickr

    Surrounded by lush green forests Kanakapura is a tourist hotspot and is a popular weekend destination among adventure sports and wildlife enthusiasts in Bangalore.

    For those of you who would like to hold an off-site in a clean and healthy environment and also indulge in some action packed adventure sports, Kanakapura is the perfect destination.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 58 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Thrillophilia arranges for accommodation in comfortable and cozy rustic cottages that are in sync with the surroundings for a complete jungle outing experience. 

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • 03Exciting Theme Based Events for Team Building

  • 04Manchinbele

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    Image Credit : code_martial - flickr

    Located at a distance of 40 km away from Bangalore, the dam stands across the river Arkavathi. For nature lovers, Manchinbele offers misty mountains, clear blue skies with cottony clouds floating across. But for those who like physical activity kayaking, rappelling are engaging adventure activities that are quite popular in Manchinbele.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 40 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    With the expert corporate team outing management services provided by Thrillophilia, all your needs with respect to the Adventure Corporate Team Outings in Bangalore activities or accommodation are arranged.

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • 05Anthargange

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    Image Credit : solarisgirl - flickr

    The beautiful caves of Anthargange are living examples of nature’s creativity. Formed of volcanic rocks and boulders, the caves are a favourite among those interested in exploring and trekking. The perennial stream of Anthargange has time and again invited nature lovers to explore its caves.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 65 Kms


    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    With activities that are planned carefully to entertain you and also help you explore your adventurous side, Thrillophilia offers Adventure Corporate Team Outings in Bangalore packages that include team building activities, adventure sports such as rappelling and cave exploration.

    Adventure Activities: 
    Team Building Activities:
  • 06Savandurga

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    Image Credit : manish_chn - flickr

    The Savandurga hills are a hot favourite among trekkers, cave explorers and adventure sports enthusiasts. The hills, which are located at an altitude of 1226 m, served as base for pilgrims visiting Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple and Narasimha Swamy temple.

    Apart from the abundance of flora and fauna Savandurga is also a hotspot for adventure team outing activities.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 50 Kms

    Image Credits : Chris Conway, Hilleary Osheroff

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Thrillophilia designs packages for adventure corporate team outings in Bangalore by including the best of accommodation and food. Thrillophilia makes your journey memorable by planning the activities in a manner so as to boost team bonding and help you make the most of your outing.

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • 07Amazing Race Team Building Activities

    Amazing Race Team Building Activities
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    Forget the same old training activities, work and deadlines and embark on an exciting journey of Team Building Activities in Bangalore through Amazing Race Team Building Activities in Bangalore. The activity is so designed that it will provide the employees unending excitement through specially designed activities that are a delight to commence!

    On the lines of the Amazing Race programme, there will be activities where  pace, abilities and collaboration will win. Detours, reroutes and treks all turn out to be a piece of a exciting day in which the teams comprehend a great deal about their positives and purposes of change.

    With this Amazing Race Team Building Activities in Bangalore, you can test your diverse capacities and set out on a brave and energizing voyage. Subsequent to coming to every clue, you will need to participate in an arrangement of amusements.

    The group that finishes all the given assignments effectively and achieves the last destination first will be the triumphant one.


  • 08Jungle Survival Theme at Confident Amoon Resort

    Another resort near Bangalore, that can cater to large team sizes is Confident Amoon. Known for being well maintained, providing all amenities and offering plenty of fun filled activities, Confident Amoon can make your outing a fabulous experience.

    Apart from the activities, there are several indoor games and outdoor games meant for the amusement of the team. The resort not only offers all of the above, but also acts seriously on customer feedback, and maintains their high standards that they have come to be known for.

    Aprox Distance from City Centre: 44Kms

    Activities and Amenities:

    • 24 Swimming Pool
    • Badminton Court
    • Conference Hall Facility
    • Golf course
    • Cricket Stadium
    • Discotheque

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Uncover the mysteries of the caverns with our specially organised caving activity in Anthargange. Further giving you a dose of adventure is the sport of rappelling. 

    Adventure Activities:


    Team Building Activities:
  • 09Jungle Theme at Parkfield Resotel

    A haven of rejuvenation, the Park Field Resotel lolls across 33 acres of verdant and manicured gardens. It imbibes the best qualities of a resort and a hotel.Enriching the whole experience is the quaint Mediterranean architecture, bamboo groves and plush rooms.

    It also has an inviting swimming pool and indoor facilities. Many fun and exciting team building activities can be held at the wide open spaces. 

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 35Kms

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Lagoon pool & Kids’ enclave
    • Cricket pitch
    • Volleyball Court 
    • Lawn Tennis
    • Meditation space 
    • Conference Halls
    • Discotheque

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    We treat your team to an adventure filled outing with caving and rappelling in Anthargange. Have fun during the outdoor learning with our games curated by skilled professionals. Team bonding themes such as Evolution of Technology, Murder Mystery and Back to School can engaged in here.

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • Team Outings beyond 100Kms from Bangalore

  • 10Jungle Survival Theme at Coorg

    Coorg is the best destination for people who love adventure.Located on the banks of a river, Coorg offers innumerable opportunities for adventure sports. From kayaking to swimming to rapelling, there is a host of activities that can be enjoyed in this beautiful location. The night safaris and bonfires an experience that is bound to revive the spirits of your team and also the activities conducted ensure that the team spirit is strengthened.

    Coorg is definitely one of the best team outing places around Bangalore. Thrillophilia makes sure that the accommodation and the other facilities are the best so that you and your team can enjoy to the fullest during your off-site.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 265 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    We arrange a riveting camping experience amidst the pristine beauty of Coorg. Further enhance the experience by treks and nature walks. Our specially curated activities focus on leadership skills, time management and team building. Enjoy themes such as Rise of Civilization Theme and a lot more.

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • 11Chikmagalur

    ChikmagalurSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : anoop madhavan - flickr

    Chikmagalur is a perfect destination for adventure corporate team outings in Bangalore, perfect for a team that wants to bond in the midst of nature, the calming greens and coffee plantations are a setting to find your adventurous side with a range of fun activities that your team can undertake! You can try trekking in the many short and long treks that Chikmagalur offers, there are water activities like kayaking that you can undertake. For those who want to feel close to nature and revel in all its glory there is the wildlife safari that you can undertake.

    A good place to get away from pressing schedules a great place to get to know the person in the cubicle opposite yours! 

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 245 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Team Building Activities:

    Thrillophilia can make your experience memorable by pumping in adventure in the everydayness of life. We at Thrillophilia ensure that our carefully crafted itinerary that will help you accomplish all the goals you set out for in this team outing.

  • 12Bheemeshwari

    BheemeshwariSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : y rajesh_dangi - flickr

    Nestled amidst green mountains, Bheemeshwari serves an ideal spot for a quick vacation. Rivers, creeks and clear skies greet you at Bheemeshwari. The ideal spot to cool off all the stress and tension that has built up due to the hectic schedule of your work life.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 105 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Bheemeshwari offers you unmatched scenic beauty with a weather that excites the adventure enthusiast in you. Revel in the beauty or get some adrenaline pumping through sports such as rafting, trekking, Jummaring, ziplines, camping, etc.

    To complete the jungle offsite feeling and the wildlife experience, Thrillophilia arranges top end accommodation at the forest campsite or jungle lodges for you and your team to complete the experience of a jungle adventure. 

    Adventure Activities:

    Team Building Activities:

  • 13Kabini

    KabiniSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : * Jerry * - flickr

    For long duration, adventure corporate team outings in Bangalore, the Kabini Dam is an interesting destination. The Kabini Forest Reserve is well known for its rich flora and fauna and is one of the most popular wildlife destinations among tourists.

    This reserve, which is situated on the banks of the Kabini River, has a number of forestlands, steep valleys and forestlands. An ideal destination for a long corporate offsite, Kabini is one of the top destinations recommended by Thrillophilia.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 168 Kms

    Image Credits : Raksh1tha - flickr

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Along with your team, explore the riches of untouched nature that Kabini offers. Adding the adventure factor to your outing, Thrillophilia arranges trekking, wildlife safari and coracle rides. We also curate fun themes such as Jungle Survival and other games that help in team bonding and increasing productivity in the work place.

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • 14Bandipur

    BandipurSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : Prashant_sh - flickr

    The famous Bandipur Wildlife sanctuary also serves as a beautiful destination for a corporate off-site. Spread over 90 kms, the Bandipur wildlife sanctuary has three rivers that flow through it and a beautiful weather to make a vacation enjoyable.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 220 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Take the excitement level up a notch with rope activities such as traversing and jumaring along with other action packed events. The untouched backdrop of Bandipur further adds to the overall experience. Also, enjoy light moments and make merry by the campfire arranged by us. We also take care of the accommodation in Bandipurand adventure activities like trekking and safari. 

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • 15Wayanad

    WayanadSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : Dinoop Dayanand - flickr

    Surrounded by the Western Ghats, this beautiful destination is full of forests, wildlife and plantations. The rugged terrain provides the perfect opportunity for adventure sports and corporate team outings. So if you are looking for adventure and some peace and quiet, visit Wayanad with your team.

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 267 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Thrillophilia takes care of the accommodation needs of the team along with arranging some adventure and fun events. Indulge in themes like Jungle Survival, motivate the members and strengthen their bond along the way. We take outbound learning to another level and focus on corporate requirements like new hire orientation and time management.

    Adventure Activities:
    Team Building Activities:
  • 16Team Building Through Adventure at Dandeli

    Team Building Through Adventure at DandeliSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : Raksh1tha - flickr

    A quaint sleepy town of Dandeli has hidden within itself everything to satiate an adventure lover’s dream getaway. There is a right blend of luxury, nature and adventure all packed into one. The wildlife sanctuary is home a variety of birds and animals like the White-bellied Drongo, Plum-headed Parakeet, Black-rumped Flameback, Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker, black panthers, Sambhar deer, bison and Malabar giant squirrels you could even chance upon the rather shy giant iguana, king cobra, or a tiger in the thick forests.

    The Kali River offers water sports that’ll have your heart racing! Dandeli offers white water rafting, boating, night camps, nature walks, bird watching, tiger and crocodile spotting and angling and trips to nearby caves and temples

    Approx Distance from City Centre: 460 Kms

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome?

    Team Building Activities:

    Thrillophilia can make your experience by helping you discover activities that go beyond a conventional itinerary. At Thrillophilia we take pride in giving you a great day out with colleagues and moment where you can bond over. Your team benefit from the Thrillophilia experience by engaging in various team building, time management and other games to accomplish goals.

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