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Best Water Sports Tours in Dubai

Water sports in Dubai is unmatched and people often visit Dubai only to indulge in a list of enthralling sports. From underwater dives like Scuba and snorkelling to surface adventures like jetski, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, kneeboarding and banana boat etc. Apart from the nightlife, the sky-soaring buildings, and the opulent malls, if there is anything else people love in Dubai is the endless stretch of ocean and the many beaches. Dubai has a 50 KM long coastline covered in the turquoise water of Persian Gulf. Hemmed in by the azure water of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a place which can be visited throughout the year for watersports.

There is no comparison to Dubai, it is so iconic that it is home to the largest suspended aquarium in the world. If you imagine, you are just a glass wall away from entering the marine world. Do not forget to take this jaw-dropping journey while you are in Dubai Mall, one of the biggest malls in this Arab country. Despite having the vastness of an immeasurable desert, there is a sheer volume of water sports in Dubai which are considered best in the world. The shoreline in Dubai offers high chances of spotting marine animals during snorkelling or swimming. The best places where people go for snorkel are Snoopy rock, Dibba rock, the Musandam Peninsula near the entry point of the Persian Gulf and the famous beach of  Palm Jumeirah.

Zooming off on a jet ski is not easy in Dubai as it is a restricted sport therefore in order to go on a jet ski ride, you need to move towards Dubai Marina, Jumeirah two and three beaches, and Umm Suqeim one and two beaches. Sailing is classic and exhilarating, to say the least, there is no adventure as loved as sailing. It is more like a winter activity which can easily be learned at the Jumeirah beach or you can choose from many sailing activities at the beach. If luxury yacht ride intrigues you then Dubai is the perfect destination for you. Dubai is one of the biggest sailfish destinations in the world and fishing is a very common sport. You can enjoy deep sea fishing in Dubai and if luck strikes well, you might catch a Tuna or Barracudas. From Sharks, Rays to Dolphins, Parakeets and shoals of colourful fishes swim past you in the gulf water. All you need is take a dive into the blue water.

Scuba Diving is a popular sport among the tourists and they are often included in the packages offered by various hotels and agencies. A stand-up paddle is another name in the market which can be enjoyed in calm stretches of the Ocean with some required training. This is a game of balancing while riding a SUP board on the sea water with the help of a paddle. You will have to stand and balance and also need to know swimming and to be over 16 years of age. Flyboard is another amazing invention which allows you to fly up to 10 metres above the sea water surface, with a little bit of swimming and sea surfing. It is one of the most sought-after sports in Dubai. The mind-boggling Seabreacher is your personal submarine that can take up a speed of 100 KMPH. The submarines are designed like Sharks and can be easily accessed at JBR, Rixos The Palm, and The Beach in Dubai. It is a very rare sport but highly recommended by the ones who went solo on a steaming submarine ride.

There is nothing as high-spirited as a ride on the Banana boats. You can ride an inflated Banana on mostly every beach in Dubai. Kayaking is very common on the waves of Dubai and it doesn't need much training.  Row and scull in the endless water while it splashes the briny ocean. The irresistible water adventure of going high up to 150 meters from the surface water on a parasailing ride or learning to dodge the wind conditions while kitesurfing can be best experienced in this Gulf paradise. Dubai is home to some ultra-modern infrastructures and high-end technological wonders and the amusement parks of Dubai are some of the best examples of both. Your trip to Dubai is incomplete without going on some heart-stopping rides of Wild Wadi waterpark and Aquaventure water park.

Aquarium diving might sound a little unusual to your ears but it is done very fondly at the Atlantis in The Palm. The aquarium is so magnanimous that it is home to around 65000 marine animals and if you are trying it out make sure that you swim right next to a Shark in Dubai is so phenomenal with its underwater sports that even if you aimlessly surf in the ocean, you will feel rejuvenated and thrilled. In most of the experiences, people are found strolling on the beaches or leisurely watching the sunset. In Dubai, you cannot stay without an adventure but merely sitting on the shore is so much fun in itself.

The place is a treasure trove for people from across the globe, from speeding up to reach the top floors of some world-famous skyscrapers to getting on a bumpy ride in a safari to the lonesome and long stretch of the  golden desert; from coming out all spluttered and jittery from the magnificent ocean water to sauntering the opulent Malls and souks of Dubai. There is nothing as complete as Dubai and it promises the best water adventure in the world. The multicultural and futuristic approach of Dubai has titled it as the “land of opportunities.” Water sports in  Dubai is something that fascinates everyone who travels to this extravagant city; with an array of options and clear ocean water- it is undoubtedly tough to resist.

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  Legoland Waterpark, Dubai - Flat 13% off 8 Hrs ₹ 3900 3.0 star View Details
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    Dubai Dolphinarium Tour - Flat 17% off
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    One of the best things you can do on your Dubai tour to entertain yourself takes a Dubai Dolphinarium tour. Dubai has a plethora of exciting and unique entertainment spots, and Dubai Dolphinarium is one of them. It is an air-conditioned indoor dolphinarium full of attrac...

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    Wild Wadi Water Park Tour, Dubai - Flat 10% off
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    Price: AED: 191.2           USD: 52Splash some cold water and add excitement to your day at Wild Wadi Water Park Tour Dubai. Dubai is beautiful, extravagant and hot – literally too hot to handle sometimes. One of the best escapes from the heat of Dubai is having a fun-fi...

    Multiple fun filled activities!

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    Atlantis Aquaventure in Dubai - Flat 9% off
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    Atlantis Aquaventure in Dubai is one of your best escapes from scorching Sun and harsh heat of the desert city. Beat the heat with fun-filled water-based activities in this water park featuring a wide range of attractions. Stretched over a large area, this waterpark feat...

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  • Featured
    Scuba Diving in Dubai - Flat 10% off
    h2 Hours

    Price: AED: 368.9           USD: 100.4Scuba diving in Dubai is one of the most exciting activities you can indulge into during your Dubai tour. Dubai holds an important place among popular tourist destination all over the world. What contributes to the popularity of Duba...


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    Legoland Waterpark, Dubai - Flat 13% off
    h8 Hours

    Legoland Waterpark, Dubai is a fine example proving that not all deserts are pitch dry and boring. While many legends mention how hard it is to find water in deserts, Dubai probably took these legends very seriously and decided to change the way deserts were perceived by...

    Multiple fun filled activities!

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  • Featured
    Dibba Musandam Cruise Tour- Flat 18% off
    h5 Hours

    About the tour:- Musandam Dibba Tour offers the facility of picking you from your hotel / residence to start its Dibba tour. This tour helps you discover the beautiful sights of Hajar Mountains, golden sands and the Dibba bay, which will make this tour the life’s bes...

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    Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Combo Ticket - Flat 17% off
    d1 Day

    Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo combo ticket is your escape to one of the most fantastic wonders of architecture in Dubai. If you do not wish to go underwater by taking scuba diving to witness the aquatic life of Indian Ocean in Dubai, you can simply visit Dubai Aquarium...

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  • l
    h6 Hours

    If you have never seen snow in the middle of a desert, Ski Dubai ticket in Emirates Mall is all you need to witness your fantasy turning into reality. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort at one of the largest malls in the world – Mall of the Emirates. It covers an area of ...

    Excellent 5.0
    146 ratings

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  • l

    About the Activity:If you are looking for some adventurous water sports and water rides, this Banana ride in Dubai is a perfect fit for you. A Banana boat is, as the name implies, a banana shaped boat that is pulled by another boat to which the banana boat is attached to...

    Very Good 4.0
    41 ratings

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    About the Activity: Get picked up from your hotel or residence in Dubai and head over to the iconic Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates. See the penguins of Dubai, the King and Gentoo, that reside in the most sophisticated habitat.You can enjoy the sight of the penguins...

    Good 3.0
    30 ratings

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  • l

    About the Activity:Indulge in the ride of your lifetime and go for a spin with this exciting 15 minute donut ride while you are pulled by a water craft.A donut boat, as the name implies, is a circular tube boat that is pulled using another boat to which the donut boat is...

    Very Good 4.0
    40 ratings

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  • l
    h8 Hours

    About the Activity:Enjoy a full-day trip in one of the famous water park in the Europe & Middle East.The Aqua venture Water Park is in the famous Atlantis hotel and one of the largest water parks in the Middle East and Europe.Indulge in 8 hours of enjoyment  that propel ...

    Very Good 4.0
    30 ratings

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  • l
    Abu Dhabi
    h8 Hours

    About the Activity:Get away for an adventurous and fun day out with family, friends and loved ones and experience the magic of Yas World Water Park.Yas Water World is an immersive theme park which pays tribute to Emirati culture and the country’s pearl diving heritage. ...

    Very Good 4.0
    40 ratings

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  • l
    Umm al-Quwain
    h4 Hours

    About the Activity:Get picked up from your hotel and embar on a one of a kind trip while you catch the biggest and best crabs to enjoy with your dinner.This is an adventurous and rare crab hunting trip where you will be dressed up like a hunter with spears and lighting e...

    Good 3.0
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    About the Activity:  Explore the magnificent treasures of Dubai city from the sea on your exhilarating jet ski with Powerful Yamaha 700cc / 1100cc enginesZoom past Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina and Sheikh Hamdam Island.On...

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What You Should Know More About Water Sports in Dubai

  • Q. When is the best time to take holidays in Dubai?

    If you are planning to visit Dubai then most of you might be wandering about the best time to visit Dubai. The best time to visit Dubai or take holidays is between November and April. At this time the heat of the sun will be much lesser and the cool windy breeze makes it more welcoming. The temperature remains in between 24-35ºC (75-95ºF) during this time.

  • Q. What is the ideal duration for a holiday if I want to do various water activities in the Dubai?

    If you are planning to cover all the places in Dubai then you will need maximum 8 to 9 days. You can visit all the famous places, beaches and also indulge in some thrilling water sports in Dubai.

  • Q. What things are must to carry for a Dubai trip?

    While you are travelling to Dubai there are few essential things which should be there on your check list.

    • Passport, ID,
    • Summer clothes
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Shorts
    • Light jacket or sweater
    • Activity Specific clothing

  • Q. Is it worth visiting Dubai for water activities?

    Yes, it is definitely worth it. There are number of activities like surfing, wake boarding, banana boating etc which are considered as the best here. With the perfect views and the beckoning waves you adventure will be a lot more exciting than you can imagine.

  • Q. Which all water sports are must do in Dubai?

    There are a lot of water activities which is a must try for you in Dubai. Few of the activities which you should try in Dubai are:

    • Al Boom diving
    • Flyboarding
    • Surfing
    • Wakeboarding
    • Banana boat Ride
    • Jet Ride
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming
    • Deep Sea Fishing
    • Stand up Paddle
    • Kayaking
    • Wonderbus Tour
    • Donut Ride
    • Kite Surfing

  • Q. Where can I do Scuba Diving in Dubai?

    There are a number of places where you can enjoy scuba diving in Dubai. With its colourful marine life and flora and fauna you will have the best of diving experience. Few of the places where you can head out for dives are:

    • Atlantis, Palm Dubai
    • The Dive Centres
    • Divers Down Dubai
    • Scuba Tech diving centre
    • Bunky diving centre 
    • Leisure Pro
    • Deep blue sea diving centre

  • Q. Is it safe to do Scuba Diving in Dubai?

    Yes, scuba diving is perfect safe in Dubai. With the coral reefs and the vivid flora and fauna scuba diving is the most sought adventure activity here. Discover the wunderwater world of Dubai while you scuba dive in various places. The best time is the winter season although it is available throughout the year.

  • Q. What all points I need to take care of before scuba diving?

    There will be a guide to assist you in your diving expedition. But for your own safety just check the diving gears and make sure it works.

  • Q. What kind of health precautions must be taken care of for Scuba diving?

    As you will be diving underwater you must be serious about your health conditions. Get a proper check up with your doctor regarding your cardiac stress and lungs. Better health conditions are always best for scuba diving although there will be professional divers and medical facilities there.

  • Q. How much it will cost me to do Scuba Diving in Dubai?

    While you are visiting Dubai you would not want to miss out the amazing scuba diving experience here. There are a lot of places in Dubai where you can go for scuba diving. For scuba diving the cost will be around 400 AED per person.

  • Q. Is it advisable for a non-swimmer to do water activities?

    Yes, definitely a non swimmer can do all the water activities. There will be a professional guide with you for your safety while doing any water activities in Dubai.

  • Q. Which are some famous water parks I should visit in Dubai?

    For the adventure seekers there are a lot of amusements park and water parks in Dubai which is a must visit for you. All these parks offer a wide variety of water sports. Few of the park which you should visit here are:

    • Legoland Waterpark
    • Dreamland
    • Iceland Waterpark
    • Aquaventure
    • Wild Wadi
    • Splash Pad at The Beach
    • Wonderla Theme and Waterpark

  • Q. Where is Yas Island Aqua Park? Is it worth going there?

    For that perfect adrenaline rush Yas Island Aqua park is a must visit for you. With abundance of water slides these park is filled with people all around the world.The park is at a 10 minutes distance from the Abu Dubai International Airport and 50-minute drive from Dubai Marina.

    Timings: The Yas Island Aqua Park opens from 10AM–5PM, 6 PM–11PM

  • Q. Can I visit the Atlantis Water Park? What is special about it?

    Yes you can definitely visit Atlantis Water Park. While in Dubai this is one of the most sought water park which has a number of water rides. The best thing about this park is that you will have all the facilities and free wifi in this waterpark.

  • Q. Can I visit the Iceland water park?

    Yes, you can definitely visit Iceland Water Park in Dubai. The entire park is covered with synthetic turf to prevent slip and falls. The prices of your ticket are based on your height. Person with height above 125 meters is 175 AED while person with height below 125 meters is 115 AED.

  • Q. Where can I watch the dolphin show? Can I visit Dubai Dolphinarium?

    If you have been long planning to swim with the dolphin or enjoy a dolphin show then nothing can be a better place than Dolphinarium. Watch the friendliest creature on earth performing different shows. Not only you get a chance to watch the dolphin show but there are seals as well which makes your visit more entertaining.

  • Q. Can I do Donut Ride on Dubai?

    Yes, donut ride is definitely a must for the adventure seekers in Dubai. Hold on tight as you take this amazing donut boat ride through the crystal clear waters of Dubai. The speed and manner depends on the riders. For children the ride will be slower than the usual.

  • Q. Can I do Banana Ride in Dubai?

    Yes, you can definitely head out for a banana ride in Dubai. Banana ride is considered another favourite water sports in Dubai. Make your Dubai trip a special one as you break the waters blue waters of Dubai. Hold on tight as you bounce on the waters and the waves. There are a lot of places in Dubai where you can enjoy this thrilling activity.

  • Q. Where can I see penguins in Dubai?

    While in Dubai there is another thing which you would not want to miss in Dubai. Meet the penguins in Dubai in the Ski Dubai. In this indoor ski resort you can meet the King and the Gentoo Penguins at Ski Dubai. You can watch the penguin from a glass window playing around in their private pool.

  • Q. What is special about Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo?

    If you want to experience the maximum water adventure in Dubai then Dubai Aquarium & Underwater zoo is a must visit for you. In this underwater zoo is the largest water park in Dubai. Here you can find 33,000 aquatic animals the largest collection of sand tiger sharks. What could be a better way to explore the underwater world than this zoo? Not only can you enjoy the aquatic life but you can also head out for snorkeling and swimming with the sharks.

  • Q. Can I do Jet Ski ride in Dubai?

    Yes, you can definitely enjoy a thrilling Jet Ski ride in Dubai. The Dubai beaches are very famous for water sports. Whether you are a swimmer or non swimmer Jet Ski ride is a must for you in Dubai. There are lot of places in Dubai where you can try this activities. Few of the places are SeaRide Dubai, Nemo Watersports and Jet Ski in Dubai.

  • Q. Is it safe to do Jet Ski ride? What all things I must keep in mind?

    Yes, it is safe to do Jet ski ride in Dubai. Although this is considered easy but there are few things that you need to keep in mind for your own safety. Always be careful with the other divers and the riders with you during your jet ski ride. Also carry a good sunglasses with your to avoid the UV rays of the sun directly.

  • Q. Where can I do Skiing in Dubai? What all equipment are provided?

    The best place where you can head out for skiing in Dubai is Ski Dubai Resort. Ski Dubai has 5 runs that vary in difficulty, height and steepness. In the scorching heat of Dubai, this resort will be your best friend during your stay. All the equipments required for the ski activity will be provided the resort. Winter clothing, ski and snowboard equipment will all be there. Also a chairlift will also be provided to make your ski smoother.

  • Q. Can I do Wakeboarding in Dubai? Is it safe?

    Yes wake boarding is another activity which is a must try for you in Dubai. You can definitely do wake boarding in Dubai. It is completely safe to try this activity. You will be provided with safety gears during this activity like helmet and life jacket. Also, there will be an instructor with you who will be there for your safety. Few of the places where you can indulge in these activity are Wakesummer wakeboard club, Xtreme wake Dubai Maina, Xtreme Wake Ghantoot Marina.

  • Q. Do I need to have any previous experience to do Wakeboarding?

    No you do not need any previous experience for wakeboarding. If you are beginner or trying this activity for the first time there will be instructors to guide you through this. You can just kneel down on the board and the cable will be tied to your waist. Break through the waves as you try this activity in Dubai.

  • Q. Can I do Flyboarding in Dubai?

    Yes you are can do Flyboarding in Dubai. There are a number of places where you can try this activity. Some of the places where you can go for this activity are Nemo WaterSports Jet Ski & Flyboard Dubai, Searide Dubai. Fly board UAE etc.

  • Q. Do I need to have any previous experience to do Flyboarding?

    No you do not require any kind of precious experience to do Flyboarding in Dubai. There will be professional guides who will train you before starting this activity. They will help you to get on the board and fly up easily.

  • Q. Can small kids also do water sporting?

    Yes there are a lot of activities which small kids can do in Dubai. A number of fun rides including bumper boats, swinging boats are there for the kids in the waterparks of Dubai. All these water parks have an array of activities like The Tower of Poseidon and Aquaconda ride in The Atalantis.

    Some of the places which are a must visit for water sporting for kids are:

    • Aquaventure
    • Ice Land Water Park
    • Legoland Waterpark
    • Splash & Party

  • Q. Which all beaches are famous in Dubai?

    There are a lot of beaches in Dubai where you can spend some amazing time. Few of the famous beaches are:

    • Burj Beach
    • Jumeirah Bach Residence (JBR)
    • Mamzer Beach Park
    • Jumeirah Beach Park
    • Jumeirah Open Beach
    • Ghantoot Beach
    • Kite Beach

  • Q. Which all beaches are famous for water sporting?

    While in Dubai you will find a number of beaches which are famous for beach activity. Few of the beaches which are famous for water sports in Dubai are:

    • Kite Beach
    • Jumeirah Beach
    • Burj Beach

  • Q. Where can I do parasailing in Dubai?

    Parasailing is another activity which is very famous in Dubai. There are a lot of places where you can do this activity in Dubai. Few of them are

    • Sky & Sea Adventure
    • SeaRide Dubai
    • Blue Coast Water Sports
    • Water Adventure Dubai Kempinski
    • Water Adventure Dubai The Palm

  • Q. Can I do snorkeling in Dubai?

    Yes, you can indulge in a heart thrilling snorkeling activity in Dubai. Few of the places where you can do this activity are:

    • Atlantis, The Palm
    • The Lost Chamber Aquarium
    • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater zoo
    • Al Bloom Diving Al Quoz

  • Q. Where can I swim with dolphins?

    Swimming with Dolphin is one of the most favored activities in Dubai. There are few places which provide this amazing activity in Dubai. Dolphinarium and Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai gives you the best experience of Dolphin Swimming. In all these places there will be proper guidance given to you during your swimming.

  • Q. What all modes of payments are accepted?

    Various methods of payments are accepted in Dubai like Credit Card Payments, Debit cards, PayPal or you can also pay by cash.

  • Q. Can I do water sport on my own or I’ll be guided?

    For all of your water sports in Dubai there will be a professional guide with you for your safety. Before starting any of the water sport you will be briefed about the activity. If you are an expert in the sports which you are doing then you can do it on your own.

  • Q. What happens in case of any medical emergency?

    In case of any medical emergency you can call for a government ambulance 999. This number can be used at any kind of emergency situations for police as well as ambulance services. As for the water sports there will be medical facilities in the water parks.