Oli Oli Overview

Oli Oli is a creative learning center in Dubai, curated especially for the cognitive and mental development of kids and packed with a number of entertaining activities and games to keep them entertained while they learn vital life skills.

Thie special institution of Oli Oli spread over 2 floors which consists of 8 galleries with interactive activities. The indoor sanctuary at this summer camp is defined by interactive games and hands-on exercises, which will help trigger the endless curiosity and imagination of children.

It is the perfect sanctuary for children to learn, play and relax when they are in Dubai. Oli Oli also offers a range of specialized experiences such as private birthday parties and well-thought-out field trips that you can book for your kids and their friends. When at Oli Oli, children can also relax and grab a bite to eat at the La Petite Treehouse Café, which is stocked with nutritious snacks, juices, treats, and much more.

Children of all ages are welcome at Oli Oli. Some of the activities that they can enjoy when they are here include treasure hunts, special summer camps, puzzles and quizzes, chemistry workshops, advanced activities like archaeological excavations, learning about space, and much more.

All these activities are specially designed to help children of the right age learn the right skill, whether it is practical or educational! With over 45 exhibits that children can interact with and observe, Oli Oli provides the most wholesome and creative learning experience for children.

These exhibits, games and workshops have been curated by over 35 award-winning professionals that include artists, psychologists, and educators who specialize in children’s growth and development. This one-of-a-kind entertainment and learning centre for children through distinct learning oriented indoor activities in Dubai is one of the largest such centres in the world.

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• Oli Oli is a children’s learning and entertainment centre in Dubai that is open to kids of all ages.
• The centre consists of 2 floors that are home to several workshops, displays, exhibitions and activity centres that are accessible to kids.
• Oli Oli also has a gallery, a museum and a café called La Petite Treehouse for refreshments.
• You can book Oli Oli for birthdays, special events, excursions, road trips, field trips, summer camps and many other private activities for children.
• The games and activities and workshops at the centre have been curated by the best industry professionals to help with the cognitive development of children, where they get to test the limits of their imagination and curiosity.
• There are a total of 8 galleries that consist of 40 hands-on experiences for children.
• Along with games such as climbing nets and water cannons, some of the other popular activity centres include the archaeological digging site, the space centre, an interactive museum and much more.


• Wheelchair Accessible

How To Reach

Oli Oli is located just behind the Oasis Centre Mall and one can easily reach here by taking the local transformation service. Additionally, one can also reach here by renting a vehicle and travelling here by their own.

Best Time To Visit

The best time of the day when you can plan a visit to Oli Oli Dubai is during the early morning hours. This is the time when everyone is fresh including your toddlers and the crowd is also comparatively less.

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Other Essential Information

Here is the list of programs that one can witness at Oli Oli

1.Sundays are for Something New: On Sundays, children can enrol for a program that allows them to try their hand at a new skill or even pick up an exciting new hobby, like building, stitching, science, etc.

2. Mondays are for Science: Mondays are dedicated to a special programme where unique science experiments are conducted and children can have a great time learning about the quirky laws of chemistry, physics and biology.

3. Tuesdays are for Inventing: On Tuesdays, kids can enrol in a programme that focuses on their creativity and imagination. They can experiment with toolboxes, building blocks and other material with which they can invent their own machines and mechanisms.

4. Wednesdays are for Adventure: The programmes on Wednesday focus on kids and their practical skill of problem-solving and facing challenges. With adventurous obstacle courses, puzzles and more, this is an experience that is both fun and educational.

5. Thursdays are for Art: This programme lets kids unleash their inner artists. They are provided with endless stretches of canvas, paint and other art supplies to express themselves however they want to. Whether it is painting, making sculptures or any other form of artistic expressions, this is the programme that lets children be limitless in their creativity.

6. Fairytale Science: This programme focuses purely on the magic of science and is designed to help both toddlers and older children. Interesting science experiments, demonstrations and exercises are part of this innovative programme.

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La Petite Treehouse Café

Oli Oli promises non-stop fun, games and activities, which is why a recharge and refreshments station is a must. La Petite Treehouse Café is Oli Oli’s dedicated café and eatery, located within the premises.

The vision behind creating the café was to provide a cosy and comfortable corner for parents and kids to grab a bite to eat or sip on some juices or coffee when taking a break from all the wonderful activities that are planned for the day at the centre.

The café has a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and is always stocked with delicious snacks and tidbits that children and adults can nibble on when visiting. The café is open from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. from Sunday to Wednesdays. Between Thursdays and Saturdays, you can visit the La Petite Treehouse Café from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 

Some of the most popular foods that are served at the La Petite Treehouse Café includes freshly brewed coffee for the adults, salads made with fresh ingredients, sandwiches and more. There are several vegetarian options as well. Children can enjoy sandwiches, juices, wraps and other food and drinks in between play sessions at the galleries.

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Tips for Visiting Oli Oli 

- Adults alone cannot enter the premises. The tickets bought for each child allows the entry of one adult for free, who needs to accompany the child at all times.

- One of the most important things that you must carry when visiting Oli Oli is a pair of socks since some of the exhibitions and activities require you to remove your shoes.

- There is a Water Gallery where kids get to play with water, so it is recommended that you carry a towel and some extra clothes

- Although the entire activity centre is wheelchair friendly, there is no place to keep or park strollers

- You can get access to a baby changing room as well as a nursing room when you are at Oli Oli

- You are not allowed to bring pets onto the premises

- While you are allowed to carry your own snacks, food items are strictly prohibited in the galleries. For refreshments, you can head to the in-house café called La Petite Treehouse Café.

- You can book Oli Oli for birthday parties, excursions and field trips

- Oli Oli conducts special programmes and exhibitions on different days of the week, so make sure you find out what the special programme is on the day that you are visiting.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Point of Interest for Oli Oli
Toshi’s Nets

Toshi’s Nets

One of the most striking galleries at Oli Oli consists of Toshi’s Nets, which is a series of colourful nets, interwoven to create an obstacle course that is both fun and invigorating for kids. The nets have holes in them through which children can pass from one level to another, and the safe netting ensures that they can run, jump, slide and roll around in the nets without worrying.

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One of the most exciting galleries for children in Oli Oli is Air, where they get to build hovercrafts, play with different airways, experiment with planes and rockets and much more. There is also a Hurricane Booth where they can combat extreme high-speed winds. It is both a fun activity and a learning experience for kids.

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Water Gallery

Water Gallery

Future Park

Future Park

A favourite amongst children who visit Oli Oli is the Future Park, which is a testament to futuristic technology combined with the incredible imagination of children. The Future Park is a gallery that consists of giant, wall-to-wall screens. Children get to unleash the full potential of their creativity by making artworks, and the technology in this gallery brings their artwork to life, which is displayed on these massive LED screens.

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Forts and Dens

Forts and Dens

This gallery facilitates both qualities of community-building and engineering in children. It takes the idea of building blocks to a whole new level, where kids can use everyday material to build anything, from homes to bridges, castles to forts. It also inculcates in them a sense of teamwork and community, where they get to work together to create something magical from the ground up.

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This gallery in Oli Oli is especially dedicated to toddlers. It is a great place for toddlers to interact with each other, learn vital motor skills, play interactive and fun games and familiarize themselves with social situations.

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Cars and Ramps

Cars and Ramps

Cars and Ramps is no ordinary car racing game that children can pass the time with. It is an interactive and practical activity where they can build their own cars, create their own tracks, design obstacles and race with other model cars in the tracks they have created. It is a great way to introduce the theories of mass and motion to kids at a very young age.

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Creative Lab

Creative Lab

The last gallery in Oli Oli is perhaps the most exciting, as it gives children the scope to unleash all their imagination and creativity. Children can access a number of raw materials, games and other elements, machines and toys that they can make and even dismantle in order to understand how they work and make unique things of their own.

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Oli Oli FAQs

What is Oli Oli famous for?

Oli Oli is a state-of-the-art activity centre that is designed for children of all ages to develop and grow in unique ways. The centre is famous for its interactive exhibitions, unique programmes designed by industry experts and creative learning methods that children don’t mind participating in. Oli Oli is designed to bring out the best in children by letting them be their creative and imaginative selves and unleashing the power of their minds.

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Will I need to bring anything?

It is important to carry a few things like extra pairs of socks, towels and spare clothes. This is because some of the activities involve water and some require you to open your shoes. Since you will be travelling with children, it is also important to carry snacks and other things that your child may need during and after such exciting and rigorous activities.

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What if my child gets overtired?

In case your child gets tired, you can unwind and relax with them in the in-house café in Oli Oli called La Petite Treehouse Café. Here you can enjoy snacks, sandwiches, beverages and more. There is also a quiet, relaxation centre on the first floor of the building in case you and your kid want to take a break from all the exciting activities.

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Where can I drop my kids off?

When you are at Oli Oli, you must accompany your child at all times during all the activities. Since there are several galleries, sections and exhibitions, it is required that you be with them as they navigate through these various sections.

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Can I bring snacks for the kids?

Yes, you are allowed to bring snacks for your kids when you are in Oli Oli. However, these snacks can only be consumed in designated areas such as in the rest area and the café. Food items are strictly prohibited in the galleries inside Oli Oli.

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Oli Oli Reviews

Arnab Ghosh
Reviewed: 27 Feb 2022
I was visiting Dubai with my two children and was looking for some kind of tour that would be both educational and fun for them. Someone guided me towards the Oli Oli Museum, which turned out to be a great experience. A good place to visit if you’re traveling with kids. The tickets are better priced... Read More
Girik Sinha
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2022
If you’re traveling with children, the Oli Oli Museum can be a great place to visit. The rides and attractions are all colorful and children friendly, and the supervisors are really adept at their job as well.
Dayamayee Joshi
Reviewed: 27 Jan 2022
I went to this museum with my kids and they thoroughly enjoyed it! With over 8 galleries and various educational arenas, they got to know about many things. And, all the credit goes to Thrillophilia.
Ankit Jain
Reviewed: 15 Jan 2022
Do pay a visit to the Oli Oli Museum in Dubai, just like me and my family did here during our trip. Special mention to the team of Thrillophilia for answering our queries almost instantly. Some of the best parts of the museum are the Future Park and Toshi’s Nets.
Kumari Pothuvaal
Reviewed: 11 Jan 2022
I am so glad that I took this tour from this site, well arranged, My children had a fantastic time here! Each exhibit has been thoughtfully built with art and current technology to provide an immersive sensory experience. It instils in the students the value of fostering a sense of community.Very re... Read More

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