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About Global Village Dubai

Regarded as one of the most awaited family entertainment events in Dubai city, The Global Village is a grand cultural spectacle to raise its curtains to an international horde of attendees. This global village brings together travellers and visitors from all over the world to relish a consortium of shopping and entertainment features. In the year 2019, the global village hosted its 23rd season of the colourful event in Dubai.

During the period when the event is hosted, the weather in Dubai is generally comfortable and pleasing. This, combined with the fact that you can get a chance to taste a zesty array of culinary experiences in one place, makes the global village an international success, which is worthy of all the attention that it gets. If you are planning to come here only for the fireworks, you may be in for a surprise, because things are just getting started when those fireworks set the night sky ablaze with sparkles and shine. The grandeur of the place is a surprise to witness and the wonderful hospitality extended by the people of Dubai is an experience which you are going to find elsewhere with hard luck.

A global village is an exciting event, hosted in Dubai, where multiple nations come together to set up their pavilion, offering a complete experience of culture, shopping arenas, food and much more. For each nation, one pavilion is designated, where the endless display of their unique offerings, readily takes the visitors by joy and excitement. Thousands of retail outlets set up shop here, wherein visitors can grab an array of products and specialities on an international scale. There are many fun activities for adults as well as for kids, with theatre and rides to enjoy on. The guest happiness index has been constantly touching a perfect score of 9 on 10 for the past many seasons now, with the next seasons predicted to perform even higher.

The popularity of the place can be made out by the fact that people especially plan their trip to Dubai around the time of this festival. The global village is a popular platform for nations to represent themselves and for people to get to know more about them. Guests who arrive here, never turn back empty-handed, for this global village gives them a lifetime worth of memories to cherish.

If you do not already know, Season 23 of the village witnessed more than 4,30,000 visitors who travelled to UAE to celebrate the occasion of the National Day. The event also witnesses international performances including concerts, which are performed by singers from all over the world. A number of pavilions are arranged, where visitors can catch a glimpse of monumental displays and cultural displays from more than 70 countries, perfectly highlighting the features of different countries.

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How to Reach Global Village Dubai

You can take your pick from these options when travelling to the global village from Dubai Airport:

Metro/Taxi: Take the red line to First Gulf bank and then take a taxi to Global village, reaching in 50 minutes.
Drive: Drive your car from the airport to the village and travel 28 km.
Bus: Take the red line to reach Rashidiya and transfer to the metro bus stop to reach the blue tower. Finally, take a taxi to reach the village.

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Best Time to Visit Global Village Dubai

If you are looking forward to visiting the global village, make your pick from the type of events that you will like to see at the village. For fireworks display, the days Thursday and Friday are best. For a family outing, choose Monday and if you wish to find the least rush at the event, choose any other day of the week.

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What Not to Miss at Global Village Dubai

Wondering what to do while visiting the global village? Here is your list to complete your trip - 

1. Get to see the world in one day: With more than 30 pavilions lined up for your eyes to witness, this is a rare opportunity to catch multiple nationalities under one nation. This is a unique chance to catch the culture and traditions of all these nations in one single day.

2. Catch live shows and performances: You will be lucky to catch international singers, hailing from nations all over the world, performing their hits at this event. The fun amplifies when all the performances are performed live with fantastic lights and sounds.

3. Catch the popular monster stunt show, haunted house and much more: Get ready for some adventure and thrill because the event has a heavy dose of adventure and adrenaline to give to you. Live street performances are a typical feature of the event and you will be lucky to participate yourself in some of the live escape games and shows.

4. Visit the Fantasy Island: Take your family and kids to ultimate entertainment at the Fantasy Island, which is among the latest additions to the global village. The rides in this park are enough to win your heart. Your little ones will find ample activities to participate in.

5. Pack your shopping bags with amazing stuff: For a place which is packed with such a wide array of cultures, traditions and ethnicities, there is hard not to find something to shop. Surprisingly, all nations bring some of their selective goods to offer to the visitors and guess what, you can grab as many of these as you like.

6. Relish the taste of multiple cuisines: Visit any pavilion and find their local culinary offering where you can get a taste of the unique delicacies of that nation. You will be able to taste so many offerings from all the nations participating in the event that your stomachs might just get stressed!

7. Revel in the display of fireworks: Twice in the week, you will be able to catch the splendid display of fireworks, which is not ordinary in any sense. These fireworks are truly something to watch with glee and awe.

8. Catch a glimpse of the Emirati Art: Dedicated programs like ‘Live our heritage festival’ and many more, invite you to live the traditional era of Dubai. You can catch conventional and modern arts on display, which are truly depictive of the history and culture which used to prevail over Dubai.

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Places to Visit Near Global Village

Looking for places to visit around the global village? We bring to you some of the most selected places to visit when you are in Dubai to enjoy the Global Village.

1. Dubai Land: Designed as a replete entertainment zone for adults and kids alike, Dubai land features many attractions, experiences, retail outlets, theme parks, vacation world, eco-tourism world, sports activities and much more, to entice its visitors. You can take a walk downtown to experience even more fun-filled activities to make your holiday a memorable trip down here. There are many resorts and parks, where you can spend a fun-filled day with your loved ones.

2. Dubai Sports City:  This multi-venue sports complex in Dubai incorporates residential, retail, leisure and many recreational facilities. Space has been built around five sports venues and academies. A number of events are hosted all around the year at these venues, which are attended by thousands of travellers from all over the world.

3. Meydan Racecourse: One of the most popular racecourses in Dubai, the grandstands itself are a mile long, regarded as one of the longest in Dubai. More than 50,000 spectators can make it to the stands here. The racecourse hosts a number of events for its spectators all around the year, for which, you can plan in advance.

4. Desert Safari Rides: You might have surely heard about the famous desert safaris in Dubai, with people wearing the symbolic chequered headscarves and shielding themselves from the scalding hot sun and the golden sands. Well, Dubai certainly has a significant appeal to it, with tourists coming here from all over the world to enjoy the delightful experience.

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Other Essential Information About Global Village Dubai

 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Dubai land, east of Arabian Ranches, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

 Each season of the Global village runs through October to April with varying dates and remains open from 4 pm to 12 am from Saturday to Wednesday, and 4 pm to 1 am on Thursday and Friday.

 15 Dirhams is the cost for a ticket to the event. For children below the age of 3 and seniors above the age of 65, the admission is free.

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Tips for Visiting Global Village

Before visiting the global village, here are some tips which you ought to keep in mind:

- The global village is an international event, which is attended by families, children, youngsters and even senior citizens. Attendants are expected to maintain decency at the event by wearing clothes that are modest. Avoid wearing short clothes or sleeveless clothes.

- Parents are advised to keep their kids with them safely. Incidents of children wandering about at the venue are not unknown.

- It is advisable that you make a thorough research about the performances which are planned for the event and decide which one of them you wish to watch so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

- If possible, do visit once during Thursdays or Fridays when the firework shows happen.

- You will be able to find all types of food and beverages inside the village, so there is no need to carry it from outside and add burden on yourself.

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People Also Ask About Global Village Dubai

  1. What is the best time of the day to visit Global Village?

    The global village stays open from 4 Pm to 12 Am on Saturdays to Wednesdays and from 4 Pm to 1 Am on Thursday and Friday. Monday is dedicated to families and ladies only. The display of fireworks takes place at 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

    You should get here by 5-6 Pm on a non-busy day and on weekends, it is best to be here by 4:30 Pm. Global village opens on the first of November and stays open till eight of April, between which you can plan your visit to this place.
  2. What is there to eat at Global Village?

    At every global village, a number of delicacies are arranged by cuisines masters from all over the world. Among the notable things that you must try while visiting this place are Japanese ice cream, Japanese cheesecake, Lion cookies, Mogu mogu Taiyaki, Ice bun, Peace treats, flower cotton candy, ice cream rolls, Doh mini doughnut, unicorn vibes and more.

    Apart from these specialities, you will find a number of restaurants, spread around the place, some local while some international. You can also take your pick from one of these places to relish the true culinary experience of this global village.

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  3. What is unique about Global Village?

    The global village is one of its kind of event, where more than 20 nations come together to share one platform and entice their audience. The event is attended by travellers from all over the world, which is a stunning display of colours, lights, decorations, food, ambience and much more. It is held during a specific season, which is the reason why people plan their trip to this place in advance.

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  4. Can we bring food to the global village?

    Yes. You can carry your own food inside the global village, although you can also cherish the food which is offered at numerous pavilions around the event. During the weekends especially, it might be a good idea to carry your own food.
  5. What time do fireworks start?

    The display of fireworks takes place at 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.
  6. Is this a family carnival?

    Absolutely yes. In fact, this one of its kind events features a specific family day, when families and ladies are permitted within the event. Monday is the designated day for this event and during this time, it is entirely safe for families to travel to the event and enjoy within its facilities.

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  7. Which countries take part in the Global village?

    Although every year the set of countries who take part in the global village event tend to change, the recent season of the event saw countries like Pakistan, India, Egypt, Russia, Morocco, Turkey, Thailand, China, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. This set of countries is not fixed in any manner and can include or exclude any entry with each season.
  8. Does this place has any shopping area?

    Yes. With every pavilion that belongs to a nation, you will also be able to come across dedicated shopping arenas across these. At each of these dedicated international places, you can shop for local specialities and goods which are special to these nations. From souvenirs to handicrafts and merchandise, you can take your heart’s pick at these places.

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  9. Can we book tickets in advance for this place?

    Yes. Tickets to the global village can be booked online for ease of access and convenience. In fact, it is highly recommended that you book your tickets in advance so that you may be able to avoid the crowds and hustle and bustle of long queues.
  10. Is the global village a seasonal event?

    Yes. The global village event in Dubai is a seasonal one. This is because it does not take place all around the year rather during selective months from October to April when the weather is considered to be fine and cool. In between, the National day falls on the 2nd of December, along with the new year and many other significant days, which are celebrated with equal fervour and joy in this city.

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