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Dubai Marina Car Rental4 hours - 1 day
INR 4,470

Dubai Car Rentals

Car rentals in Dubai allow travelers to explore and enjoy the humongous and beautiful city in the best way possible. There are very limited modes of getting around this modern city. However, once you have your very own rented vehicle at your disposal, you can choose to drive all the way to the choice of your destination at the choice of your time. The process of booking these rental cars is easy and the documentation is minimal. 

Moreover, Thrillophilia offers various facilities of monthly car rentals in Dubai, which allow you to rent a car for your elongated stays in Dubai, without burning up a hole in your pockets. Moreover, the range of cars available to rent out in Dubai allows you great flexibility on your budget as well as your taste. You not only get to rent basic cars in Dubai, but you can even pick to cruise around some of the most luxurious sedans as well as SUVs, including Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Mercader Banz, Chevrolet, Mazda, and endless others.

All the cars available are in great conditions and offer you the most comfortable drive. You can even book cars with drivers if you don’t know how to drive. Once you rent a car in Dubai, it also becomes very easy for you to not only explore the city but also to drive yourself, all the way to the outskirts and witness the beauty of the raw deserts of UAE.
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Dubai Car Rentals FAQs

Which are the best cars available for rent in Dubai?

1. Peugeot 2008 2022: This beautiful SUV can comfortably fit 5 passengers along with 2 big-sized luggage. This beauty is available in Blue, Red, Black, Silver, as well as White from car rentals in Dubai. This luxurious SUV comes fitted with Premium Audio System, Rear AC vents, Reverse Camera, Fog Light, Push Button Ignition, as well as luxuriously finished fabric seats.

2. Mustang Shelby GT 500: This convertible beast fits in 4 passengers and is a perfect fit for those who love driving behind powerful engines. This 3-door supercar comes fitted with a push start button, detachable roof, tinted windows, adaptive cruise control, cooling seats, leather seats, along with everything else that you can desire from a powerful and luxurious car in Dubai.

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3. Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport C8: This classy sports car fits in 2 passengers along with 2 medium-sized bags. If you wish to rent a car in Dubai, this is definitely one of the smoothest as well as beautiful rides that you can pick. This amazing 2-door sports car features tinted glasses, cruise control, sunroof, leather seats, and obviously, Butterfly Doors!

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4. Land Rover Defender: If you are in search of a 7-seater powerful SUV for monthly car rental in Dubai, you can pick this one without a doubt. Not only does this SUV offer the best boot space but also offers the driver as well as the passengers the best of comfort. This car is available in a beautiful green color and comes equipped with a detachable roof, premium audio system, cruise control, tinted glasses, built-in GPS, leather seats, and much more.

5. Mazda 6: Another amazing ride that you can pick from car rentals in Dubai is this 5-seater sedan, which also easily fits in 2 medium-sized bags. The car is available in white as well as classy dark grey color. This 4-door ultra-comfy sedan features SRS Airbags, daytime running lights, parking sensors and is fitted with comfortable fabric seats, perfect for taking around for a long exploration day in Dubai.

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6. Mercedes Benz AMG G63: If you love driving classy SUVs, you would not find a better car than this one. You can also book this amazing ride for monthly car rentals in Dubai and enjoy your stay in the city. This premium SUV is available in beautiful silver color and is fully packed with all the features that one can ever dream of. Also, the car offers a highly elevated driving experience combined with long hours of comfortable and enjoyable traveling in Dubai.

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7. Chevrolet Camaro Convertible ZL1 V8: If driving a sporty supercar is one of the dreams of your life, you certainly need to get this beauty from car rentals in Dubai and cruise it through the seamless roads of this beautiful city. This 4-passenger vehicle with a V8 engine not only offers the best power and features but is also a perfect pick for a long drive or even a general outing in the beautiful city of Dubai for a fulfilling experience.

8. Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge Sportive Edition: If class and luxury are all that matters for you, you certainly cannot miss out on picking thick beauty from monthly car rentals in Dubai. This 2-door convertible is available in rich red color and promises one of the most memorable rides of your life. The car comfortably fits 4 passengers and is all equipped to provide each one of them with one of the most luxurious experiences of their lives.

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Which are the best places to explore in Dubai by car on rent?

1. Dubai Creek: Dubai Creek is a perfect amalgamation of Modern Dubai and century-old Dubai. It allows you to experience the transformation of this beautiful city over the decades. Also, you will get to witness the century-old Arabia vessels in this very part of the city. You can park your car near the creek and get aboard a roofed boat to travel back in time and take back some beautiful memories. You can also consider taking a stroll along Deira to explore the ancient side of Dubai. Also Checkout & Enjoy the spellbinding night views of Dubai city by Indulging in Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek
Best Time to Visit: During Sunset

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2. Burj Al Arab: Once you have an amazing car all to yourself, you cannot miss our driving to one of the most iconic buildings of Dubai and adore its grandeur and beautiful architecture. This beautiful boat-shaped structure is known to be the one and only 7-star hotel in the entire world to date. Moreover, if you are in Dubai, it becomes mandatory to get a photograph cliched with the backdrop of this iconic Arab building.
Best Time to Visit: Around Lunch

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3. Desert Safari: You surely cannot miss out on the experience of cruising a 4x4 on the beautiful sand dunes of Dubai. You can drive your rented car all the way to the outskirts of the city, to witness one of the most beautiful desert scenes of your life. You can park your car and get aboard a 4x4 to experience one of the most adventurous car rides of your lifetime. Instead, if you have yourself rented a powerful 4x4, you can also take your very own vehicle on an adventurous ride. 
Best Time to Visit: Early Morning

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4. Dubai Fountain: Undoubtedly, watching the magical fountains of Dubai, dancing in the air, is one of the most artistic forms of entertainment that you would come across. During the show, the water shoots up from the ground in beautiful patterns, as high as 150 meters in the air, creating magical color patterns. The show happens only during fixed timings during the day. Therefore, beware to check out the timings before you head towards the fountain in your rented car to enjoy this beautiful experience. Click Here to Book Dubai Fountain Lake Ride Tickets
Best Time to Visit: 6 P.M. (during the fountain show)

5. Palm Jumeirah: Considered to be one of the most astonishing man-made wonders of the world, Palm Jumeirah is actually a palm-shaped, man-made island, flanked with some of the most luxurious resorts of the entire world. To enjoy a day packed with endless activities and fun, you can also consider spending a day at Palm Jumeirah with your family and indulge in various activities. However, as the island is situated in isolation from the main city, driving there with a rented car would be one of the best options for you to reach out to.
Best Time to Visit: Early morning, sunset

6. Burj Khalifa: Last but not the least, enjoying the most exclusive views of Dubai from the Observatory deck of this tallest building of the world needs to be in your Dubai itinerary, without a second question. Visiting the building during the night might be the best option as it would allow you to capture some of the elegant night views of the iconic city of Dubai. Click Here to Book Burj Khalifa Tickets 
Best Time to Visit: After dark

Which are the cheap cars available for rent in Dubai?

1. Nissan Sunny 2019: Are you visiting Dubai and would love to move around in style at your own pace? Opt to go for a Cheap Car Rental Dubai and take pleasure in driving the car around. You can opt for renting the Nissan Sunny 2019 for a day if a day trip is what you have in mind, you can also rent the car for a month if you are staying for a long and need the car daily for a longer period.

The rental cost includes a basic comprehensive insurance and has a standard mileage limit of 250 km/day. Apart from providing you with an excellent ride quality, the car will also provide you with entertainment with its phone connectivity and bluetooth audio, aux, CD/MP3 players, etc. You can feel assured about your safety as the car comes equipped with safety features such as dual front airbags and antilock braking.

AED 87 per day; AED 1800 per month     

Total Distance:
250 km per day: 5000 km per month  

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2. Kia Rio Sedan 2018: You will surely love driving the lovely Kia Rio Sedan 2018-model car which you can rent in Dubai. With comprehensive insurance included, the car comes with a standard mileage limit of 250 km/day. The five-door hatchback comes with features such as AC, satellite radio, power windows, and remote keyless entry. Relax on the heated leather seats as you travel in the car with a delightful sunroof on your day trip. Rent it for a week or a month to experience the pleasure for a longer duration.

AED 85 per day; AED 1850 per month                   

Total Distance:
250 km per day; 5000 km per month

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3. Chevrolet Spark 2020: The sub-compact 4 door hatchback will delight you with its class-leading fuel economy and ample room space inside. Rent it out for a day or a week or even a month to have the pleasure of riding in this beautiful car. Being small, it is easy for the car to navigate smaller lanes or parking in a small parking space, which makes it easier to handle. Moreover, the car will delight you with its exciting features such as fog lamps, cruise control, steering mounted buttons, tyre pressure monitors, push button start, alloy wheels and also USB and MP3 support.

AED 85 per day; AED 1595 per month                   

Total Distance:
250 km per day; 4500 km per month

4. Nissan Micra 2020: Zoom across the city of Dubai aboard a Nissan Micra 2020 car. Rent it out for a day for your day trip, or keep it with you for a longer period by renting it out for a week or month. The car comes with a basic comprehensive insurance and has a standard mileage limit of 250 km/day.
The car comes with hosts of features that will delight you to no end. Feel thrilled as you come to know about the car’s folding rear bench seat,CD/MP3 stereo with AUX port,rear fog lamp,trip computer, power steering with tilt adjustment, fabric upholstery and alarm.

AED 75 per day; AED 1500 per month                   

Total Distance:
250 km per day; 4500 km per month

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5. Hyundai Accent 2020: One of the Cheap Car Rental Dubai  which you can opt for is Hyundai Accent 2022-model which comes with a standard mileage limit of 250 km/day and has basic comprehensive insurance included in its rental package. You will be delighted to ride this popular and reliable car with 26 years of fame.
No point for guessing that the car has been updated over time and now comes with features such as bluetooth connectivity for your phone and music, auxiliary connectivity, keyless entry and USB connectivity. Drive in style in this modern and stylish car for a day or rent it for a week or a month to extend your pleasure for a longer time.

AED 110 per day; AED 2415 per month                   

Total Distance:
250 km per day; 3600 km per month

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6. Toyota Yaris Sedan 2019: The sleek and agile Toyota Yaris Sedan will be your choice if you want to travel in style. You can rent it for a day, a week or a month and get the pleasure of going around in a vehicle with a host of modern features. The car will make your journey comfortable with its fabric seats, power steering, A/C, radio with AM/FM/CD/AUX/USB support with 2 speakers, and halogen lamps. With 15 years of existence, the car has fame of being the most recommended one for rental in Dubai.

AED 110 per day; AED 2415 per month                   

Total Distance:
250 km per day; 3600 km per month

7. Peugeot 208 2019: You may opt to rent and drive a supermini Peugeot 208 2019-model in Dubai by renting it for a day or a week. The rental will come with a basic comprehensive insurance so you will not need to take care of these details. This stylish and efficient car will be fun to drive and is better-equipped than many of its competitor cars. Enjoy sitting in the comfortable interior of the car and take advantage of the enjoyable features to make your journey more delightful.

AED 100 per day; AED 630 per weekly                   

Total Distance:
250 km per day; 2400 km per week
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8. Kia Pegas 2021: Rent out Kia Pegas 2021, Kia’s latest compact sedan entry, that has been designed to compete for the crown of ‘Rental King’. One of the best cars for you to rent, the car comes with a small and light build which makes it agile and easy to park. The car comes with power windows, AUX, USB support and can be upgraded to have other exciting features like fog lamps, rear view camera and more. The car has also taken care of the safety part with a front passenger and driver airbag.

AED 110 per day; AED 2199 per month               

Total Distance:
250 km per day; 4500 km per month

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9. Renault Symbol 2022: Another popular choice for a car rental in Dubai is the sub-compact 4-door sedan Renault Symbol 2022. You will enjoy renting this car that comes with an incredible interior space and is also known for its brilliant maneuverability and fuel efficiency. The car also comes with modern tech features such as bluetooth, trip computer, automatic climate controls, temperature sensor, and steering mounted controls, and also has excellent safety features.

AED 105 per day/ AED 695per week               

Total Distance:
250 km per day/ 1400 km per week

10. Changan Alsvin 2020: The Changan Alsvin 2020-model car is another option you might select for a car rental. This 5-door Sedan fits 5 passengers and comes in black, blue, red and silver color. You will be able to enjoy a host of features such as Fabric Seats, Tinted Windows, Premium Audio,Fog Lights, Day-time Running Lights, Seat Belt Reminder, Climate Control and more. For safety there are SRS Airbags and Front Air Bags. You can rent the car for a day, a week or a month.

AED 99 per day; AED 2199 per month               

Total Distance:
250 km per day; 6000 km per month

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What are the general terms & conditions to rent a car in Dubai?

1. If you are traveling to Dubai for any other country, it is mandatory for you to be at least 22 years of age and hold a valid international driver’s license.
2. The car is to be returned at car rentals in Dubai in the exact same conditions as you took it and with the exact same fuel reading as well.
3. It is also mandatory for travelers to submit a copy of their Visa and Passport to rent a car in Dubai.
4. A fixed amount has to be paid to the car rentals in Dubai as a security deposit, which is refundable on the return of the rented car in the same condition as you took it.

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What documents do you need to rent a car in Dubai?

If you are a resident of the UAE, you may need the following documents to rent a car in Dubai:
  • A Valid Emirates ID
  • UAE Driving License
  • If you are a tourist visiting UAE, you may need the following documents to hire a driver from car rentals in Dubai:
  • Passport
  • International Driving License/ International Driving Permit (IDP)
  • Visit Visa
  • Home Country Driving License
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What are the important things to remember when taking a car for rent in Dubai?

  • It is very important to check the condition of the car before you finally get on board. Try to take a test drive and check for any kind of earlier damage to the car. If you notice any, bring the same to the notice of the service provider before taking the car under your responsibility.
  • The eligible driving age in UAE is 22 years and most of the car rentals do not offer rentals to people below the same age. However, some companies even offer rentals to people above 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license if you need.
  • It is very important to have insurance cover while renting a car. Check what all the provided insurance offers carefully before booking.

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Can tourists rent a car in Dubai?

Yes, tourists can easily rent a car in Dubai if they have all the valid documents required by the car rentals and have a valid driving age and license. Moreover, tourists can even book monthly car rentals in Dubai to enjoy their elongated stays in the beautiful country.

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How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai?

Dubai car rentals offer cars for almost every budget. The cost of renting a car in Dubai starts from as low as AED 65/day and may go up to as high as AED 5000/day, depending upon the car that you choose.

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How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai for a month?

If you wish to get just a basic monthly car rental, it may start from as low as AED 1500. However, if you are looking towards riding a premium luxury car, monthly rentals may go as high as 105000/month, based on the car that you pick for your company in Dubai.

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What is the best time to visit Dubai?

The months from November to April are considered the best to explore the beautiful city of Dubai. Dubai experiences winters during this time, which allows you to explore the beauty of this ultra-rich city in the best way possible. The temperatures during this time are quite decent and allow you ample fun outdoor time.

How many days are enough for Dubai?

To experience the best of Dubai and not to miss out on any of the major attractions of this beautiful city, it is recommended to have at least 5 complete days in your hands while planning a trip.

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Dubai Car Rentals Reviews

Siddhran Dwivedi
Reviewed: 04 Feb 2022
Thrillophilia really made the whole process of renting a car in Dubai and exploring the differentplaces here….. their team is very professional and take care of all the needs. Through Thrillophilia, we rented a car to explore the Dubai Marina area. The driver cum guide was very experienced, the car ... Read More
Harmeet Singh
Reviewed: 23 Jan 2022
We wanted a short but comfortable tour around the Dubai Marina and decided to go with this one. The car we got was clean and comfortable. Our driver took us across the main destinations and shared some interesting stories as well. Thanks Thrillophilia!!
Priyank Chhabra
Reviewed: 19 Jan 2022
A pocket friendly and comfortable way of sightseeing around the Marina. Our driver picked us up at the scheduled time and we traveled quite comfortably. Stopped at the Marina to visit the two beaches then took the car ride back to the hotel again.
Reviewed: 11 Mar 2021
I booked a one-day car rental with Thrillophilia to enjoy a hassle-free excursion. The car provided by the team was well-maintained and sanitized. Our driver was English-speaking and kept us updated about the famous landmarks that fall en-route. The car rental was the best way to explore Dubai Marin... Read More
Chandi Khan
Reviewed: 07 Feb 2021
During my family vacation to Dubai, we wanted to rent a car so that we could explore the different places here. Since we knew Thrillophilia has such facilities, we took their help, and rented a private car to explore the Dubai Marina area. We were picked up from our hotel by a very experienced drive... Read More

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