Aventura Park Dubai Overview

Nestled between wide acres of lush Ghaf forest, Aventura Park is Dubai’s largest outdoor adventure destination. The focus at Aventura Park is ziplining, although the obstacle courses here include a variety of other adventures such as bridge crossing and climbing. The park features several separate courses that are segregated in terms of age and height, with visitors opting for courses that suit them best. The Park also conducts special nature-based activities for children, such as nature trails, wildlife spotting and guided self-exploration.

Sprawling across vast desert forests, Aventura Parks is a unique destination for the entire family. Well suited to an adventurer’s tastes, the Park offers a series of uniquely designed circuits riddled with ziplines, rope activities and walkway adventures that seeks to challenge you both physically and mentally. 

No matter what your age is, you are sure to find something that meets your taste in Aventura Parks. In fact, the park features special attractions catering especially to its younger crowd- whether it be the MiniKids playground, or the low-level obstacle course at Rangers circuit. On the other hand, adults and other seasoned adventurers can spend a happening time at the Thriller, Aventura and Extreme circuits, each featuring a complex array of ziplines and ropewalks.

Apart from its circuits, Aventura Parks also offers a number of exciting challenges- the Leap of Faith tests one's grasp over heights; Himalaya challenger’s a climber’s strength with its 12-meter climb; Cat Walk requires one to navigate a log without falling over and Jacob’s Ladder is a team activity where groups of two must conquer a massive ladder to the very top.

If you are tired of adventure, or simply don’t have a taste for it, you could always opt for the Nature’s Trail activity, where groups are led down the forest road in a nature exploration trip. The Park also features a cafe, the Chris Cafe, where one can stop for a drink or snack when tired.

Although the circuits and challenges are the main attractions at Aventura, the Park also offers several specially curated group activities for children as well as adults. While younger visitors can spend a day partaking in activities such as Amazing Race or Odyssey, or even spend a night camping, older groups can opt for special experiences such as the Aventura Word Hunt or the Aventura Park Fun.

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• Explore the thrilling zipline adventures set out across the beautiful Ghaf forests
• Challenge yourself to the more extreme adventures at the park, either solo or with a trusted partner
• Go on a guided nature walk as you explore the natural bounty of Aventura Park
• Sign your children up for a fun filled nature-based camping experience
• Take a quick snack break at Cafe Chris, the in-house bistro and cafe at Aventura Park

Other Essential Information

Aventura Challenges at Aventura Park Dubai 

1. Leap of faith: An adventure fueled by courage and adrenaline, the Leap of Faith challenge involves climbing up a 5-meter pole and then leaping to touch a ball suspended at some distance. This fun adventure can be attempted by anyone above the age of 12, and is an entirely guided adventure.

2. Cat walk: Test out your feline instincts by embarking on the catwalk. Walk across a suspended log on a harness, with the aim to cross from one end to the next without tripping and falling. If the first round is not sufficiently challenging for you, you could turn up the notch by taking the walk back, blindfolded and turned away.

3. Himalya: If Mountain climbing is your forte, then Himalaya will be right up your alley. The 12-meter-long climb lets one ascend up it with the aid of support and harness. The 30-minute adventure tests how far you can go before your time is exhausted. Once at the summit, the climber is rewarded with a sweeping view of the surrounding Graf forests.

4. Jacob's Ladder: Jacobs Ladder is a two-person sport that needs each group to ascend upward on a massive wooden ladder. As the height increases, so does the distance between the rungs of the ladder, forcing one to devise new means of climbing.

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Nature Trail

An experience befitting for adults and children alike, the Adventure Nature Trail is a great way to explore the local flora and fauna thriving in the Emirates. This guided tour takes its participants through the rugged walkways of the Aventura forests, occasionally stopping for a quick lesson and explanation. Each participant is equipped with a nature booklet which features a map and a host of fun DIY activities. 

The natural trail lasts for an hour, and is marked by 30 different stops where participants can halt and learn something now. There are several points of interest dotting the trail as well. The boneyard, for example, is a great hit among children, who can dig through the sand here and try to identify the bones uncovered. The trail crosses a petting zoo as well, where participants get to interact and play with the Park’s pet bunnies. 

An hour’s walk through the forest leads the group to the Aventura Nature Tent, where the walk ends with an interactive question and answer. Although the walk is open to all, children under the age of 12 must be in the company of a supervising adult in order to partake in it.

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Aventura Field Trips & Educational Programs

1. Adventure Park fun : A fun activity well suited to big groups up to 150, the Adventure Park fun takes children through a series of obstacle courses in the heart of Aventura. Students are challenged with a variety of walkways and ziplines between the trees as they navigate their way through the circuit. The activity lasts about 4 to five hours, and is open to anyone above the age of 6.

2. Aventura Word Hunt : Combining adventure with fun challenges, the Aventura Word Hunt requires players to find words hidden around the circuit. Students are divided into groups of 8 to 12, with each group navigating a specialized circuit that is adapted to their age requirements. The activity lasts about 4-5 hours, and is open to anyone above the age of 7.

3. Aventura Discovery: The Aventura Discovery activity is designed to inculcate into children an appreciation for nature and a knack for survival skills. The sport combines a variety of circuits well suited to children, such as the Mini-Kids circuit, along with a number of activities like nature trails and sustainable gardens. The recommended age for the activity is 3 to 7 years.

4. NATURE trail Plus: The Nature trail Plus experience combines the Nature Trail with the One Circuit Pass. This means, not only do participants of the activity get to explore the best of Dubai’s flora and fauna, but also conquer ziplines, swings and bridges as they do so. The activity is well suited to older children as well, with the recommended age here being 6-18.

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5. Amazing Race: Named after the famous televised race, Aventura Parks’ Amazing Race requires participants to work through a series of clues to get through a race spread across 35,000 meters of desert forest. The activity, well suited to children between 7 and 18, requires participants to split into teams and practice their team building efforts. The participants must also navigate through a series of obstacles as they go by, and are fitted with harnesses. 

6. Odyssey: Designed to build communication and team building skills in children, Odyssey requires teams to make their way through a series of rope courses before reaching an end. The one circuit experience is also included as a part of Odyssey, for students to climb through ziplines and bridges as they make their way across the forest.

7. Adventure Overnight: Adventure Overnight is Aventura Park’s special character-building course, where students are taught the basics of wilderness survival. The experience involves overnight camping at the park, along with specialized courses such as knot tying, gathering water and more. Participants also get to participate in the largest Adventure Park ropes course in the Middle East.

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8. Sustainability and Adventure: Like the nature trail, Sustainability and Adventure true, promotes nature-based education in a fun way. Created in collaboration with Eedama, the activity seeks to educate children on the ways of composting, farming and urban planning along with hands-on experience. The adventure also includes a one circuit experience.

9. Leader is You! With a focus on adventure, the Leader is You! Offers a series of indoor and outdoor activities that require students to practice emotional intelligence, team building and leadership development. The activity is specially designed for teenagers, and is open to anybody between the ages of 12 and 18.

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10. What Makes Me Tick? What Makes Me Tick is a special character building Programme that lets students chart their ‘Inner Motivation Profile.’ Tying psychometry with adventure, the activity includes a host of obstacles and workshops that lets students come closer to their inner games and gain a better understanding of their true character, motives and desires.

Aventura Camps  

1. Summer Camps: To escape the troubling Dubai Heat, Aventura Park conducts its summer camp Programme in a controlled indoor environment. Partnering up with Science Made Fun, the camp delivers a specialized STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education. Participants also get to take part in a host of low rope courses. 

2. Steam and Performing Arts for Summer Camps : The Steam and Performing Arts Camp promises an all-round experience with its theory courses and fun performative experiences. While the STEAM education is delivered through a series of hands-on activities such as Crazy Chemistry, Environmental Avengers, and much more, the performing arts include musical training, games, open mics and so on.

3. Winter Camps: Set amidst the Ghaf forests, Winter Camps offer a real-life outdoor camping experience to children. Along with the basic camping activities, participants are also taught a series of survival skills.

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4. Aventura Tribes: One of Aventura’s most elaborate programs, the Aventura Tribe activity is individually tailored to meet the requirements of each different group taking part in it. The fun and engaging programmes require participants to form groups and go through a series of obstacles together. 

5. Values in  Action Workshop: The Value in Action is a special workshop that uses the categories of the psychometric Reiss Motivation profile to create separate Profiles for all participants. The workshop then designs its activities based on the profile of each individual participant, facilitating personality development and character building. 

6. Aventura Mavericks: Aventura mavericks is a custom team building experience. Set against the natural backdrop of the Ghaf forests, the activities here are curated to each group’s requirements. The Aventura Mavericks is a great choice for product launches, corporate events and family gatherings. 

7. Aventura Team Challenges: With the aim to promote group sports, Aventura Team Challenges combines a series of adventures from the Team Building Programme and the Aventura Obstacle course to create a fun learning atmosphere for adults.

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Corporate Team Building Programs

1. Adventure Park Fun: Pushing participants to test their physical limits, Adventure Park Fun is a special outdoor obstacle course for adults. Harnessed to a support, participants get to navigate ropewalks, climbing boards and ziplines as they make their way through the forest. No special physical fitness is required for the adventure.

2. Adventure Park Plus: A fun group sport, Adventure Park Plus combines a thrilling array of indoor and outdoor adventure activities. The activity can accommodate groups of all sizes between 5-120. The package also includes a meal at Chris Cafe, the in-house cafe at Aventura Park.

3. Aventura Word Hunt: A fun and fast paced activity, Aventura Word Hunt combines adventure sports with brain teasers. Participants are divided into groups which must navigate their way through the forest, trying to find words hidden around the circuit. This group activity lasts about 4 hours.

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Places to visit & Things to do Near Aventura Park 

1. Dubai Dolphinarium: A unique indoor family entertainment centre, the Dolphinarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. The Dolphinarium is best known for its dolphin and seal show, where one can witness the friendly animals play and dance to music.

The Swim with Dolphins Programme here also lets visitors take a dip in the pool with the house dolphins here. In addition to these, the Dolphinarium also conducts a bird show, where one can watch a great number of colorful birds perform tricks in the air!

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2. Enjoy at IMG Worlds of Adventure: Dubai’s largest indoor adventure destination, IMG Worlds of Adventure- as its name indicates- encompasses within itself several little themed ‘worlds or zones of pure thrill and adventure. While the Lost Valley takes you through a host of Jurassic themed adventures, Cartoon Network takes you back to your childhood while Marvel brings to life the world of superheroes, and so on.

 Apart from its thrills and attractions, the theme park also offers a comprehensive dining and shopping experience, along with a theatre that frequently airs movies and shorts.

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3. Zabeel Park: Spanning across 52 acres, this beautiful public park is known for its design and architectural brilliance. Apart from rolling green lawns fitted with picnic and barbecue areas, the park features a series of attractions both unique and aesthetically stunning- an illuminated garden, a suspension bridge and a pair of city models are only some of them.

Although the park is a great place for evening strolls or picnics, one can also make use of its sports courses here.

4. Go to Laguna Waterpark: Nestled on the shores of the La Mer beach, Laguna Waterpark is one of Dubai’s biggest water adventure destinations. Apart from a host of slides and rides, the Park features a lazy river and a surfing zone as well.

Several beach cabanas line the park along the shore, where one can simply kick back and relax. One can find several food stalls and shacks around the park as well, to hop in for a quick bite.

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5. Wild Wadi Waterpark: Thanks to Dubai’s warm weather, Wild Wadi is a popular visit throughout the year. The extensive outdoor water park is home to over 20 rides and thrill attractions that promise to keep you on your feet throughout your stay.

Those looking for a quieter time could head to the Lazy River instead, while children are sure to feel right at home at the Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon playground. Additionally, the waterpark also features a surfing zone, where one can try their hand at the sport on mechanically generated waves.

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6. Visit Legoland® Dubai: A fun adventure destination for the whole family, Legoland Dubai prides itself in its assortment of child friendly thrills and rides, each built out of gigantic pieces of Lego.

The theme park features a water park as well as a dry land park, with the former featuring several rides for adult visitors as well. Additionally, Legoland also conducts several tours and shows throughout the year, including the fantastic Lego factory tour.

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7. Explore Bollywood Parks™ Dubai: Nestled in the India Gate zone of the famous Riverland, Bollywood Park in Dubai is a theme park like no other. As its name suggests, the Park pays tribute to Indian Bollywood cinema throughout the years. The theme park features a host of thrill rides and attractions, along with an auditorium, gift shops and several cafes.

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8. See Dubai Frame: Rising to a height of 130 meters above the ground, this striking landmark is regarded as the “largest photo frame in the world”. An elevator ride leads to the top of the Frame, where one can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city that surround it. The illuminated glass walkway at the suspension bridge enriches the experience here. The top of the Frame also features a cafe, where one can enjoy a quick bite with a view.

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9. Visit Dubai Garden Glow: Adorned with decorative lights, Dubai Garden Glow might be one of the magical places to visit in the city. The Park is divided into several themed zones- the Glow Park, Dino Park and the Ice Park are some of them.

 Elaborate flowers and animal displays made entirely out of handmade lights can be found scattered around the park, imbuing it with an ethereal charm.

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10. Take a visit to Adventureland: Known for its awe-inspiring, uniquely designed rides, Adventureland is an immersive adventure experience for the entire family. Nestled within a jungle setting, the indoor park features several family attractions and games designed to suit visitors of all ages. The Park also features special ‘kiddie rides’, or toy-car safaris that go around the indoor park as a regular safari trail does.

Tips for visiting Aventura Park

1. A general 3-hour admission ticket grants you access to all circuits in the park 

2. If you’re not one for rope adventures, you could always opt for a Nature Trail adventure or snack at the cafe here 

3. To save time, its best to arrive a little earlier than the scheduled time of arrival 

4. For a specially tailored experience, you could opt for any of the corporate or team packages offered by Aventura.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
02:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Point of Interest for Aventura Park Dubai


Built within a natural forest environment, MiniKids is a specialized playground made especially for children between the ages of 4 and 8. A variety of swinging and walking platforms cut across the trees here, encouraging children to navigate their way through them on their own. The activity is always overseen by the camp supervisors, making sure that your young ones are in safe hands.

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Another attraction designed especially for the younger audience; Rangers is a specialized adventure circuit featuring obstacles at low heights. The short, easy challenges can be navigated by the children on their own, although parents are allowed to accompany their young ones into the circuit as well.

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Offering a family bonding experience, this adventure can be attempted by visitors across all ages. This exploration circuit is riddled with fairly easy challenges comprising bridges and ziplines that parents can navigate alongside their children.



Zipping its way through a stunning landscape, the Thriller adventure is Aventura Park’s proudest possession. The adventurer here must make their way through 9 consecutive ziplines before finally embarking on a 160-meter-long line, which is the longest zipline in all of Dubai. There are no obstacles to overcome here. Having harnessed themselves to the zipline, riders need only hand tight and enjoy the scenery as it passes them by.

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This complex navigation trail is designed exclusively for adults. Starting fairly slowly, the circuit increases in difficulty as one progresses further into it, finally ending with three consecutive zip lines in a row.

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Possibly the most complex circuit in Aventura Park, Extreme is designed for thrill seekers and daredevils. The Extreme adventure consists of the highest and most difficult of obstacles in the park- adventurers will have to make their way through a series of complex rope walks and surfboard adventure through the trees, before finally embarking on the notorious Tarzan Jump where one would literally need to leap across 25 meters to reach from one side of the obstacle to the next.

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One Circuit Experience

One Circuit Experience

The one circuit experience is an adventure pass to 90 minutes of pure fun. The experience lets you make your selection between four circuits- Rangers, Explorador, Aventura and Xtreme. Harnessed for 90 minutes, the rider can choose to exploit their time as much as they can before the pass expires.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Aventura Park Dubai FAQs

How to reach Aventura Park?

By Road: Aventura Park is well connected to the rest of the city by road, and one can easily travel here by private car or a shared cab. The bus travelling on route 11A would also take you to the park.

By Metro: The nearest metro station to Aventura is the Etisalat Metro Station on the Green Line and Rashidiya Metro Station on the Red Line. A 10-minute cab ride from either of these places would take you to Aventura Parks.

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What are Aventura Park timings?

Sunday- Thursday, except Holidays: 02.00PM- 10.00PM

Friday, Saturday and Holidays: 09.00AM- 11.00PM

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What should we wear?

Close-toed shoes that are well suited to running and climbing Long pants that cover knees, for many of the activities here involve scrambling through rough patches Sunglasses, sunhats could be a great way to avoid the heat Dresses and skirts should avoided as they’re incompatible with harnesses Comfortable and loose t shirts, preferable of cotton or any comfortable material Long haired should be tied back for safety reasons.

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What is the minimum age for entry?

There is no age limit for entry to Aventura Parks. However, several circuits here have age and height restrictions which must be individually enquired after.

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Does Aventura Park cater to large groups?

Yes, Aventura Park can cater to large as well as small groups. About 20-400 participants can be accommodated in total, with a variety of uniquely curated challenges.

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How long can I stay in Aventura Park?

Timing at Aventura Parks depends on the type of ticket you purchase. Typically, harnesses at the park are rented out for three hours in total, including a safety briefing. One circuit experience lasts an hour and a half long. The nature trail or cafe can be visited before or after the experience.

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Who can take part in Adventure Park activities?

Aventura Park does not restrict its attractions from anyone. Anybody who is physically fit and healthy can take part in the circuits here, despite their age. However, some of the circuits have age restrictions, which must be checked individually.

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What safety measures are there at Aventura Parks?

At Aventura Parks, one’s safety is of the highest priority. All participants are trained to use the equipment and lessons on safety precautions before each activity. Moreover, all activities are supervised by trained professionals who are always ready to help riders as and when needed.

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