Fun At Children's City Overview

A colourful mélange of interactive and learning spaces at Children’s City in Dubai catches numerous eyes. This is the first educational city in UAE which give the children between 2 and 15 a vast space to observe, explore, play and discover a lot of things. The city welcomes school groups and families to interact with each other and make learning easier and filled with fun.

The city has been renovated with new items and it opens the flamboyant vistas of earth science, space exploration, human body, computer and communication and there are a nature centre, a planetarium and a toddlers’ area as well.

Highlights: One of the major highlights is the simulator where the kids can fly on a magic carpet or ride a camel. The signs presented are in English and Arabic.

Gate 1, Creekside Park، Al Riyadh Streets, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located at a distance of about 9.5 kms from Dubai city.

The Children’s Park will be open on all days from 9:00 am to 08:00 pm and on Fridays it will be open from 03:00 pm to 09:00 pm.

Adults should pay Dh 15 and children between 2 and 15 have to pay Dh 10. But an additional fee at the park entrance should be paid which is Dh 5.

Dubai Children's City is UAE’s first educational city to investigate, explore and learn everything about your surroundings. This place is entirely dedicated to children falling in the age group of 2 to 15 years as those are the most crucial years to lay a strong educational foundation.

Dubai Children’s City is a three-storeyed building and is located close to Creek Park. What makes this place more unique is that here, your child learns how to interact and share his views and opinions with his peers. You could find the presence of several exhibits and interactive programs explicitly designed to train young minds with the natural happenings. Computer, communication, space exploration, nature trail, exploring the human body and others are some of these interactive sessions where your child can participate in.

Throughout the year, the Dubai Children’s City schedules educational workshops to familiarize your child with all the live, national and international cultures around him.

Play Space of the Dubai Children’s City is a vast zone where your child can construct his own house or a bridge. Here, he can also be a part of the recycling team and work on recycling rubbish or be a member of the Children’s City production line. There are innumerable activities to keep your young ones engaged for long hours. There are super-sized computers and other latest technological advancements where technology curious minds may find quality time to invest.

Earth Science Gallery, Planetarium, Toddler’s Area, The Way We Live, International Culture, Nature Centre, Human Body, Space Exploration, and Resource Centre are some of the zones within the Dubai Children’s City.

Dubai Children’s City provides free Wi-Fi facilities, rental facilities, membership services, Braille stories, wheelchair services, baby carriages, umbrella services and locker facilities. The moment you feel hungry, make your way to the Malik Burger, which is located on the ground floor of the Dubai Children’s City. It serves some snacks and other sweet treats. Also, there’s a café called Bon Voyage Children’s City café which overlooks the garden that stretches beyond it.

How To Reach

Here’s how you can make your way from Dubai Airport to the Dubai Children’s City – 

Route 1 – 

Make your way to the Boutik Mall. Here, you will get a bus to drop you at the Zayed 1st St/ St 6. Next, catch Bus No. 34. Get down either at Abu Dhabi Bus Station or Sultan Bin Zayed Station. Bus No. 34 runs after every 30 minutes. Once you get down, head in the direction of Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station – 01. Catch Bus No. E101 from Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Station. Board off at Abu Dhabi, Samha – 02. Reach Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to catch Bus No. E100. Get down at Al Ghubaiba Bus Station – 01 and walk in the direction of Raffa – 01. Wait at Wafi Residencies until you see a Bus No. C7. Get down at Creek Park Main Gate – 01 and finally walk in the direction of Children’s City which is at a distance of around 240 m. 

Route 2 – 

From Dubai International Airport, you first need to walk in the direction of Zayed 1st St/ Police Station. Take Bus No. 7 from Boutik Mall Bus Station. Once you are on board, get down at Zayed 1st St / St 6 and travel towards Tabreed to catch Bus No. 34. This bus will drop you at the Sultan Bin Zayed St or Abu Dhabi Bus Station. From here, you need to walk towards Abu Dhabi, Central Bus Station – 01. Reach Ibn Battuta Metro Stop to catch Bus No. E101 and get down at Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Station – 04. Reach Burjuman Metro Station. Take an exit from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St and walk towards British Embassy – 01. Catch Bus No. C7 from Wafi Residencies to Creek Park Main Gate – 01. Your final destination is now at a distance of around 240 m.

Route 3 – 

First, catch Bus No. 7 From Boutik Mall. Get down at Zayed 1st St/ St 6 and board a Bus No. 34 from Tabreed to Sultan Bin Zayed St or Abu Dhabi Bus Station. Walk in the direction of Abu Dhabi Bus Station – 01. Catch Bus No. E101 from Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop and make your way to Abu Dhabi, Samha - 02. Next, find a Bus No. E100 at Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and get down after three stops. Walk in the direction of Endurance City Terminus for Bus No. 67 to Wafi City - 01. From here, your final destination is at a distance of around 1.24km. 

Best Time To Visit

Summers is the best time to visit the Dubai Children’s City as its vacation time for your children. If possible, plan your visit to the Dubai Children’s City during its opening hours to enjoy it to the fullest. Also, try to avoid weekends as Dubai Children’s City is the busiest place during weekends. 

Other Essential Information

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) – Morning 09:00 am to evening at 07:00 pm. 

Weekends (Friday and Saturday) – 02:00 pm to evening at 07:00 pm. 

Sunday – Morning 09:00 am to evening 07:00 pm 


Here’s the pricing chart for your visit to Dubai Children’s City – 

Children (2 to 15 years old): 10 AED (197.22 INR)

Adults (16+ years) : 15 AED (280.85 INR)

Family (Inclusive of two adults and two children): 40 AED (748.92 INR)

Tips for Visiting Children's city

- You are requested to supervise your own children throughout your visit. 

- It is your responsibility to ensure that your child participates in all the interactive sessions. Participation will help him to reap out the maximum benefit from his or her visit.

- Whenever one gallery is entirely crowded, please move ahead towards another gallery. Meanwhile, you can take a refreshment break and return back. Avoid crowding exhibits and programs and co-operate with the officials of Dubai Children’s City. 

- Whatever educational aid you will be receiving on your return from Dubai Children’s City, make sure that you share it with others. 

- Before stepping inside the Dubai Children’s City, it is essential to make it a note that smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited. Kindly, do not carry any accessories related to it. 

- Punctuality is the essence of entertainment. Be punctual throughout your visit to the Dubai Children’s City to reap the maximum benefits from the live performances, exhibits and workshops. 

- Once you are within the premises of the Dubai Children’s City, avoid running here and there. Running will only give rise to mishaps and accidents. Enjoy a peaceful edutainment at the Dubai’s first every informative city. 

- Although Dubai Children’s City does not have any predefined dress code, you are requested to dress up with a decent one. 

- You won't be allowed to carry and food or drinks around the exhibits and galleries. Also, chewing gums won't be entertained.

- You are responsible for the well-being of your companions and your belongings. 

- Make the best use of the locker facility available at the bottom floor of the Dubai Children’s City. Be careful that you don’t store your valuable stuff within those lockers. 

- Dubai Children’s City provides Braille story facilities. 

- Specially equipped elevators with sidearms, auto door facilities, wheelchair facility, integrated toilets, and specialized car parking facilities are available at the Dubai Children’s City. 
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Fun At Children's City FAQs

Is outside food allowed in the Children’s city?

A You won’t be allowed to carry any outside food within the premises of Dubai Children’s City. However, there is a food point named Malik Burger, located on the ground floor. In case you feel hungry during your visit, you may seek assistance from the Dubai Children’s City authorities and reach your final destination.

For what age group is children’s city suitable for?

A Dubai Children’s City is suitable for children falling within the age group of 2 to 15 years. This is the period when you are curious to learn and explore new things in life.

What is unique about Children's City Dubai?

Children’s City Dubai is the first-ever and one-of-its-kind educational city of UAE where your child can investigate, explore, play, and learn about the surrounding world. Although it is specifically meant for boosting your child’s curiosity, the activities here are at their best when enjoyed with family or in groups. You can find a heap of events and interactive sessions such as nature centre, computer and communication, space exploration, and planetarium.

Is the locker facility available?

There is a piece of an area on the ground floor which is entirely dedicated for storing your luggage. You can ask the Dubai Children’s City’s authorities to guide your way.

Can adults also enjoy Children’s city?

Yes, Dubai Children’s City is engineered in such a way that it provides a bundle of entertainment for all its guests irrespective of their age groups.

Are there different timings for Ramadan for Children's City Dubai?

During Ramadan, Dubai Children’s City stays operational from morning 09:30 am to an afternoon at 02:30 pm. Also, throughout the festive season of Ramadan, Dubai Children’s City will remain closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Is photography allowed in the children’s city?

You can click as many pictures as you want within the Dubai Children’s City. Besides capturing your special moments, you can make the best use of a studio service, which is present on the ground floor of the Dubai Children’s City. If you are planning to click photographs for official use, you will have to raise an early request in the said context at the visitor’s service desk. You can ask the officials at the entrance to direct you to the visitor’s service desk.

Does the children’s city have a wheelchair and stroller facility?

Yes, Dubai Children’s City provides wheelchair and stroller facilities. You can connect with the Dubai Children’s City’s authorities at the entrance in this regard.

Is there a medical room in the children’s city?

Dubai’s Children City has both a nursing and a mother’s room for temporary medical and feeding conditions. For emergency situations, the authorities present there will help you in getting to the nearby medical centres.

Are there any Cafes inside children’s city?

Yes, there are café facilities within the Dubai Children’s City. You may find the café - Bon Voyage Children’s City Café to be present on the ground floor of the Dubai Children’s City.

Do I need to book in advance for Children’s city?

There is no need to pre-book your Dubai Children’s City’s ticket in advance if you are planning your visit during weekdays. Weekends usually tend to be crowdy; hence, it is good to pre-book your entrance tickets to avoid standing in a queue.

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