Al Hajar Mountain Overview

Escape into the calm of the Al Hajar Mountains, one of the largest mountains in the Arabian Peninsula. Voyagers who wish to take the tour can do so on a four-wheeler or a full-day safari. For hikers, this is heaven they would love to explore. Hikers and campers need to carry their food and water along with any camping equipment they need. Apart from hiking, tourists can engage in rock climbing and explore sites like Al-Khutum, Al-Ayn, and Bat. Do note to keep all the important documents. 

It’s time to break away from the noise and escape to the serenity of Al Hajar Mountain. Touted as a great adventure voyage, the mountains in Hatta are the largest mountains in the Arabian Peninsula. The mountains are a welcome sight for hiking enthusiasts for their sheer beauty and rugged terrain. A great way to take the trip is on a four-wheeler or by booking a full-day safari tour. The Al Hajar Mountain is located only a few hours away from Dubai and to visit here, it is imperative to have all your documents in place. For the hikers it is important to backpack important items of food and water and camping equipment should they want to set up a camp.

Camps can be set anywhere except the cultivation areas or in the wadis of the region as camping on higher spots can get extremely risky. Ensure to take coats and blankets as it gets very chilly at night. Apart from trekking, one can also indulge in rock climbing which is a very popular activity here but getting appropriate equipment is important. The Al Hajar mountains also have many historical spots such as Al-Khutum, Al-Ayn, and Bat. Exploring these is a revelation for history and archeology lovers.


• Al Hajar mountains located a few hours from Dubai is the largest mountain range in the Arabian Peninsula
• These mountains are a great place for hikers, climbers, and history lovers for their breathtaking views and rugged terrains.
• One can embark on this trip either on a four-wheeler or by booking a full-day safari well in advance.
• Apart from hiking one can indulge in rock climbing or visit spots such as Al-Khutum, Al-Ayn, and Bat
• For campers and hikers, it usually gets very cold hence it is best to stuff your bag with thick coats or blankets.
• The hikers and rock climbers have to carry their own supplies and equipment so as to ensure they are not exposed to any risk.
• The campers can camp anywhere barring the cultivated land and the wai region as it might pose serious risks especially to those who are unprepared.
• Please ensure all your documents are in place.

How To Reach

If you plan to reach the mountains from Dubai then one can take a bus or hire a cab to reach within 6 hours. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Al Hajar Mountains is between October and April where the temperatures are relatively cooler.But even in summer season, it gets cold even to 0 degrees hence better to make provisions for the same.

Other Essential Information

How to Plan a Trip to the Scenic Hajar Mountains Near Dubai

The breathtaking trip to the Al Hajar mountains is going to stay with you lifelong for the sheer experience. Located a few hours away from the hustle of Dubai, the mountain range is a great way to relax, undertake physical strength challenges and enjoy. Plan your trip, and the activities you want to take part in and pack efficiently so that you can enjoy the trip to the fullest without any regrets.

Things to Keep in Mind Be Prepared

It is extremely important to have all the documents laid out well. Although Al Hajar Mountains are located in the UAE, most of its terrain is Oman. If one is seeking to visit that part which is in Oman, then it is crucial to check on the visa regulations and ensure all the passport requirements are fulfilled. Do note that the Al Hajar mountains are away from the city and have very few people in the vicinity. Hence ensure all the necessary provisions, food, water, medicinal supplies, etc are packed in. There are a few villages close by but for hiking and camping requirements it is unlikely they get any equipment or gadgets there. It is safe to carry your own input so that you enjoy the visit and activities to the fullest.

Campaign Safely

The campers are free to camp anywhere but they are not allowed to camp in cultivated areas. The mountain range, especially at night, gets freezing cold even in the hot summers. The temperatures may drop down to 0 degrees celsius hence it is important to get your thick coats, warm blankets, socks, and gloves with you. If you are camping then camping gear for cooking and sleeping also will be needed. It also is important to know that camping in the different wadis of the locale for higher camping sites should be avoided. The main reason behind this is that sometimes the Wadis get crowded as everyone wants to set higher camps and can be extremely dangerous for novice campers.

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Point of Interest for Al Hajar Mountain
Trek Along the Mountains

Trek Along the Mountains

One of the most pursued activities while in the Al Hajar mountains is trekking. Hikers will love to tread past the rocky mountains with your company and relish the surrounding views. Ensure you have the refreshments with you ready which can be enjoyed at vantage points of the mountain.

Discover Fauna and Flora

Discover Fauna and Flora

The Al Hajar mountains also boast of diverse varieties of flora and fauna. There is rich cultivation of pomegranate, apricot, olive, and fig trees. With respect to fauna, medium-sized wild cats also known as Arabian Caracals can be sometimes spotted.

Campaigning in Hajar Mountains

Campaigning in Hajar Mountains

The Al Hajar Mountains also have become a popular choice for camp lovers to camp amidst the beautiful locales and exotic sights. If you wish to camp then get your camping gadgets and equipment to enhance your camping experience. Pick your site, get your food ready cooked in the mountains, and gaze at the stars while you are at it. A great way to unwind and relax at your pace away from the hustle of the city.

Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais

The northwestern portion of the Al Hajar Mountains has Jebel Jais which is the highest peak in the UAE. Standing tall with a height of 1,934 metres, Jebel Jais has over the years gained immense popularity. The Jebel Jais also is a popular place for entertainment activities right from zip lining to trekking. One can choose their favourite spot and also gaze at the sights right in front of you.

Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet

This is a dominating skyline standing at a height of 1,249 metres. It is also called Jebel Hafit and is a great spot to sit, chat, soak in the views, and take selfies. Jebel Hafeet also has several activities in which you can indulge.

Hatta Mountains

Hatta Mountains

Another majestic part of the Al Hajar Mountains is the Hatta Mountains. The rugged landscape and the desert is one of the top highlights. One can also visit the Hatta Heritage Village which has a very old fort and a mosque dating back to the 16th century.

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Al Hajar Mountain FAQs

Where is Hajar mountain located?

The Hajar Mountains are located in the Northern Oman region stretching along the northern part of Oman to the UAE. A significant part of the range is The Jabal Akhdar which is a 3-hour drive from Muscat. 

How high are the Hajar Mountains?

The elevation of the Hajar mountains is 3009 metres. Hajar Mountains are among the eastern Arabian Peninsula's tallest mountain ranges.

Why are the Hajar mountains so famous?

One of the biggest reasons for the Hajar mountains to be famous is their trekking attraction. People who are long-life hikers, as well as novices, love to visit here to explore the conditions. Camping also contributes to the popularity of the Hajar Mountains.

What are the best things to experience while going to the Hajar Mountains?

  1. Jebel Shams Balcony Walk - One of the best hikes that capture unique views into the canyon of Sonnenberg. It also is the third largest Canyon in the world.
  2. Versteckter Pool - The pool can be found at the end of the Balcony Walk. The green water is not suitable for bathing but it is good for a short cool dip.
  3. Festung Nizwa - One of the most ancient forts in the area as well as the most visited when people come here. The Festung Nizwa is a great place for beautiful views and pics.

Which are the Al Hajar Mountains Wadis to visit?

  1. Wadi Bih - In the gargantuan Hajar Mountains the Wada Bih is counted in the most popular wadis. The wadi also called the Grand Canyon of the UAE is one of the largest mountains and has a unique rock formation and terrain.
  2. Wadi Shawka - Wadi Shawka is located in the Hajar Mountains of Ras Al Khaimah and is an agricultural area with many farms located in that region.
  3. Wadi Wurayah - This Wadi is sitting between the Bidiyah, Masafi, and Khorfakkan towns in the UAE and is home to various species of mammals and amphibians.

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