Laguna Waterpark Overview

Nestled in the heart of La Mer located right near the waters of the beach of Jumeirah, the Laguna Waterpark of Dubai gives you the frolic experiences of the world’s best water slides. Spread across magnanimously, the Laguna Waterpark is filled with thoroughly enjoyable water sports, unique slides, and beach activities.

The four themed zones and the five main slides will pump up the adrenaline rush when you experience the adventure. It presents you fun in multitudes like the lazy river, infinity pool lounge, cabanas, children’s play zone, beaches, and the best water slides where the water is temperature-controlled.

The place offers you a chance to learn surfboarding on Saturdays while the ladies are treated with a delightful time by the Lady’s Night on Thursdays. The best part about this beachfront destination is that it operates on all 365 days throughout the year. So, visit Dubai any time of the year and you will find Laguna Water Park always welcoming you.

The Laguna Water Park Tickets offers you promising thrill and splashing fun gets inspired by the gorgeous neighbourhood of La Boca that lies in the vibrant city of Argentina, The thrilling slides are the showstopper of the park. There are five main slides WaveOz180, Free Fall, Mad Racer, Constrictor, Flatline Loop body slide, and Manta raft ride. Also, there is Aqua Play and Splash Pad which will be found amusing by everyone.

They also provide with Cabanas to relax while sipping your favourite drink. The place offers you with bars and restaurants that are licensed and retail outlets for you to shop. One can also check out the beachfront of La Mer and fulfil your terms of vacation to Dubai. So, break the taboo of just visiting the glitz and glam of Dubai and do explore the thrilling splash of this beachy port stop.

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• A perfect water park to have fun, thrill, and relax with some refreshing drinks and exclusive dining.
• WaveOz 180 FlowRider is the star attraction of the waterpark that offers real-life surfing and boarding experience. The ride is one of the only three flowrider rides in the world.
• Boasts of several thrilling water rides like Manta, Mad Racer, Free Fall, and Loop that can give you a stomach flipping experience.
• Several kid-friendly attractions like Splash Pad, Lazy River, and Aqua Play to keep the kids safe and entertained.
• Exclusive evenings and nights like Kabayan Night and Ladies Night targeted to provide maximum fun to the ladies.
• 11 dedicated luxury cabanas to pause between the water rides and relax, refresh, and chit chat with friends and families.
• As Laguna Waterpark celebrates its third anniversary, entry tickets to the water park have been heavily discounted and are priced starting at AED 125.


• Wheelchair Accessible

How To Reach

Laguna Waterpark is known to be the heart of La Mer, as the place is known all over for being a beach destination. It is quite not possible for one to reach from the airport to Laguna Water Park directly and so one has to choose public transportation to reach the place.

Also one can take a cab from the airport and experience a short journey to reach the Business Bay station, two buses are running at regular intervals of time. One can take the Bus no.9 or Bus no.88 to reach the Village mall and from there you can easily find a taxi to reach the Laguna Water Park.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time of the year to visit the refreshing Laguna Water Park is considered to be the summertime usually as the splash of water would for sure refresh you amidst the sweltering summer heat. One should plan a visit to this ravishing park during February end of October beginning. Although the park can be visited throughout the year one can choose the holiday time to spend some fun hours here.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit around Laguna Waterpark Dubai 

1.) Hub Zero Dubai 

It is an astonishing theme park found near the Laguna Waterpark. The place is a state-of-the-art indoor theme park with sprawling zones and entertaining games. It displays a funky and amazingly designed virtual reality. A child as well as an adult-friendly place that will keep people of every age who searches for gaming fun, entertained with the best gaming experiences. One should unmistakably try a visit to this place when visiting Laguna Waterpark, Dubai.

2.) The Dubai Fountain 

A majestic place that is considered the world's one of the biggest fountains nestled on the Burj Khalifa lake spreading itself across the area of 12 hectares at the centre gorgeous Downtown Dubai. One should definitely give a visit to the Dubai Fountain to experience the magic of the light and musical fountain shows that will leave you spellbound. Experience the Majestic Views of Dubai by Booking Dubai Fountain Lake Ride Tickets

3.) The Lost Chambers Aquarium 

Providing a home to around more than 65000 marine animals The Lost Chambers Aquarium is considered as United States of Arab's biggest aquarium. It is based on the theme of Atlantis that consists of tunnels and halls and showcases the housing of marine life and how they are fed. So come and visit this place and rejuvenate yourself amidst the aquatic world. Click here to book: Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets

4.) The Green Planet By Meeras

A captivating place that is found near the Laguna Waterpark. It is a humongous botanical museum where you witness rainforest inside the walls with nature’s heavenly plants, birds and animals. Addressed on the location of City Walk and enjoy by booking Dubai Green Planet by Meeras Tickets

5.) Dubai Frame

If you wish to explore the architecture in Dubai and you are keen to know about it all then one should surely give a visit to Dubai's magnanimous architectural landmark, Dubai Frame. It is known to be the biggest picture frame on the whole planet. Experience 10X fun by booking Dubai Frame Tickets

6.) Ladies Night

As the sun sets, an exciting evening full of fun unfolds for all the ladies and girls every Thursday at Laguna Waterpark. This exclusive ladies-only night at Laguna water park lets the women and girls only gang to enjoy the star attractions of the theme park like Lazy River, the WaveOz 180, and the children's zone all for themselves.

This ladies night at the waterpark is open from 6.00 pm and goes late until midnight. Not just the visitors and guests, this whole evening is hosted by an all-female team so that all the women's gang here have utmost privacy and fun.

7.) Kabayan Night

This night is exclusive for the Kabayans(fellow Philippines) who can enjoy an amazing time from 4.00 Pm to 9.00 Pm at Laguna Waterpark. This heavily discounted weekend event gives the Kabayans access to the lazy river, surf zone, WaveOz 180 FlowRider and the kids' zone so that the Phillippinos can enjoy the time of their lives with their friends and families splashing through the waters and racing through the pools.

Prices for this awesome Kabayan night starts from AED 50 and is inclusive many surprising treats apart from general admission to the waterpark.

8.) Boutique Cabana Experiences

Laguna Waterpark turns itself into a boutique cabana with world-class cabanas that are loaded with all urban facilities so that you can give yourself a break from the water rides and rest, relax, and munch on some delicious quickbites. Each cabana has four luxury sun loungers, beach towels, a safe box, and complimentary soda or water beverage. Tickets for the basic Cabana Experience starts at AED 995 and come with goodies like free photo, and signature fruit platter.

The VIP Cabana Experience starts at AED 1,500 and offers even more exciting freebies.

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Ticket/Pass in Laguna Waterpark

1. Full-Day Pass- For a full day entry to the Laguna Waterpark one has to buy the full-day pass. One can buy the pass either directly from the gate or online also. The pass includes entry to all rides, beach and the play area.

Entry for infants of 2 and less have access to free entry. The price for the adults is AED 145 and INR 2718 if you book from the door whereas if you book online then the price comes down to AED 125 and INR 2343.

2. Ladies Night On Thursdays- For a fun lady's night at the Laguna Waterpark all the ladies are welcome to visit on Thursday as it is the night for the lovely women to rejoice in some leisure time. The lady's night begins at 7 pm and continues until midnight just for the ladies.

The park will also be run by a team of ladies. So if the ladies wish to enjoy more they can relax and chill out the new La Shisha till 2 am. The price for the passes is AED 125 and INR 2343.

3. Resident Annual Passes- The resident annual passes are a treat for residents of Dubai. One can buy the passes and can have access to the lavish Laguna Waterpark for any time of the year. They can also have access to the park for an annual weekday as well.

The price of this pass is AED 249 and INR 4667. The pass includes many more facilities attached to it like a free Roxy La Mer fun and also a discount on beverages, food and also on the retail merchandise of 10% to the people.

4. Exclusive Cabana Experience- If one wishes to have an amusing Cabana experience then you should buy this pass. There are 11 Cabanas especially reserved for the whole day and besides, it has entry valid for up to 4 guests.

Not just that it also clubs the private sun loungers, beach towels, locker, welcome drinks, cold towels and also provides you access to all the rides and the beach. The price of this pass is AED 1100 and INR 20,168.

5. Surf's Up on Saturdays- One can also make themselves entitled to the 3-hour surfing lesson from 9 am to 12 pm only on Saturdays. The price for this pass is AED 199 and INR 3730 along with a full day pass in which you will be accessible to all the rides and the boards will be made available to you at the WaveOz 180 FlowRider.

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Tips for Visiting Laguna Waterpark 

- It is suggested to carry these things while visiting the water park-like, comfortable Footwear, Camera, Sunglasses, Identity Card, Sunscreen, Towel, Bathing Suit and Extra Set of Clothes as the items will not be provided by the authorities.

- It is advisable to carry your swimwear as it is compulsory to wear for the rides in the park. One can also choose to buy the swimsuits at the retail outlets present in the park itself.

- Pre-booking of the admission tickets to the park is highly recommended to save time from standing in queues.

- You are strictly prohibited to carry outside beverages and food items. One can buy from the food outlets available in the park itself.

- You should always check the safety instructions before getting on the ride. One should be careful towards their children and so should be precautionary.

- Young children under 13 years of age should be always taken care of by their guardian that should be an adult.

- One can opt for the locker as it is available for your convenience but with additional cost.

- One should keep the timings of the park in mind while planning a visit. The Laguna Water Park is open from 10 am till 6 pm.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Point of Interest for Laguna Waterpark
Surf Zone

Surf Zone

WaveOz 180 Flow Rider: One of the only three world's 180 degree surf simulators, this ride is the star attraction of the park where surfers can surf through the 187-feet wall to wall waves. The ride can accommodate 3 to 4 surfers and also has amazing views of the sea to give you real-life surfing experience.

Splash Zone

Splash Zone

This kids friendly play area is actually a huge pool with slides and tipping buckets to keep them entertained. Lifeguards keep a watch here so you can safely leave your kids here and go about enjoying the adult rides.

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Splash Pad

Splash Pad

With several interactive elements adorning this pool like the squirting waters and the splash pool, this wet zone is great for younger children and elder toddlers.

Slides Zone

Slides Zone

This thrilling water slide can make your heart skip a beat as you splash down into the pool below in a glass enclosed capsule from a considerable height. Performed individually, this free fall slide is a super adventurous ride.

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Taking you through a completely dark panel with unexpected steep turns and imaginative optical illusions before you splash down into the pool below, this ride is sure to send chills down your spine. If you are scared of the dark, it is highly advisable to skip this ride as it is completely dark inside the capsule.

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The Loop

The Loop

This 360 degree horizontal loop down a translucent tube takes you on an adventurous ride before you settle down into the pool below after a heart-racing 3 to 5 minute drop.

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The Manta

The Manta

4 to 6 thrill seekers share a circular raft and enjoy a thrilling ride of 90 degree oscillations, rapids, twists and turns before you fall into the pool below. If you are visiting this waterpark with a squad of friends and family, this group ride will definitely not disappoint you.

Mad Racer

Mad Racer

Visiting the park with your best buddy? Challenge them for a race as you both mat-slide from the top of the double lane Mad Racer ride down to the pool below as you encounter exhilarating bumps and turns! Check if your partner stays afloat the mat or tumbles down into the pool as you reach the Finish Line.

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Relax Zones

Relax Zones

1. Lazy River: This long stretch of slithering pool is for those who want to laze on the inflated tubes as they waddle through the waters. The overhead showers and sudden rapids spice up this lazy ride.

2. The Pool: Accessible only for those above 18 years, this infinity edge pool is a great place to lounge and treat yourself with delicious food, beverage, and Sheesha.

3. Cabanas: Each luxury cabana has 4 four loungers, beach towels, and private safes and serves you refreshing drinks and light snacks as you rest and relax between the water adventure.

4. Beach: From Laguna Water park, you can access the North Beach La Mer and stroll through its stretch, sunbath, and watch soul stirring sunsets.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Laguna Waterpark FAQs

What is the best time of the day to visit Laguna Waterpark?

Nestled in the heart of La Mer in Dubai, the Laguna Waterpark can be visited throughout the year at any day during the hours of 10 am till 6 pm. The best part of the day is believed to be the morning hours as one can embrace a lot of activities to entertain like the waveOz 180, lazy river, the infinity pool, splash pad, etc. and rejoice in the maximum fun. Also, the evening hours can be considered as one can enjoy the cold splash of water and the joyful rides. The noontime is not that much preferable as one may experience the scorching heat of the sun during those hours in the city of Dubai.

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What are the operating days and timings of Laguna Waterpark?

Being a fun and frolic spot for entertainment and amusement, the Laguna Waterpark operates on all days throughout the year with the uniform timings that are from 10 am till 8 pm. One can never be disheartened by the thought of it being not open any day. Everyone can take the exciting chance to visit this magnanimous waterpark at any time of the year.

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What is unique about Laguna Waterpark?

This magnanimous water playground is most famously known for its extraordinary rides. The park flaunts around more than 130 spots of chilling and entertainment. Five rides in the water park are the most unique ones offering you the most thrilling time of your visit here. Promising you a lot of adventure there is a central Water Slide Tower that instills these rides of wonder and excitement. They are:

- Mega Sawtooth Constrictor Slide

- Freefall Slide

- Flatline Loop Body Slide

- Manta Family Raft ride and,

- Mat Racer Slides.

Is there any locker facilities available inside the waterpark?

Yes, the locker facility is made available to everyone inside the waterpark to keep your stuff safe while you enjoy the ride and have an unparalleled experience at this beachfront destination. Although the place will provide you with a locker facility you will be charged an additional fee for the same. The price of the locker facility will be charged separately and are not included in the price of the admission ticket.

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How many Rides are there in Laguna Waterpark?

The most unique part of the Laguna Waterpark is that it holds the five main slides namely, Mega Sawtooth Constrictor Slide, Freefall Slide, Flatline Loop Body Slide, Manta Family Raft ride and, Mat Racer Slides that will make your visit to the park filled with thrill, adventure and mostly with a lot of fun. It has four main distinctive zones that are, Surf, Relax, Slide, Splash. It particularly features five rides of which the two are one for the Middle East and also a children's area, food, kiosks, pool lounge, lazy river and a store too.

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Can we take food inside the Waterpark?

The Laguna Water Park authorities strictly prohibit carrying outside food or beverages inside the waterpark. If one craves for his/her food requirements or is a big foodie fellow then you do not need to worry. Inside the waterpark, you will have many amazing and world-class dining experiences. They have provided for its tourists, water park's main restaurant that serves you with the rich and exquisite meals. One can savour the fun of dining on a rooftop cafe or catch up with aesthetic views of the Dubai Skyline.

How many zones are there in Laguna Waterpark?

The Laguna Waterpark instils the four main zones that are featured inside that leads the tourists to the whole different world. Every zone here is specifically designed for every age group. From a 2-year-old to a 70-year-old one can never return disheartened from this place. Mainly highlights five rides that are a splash pad, an infinity pool, a lazy river and also WaveOz 180 that gathers and entertains all the adventure enthusiasts.

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What is the height criteria for water rides?

For each water ride in the Laguna Waterpark, there is a specific number of the height mentioned by the authorities. Every person's height whether a child or an adult should be at least 1.2 m and above to go for some of the water rides. The waterpark also has shallow pool facilities one should first enter those parts and then go for the rides. To keep your safety first, one should always follow the rules of the park.

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Are there any restaurants available inside the Laguna waterpark?

If you are struck by hunger then you can go munch on in the main and amazing restaurant of the waterpark that serves you world-class exquisite meals while you visit the Laguna Waterpark. Not just the regular restaurants but you also can opt for the rooftop cafe to dine and relax while absorbing the gorgeous view of the Dubai Skyline and the Arabian Gulf. One can also take a break from the rides to relax in the surf club and take a sip of beverages.

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What things should I carry while going to the waterpark?

The essentials to be carried by a person while visiting any waterpark is an important point to be noted as one will surely need those things. It is suggested to carry these requisites like, comfortable Footwear, Camera, Sunglasses, Identity Card, Sunscreen, Towel, Bathing Suit and Extra Set of Clothes as the items will not be provided by the authorities. One should always carry their swimwear as it is compulsory for all rides. One can also buy the swimwear accordingly inside the waterpark at the retail outlets.

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Laguna Waterpark Reviews

Eiman Shelwan
Reviewed: 04 Dec 2022
يوم رائع وجميل والجو حلو مره وصراحة الموقع هذا اللي حجزت منه روعة بأعتمده ان شاء لله 
Eiman Shelwan
Reviewed: 25 Nov 2022
Thank you ! We have enjoyed very much 
Amr Azima
Reviewed: 09 Jan 2023
It was Grwat, Thank you
Shiju George
Reviewed: 04 Dec 2022
One of the best site for last minutes booking if you want to add some thrill and activities. I booked tickets for a water park in Dubai and within minutes I got the same at the best prices. Also technical support is fast and very cooperative. Surely, going to explore their more services during Chris... Read More
Andrei Shkrabau
Reviewed: 16 Nov 2022
It took a while before we recieve a confirmation but the experience we had was worth of it. The waterpark was very compact, easy to reach every ride ( it's important as we have a kid), not crowded. The rides are exactely enough for us. Amazing experience.
Mohammad Kamal
Reviewed: 27 Oct 2022
I loved that place, and everything was perfect

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