Dubai's Old Town Overview

Located near downtown, Dubai’s Old town is known for its intriguing Arabian architectural styles and the age-old cultural traditions. There are a ton of things to explore in the streets of Old Town Dubai that let you deep dive through the place and its lifestyle. Filled with classic low rise apartments this is a unique beautiful quarter in the Dubai skyscraper city.

A part of the Dubai downtown Development Corporation, Dubai’s Old Town is an area located in the shadows of the skyscraper city Dubai and is filled with low-rise apartments mostly of 5 to 7 stories portraying an exceptional classic Arabian style architecture that is one of its kind. This complex was completed in 2006 by the Emaar Properties and today evolved as a hotspot for all the happening cultural events. The complex consists of 35 low rise apartments that give a vintage old-school look to the area.

The Old town has 6 major districts named Yansoon, Reehan, Zafran, Miska, Zanzebeel, and Kamoon. The place has great pedestrian pathways decked with elegant restaurants, malls and hotels in the precinct. This is popular mostly amongst tenants and travellers and serves the purpose of being an affordable region with great views of the majestic Bhuj Khalifa and a walking distance from the famous Dubai mall. The streets buzz with traffic all the time. A visit to Dubai's old town will let you explore the people, local delicacies, and heritage of Dubai in a true sense.


• Explore the iconic heritage quarter as you walk through the streets of the Old town.
• Time travel into Dubai’s past when walking across beautiful pavements showcasing the iconic Old apartments and rich Emirati traditions.
• Explore the XVA art gallery showcasing some of the age-old Arabian art forms.
• Visit the Sheikh Mohammed center to boost your cultural understanding of the place.
• Dropping by the Arabian Tea house or the coffee museum, you will get to learn about the rich savoring blends.
• Experience a market day in Deira shopping till you drop.
• Discover History at Al-Shindagha which is considered to be one of the cultural gems of Dubai Old town packed with historic monuments and the residence of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum.

How To Reach

By Air- Dubai International Airport handles all the domestic and international flights. The old town is around 50kms drive from the Airport and can be reached via a local taxi.

By metro- Metro lines connect the whole city. The Al-Fahidi metro stand is one closest to the Old town Dubai.

By bus- Line 102 and 103 buses connect New Dubai with the Old town. You can also book a private taxi to Old town.

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Best Time To Visit

The ideal time to visit Dubai Old Town is in the months of November to March when the temperature is comparatively cooler and pleasant. This is the time when there is an influx of a lot of tourists from around the globe which will provide you with the much-needed diversity and exposure. The Dubai shopping festival held during the month of December is an extra added benefit to enjoy during this time.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit:

  • Stay comfortable during your Dubai Tour Package by avoiding the scorching heat and humidity from April to October, ensuring hassle-free travel experiences.
  • It goes without saying to look out for all travel essentials including passports and currency exchanges for a smooth journey. 
  • Dubai is known for its hot and humid climate so pack favorable clothes.
  • Keeping a pair of sunscreens and hats always comes in handy. 
  • Make sure to carry the universal adapter charger. 
  • Do proper accommodation research to avoid chaos and save some extra bucks. 
  • Last but not least do carry a camera to capture the mesmerizing architectural beauty of the Dubai Old Town.

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Point of Interest for Dubai's Old Town
The glittering Gold Souk

The glittering Gold Souk

If you are fond of gold and jewelry then gold souk is the right place for you. There are retail shops buzzing with tourists all over the world who come to explore the fascinating collection of ornaments made from precious metals like gold, diamond, silver and other precious stones. You can buy pure gold at a very discounted price here. Also here you will get to see the largest gold chain as stated by the Guinness book of world records.

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 Take a walk around the old Al Bastakiya Quarter

Take a walk around the old Al Bastakiya Quarter

Al Bastakiya Quarter is amongst one of the oldest regions in Old Dubai town. The streets are well decked with beautifully constructed buildings that portray a sense of Arabic styles and architecture. Originally constructed by the merchants, the town today serves as a popular hotspot among tourists featuring some of the ancient retail shops and art museums.

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A drink in the Arabian Tea House

A drink in the Arabian Tea House

 A very popular spot among the tourists, The Arabian tea house is a cozy eatery offering some of the authentic Emarati cuisines and traditional tea recipes. You can choose from a variety of 150 piping hot drinks to enjoy with your loved ones. You can also learn about the history of the exotic blends from professionals. This is a nice iconic place to enjoy your breakfast around a soothing atmosphere with views of the traditional buildings.

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A visit to The Dubai Museum

A visit to The Dubai Museum

Located in the historic Al Fahidi fort, The Dubai museum is a popular tourist destination portraying some of the enlightening ancient exhibits.You can get a glimpse of Dubai's age old cultures and the different old models of the City walking through the corridors of the museum. The timeline depicting the series of events from Old to modern Dubai is quite fascinating to watch.

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A boat ride across the Dubai Creek

A boat ride across the Dubai Creek

A boat ride from the heritage village across Dubai creek with the fresh cool breeze will definitely energize you for the day. You can even interact with the local fishermen there and know more about the lifestyle. The lovely views of the Persian gulfs away from the bustle of the city will soothe you. 

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 Souvenir shop at the souk

Souvenir shop at the souk

 If you are someone who loves to bring back exclusive souvenirs then this shop is no less than heaven. These traditional markets sell anything and everything ranging from high-end Emirati textiles to exclusive camel milk soaps. The streets are bustling with colourful hand-crafted items made by the local people. The inflow of tourists from all over the world adds a lot of diversity to the place. You can very well bargain here to get the best price.

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Shop at the Spice Souk

Shop at the Spice Souk

The spice souks have an exclusive collection of world-class spices, herbs, and seasoning from all over the world. These streets can be spotted from far distances because of the fresh aroma of the high-quality spices. Tourists prefer to shop the traditional, rare Arabian spices around here.|

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Visit the Coffee Museum

Visit the Coffee Museum

The coffee museum at Al Bastakiya unites all the coffee lovers under a single roof. Explore the elegant journey of coffee beans from around the world. The coffee museum showcases a fine coffee culture, the preparations and the rich flavors. The traditional cozy architecture and the warm hospitality add charm to the place.

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Admire local art at the XVA Gallery

Admire local art at the XVA Gallery

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Dubai's Old Town FAQs

What to explore in Old Dubai?

The gold, spice, and souvenir souks selling a range of products are the famous tourist attractions in the maze-like streets of the Old town. Don't forget to explore the unique coffee museum, XVA Gallery, and the Dubai museum which preserve the cultural roots of the city. The short-storied buildings add an old charm to the place. Interacting with locals while walking down the streets will help you understand and explore the place in a true sense. 

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What makes Dubai's Old Town so famous?

Dubai's old town is famous for its traditional markets, historic monuments, authentic dishes, and classic old buildings. The unique short storied building concepts provide an old-school vibe to the place. This region is one of Dubai's finest gems in terms of preserving the culture and tradition of the place.

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What is the difference between old Dubai and New Dubai?

The major difference between old and new Dubai comes in terms of infrastructure and neighbourhoods. The new Dubai is decked with skyscrapers like the Bhuj khalifa while Old Dubai showcases a vintage look with its short storied buildings and traditional shops. New Dubai boasts the rapid transformation of the city while Old Dubai preserves the legacy and charm of the place.

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Which are the best eateries in Old Dubai?

Al Abra Cafeteria is one of the top-visited eateries serving pocket-friendly snack options, located along the Dubai Creek. Gerwin Cafe is another iconic cafe around town serving some of the lip-smacking local delicacies and unique dessert items prepared from camel milk.

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Which are the best things to experience with family in Dubai?

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