Kite Beach, Dubai - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Kite Beach

Located close to the main street of Jumeirah, Kite Beach provides heaps of water activities for those who want to put all their skills into action. For decades, this beach is listed amongst the most popular tourist spots of Dubai.

Kite surfing is something you can’t afford to miss if you are visiting this beach for the first time ever! You can find all the water sports equipment on the sand. There’s kite surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and wakeboarding all geared up to charge you fully. If surfing is not your cup of coffee, you still can enjoy other kitesurfers while strolling along the shoreline.

Whether or not you are good at photography, do take some random clicks. Hopefully, you might be able to get a special moment for the day! Cruising, windsurfing, parasailing, waterskis, and so on are things enjoy here. Fascinating water activities planned here make it a great holiday retreat.

If you are more of a sand lover than water activities, you can simply engage in beach sports such as volleyball or football. If still, that’s not what you want, help your child in building his small castle out of the sand. To add on more to your excitement, Kite Beach homes to beach volleyball games, bungee trampolines, climbing parks, etc. which are specifically meant for the entertainment of your children.

For joggers or morning walkers, Kite Beach has got a beautiful 14km track where you can check your endurance. If you simply feel like sitting on the sand with bare feet, do try to gaze a bit long. If you are fortunate enough and if the weather is pleasant with a crystal clear sky, you might be able to witness the magnificence of Burj Al Arab. Locals make it a point to visit here as a weekend retreat to beat the troubling heat of summers.

Moving a bit further, there are food trucks and small outlets serving some delicious and mouth-watering local delicacies and cuisines. You can relax and have a nice sumptuous meal or carry some quick bites to have while you stroll along the shoreline. Make sure that you don’t litter your food leftovers and pollute this nature’s blessing!

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How to Reach Kite Beach

You have the following options to reach Kite Beach from Dubai International Airport – 

By Metro, Line 88 Bus – First, you need to head towards Airport Terminal 3. Once here, board a Red Line to drop you at Al Jafiliya within 10 to 15 minutes. Walk towards Al Jafiliya Seaside Metro Station and board a Line 88 bus and alight at Majlis Al Ghoreifa. Your journey by bus shall be for around 26 minutes. Once you get down at Majlis Al Ghoreifa, walk for 12 minutes to reach your final destination - Kite Beach.

By Metro, Line 93 Bus – Reach Airport Terminal 3. From Airport Terminal 3, board a Red Line train to drop you at Noor Islamic Bank. From here, walk for 23 minutes to reach Falcon House and ride a Line 93 bus from there. Get down at Safa Shopping Centre. Walk for 15 minutes to reach your final destination.

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Best Time to Visit Kite Beach

Dubai’s beaches shine brightly during summers. Hence, it is always favourable to plan your visit to Kite Beach during summers to enjoy all the beach water sport activities. Sunbathing to enjoying the recreational activities under the open sky is undoubtedly going to make your summer vacations a great one!

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What Not to Miss at Kite Beach

Once you reach here at Kite beach, do not miss on some important and fascinating places to visit in its vicinity. Here are some of them –

1. Popeye Jetski – Visit Popeye Jetski to create some long-lasting memories to note down in your Kite Beach diaries. This place is known for thrilling water sports such as jetski, flyboard and jetpack. Also, there’s a famous fish market of Dubai nearby where you can shop on some freshwater fishes of Dubai.

2. Hero OdySea
 – Sworn in the clothes of a captain for a day and give wings of fire to the dreams in your heart. Boating along Dubai’s iconic coastline is nothing less than one-of-its-kind adventure. Just make sure that you don’t carry your heart on your sleeve.

3. Kitesurf School Dubai
 – For those who are willing to learn the art of kite surfing from heart, Kitesurf School Dubai is the place for you. They have memberships for all the trainees. Also, they run a kitesurf accessories shop in parallel to their kitesurf training business.

4. Tao Spa
 – After enjoying a lot at the Kite Beach, do make it a note to visit Tao Spa Centre for an authentic spa experience. A spa session here provides a perfect rejuvenation and relaxation time for you to soothe all your excited muscles back to normal mode.

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5. Nemo Diving Centre – For decades, Nemo Diving Centre has been offering professional training to thousands of diving aspirants. Besides beginners and advanced level, they do provide scuba diving course for children too. So, if you are planning to have an extended stay near Kite Beach, make it a point to request them for a quick short scuba training for your children.

6. Jumeirah Fish Market – This fish market of Jumeirah is recently opened one, where you can witness a wide array of freshwater fishes. Lobsters and crabs are the most popular purchases here.

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Things to Do in Kite Beach

For a real beach enthusiast, Kite Beach has a plethora of activities to enjoy. Check the below things to do at Kite Beach – 

1. Eat your heart out at food trucks – You will find ample of food trucks with myriads of local delicacies and cuisines to satiate the taste buds of every single visitor reaching here. SALT serves some utterly delicious burgers as quick bites, while you’ll find Latin specialities on the food truck of Taqado Mexican Kitchen.

2. Run as hard as you can –  If you are a fitness freak, nothing sounds more appealing than a quick run at Kite Beach to test your endurance. Run as fast and as hard as you can all along the 14 km long track especially meant for the runners and cyclists. 

3. Go skating at the skatepark – Probably, you might not be aware of the Kite Beach skatepark. This skatepark is a big dream come true for all the skating lovers.

4. Beach Volleyball – Stroll either towards your left or right, you are sure to find many volleyball courts being scattered throughout. Locals schedule beach volleyball tournaments here at Kite Beach.

5. Explore the mini-library of Kite Beach – For all book lovers, Kite Beach’s beach library is a good point of the visit. Just imagine how wonderful is it to read a good book while you lounge under the shining sun.

6. Try a hand at paddleboarding – One of the most popular water activities here at Kite Beach is paddle-boarding. Many local paddle boarding companies are offering their boarding equipment on a rental basis.

7. Plan a beach adventure – Wire World is all about the thrilling experience to please your child with. Swinging Tarzan and aerial ropes are some popular activities to try here with your family.

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Other Essential Information About Kite Beach

Location: 35 A St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

 Kite Beach is operational for all 24 hours.

 There are no fees to stroll along the Kite beach. However, you need to pay for water activities which you are interested in. 

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Tips for Visiting Kite Beach

You can bring in your personal vehicle here as the Kite beach authorities offer the best security services. All the available parking slots are cheap in price. 

- For swimming, there’s a specially reserved zone called Kite Zone. It is advisable to restrict your swimming activities to this zone only.

- The 14-km long track that runs near to the Kite Park homes to many exercising equipments for beach strollers. 

- For biking through this track, you can rent a bike from Bike hire station in case you fail to bring your personal bike.

- There are many bars and restaurants to take sufficient care of your tummy requirements. 

- Kite Beach offers a perfect condition of both waves and wind, which makes it the most visited one. 

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People Also Ask About Kite Beach

  1. What is the best time of the day to visit Kite Beach?

    The best time to visit any beach is sunset. The weather during this period is a pleasant one and offers you some picturesque moment to capture in your DSLR.
  2. What is unique about Kite Beach?

    Insane water activities, 14-km long jogging track, epic food outlets, and stress-free parking makes Kite Beach the most unique tourist place of Dubai.

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  3. How long is Kite beach running track?

    The running track adjacent to the Kite beach is around 14-km long where you can usually find fitness buffs working hard on their energy levels.
  4. Is it possible to find sun loungers and umbrellas at Kite Beach?

    There are sun loungers and umbrellas on rent to protect you from sudden changes in the climate. For pricing, you need to connect with those outlets only.
  5. Can you camp the night on Kite Beach?

    Night camping won’t be allowed at Kite Beach.

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  6. Are there any guidelines to follow when going to Kite Beach?

    Although not specifically for Kite beach, but there are general guidelines to be observed while visiting any open beaches in Dubai. You may go through them by browsing over the internet.
  7. Are there any restaurants near Kite Beach?

    Yes there are plenty of restaurants to halt and dine near Kite Beach. Some of these are Graze Gastro Grill, 360 Grad, Moylo’s, Park House, Kabana Restaurant and Café, Bageterie Boulevard, Costa Coffee, The Hamptons Café, and Maria Bonita’s Taco House.

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  8. Is there locker facility available at Kite Beach?

    Unfortunately, there are no locker facilities available at Kite Beach. You need to take care of your own stuff.
  9. What are the water sports taking place at Kite Beach?

    Kite surfing, banana boating, deep sea fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, cruising, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding are some of the water sports organized at Kite Beach.

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