20 Best Beaches in Dubai For A Sun-Kissed Getaway - 2021
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Best Dubai Beaches

Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, Al Sufouh Beach, Sunset Beach, Mercato Beach, Burj Beach, JBR Beach, Al Mamzar Beach, Black Palace Beach, Ghantoot Beach, Azure Beach, Barasti Beach and many more.

If beaches in Dubai are not yet explored by you, then a rewind of the itinerary is a must. A respite from scorching heat and sandy aura all-around can be calmed down only when one lands up on the shores and get themselves drenched in the wave ripples.

Be on the deck with your bunch of buddies or enjoy some time at the luxurious shacks, this place is a marvel in all. Moreover, these beaches are famous in providing a view of major attractions as well, ice on the cake.

Name any from Jumeirah beach, Kite beach, Mercato beach or Burj, one can have a feeling away from the stress and bust out all the tensions with any of the Dubai beaches. Unwind your soul and search for peace, or enjoy surfing, banana boating, or walk along the beachline with your loved ones, you will always get a positivity with them.

Here is the list of best beaches in Dubai:

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Jumeirah Beach

The sun-kissed beaches in Dubai have attracted tourists from all over the world because of the spectacular view of the Persian Gulf. The Jumeirah Beach is one of the most famous places to visit in Dubai and it is known for its white sands. The soft and clear, fine granules let your feet sink right in.

Enjoy a spectacular view of the seven-star Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai, and the stunning monument is set against Dubai’s coast and is a sight to marvel at. Best visited to watch the sunset, the sands turning a deep shade of gold and the waters comfortably warm. Jumeirah beach promises you a perfect evening for your ideal tropical holiday.

Highlights: You will find a string of cafes, barbeques, palm trees, desert gardens, children’s parks, etc. It has a nice ambiance for family and is ideal for picnics, and afternoon and evening getaways.

Jumeirah District, Dubai

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Kite Beach

Located across the Al Manara Road junction, the Kite Beach is apt to its name. The beach sees thousands of tourists every year, who visit this beach specifically to enjoy extreme sports in Dubai and participate in kitesurfing. That’s what the beach gets its name from. The beach is family friendly and teems with tourists throughout the year.

The sands are soft and clean, and the pristine white texture will relax your soul. You have a great view of the Burj-Al-Arab from the beach too. There are other places available to enjoy here apart from kite surfing, namely beach volleyball, beach tennis, kayaking, soap football etc.

There are a lot of facilities available too, which make your time worthwhile here. 
There are many amazing resorts in Dubai where you can stay & relax.

On Friday and Saturday, the beachside teems with a seaside market that sells art and craft items, souvenirs to take home etc.

 35 A St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Al Sufouh Beach

If you are looking to spend some time relaxing by yourself or with your family or friends, you will love visiting the tranquil Al Sufouh Beach, one of the best beaches in Dubai. Nicknamed as the “Secret Beach”, this discreet destination is one of the hidden gems of the city, with rows of palm trees hiding the beach from the vibrant city.

Admire serenity at its best while you watch the white waves gush towards the white sandy shores and feel energized for heading towards Dubai’s attractions. 

Highlights: Enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and delight in the views of some of the iconic landmarks of Dubai, such as the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah.

Location: 44 33a Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Sunset Beach

Those looking for sunbathing in a perfect spot on a beautiful stretch of sand would love to spend their day on Sunset Beach. Also known as Umm Suqeim beach, this is one of the Dubai beaches where you would love to go for a morning jog or take a leisure stroll while enjoying the breathtaking view of the sunset.

You will also be able to enjoy a direct view of Burj Al Arab while lazing around on this beach. 

Highlights: The beach is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful view of the sun setting in the Arabian Sea. It is also a popular place where people love to go for morning jogging and strolls.

Location: 22, Al Sagi Street, Sunset Beach, Umm Suqeim - Dubai

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Mercato Beach

Image Credit : travelnewsdigest.in

Are you a book lover on the lookout for the perfect place to laze around with a good book? If you are, then Mercato Beach is just perfect for you. What's more, it even has a library on the beach with benches and bean bags where you can simply pick up a book and sit and enjoy your book while admiring the breathtaking view of the sea.

If you feel hungry, you can walk across to the Mercato mall nearby and grab a snack. The beach also has a long jogging track if you are looking for an early morning run.

Highlights: Library where you can take out books free of cost and sit on benches and bean bags to read, jogging track for a morning run. 

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai

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Marina Beach

Scenic during the day, this beach becomes surreal after the sunset with the reflections of the towering buildings around it illuminating its waters. Since Marina Beach is one of the most sought after beaches in Dubai, the atmosphere of this spot is always energetic.

You can spend a day here relaxing in the company of lots of sand, basking under the sun. Besides, a cruising experience here at night will let you become a witness to the most spectacular view of Dubai's cityscape. To make your visit to Marina Beach an authentically luxurious affair, stay at one of the luxury beach resorts in Dubai.

Highlights: White sands, turquoise waters, and an uninterrupted sense of tranquillity – Marina Beach adds grace to the grandeur of Dubai with its presence

Location: Dubai Marina

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Explore All (9)

Burj Beach

It is said that the beaches in Dubai are the most enchanting places to visit in Dubai with family. Another such amazing beach is the Burj Beach in Dubai. Take a stroll down Burj Beach at Umm Suqeim 3 and immediately feel settled in the completely open environment. 

With the sun setting down into the great beyond, the cool smooth sand padding your feet and the quieting hints of the waves staying with you, locate your ideal spot on the shoreline to appreciate continuous perspectives of the Burj Al Arab. 

Get your surfboard and begin skimming on the waves early morning or get some espresso and make up for lost time with companions.  Give your self the best time while you spend some time at this beach in Dubai.

 This beach is best for surfing and swimming. There is also a watersports club which offers water skiing, wakeboarding, banana boating and other activities.  

The Burj Beach is located at 35 2b St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


JBR Beach

Image Credit : Guilhem Vellut

While in Dubai there is another beach which you would not want to miss, the JBR beach. Jumeirah Beach Residence, or JBR, is an interesting spot for shoreline lovers that is settled calmly in the Dubai Marina confronting the Persian Gulf. 

One of the biggest and most yearning single-stage private activities, this prime waterfront group highlights more than thirty elevated towers, including world-class boutique
hotels in Dubai and extravagant private properties.

This is an extraordinary place where individuals can hang out and unwind following seven days of work in Dubai. The Open Beach is a loaded with sun and beach lovers who need to invest energy outside. One can also indulge in an array of activities here like parasailing, wakeboarding, banana boating and also for camel rides in Dubai.

The JBR beach is located opposite JBR, Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.


Al Mamzar Beach

One of those Dubai beaches that are loved by honeymooners, adventurers, and explorers equally, Al Mamzar Beach is a hidden gem you must discover on your visit to Dubai. The beach park with peaceful aura has an extremely picturesque landscape.

Adorned with blue shades of the water and green shades of Palm and Coconut trees, the ultramodern infrastructure of the beach park will ensure you spend a fun and easy day by the sea with your friends and family.

Al Mamzar Beach Park encompasses 5 sandy stretches apt for fun activities like BBQ, jet skiing, sunbathing, swimming, picnicking and whatnot.

Al Mamzar Beach Park, Dubai

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Black Palace Beach

One of the Dubai beaches is Black Palace Beach which got its name due to the vicinity of the beach to one of the royal residences of Dubai. The beach is well known for its calm waters and stunning sunsets.

The long stretch of shoreline with white sand and turquoise waters will attract you to spend some relaxing time. You will feel mesmerised looking at the view of some of Dubai's landmarks, such as Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab, at a distance across the blue sea.

The vast stretch of the beach is ideal for indulging in activities such as beach volleyball. Enjoy a stroll on the white sand while admiring the distant view.

Location: Al Sufouh Road, Dubai

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Ghantoot Beach

Image Credit : James Bremner - Flickr

Your Dubai trip would not be complete without exploring the beaches. Another beach which is a must visit for you in Dubai is Ghantoot Beach. Situated on the edges, it is a private shoreline keep running by the Golden Tulip Hotel. 

With various volleyball nets, you can have some good times around playing while likewise grilling at the long extended of shoreline sands. The entrance to the shoreline costs around 100 Dirhams and there are a number of pools, bars, and bistros likewise introduce at the resort.

The Golden Tulip Hotel runs this extent of shoreline. There is a water sports club which offers waterskiing, banana boating, wakeboarding etc. This is an awesome place to escape Dubai amid the end of the week, and you can considerably consider overnight remain at the luxury resorts in Dubai.

The Ghantoot Beach is located along the Sheikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi

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Royal Island Beach

The Royal Island Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai which is located on Dubai’s World Island. Spend some good time on this beach which has a host of beach restaurants, swimming pools, events etc.

Indulge in delicious meals while on this beach and sip in delicious drinks and experience smoking shisha while admiring the impressive skyline of Dubai.    

Highlight: Choice of two exclusive beaches with hosts of island sports such as swimming pool, onsite beach volleyball court, and Dubai’s hottest dining hotspot.

Location: Tower 2 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Explore All (15)

Open Beach

While visiting Dubai there is another beach which is a must visit for you. The open beach is also known as Russian Beach or Jumeirah Open Beach is definitely the place for you in Dubai. It is soon after Palm Strip Mall at the lower end of Beach Road. It got its name initially as this is the place the Russian and Eastern Europeans constantly used to hang out. 

It doesn't have numerous offices yet there are a few showers and toilets specked about yet you are near the little shopping centers on Beach Road that have a lot of bistros so refreshments aren't far away which comes across the famous places to go
shopping in Dubai

You will additionally observe a ton of strollers, joggers, roller-skaters and cyclists. It can get very man-substantial at the end of the week so in case you're a performance woman you may want to go Jumeirah Beach Park to keep away from gazes.

The beach is famous for jogging and long walks. One can also head out for swimming on the beach.

: Open beach is located on Jumeirah Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Public Beach

Jumeirah Public Beach is one of those beaches in Dubai which are popular among tourists and locals alike. Whether you are visiting Dubai with your friends or family, this beach guarantees a fun-filled experience with a wide range of activities and world-class facilities for you to avail.

For the most magical experience, visit Jumeirah Public Beach during sunset.

Highlights: This man-made beach, bordered by buildings exhibiting top-notch futuristic architecture, is among the most wonderful spectacles you will witness while you're in Dubai. 

Jumeirah District, Dubai

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Azure Beach

Dubai is a perfect destination for beach lovers, escape the chaos of the city to witness the most spellbinding sights and vibes Azure Beach offers to its visitors. The tastefully designed beach area is another example of the architecture depicting the luxuries you get to come across in Dubai.

Whether you are planning to spend a day relaxing by the sea or you want to party at the most scenic venue, Azure Beach has a range of experiences for you to choose from. 

Highlights: The magnificent sights of the iconic Dubai Eye and the Arabian Sea, there is an exciting range of delights for foodies and sheesha lovers here.

Location: Rixos Premium, Dubai

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Explore All (13)

Barasti Beach

Spend your days lounging on the beach and spend your nights drinking and dancing on wild beats of music, Barasti Beach is a must visit spot in Dubai for your next holiday. Popular for its wild party scene, this is the only beach in Dubai where alcohol is served.

Bustling with fun locals and outsiders, the buoyant atmosphere of this beach is going to set your vacation mood right. Visit Barasti Beach with friends for a memorable experience full of surprises.

Highlights: If you are a night owl, this beach is one of the most recommended beaches in the region where you can explore Dubai Nightlife

Dubai Marina

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La Mer

La Mer Beach is the chicest entrant in the beaches in Dubai is a scenic shore to kick back and relax as you stare into the Arabian Sea. This long stretch of sea line receives its theme from marine life and is a standing beauty to look at.

Bordered by elegant and tall palm trees, La Mer Beach is heaven to take a dip, lie on the tranquil sands, grab a bite at the best of seafood cafes and rave about the inclusion of art on this modern-day beach. Here’s where the Laguna Waterpark is, and you should take a dip into the pool by sliding down there.

You can go swimming from sunrise to sunset, sailing, or boating. After sunset, one can sit on the beach and observe night meet with the land on the horizon. You must try an item or two at the shore bars MASTI and Stars N’ Bars.

Jumeirah 1

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Cove Beach

Enjoy the ultimate beach experience at one of the best beaches in Dubai - Cove Beach. Rent out a luxurious sunbed and spend some relaxing time. Feel the soft sandy beach at your feet and get sun-soaked while enjoying the expansive view of the Arabian Gulf.

Dig into the delicious fresh seafood available on the beach and sip some tasty juices as you feel refreshed by the cool sea breeze. Join beach parties for an exciting night filled with good music and fun.

Enjoy delicious seafood at the high-end restaurants and sip in amazing juices at the lounge. Take a swim in the Sea or in the pool, relax on the sunbed and admire the mesmerizing view from the shore.

Caesar’s Palace Bluewaters Island, Bluewaters Island off JBR - Dubai

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Explore All (15)

Nikki Beach

Visit Nikki Beach, located at Jumeirah, to enjoy the Arabian Gulf’s blue waters and stunning panoramic view. Located as a part of Nikki Beach & Spa, the first club of Dubai, this spread of golden gravel will offer you an incomparable beach experience with options of luxurious day beds, mouthwatering cuisine meals and fun-filled beach parties.

If you are out for some adventures, indulge in water sports such as canoeing, windsurfing etc.

Rent a daybed in the location of your choice, try out some delicious delicacies, attend one of the fun-filled beach parties, Enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing etc., luxuriate in the resort’s spa, stay at one of the beautiful ocean villa rooms, or enjoy a swim in the blue waters.

Waterfront, Pearl Jumeirah

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Explore All (14)

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People Also Ask About Dubai

  1. What are the best beaches in Dubai for couples?

    1. Umm Suqeim Beach: Commonly dubbed as the Sunset Beach, the Umm Suqeim Beach is known for its stunning sunset views. Lined with a number of kiosks and beach stalls, Umm Suqeim is a perpetual hive of activities.

    2. Black Palace Beach:
    A virginal beach with untainted shorelines, Black Palace Beach is a popular romantic getaway for couples. The calm waters and stunning sunset views make this one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai.

    3. Al Mamzar Beach Park:
    One of Dubai’s private beaches, the Al Mamzar Beach with its private beach bungalows and lounges, offer an intimate beachside retreat.

    4. Ghantoot Beach:
    A private beach maintained by the Golden Tulip Hotel, Ghantoot Beach offers a tranquil retreat dotted with palm groves.
  2. What are the famous beaches in Dubai to visit with family?

    1. The Beach by JBR: With its family-friendly facilities and opportunities, JBR’s Beach is a popular holiday choice among families. A number of activities can be enjoyed here, such as banana boating, camel riding, swimming and so on. The beach is also popular for housing the Dubai Aqua Park, an inflatable water park.

    2. Kite Beach:
    Kite Beach is a popular hub for families and sports enthusiasts. The beach features a trampoline, an outdoor skatepark, and a toddler play area. The Beach is also popular as a kite surfing destination.

    3. Jumeirah Beach:
    Probably the most popular beach in Dubai, Jumeirah offers a number of watersport opportunities, barbecue joints, diners, and fun outdoor activity options.

    4. Mercato Beach:
    A casual beach with a laid back vibe to it, Mercato Beach is a family-friendly beach with a lot of cool activities to engage in. From surfing to shopping to simply lounging on the beachside bean bags, a day spent here is always a fun one.
  3. Which are the best beaches in Dubai?

    1. Sunset Beach: Enjoy a morning jog on the beautiful beach with a view of Burj Al Arab across the blue sea. Come back in the evening to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sun setting in the Arabian Sea. 

    2. Mercato Beach:
    One of the best beaches in Dubai known for its beach library, where you can pick up a book free of cost, and enjoy reading it sitting on the surrounding benches and bean bags. Morning joggers love to run on the jogging track present on this beach.

    3. Royal Island Beach:
    Enjoy a host of island activities at one of the Dubai beaches known for its international restaurants, swimming pools, chalets, and onsite beach volleyball court, etc., that it houses.

    4. Cove Beach:
    Prepare yourself for a treat when visiting Cova Beach, one of the Dubai beaches known for its eclectic surroundings along with tantalising seafood, delicious drinks and night parties.
  4. Which are the best water sports that can be done on Dubai beaches?

    1. Parasailing: A must-try experience while you are on one of the best beaches in Dubai. Parasailing is done with a special parachute attached to a boat. The parachute floats in the sky and soars high as the boat gains speed giving a panoramic view of Dubai city.

    2. Jet Skiing:
    Zoom through the deep blue sea and enjoy the water splash as you steer the powerful mechanical jet ski in various directions while enjoying the surrounding views. 

    3. Fly Fishing:
    Indulge in Fly Fishing, one of the most in-demand water activities in Dubai. Be strapped to the e-shaped inflatable and feel the thrill of the sea breeze in your face while you feel mesmerised looking at the Dubai skyline.

    4. Seabreacher Ride:
    Delight in boarding an adventure machine which looks like a shark. This two-seater aircraft like machine will take you on a ride on the water surface at a speed of 55 mph. It will also take you up in the air by up to 18 feet, adding to your delight.
  5. Which are the best beach resorts in Dubai?

    1. Atlantis The Palm Beach Resort: This magnificent resort sprawled over 48 hectares of land and houses a water park and a host of other entertainment activities. All their rooms have luxurious surroundings and a spectacular view of the Arabian sea. Spend some time at Dolphin Bay or sea lion point or visit the lost chambers aquarium. 

    2. One and Only Royal Mirage:
    Enjoy staying at a resort surrounded by lush greenery with rooms having breathtaking views of the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy sea bathing at the resort’s private beach, and indulge in activities such as golf or water sports. Pamper yourself at the resort’s spa and continue with your fitness regime at the fitness centre. 

    3. Anantara The Palm Dubai Beach Resort:
    Feel delighted in staying at UAE’s only overwater villas with three lagoons surrounding the villas. Enjoy a panoramic view of the white sand beach and azure blue sea from the private balcony of your villa. 

    4. Jumeirah Beach Hotel:
    The modern design of this resort, resembling a wave, will attract you to spend a few nights at their luxury rooms with a lovely view of the sea ahead.
  6. What is the best time to visit dubai?

    The best time to visit Dubai is in the winter months, from November to April. During these months the weather is pleasant, making it suitable for different kinds of outdoor activities and watersports. If you wish to enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festivals, you may opt to visit in January or February.

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