Al Qudra Cycle Track Overview

Far away from the boisterous and ebullient city center, Al Qudra Cycle Track is one of the sought-after destinations for all the trailblazers' fitness pioneers in Dubai. Al Qudra Cycle Track is an exclusive cycling track where visitors experience a complimentary cycling practice. It is an 86 km stretched long track along with the breathtaking desert vistas

Dubai is one of the major tourist and busiest destinations throughout the year as the city itself has a lot to offer to its visitors. If you’re planning to visit Dubai attractions sometime, make sure you don’t miss out on cycling at the most popular Al Qudra Cycle Track. Al Qudra Cycle Track is a quaint cycle track located at Al Awir Road in Dubai. The virtuous and polished track is open widely for a whole 24 hours, people can proceed for a visit at any time

People spend most of their time cycling at Al Qudra Cycle Track because this place not only offers a comfortable ride but also it has got you to enjoy an amazing ride through its scenic desert landscape where you can even catch a glimpse of rare desert wildlife. You shall also come across many quirky and distinctive animals like Antelopes, Arabian Oryx roaming freely around the track. You may spot various birds and flamingoes near the bank of Qudra lake.

Get a unique cycling ride at an asphalt track portioned into smaller routes amidst the desert dunes and sandy mounds. Cycling here and crossing the track across these thrilling sand dunes and hilly trails make your ride quite even more adventurous and challenging at the same time. So, consider this place in your Dubai itinerary and dare to witness a very enjoyable and thrilling cycling trip at Dubai’s one of the famous cycle tracks.

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• Admire the abandoned Dubai desert with a bike ride on a 86km long Al Qudra Cycle Track which is frequently visited by both locals and tourists.
• Al Qudra Cycle Track is dedicated to all kinds of people starting from world-class athletes, leisure riders, or even adventure junkies.
• The long track amid the deserts, dunes, and sandy mounds leads you with several fragmented routes. Each of the routes are well maintained and fairly flat that ensures visitors a safe ride.
• The track also has a couple of shaded shelters with seating for rest, some petrol stations, supermarkets, and some bicycle stores.
• Visit the Al Qudra Lake, one of the nearest attractions of the desert track, and spend some quality time enjoying the popular dessert bbq and birdwatching.
• At the main entrance of the track named “The Last Exit,” you can notice food trucks availing all kinds of food essentials to the riders out there.

How To Reach

Al Qudra Cycle Track is located on the outskirts of Dubai, which is at the end of D63. So, you can easily reach the track from Downtown Dubai via E44 or D54 to Al Qudra Road. There are no public bus facilities or even no Dubai Metro Station nearby, so the only way to get here is to drive or book a taxi.

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Best Time To Visit

To enjoy riding at Al Qudra Cycle Track, you must set off during the moderate climate of the day. set out before 10:00 am or even after 4:00 pm when the climate has less temperature. Thus, during this time you can enjoy the best cycling experience in an open scenic landscape.

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Other Essential Information

 Places to Dine in Near Al Qudra Cycle Track:

1. Fire Lake Grill House Restaurant and Bar

Book your seat at an outdoor seating FireLake Grill House Restaurant and Bar that is always ready to welcome you with its pleasant environment. Have a complimentary brunch with a good selection of food from the menu items and enjoy it overlooking the iconic Burj Khalifa.

2. Sensation

Known for its lovely and pleasing ambiance, delicious cuisine, seating area, and cozy vibe, the sensational restaurant is an international Arabian restaurant located near the motor city in Dubai. Do treat your taste buds with the restaurant’s popular dishes like Shisha, French Fries, Hummus, sandwiches, Tea Drinks, etc.

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3. Larte Studio One

Experience happy hours at the most contemporary Italian restaurant named Larte Studio One in Dubai. This restaurant focuses on the good qualities of food ingredients and tries to serve up fresh and well-made cuisines to its visitors. Enjoy the finest traditional Italian food in the town with an authentic vibe.

4. Hessa Street Kitchen

Located on the DAMAC Hills in Dubai The Hessa Street Kitchen, is a Chinese cum Asian food restaurant that is highly recommended for all the Asian food lovers out there. The restaurant has a wide selection of food items on its menu so you might seek suggestions from the staff. You will not be left disappointed, as they promised you an authentic pan-Asian Bruch experience and excellent services.

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Places to visit near Al Qudra Cycle Track:

1. Al Qudra Desert

Al Qudra Desert has been known for being the perfect weekend post in Dubai as it is just located 40 minutes away from the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. You can’t miss the camping and barbeque experience at the most popular desert camping sites in Dubai.

2. Al Qudra Lakes

Located right along the Al Qudra Road(D63), Al Qudra Lake is one of the nearest attractions of Al Qudra Cycle Track. Al Qudra Lake is a recreational desert oasis built to promote eco-tourism in Dubai. Surrounded by sand dunes and fauna Al Qudra lake is a destination of multiple artificial lakes which is known for its authentic desert vibe, birdwatching, and ranks among the best BBQ spots in Dubai.

3. Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve

Visit the most popular unbounded nature conservation reserve in the United Arab Emirates located firmly in the desert area of saith Al Salam in Dubai. Explore the beautiful reserve which is home to different kinds of species of flora and fauna. You may get indulge in many events and programs organized here like stargazing, animals, birds observations, etc.

4. Town Square Recreational Park

Set a day out with your family at Town Square Recreational Park in Dubai. The fun-filled family destination renders some of the enthralling outdoor activities, fireworks, stage shows, kids' creative workshops, etc. This is a place where one can expect an ample amount of joy and excitement in various ways.

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Tips to Visit Al Qudra Cycle Track:

  • Be mindful of certain guidelines for a safe and productive riding experience.
  • Do rent all the essential equipment like gel saddle seats, helmets, knee pads, etc for a comfortable ride.
  • Riders must ensure to carry an adequate amount of water beforehand. It may be helpful if there is no opportunity to buy water on the route.
  • Keep in mind to not visit the track after 10:00 am as it will be unbreakable after that due to excess temperature

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Point of Interest for Al Qudra Cycle Track


Al Qudra Cycle track is a 86km long dedicated cycling track that is famous in Dubai for its unique track routes. The long track has one main loop and is segregated into multiple routes. Each of the routes is flat and vehicle-free, which means riders can enjoy a safe ride. Beginners can pave their ride on route 1 that is a 50km loop. Routes 2 and 3 are well suited for experienced cyclists and route 4 is stretched straight along the side of the Al Qudra Road.

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Scenic Landscapes

Scenic Landscapes

The cycling track is not solely famous for its long cycling tracks, it's more for its scenic landscapes you come across while you ride. You shall enjoy the picturesque view of the desert and might even witness some of the rare wildlife like Antelopes, Arabian Oryx found around the track. The track itself is engulfed by scenic landscapes and attractions like Al Qudra Lake where you can spend time birdwatching.

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Trail in Desert Dunes

Trail in Desert Dunes

You shall make most of your way through the track across the dunes and hilly trails. Cycling through such trails in Desert dunes adds a bit of spice to your journey as this might be tough and challenging for some people to make their way.    

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Tourism Board Alliances

Al Qudra Cycle Track FAQs

How long is the Al Qudra Cycle track?

Al Qudra Cycle track is a 86km long track, popularly destined for Dubai’s adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts. The 86km long path on the outskirts of Dubai is the safest way for cycling and running.

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Can you run at the Al Qudra track?

Yes, Al Qudratrack also offers facilities like biking, running. You can also rent a bike and access the track.

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Is Al Qudra Cycle track a free zone?

Ensure your plan with full safety, as the track is clean and vehicle-free. The tracks are only equipped with restrooms, petrol stations, bicycle stores, and supermarkets.

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What is the Al Qudra Cycle track known for?

Al Qudra Cycle track is mainly known for being one of the longest tracks amidst a panoramic view of the desert. It is famous for being the unique track in Dubai, which is also a go-to destination for all the adventure junkies, fitness, and cycling enthusiasts in Dubai.

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