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Scuba Diving in Fujairah4 hours
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Travelling to Dubai can be made more exhilarating by participating in different adventures, especially the mesmerising sport of scuba diving. The city’s stunning coastline is a hub of exciting water sports, with scuba diving in Dubai taking the top spot among thrill-seekers. The clear waters add a unique touch to the underwater affair, while the vibrant marine life offers unforgettable views.

Dubai has many locations that are perfect for this activity, ranging from popular beaches like Jumeirah to shipwrecks like MV Ludwig. You can see a wide variety of fishes and even colourful coral reefs in the depths of the sea along the city. The best part of the experience is that both beginners and experienced divers can participate in it. If you want a relaxed dive, head to Jumeirah, Martini Rock, Sharm Rock, or Dubai World Island. For those looking for an exciting challenge, the shipwrecks of MV Ludwig and Zainab offer the perfect scuba diving adventure. So, choose the location that best suits your interests and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with our Dubai Packages.

Best Time for Scuba Diving in Dubai

Dubai’s scuba diving scenario provides a year-round opportunity, which means you can participate in the experience every month and season. 

Peak Season: May to September is the summer season in Dubai, which is also the peak season for scuba diving here. The water in these months is warm as temperatures range between 26 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius, is calm, and has good visibility. Even though the crowds are pretty heavy, you can enjoy a great dive at the shipwrecks and the beaches in these months.

Shoulder Season: If you wish to avoid crowded dive sites, visit from November to April for a relaxed diving experience. These months see a slight chill in daytime temperatures in the city, so the water is also a bit cool at 19 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, the visibility is great and you can enjoy your dive without any crowds.

Places for Scuba Diving in Dubai

1. Jumeirah Beach: Jumeirah Beach ranks among the best places for scuba diving in Dubai due to its prominent location. The beach has many agencies that provide professional guides and state-of-the-art equipment for the activity. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, the beach has a lot of experiences for every kind of adventurer. You can explore the unique marine life of Jumeirah like pufferfish and clownfish during your dive here.

2. Martini Rock: If you are looking for an offbeat destination for scuba diving in the city, head to Martini Rock. This place is fast emerging as one of the best places for scuba diving in the city due to its colourful marine life. In fact, Martini Rock has the most diverse underwater beauty among all beaches in Dubai including corals, sea cows and sailfish. Enjoy a relaxed break away from the crowds of popular locations at this natural aquarium.

3. Sharm Rock: Sharm Rock is easily the best place for scuba diving in Dubai for beginners due to its calm waters and diverse views of unique and vibrant coral reefs that are found nowhere else. You can also learn unique tips and tricks from professional instructors during your exploration of this iconic natural wonder. Sharm Rock is famous for its coral reefs, which add pink and purple shades to the blue waters and are home to numerous fishes.

4. Dubai World Island: Brush up your scuba diving skills and try different water activities at one of Dubai’s unique man-made wonders, the Dubai World Island. This attraction is a bunch of artificial islands off the west coast of the city and is among the best for scuba diving in Dubai. You can also spot vibrant fishes like lionfish and guitarfish as you explore underwater with professional instructors and state-of-the-art equipment.

5. MV Ludwig: Try something beyond the ordinary as you go scuba diving at MV Ludwig, one of Dubai’s best-preserved shipwrecks. MV Ludwig sank during its practice session in 2000 and has remained underwater as a popular diving and exploration site. The site has numerous species of fish, including local varieties like sea squirts, pennant fish, and damselfish, which you can see while diving.

6. Zainab: Zainab combines the excitement of scuba diving in Dubai and the thrills of exploring an old shipwreck site off the coast of Dubai. The ship had sunk after an oil spill disaster in 2001, and today is one of the top scuba diving locations in the city. Spot various marine creatures like sea snakes and boxfish as you explore the vast site under the guidance of professionals during your tour.

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Dubai Scuba Diving FAQs

Is Dubai good for scuba diving?

Yes, Dubai is incredibly famous for scuba diving. The city has numerous diving locations along its coast where you can get professional instructors and the latest diving equipment for the experience. Dubai is known for its slightly blurry waters, which add to the thrill of the activity.

How much does scuba diving cost in Dubai?

Scuba diving in Dubai can cost between INR 3,500 to INR 5,000 per person. These prices vary depending on the experiences you opt, like shipwreck sites are costlier than normal dive locations. Book your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out on anything and can avoid the crowds at popular diving attractions.

Is there any risk in scuba diving?

No, scuba diving is generally believed to be a low-risk activity suitable for most people, including young kids. To ensure your experience stays safe, take a professional instructor along who will train and guide you through the activity and in the underwater area. You must follow safety instructions and not explore beyond the allowed area as a necessary precaution.

Is Dubai Scuba Dive worth it?

Scuba diving in Dubai is incredibly popular and is completely worth it. It is organised at several places like Jumeirah Beach and Dubai World Island. You can explore beautiful coral reefs and marine life or go for shipwreck tours with professional instructors. In Dubai, this activity is suitable for beginners as well as advanced divers.

Can non-swimmers do scuba diving in Dubai?

Yes, non-swimmers can easily go for scuba diving in Dubai. Since this activity involves the usage of equipment that helps in breathing underwater, prior knowledge of swimming is not necessary. However, you will need to enter the waters with a professional instructor and follow all guidelines for a safe experience in the water. Additionally, there are also practice sessions that take place, to prepare you well for scuba diving.

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