Zombie Apocalypse Park Overview

Zombie Apocalypse Park is an entertainment complex offering one-of-a-kind journeys with 12 attractions. It is difficult for the faint of heart to enter a haunted house packed with savage zombies. Prepare for thrilling combat, live performances, events, & eerie activities, every attraction, from axe throwing to a trampoline, has a macabre twist. Apart from the park itself, ZAP features a zombie-themed cafe, a party space for special gatherings & more.

If you thought rides and rollercoasters had you screaming, think again, because it's time for a zombie attack! Deira Island in Dubai will soon be home to the Zombie Apocalypse Park, one of the biggest zombie-themed parks in the world and it’s sure to be all kinds of spooky! Slated to open in mid-2020 at the Night Market in Deira Island, the project is being launched by Dubai’s eminent Nakheel Malls and Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club.

Together, they aspire to create unique, unforgettable experiences via exciting attractions and world-class facilities.The park will house 12 major attractions, some of which are a haunted house, a haunted corn maze, trampolines, laser tag, escape games like zombie attacks and zombie runs, archery, softball games, paintball and axe throwing among others. If you aren’t satisfied after all of this, the Zombie Apocalypse Park will also feature LIVE acts, battles, and a Virtual Reality 9D Cinema, all of which are powered by glow-in-the-dark technology, offering an experience of a lifetime! 

The 65,000 square feet (imagine how freely zombies can roam around here!) Zombie Apocalypse Park will be flanked by 5300 shops, restaurants and cafes around and will even host its own zombie-themed cafe, and party room for celebrations.The theme park hasn't just been launched with the idea of creating yet another entertainment or recreation centre.

Being centrally located amidst business hotels and other sightseeing spots, Zombie Apocalypse Park aims to attract tourists, businessmen and school children who can picnic here while engaging in team building activities. Enjoyment at this park comes with no age-bar and you're in for an exhilarating experience packed with exciting activities, that you'll cherish forever!

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• The entertainment zone at Zombie Apocalypse Park leaves no stone unturned in its quest to be as terrifyingly entertaining as possible.
• Play zombie corn mazes, zombie runs, and zombie apocalypse games.
• It's never been more exciting to be hunted by zombies. Blood-dripping zombies emerge from unexpected nooks and corners, and bloodcurdling sounds follow you around. As you try to make your way through the dimly illuminated room, your legs will turn to jelly.
• Put your thinking hats on and devise a plan to solve puzzles and get out as fast as possible. Use your brains before the zombies that lurk in every nook and cranny of the amusement park turn them into a meal.
• Despite the park's gloomy and frightening decor, the area is well-lit with glow-in-the-dark technology, adding to the spooky beauty of the Zombie Apocalypse Park. Even in the brightest parts, the park is full of surprises, so be on the lookout for something terrifying at every turn.

How To Reach

The much-awaited Zombie Apocalypse Park will be coming up at the Deira Night Market which is located at a distance of approximately 15 kms from Dubai Airport.

1. By Cab/ Car: The easiest way to get to the park from the airport is to book a cab or a private car which will take you around 30 minutes to get to your destination. The ride will cost you approximately AED 12.

2. By Public Transport: Alternatively, you can take the tram from Terminal 2 of the airport and alight after 3 stops near the Dubai Hospital. This will cost you AED 4 per person. Book a car/ cab from Dubai Hospital and head to Deira, 3.5 kms away. The entire journey takes around one hour to complete.

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Best Time To Visit

Because it is an indoor park, visitors are not subjected to Dubai's scorching summers or frigid winters. You may visit the park whenever you like, however if you want to avoid crowds, you should avoid weekends. The tourism season in Dubai runs from October to March, so anticipate crowds to be heavier during this period.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Visit Near Zombie Apocalypse Park

1. Gold Souk

The Gold Souk is lined with dozens of shops that gleam and glitter with jewellery of every kind. Although named Gold Souk, you’ll find an array of silver, gemstones, pearls and a hoarse of other precious jewellery. Even if you aren’t keen on investing in gold, stop by for a glimpse of the market, brightened by the dazzle of gold!

- Distance from Zombie Apocalypse Park: 11 kms

2. Spice Souk

At a distance from the city centre, tucked away in Old Deira, Spice Souk might look small but it has plenty to offer! You’ll find cardamom, saffron, nuts, limes, and spices, the fragrance of which waft through the air as you walk through the market. Apart from this, you’ll spot burners, sheesha sets, groceries, and an extensive range of household goods.

- Distance from Zombie Apocalypse Park: 12 kms

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3. Al Mamzar Beach Park

A park with lush greenery, Al Mamzar is a delight for kids and adults alike. Designed beautifully, the park comprises a swimming pool, a playground, a picnic area, a barbeque, watersports, cycle rides and bars. You can also rent a cabana to relax in while soaking in the beauty around.

- Distance from Zombie Apocalypse Park: 9.5 kms

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4. Heritage House

Built in 1890, this spacious courtyard house belonged to a wealthy pearl merchant who was renowned in Dubai. The sprawling space makes its mark in Arab architecture owing to its lofty wind towers, big verandas that surround the central courtyard and the play of coral and gypsum stone that adds to the beauty of the location.

- Distance from Zombie Apocalypse Park: 31 kms

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5. Burj Khalifa

Did you even visit Dubai if you didn’t experience the globally-known Burj Khalifa? An architectural marvel, Burj Khalifa soars as high as 125 floors, and you can catch a bird’s eye, panoramic view of Dubai, right from the top! Feel on top of the world as you watch the Emirates stretching out for miles through a telescope, especially at night, when the city is lit up looking magical!

- Distance from Zombie Apocalypse Park: 20 kms

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6. Dubai Fountain

Known to be the world’s largest fountain and Dubai’s most popular attraction, the Dubai Fountain is centrally located amidst the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the various Souks that flank the streets. When performances at the fountain begin, the jets shoot water sprays up to 150 metres high, which spurt in perfect sync with the tunes playing, prettified by 6000 lights and lasers. Being a burst of colours, the fountain is best viewed in the evening, with shows every half an hour between 6 pm and 11 pm.

- Distance from Zombie Apocalypse Park: 22 kms

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Point of Interest for Zombie Apocalypse Park
Haunted House

Haunted House

What is a Zombie-themed park without a haunted house? But the haunted house at Deira’s Zombie Apocalypse Park promises to be nothing like you’ve witnessed before! Blood-dripping zombies pop out from the least expected nooks and crannies and blood-curdling noises haunt you. The dimly-lit space has some eerie moments which will turn your legs to jelly as you try to make your way through the house.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Attractions

Glow-in-the-Dark Attractions

In spite of dark and creepy spots in the park, the sprawling 65,000 sq. ft space is well lit with glow-in-the-dark technology that adds to the eerie beauty of the Zombie Apocalypse Park. But don’t be fooled by the glow, around. The park is full of surprises, so be sure to spot something spine-chilling at every turn you make, even amidst the brightest spots.

Paintball Games

Paintball Games

If you can’t escape the dead, you might as well befriend them! The Zombie Apocalypse Park’s paintball games makes for a thrilling experience. Leave behind the blood red you see around and enjoy a splash of colour as zombies try to attack you and you try to shoot back at the undead as you escape from them. This isn’t just a regular paintball match against your friends, this is literally a ‘life and death’ situation and you must get out of it alive!

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Target Games

Target Games

It’s a game of survival as you learn some of the craziest skills at this unique park. There's axe throwing and archery where you have to perfect your aim or else, prepare to be attacked by zombies. At the target game arcade, you’re living life on the edge…but make sure it’s the sharp one!

Zombie Races

Zombie Races

What is a Zombie Apocalypse if not being chased by zombies? This one-of-a-kind park in Deira Island caters exactly to that thrill and much more! The entertainment zone leaves no stone unturned in making your day out an adventurous one! The terrifyingly fun experience involves escaping from the walking dead as you make your way through dark alleys and corn mazes (or do we call them Amazing Maize Mazes) while on the Zombie Run! This is the only Zombie Apocalypse one needs to experience for some major thrill!

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Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

Team up with your friends, put your thinking caps on and solve the mysteries to get out of dark rooms. You’ve got a timer that’s running out and a set of clues that seem easy but most definitely aren’t. Solve them as fast as you can, or be attacked by zombies who pop out once time is up! They chew out those very brains that you didn’t use fast enough while solving the puzzles.|

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

4D is passé. Prepare for 9D at the Zombie Apocalypse Park! The cinematic universe gives you an opportunity to enter the spooky world of the living-dead as they come after you. Larger-than-life special effects make this VR game an experience of a lifetime while the drama and terror that ensues is way too real to handle! Trust us, this isn’t for the weak hearted.

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If you’ve surpassed the age of getting spooked out by zombies, (which is rare), keep yourself entertained with performances by zombies. These won’t give you the heart-stops-a-beat moments, but where else would you see zombies dancing in perfectly synced moves?! Take a break from the adrenaline rush the activities give you, relax and watch some thrilling theatre for a while.

Zombie-themed Cafe

Zombie-themed Cafe

As expected, a zombie-themed cafe most certainly isn’t like any other cafe you’d sip on a coffee at. With a menu that will exceed your expectations and food combos so ‘deadly’, prepare for some zombie-style dining where the food is ‘bloody’ delicious!

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Party Rooms

Party Rooms

Whoever said zombies had to be scary and slow didn’t know where to party with them! If you’re travelling in large groups with your workmates, extended family, or friends, the best way to celebrate is by booking a party room at the Zombie Apocalypse Park. Imagine dancing with the zombies and living your best life with the dead! ironic, isn’t it?

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