Underwater Hotel Dubai Overview

When it comes to accommodation we are always a bit more choosy than the usual. With all the facilities and comforts we always look for that perfect place to rest. Now tell me what if I tell you that you will have that perfect accommodation right underwater. Sounds fascinating right? Well then while you are visiting Dubai enjoy a comfortable stay at the underwater hotel. The dubai underwater property consist of 220 luxury suites equipped with all the modern day art facilities. 

German designer Joachim Hauser is the main architect of the whole idea together with Professor Royal Dieterle. Spend the most lucurious underwater stay while you visit Dubai this time. And not to forget, the underwater marine will definitely make you feel like a wonderland.

Location: The underwater hotel is located at Burj Dubai.

Dubai is a land of surprises and the underwater hotels are a perfect blend of modern cosmopolitan lifestyle and royal luxury. With top-notch engineering and warm hospitality, these hotels have moved ahead to be on the top of the islands most sought after attractions. The underwater hotels and resorts have been widely acknowledged for providing comfortable and luxurious stays to the tourists visiting Dubai. The city of luxury and heritage has the perfect options for you with a trend to imbibe both the characteristics of prehistoric antiquity and up-to-the-minute culture.

The underground hotels have been highly appreciated for curating the customer experience as per everyone’s preferences and needs. Most of the hotels have separate observation decks from where tourists can have a glimpse of the famous marine life of Dubai and the Dubai Skyline.  

One more thing that makes the underwater hotels in Dubai the first choice for a luxury holiday is their enticing wide range of authentic cuisines. The hotels offer varieties of native and international cuisines like Japanese, Arabian, British, Lebanese, and many more. Not only food to delight your taste buds but also world-renowned beverages to refresh your body, you will get everything in these hotels.  

If you are visiting Dubai for holiday vacation then you must make sure to spend time in these amazing man-made architectural marvels. 

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How To Reach

In order to reach the Underwater Hotel from Dubai, you need to first arrive at the Palm Jumeirah Island. The palm island is located at a distance of about 25 km from the city centre of Dubai.

You can easily get transferred to the palm islands in any of the public transportation services in 20 - 25 minutes.

Once you are at the Palm Islands, you can then go to the landing station of the underground hotel and then enter the elevator that will take to the lower floors of the underwater hotel.

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Best Time To Visit

The underwater hotels in Dubai can be visited any time of the year. They will welcome you with all their heart and present you with an amazing experience that is worth cherishing all through life. The climate of Dubai makes tourism possible almost all through the year except for the peak summer months.

Tourists love to visit the Palm Jumeirah islands from the month of November to the month of April.

The underwater hotel remains very crowded particularly in the month of January and February as this is considered the best time to sight marine animals close to the shore.

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Other Essential Information

Some Underwater Hotel Rooms with the Most Spectacular Views of the Ocean: 

Offering the guests a chance to sleep with the beautiful marine animals, the underwater suites happen to be a paradise for tranquillity and peace. That said here are the characteristics of spending a night at Underwater hotel in Dubai:

- You can witness the live marine world with over 65,000 marine creatures through the huge ceiling-to-floor windows of your luxurious underwater suite.

- You can catch a glimpse of umpteen varieties of fishes and sharks gliding across your bed as you enjoy a good night sleep.

- You can head to the lavish and intimate lounge of your underwater suite in a private elevator and enjoy watching the clear blue waters lap past your window as you sip some delicious cocktail.

- Forget the chaos of the world for some time and get lost in a dreamy and cosy environment with your loved one, celebrating life amidst the underwater world. 

- Experience the fun and thrill of staying underwater without having to do any underwater activity like snorkelling or scuba diving. 

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Interesting Facts about Underwater Hotel in Dubai

Here are some of the interesting facts about the Underwater Hotel in Dubai:

- The underwater hotel in Dubai happens to be the very first hotel in the whole world that was submerged into the water. It has one entire floor under the water. 

- The designer of the underwater hotel in Dubai is Hauser who has cleverly incorporated his fascination towards water and sea in his design. 

- The guests visiting this hotel will be received from the land station and then carried by a soundless train that runs by the suspended cables into the hotel. 

- You can have a clear look at the ocean from the lower part of the hotel.

- This construction project also happens to be the largest in the world. It is believed that the size of the project is roughly close to Hyde Park in London. 

- The underwater hotel in Dubai belongs to Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Crown Prince of Dubai. The underwater hotel is considered to be the last standing free property on this coast. 

- The hotel is armed with its very own missile attacking system that comes into action to protect the guests as well as the crew members when there is an attack on the hotel by terrorists. 

- If rumours are to be believed the underwater hotel was a practice run for the designer Hauser for the construction of a possible hotel in space. 

- The underwater hotel in Dubai is considered to be one of the fanciest hotels in the world. Tourists long to stay in this hotel and use its luxurious fittings. 

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Other Essential Information about Underwater Hotel in Dubai: 

Location: The Underwater Hotel in Dubai is situated on the world-famous and iconic Palm Jumeirah Island. It is a 3 minutes walk from The Lost Chambers Aquarium. 

Timings: Guests can check-in to the Underwater Hotel of Dubai 24 hours, throughout the week. 

Price: The price range of the underwater hotels in Dubai starts from $314 and goes up to $25000 for a single night stay in the luxurious underwater suites and villas. 

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Tips for Visiting Underwater Hotel in Dubai:

Here are certain tips that you should keep in mind when visiting the underwater hotel in Dubai:

- Upon reaching the land station, you will be sent to the underground hotel in an elevator.

- The pressure inside the underground hotel is the same as the atmospheric pressure on the land. You will on no occasion feel uneasy inside the suites. 

- The underground hotels are a great place to have an experience of the underground world. 

- If you come across any uneasiness, you can immediately get in touch with the in-house dispensary. 

- You will get ample opportunity to photograph various sea creatures, so you should not forget carrying your wide-angle cameras.

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Underwater Hotel Dubai FAQs

How much does it cost to stay at the Underwater Hotel in Dubai?

If you wish to stay at the Underwater Hotel in Dubai, the prices start at $314 and go up to $2500.

How many underwater hotels are there in Dubai?

Atlantis, The Palm Dubai and Water Discus are the two underwater hotels on the Palm islands that host zillions of tourists all over the year. Being one of the luxury cities of the world, Dubai is known for its amazing hotels built underwater.

Dubai has been modelled as one of the best holiday destinations in the world in order to attract visitors. In the middle of the huge artificial constructions, a number of hotels found their way to serve the visitors.

In the present time, Dubai has the most luxurious and grand hotels in the world. the palm islands house almost two underwater hotels at the present time and many more are under construction.

What are the services and facilities provided by underwater hotels in Dubai?

The underwater hotels in Dubai are known for their excellent services and luxurious facilities. You will get the best facilities and amenities.

Here are some of the offerings that you will in the luxury underwater hotels

 Swimming pools Free WiFi Beachfront Family rooms Free parking Bar ATM services Spa Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion point Kids club Airport Shuttle Fitness centre Hot Tub Restaurant Room Service Beach access Business Center Laundry Service Air-conditioned Outdoor Pool Free parking

Is Atlantis a seven-star underwater hotel?

Yes, Atlantis is a seven-star underwater hotel in Dubai that is located at the top of the Palm Jumeirah. It happens to be the very first hotel that was constructed on the island of Palm and was themed on the myth of Atlantis with numerous Arabic elements.

It is a wonderful place to spend your holiday vacation in Dubai. It is a bit pricey but the experience you will have at this place will surely be worth it. You have a lot of things to do and see in its observation decks and parks.

What are we all going to experience in the Underwater hotel in Dubai?

The underwater hotel in Dubai will offer you an amazing experience that will keep you stunned. You will get the best-curated services in these suites. Apart from the luxurious services, there are a lot of things to do starting from sighting the underwater world from the observation windows to watching the Dolphins swimming in the Arabian Sea.

You will have experience of moving through the world's first underwater aquarium that is home to numerous species of fish and other aquatic creatures. Your kids will surely fall in love with the Aquaventure park inside in the water where they can take part in a number of activities.

Is it safe for staying in an underwater hotel in Dubai?

Yes, the underwater hotel in Dubai is super safe for guests and visitors. The underwater hotels have conceptualised from a long time in the past and all protective measures have been taken to make sure that there is no safety issue in the hotel suites.

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