The Palm and World Islands, Dubai - 2019 (Photos & Reviews)

About The Palm and World Islands

Dubai aka “The Pearl of the Emirates” fairly boasts of its man-made attractions that allure tourists from all over the world to visit the vibrant metropolitan city of the Middle East. Besides housing the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa (2,717 ft.), the world’s first rotating skyscraper and the world’s largest indoor waterpark, the city has the first artificial archipelago of the world which is unitedly called The Palm Island. The archipelago comprises of the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Deira Island and together they look like a palm leaf from an elevated height.

The Island is home to ultra-luxurious private villas, man-made marinas, theme and boutique hotels, shopping malls, pubs and nightclubs and all kinds of high-end amusement options. Palm Islands is well connected to the main city of Dubai by road, monorail and waterways and you can tour around the island within budget by availing any of the public transports. But if you are looking for a trip around the islands, set sail on the Arabian Gulf on a yacht or a speedboat and witness the fascinating Dubai skyline at dusk.

The Palm Jumeirah, one of the three islands of the Palm is the latest addition to the list of attractions in Dubai. A number of theme parks are located on the island that leads to a fantasy world before you. There are a number of plush beaches where you can enjoy a sunbath or relax in a recliner and watch a spectacular sunset across the horizon.

Unlike the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali is a medium sized island located on the Jebel Ali coastal area in Dubai. It is particularly a much sought after place for family get-togethers and amusements. Its construction began in 2002 and finished in 2006.

The largest of the Palm Islands is the Palm Deira located on the Deira coastal area of Dubai. The construction of the island started in 2004 and was completed in 2015. Covering a massive area of 80 sq. km. the island stretches for 14 km in length and 8.5 km in width.

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Essential Information:

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Timings & Price:

- Dubai Palm Cruise Tour: every day (9 AM- 4 PM) & Rs. 3038 per person

- Aquaventure Waterpark: every day 10AM-5: 30 PM (during winter and the months of Ramadan the timings may vary) & Rs. (4,040-4,886) per person

- Kayak Tour at Palm Jumeirah: 9:30AM-11:00 AM (Friday & Saturday only), 2:30PM-4: 00 PM (every day) & Rs. (4,322-6,483) per person

- Wild Wadi Waterpark: 10 AM- 7 PM ( Thursdays from 10 AM -6 PM) & Rs. (4,500-5,500) per person

- Dolphin Bay: Open every day (10AM-6PM) & Rs. 5640 per person.

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Places to visit near The Palm Islands 

There is a number of interesting places around the Palm Islands which gives you a fair idea about Dubai culture and city. Some of the highlighted attractions are:

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah: The 7-star ultra-luxurious hotel is built on its own island and is the fifth tallest hotel in the world. Equipped with facilities and featuring floor to ceiling windows with stunning vista of the Arabian Gulf the hotel ensures luxury accommodation in every possible sense.

Palm Jumeirah West: It is known for soaring skyscrapers, extravagant hotels, exotic spas, swanky restaurants, boisterous nightclubs and many more. The place also gives a great view of the Burj Al Arab and the stunning Dubai coastline.

Jebel Ali Beach: The shallow water near the coast makes the beach a suitable place for swimming and spending leisurely hours in the lap of nature. Going slightly deeper into the sea you may come across some urchins. So be a bit careful with strangers. It is also a great spot for kayaking and kite surfing.

Dubai Fountain: It is the largest manoeuvred water fountain in the world and one of the major tourist attractions in Dubai. It is constructed in the middle of the Burj Khalifa Lake-an artificial lake at downtown Dubai sprawling over an area of 30 acres.

Wild Wadi Waterpark: It is an outdoor water park located next to the iconic Burj Al Arab and is run by Jumeirah International. The park remains open every day from 10 AM -6 PM.

Dolphin Bay: One of the best attractions for kids at Dubai where one can learn about the intriguing gestures of the dolphins, learn swimming with them, interact with them and enjoy belly ride with the dolphins across the lagoon. The Dolphin Bay at Atlantis is one of the most attractive man-made habitats for dolphins and a great place for all.

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Things to do in The Palm Islands

Here's a list of things to do in The Palm Islands:

Dubai Palm Cruise Tour: A one hour cruise across West Marina offers a majestic view of the Dubai Marina skyline and the majestic Palm Jumeirah. Hire a guide for your cruise who will explain to you the details of the architectural wonders of Palm Island. You can also enjoy a candid photo session in front of The Atlantis.

Aquaventure Waterpark at Palm Atlantis: The place is a real paradise for watery thrills and spills, especially if you are travelling with kids. While you can sit and appreciate the tropical setting of the island, your kids can enjoy speeding down the water slide and splashing water.

Kayak tour at Palm Jumeirah: Revel in the rolling waves of the Persian Gulf in a two and a half hours’ kayak tour. As you go past the Dubai Marina skyline en route the iconic Burj Al Arab, feast your eyes on the landmarks of the Palm Island from the comfort of a kayak.

Freefall over Palm Jumeirah: One of the adrenaline-charged activities to do in Dubai is skydiving from a plane at the Palm Dropzone and cruise over the Palm Jumeirah. You can speed up to a limit of 120 mph and get a jaw-dropping view of the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai Marina and the Palm.

Coffee spiked spa treatment to energise your senses: The Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray offers a host of plush experiences to rejuvenate your body and soul. Their Coffee Peeling therapy includes scrubbing and buffing your body with authentic Turkish coffee inside the mystical ambience of a traditional hammam (bathhouse) will give you the feel of a bath ritual as enjoyed by the empress of the Middle East in earlier days.

A boozy brunch at weekend: If you are on a family trip, head to the Waldorf Astoria's Secret Garden Brunch. Children below 6 can enjoy complimentary brunch. While you are having a gala time over a brunch, your kid will also enjoy a fun time at the kid's corner.

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Best Time to Visit The Palm Islands 

Winter is the best time to visit Dubai as the climate is cool and you can enjoy sightseeing throughout the day and participate in various activities in the Palm Islands. November to April is the best time to visit the place. From December end till mid-February is the peak season due to the New Year and Dubai Shopping Festival.
During this time the hotel tariffs are skyrocketing and at all amusement joints, you will find long queues. Regular timings of the visit are from Monday to Sunday between (10 AM -8 PM).

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Tips for Visiting The Palm Islands 

- Avoid travelling during summer as the heat in the Arabian Desert land is unbearable and people of Dubai literally go into hibernation.

Considering the climate of the place, go for cotton outfits that are loose and light.

- Carry a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses as a guard from the scorching sun rays of the desert land.

- Most of the hotels in Dubai have swimming pools and Dubai also has beaches with water sports facilities. So don't forget to carry a pair of swimming suits in your suitcase.

- Women should avoid wearing revealing or tight fit clothes to show respect towards the country’s heritage and the sentiments of the people.

- Dubai is a great place for Indian food. But you can always pick some local snacks for a quick bite. Dubai is globally acclaimed for its dry fruits and sweets made from them.

- Take some OTC drugs and First Aid kit so that you can manage treatment in case of minor ailments, cuts and bruises in a foreign land.

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How to reach The Palm Islands from Airport? 

From Dubai International Airport, trains by Dubai RTA ply to and fro at an interval of 10 minutes to the Palm Islands. The train fare ranges between Rs. (70-100) and it will drop you at your destination in 45 minutes. Dubai RTA operates bus service at an interval of 30 minutes and will reach Palm Islands in 1 hr. 30 mins. Meanwhile, you can check out things to do in Dubai Airport

The fastest way to reach Palm Islands from the Dubai airport is by hiring a town car. It costs around Rs. (4000-5500) and will take you to your destination in 25 minutes.

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1. What is the best time of the day to visit The Palm Islands?
The majestic Palm Islands take on uniquely different looks in the morning and at night. While in the morning you can witness a splendid view of the heart of Dubai lulled by the pleasant sea breeze of the Arabian Gulf, nights here are electric and vibrant with thousands of lights beaming up to the Dubai skyline.  If you are up for skydiving, morning is the best time for such adventure sports.

2. What are the operating days and timings of The Palm Islands?
Palm Islands remain open for visitors every day from 10 AM- 8 PM.

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3. What is unique about The Palm Islands?
The Palm Islands is an artificially made archipelago on the coastal area of Jumeirah in Dubai. Stretching for about 5 Km into the Arabian Gulf, Palm Islands is the eighth wonder and the largest manmade island which looks like a palm tree from a distance. 

It is one of the few wonders of the world which is visible to our naked eyes from the space. The unique feature of this flagship project is the palm tree-shaped crescent at its apex stretching for about 11 km. The crescent was built in the first section of the project to serve as a breakwater and protect the island from strong cyclones or typhoons.

4. Is Palm Island man made?
Yes, Palm Island is a man-made island which looks like a palm tree.  The island was constructed by the method of land reclamation in which sand from the floor of the Persian and Arabian Gulfs are dredged, sprayed and vibro-compacted into shape through GPS technology. Through vibro compaction, the density of sand is increased by saturating it with water jet and vibrating it with probes. Millions of tons of rocks are used for constructing a breakwater that is believed to protect Palm Island from storms and other natural disasters.

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5. What are the things I should carry before visiting Palm Island?
A few essentials to carry before visiting the Palm Islands are:

- Travel visa, passport, travel insurance
- International driving license (if you want to rent a car for self-drive)
- A pair of sunglasses, hat and sunscreen lotion
- First aid medicines
- Credit/Debit Cards

6. From where I would get the best view of Palm Island?
You can get the best view of the Palm Island from the observatory of the Marriott Harbour in Dubai Marina. The Seawings trip is another way to get a great elevated view of the Palm Islands. But, it is a little pricey.

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7. What are the attractions around Palm Island?
The top 5 attractions around Palm Island are:

- Pro Art Gallery: For the patrons of fine arts, the Pro Art Gallery in Palm Jumeirah is the ultimate destination where you can see and collect the best-curated art forms in the global market. From traditional to contemporary, the gallery hosts a varied range of sculptures, artworks, photographs and prints of restricted editions. Looking at the memoirs you can have a fair idea about the different styles and mediums used by the master artists of the Middle East.

- The Lost Chamber Aquarium: The largest aquarium in the UAE which is home to about 65,000 marine animals including the back tip reef sharks, stingrays, jellyfish and numerous colourful fishes. One can discover the ruins of Atlantis that were sunken underwater for thousands of years. With a 2 days’ mega pass you can visit the fish hospital, watch daily shark feeding, take a dive into the Ambassador Lagoon and so many things to add to your bucket list.

- Nasimi Beach: If you are looking out for some aquatic fun and frolic, get yourself pampered in a sunbath at the Nasimi Beach. Sit in your lounger and witness the sunset across the vista of the

- Arabian Gulf: a spectacle which is not visible from anywhere else in Palm Jumeirah. While touring around the beach, do take the opportunity to relish authentic Mediterranean cuisine at any beachfront restaurant.

- Al Sufouh Beach: One of the hidden treasures of Dubai Al Sufouh beach is also known as the “Secret Beach” and the “Black Palace Beach”. The tranquil shoreline slipped between Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah is a perfect retreat away from the hubbub of the bustling city of Dubai to appreciate the balmy natural ambience in quietness.

- Al Ittihad Park: Spreading over an area of 1.1 million sq. ft. the green oasis was founded in 2012 as a tribute to the nation to commemorate UAE's 41st National Day. The park is designed as an eco-friendly region which is home to various species of trees and plants belonging to the Middle East. The park provides a jogging track (about 1.1 km long) and an open space where visitors can sit and relax in the pleasant outdoor setting.

8. How should I take a tour of the vicinity?
You can take a paddleboat ride in the calm waters of the Palm Jumeirah and take in the views of the iconic buildings, Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Marina. Dubai cruise is also a sought after option to take a tour of vicinity if you are looking for an ultra-luxuriant voyage and are okay with the price which may be dear to you.

9. Are there any restaurants on Palm Island?
The Palm Islands house world-class dining options that are worth your visit. Two most famous resorts where you can enjoy lavish dining are Nobu and 101 Dining Lounge. The Club Vista Mare built on a jetty stretching out to the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf houses a chain of seven restaurants where you can dine in style and luxury.

If you are looking for some signature delicacies head on to Ibn Al Bahr for its fresh seafood with an Arabian twist or some popular platters at Breeze Beach Grill. Dining at any of the two restaurants is a lifetime experience as both of them offer stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, Burj Al Arab and the world famous Dubai skyline.

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10. Is there any charge to go to Palm Island?
There is no entry fee to visit the Palm Islands. This area of the city is open for tourists and therefore you can explore the place on foot or car (rented) without paying any charge. But, you can access the place only by public transport or by car. In case you choose the first option, you will have to purchase tickets for monorail or metro rail. Children of height less than 90 cm can travel in the monorail free of cost.

11. Are there any places to stay on Palm Island?
Palm Islands are home to a number of plush hotels which offers you a grand experience of staying amidst luxury and uniqueness. Here's a rundown of some of the best hotels at Palm Islands:

- Atlantis, The Palm: The luxurious resort located about 2.3 Km from Palm Islands allures you to spend a relaxing vacation in dream-like luxury and comfort. Whether you want to rejuvenate your body and mind in their exotic spa or savour their signature platters at the multi-cuisine restaurants of the resort, Atlantis is the place where you dream turns into reality.

- FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai: This iconic hotel of Dubai is located just at the entrance of the Palm Islands sprawling across 16 floors with a mind-boggling layout and stunning facilities. The hotel comprises of 400 guest rooms and suites, Vista ballroom, modern spa, restaurants with trained chefs, nightlife venues and everything that you dream about a regal accommodation.

- Aloft Palm Jumeirah: Located on the eastern crescent of Palm Islands, the Aloft Palm Jumeirah is a highly recommended urban beach escape which gives you one of its kind holiday experiences in the Middle East. The hotel is dexterously planned with bars, restaurants, oversized rooms and other modern amenities by expert engineers keeping in mind the taste of global tourists.

- One & Only the Palm: Located on the crescent of the Palm Jumeirah the beach resort showcases a seamless blend of Moorish and Andalusian architecture with contemporary élan. The boutique oasis comprises of a tri-level Manor House, 4 beach villas and 6 low rise mansions all equipped with private luxury amenities in keeping with the fabled extravaganza of the Middle East.

12. What can I do in the night at Palm Islands?

Whether you want to party all night at a beachside club or go for a rooftop cocktail in the evening or dance in a nightclub Palm Islands has everything to offer that suits your taste and mood. There are a number of high-end nightclubs and bars where there is a discount on their dining service. Snacks are served as complimentary with drinks. Some of the top-rated bar and lounge are:

- Atlantis
- Above 21
- Beach House Cabana
- Bidi Bondi
- Eden Beach Club
- El Chiringuito
- Elevate
- II Faro
- Laguna Lounge
- Levantine Bar
- La Brasserie
- Aji

13. Are there any places for water sports on Palm Island?
For marine sports enthusiasts, Dubai has a surfeit of options for all age and fitness groups. If you are for the easier level you can opt for Boat touring, Jet Skiing or simply a laidback dusk sail across the Gulf. For the  Sea breaching, Kite Surfing, Parasailing, Fly Boarding can really worth a try.
You can go on a self-drive boat tour for sightseeing across the city and watch glimpses of the iconic sites of Dubai e.g. Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and other monumental buildings.  The speed of the boat often reaches over 50 km/hr. adding thrill to your expedition.

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