Gulf Buzz Dubai Overview

Gulf Buzz is a media company based in Dubai that creates content about the UAE. On Gulf Buzz, you can find daily videos and fun information about everyday life in the UAE. It covers news and events, travel, food and drink, music, film and TV, and more topics offering the latest content on the UAE.

Founded in 2019 by Dhruv Maniar, Gulf Buzz is a publication company that provides a local perspective on everyday life in Dubai. The company focuses on high-quality video and written relatable, nostalgic, and funny content that resonates with a wide range of people and tells about the life of UAE.

Gulf Buzz has many sections like Hog & Slurp, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Bizarre news, Local news, quizzes and videos on their website. The content on their website and social media channels reinforce a positive brand impression in the reader's mind. If you are looking for informative and trending content which is captivating, Gulf Buzz is the best to help you discover all that the UAE has to offer.

The content on Gulf Buzz is very reliable because they bring content from credible sources. Cherry on the cake is the attention to detail for design and structure of their website, which keeps the reader engaged for a long duration. Also, the way they present information is remarkable. For example, the Hog and Slurp section has quite a unique content which is a mix of food, parties and festivals. One more exciting part of Guld Buzz is their giveaways on facebook, which gives an opportunity to win an iPhone or a tour package. 


• Gulf Buzz is a media company which updates its platform with all the latest content related to UAE on a daily basis.
• Their content strategy prioritizes high quality video production which gives them an immense traffic.
• Gulf Buzz uses an adequate number of backlinks from reliable sources to make their content stand alone and informative.
• It has a strong social media presence and is active on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
• This media company is a trusted source for information about the UAE and is followed by a large and growing community of viewers from the lifestyle, entertainment, bizarre news and quizzes sections.
• In addition to its video content which is mostly funny, Gulf Buzz also offers detailed written articles, photo galleries, and other multimedia content for you to get complete information about the topic.

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