Hatta Heritage Village Overview

Sprawling across the Hatta mountainous area, 100 kms away from Dubai city is Hatta Heritage Village overlooking the two mammoth mountains which were called Hajaran. The village possesses 30 buildings, shops where the traditional heritage collections are sold. The historically important village is visited by hundreds of tourists every day from all over the world.

Hatta Heritage Village is one of the most popular and unique landmarks near Dubai, especially for those who want to get to know the Arab culture and see some of the last remaining symbols of its erstwhile splendour. This mountain village, presumed to be over 3000 years old, has been preserved and restored to its original glory to give tourists a glimpse of how the Emiratis lived centuries ago.

The village showcases all the aspects of life in the days of the yore- households, defence, economic, and agricultural subsistence. Backdropped by the majestic Hajar Mountain range, date trees, and vast expanses of barren land, visiting this place is like stepping back in time. There are over 30 small and large structures in this complex that have been brought back to their original appearance.

The village houses the home of the Governor known as ‘Bait Al Wali’. Inside this house, you can see the master bedroom, children’s playrooms, courtyard, and kitchen, getting an intimate glimpse into the style of living in those times. The two Southern and Northern defence watchtowers looking over this complex are the most prominent of all the structures. Their doors are located at a height of 2.5 metres above the ground reachable only by rope. You can also visit the ancient cemetery located inside the complex.

What’s noteworthy is that, even after restoration, many of these structures are still standing strong on their original building materials like palm tree trunks, mud, stones, and reed. The museum inside the village has displays of traditional Emirati dresses, weapons, musical instruments, utensils, products made from palm trees, and other beautiful handicrafts and artworks. Here, you can also trace the history and importance of dates in the Arabic culture. You will see realistic life-size figurines of the Bedouin tribesmen in various acts of work and trade.

There are outdoor resting spaces, known as Al Barza, where tourists can taste the rich taste of Arabic coffee and dates. There is a shop inside the village from where you can pick up souvenirs and knick-knacks to remind you of this experience. Tourists can get information about the village in Arabic and English. Guided tours are also conducted here.

The village has been restored by the efforts of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA) that owns the Hatta Heritage Village. It opened to the public in 2001 and has been holding important exhibitions and events like the Flag Day, UAE National Day, and even the Dubai Shopping Festival. Remember to confirm the dates before your visit.

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• Revel in the beauty of the Emirati culture and traditions.
• Escape the searing heat of Dubai and indulge in a grand but mini-vacation at the carefully constructed Hatta Heritage Village, dating back to the third century BC.
• Witness the ancient but traditional Emirati architecture encompassing the mosque, majlis, watchtowers, and houses located with the Hatta Fort with the Hajar Mountains in the background.
• Travel back in time and relive the kind of life that used to exist centuries ago, as you walk through the refurbished houses with restored bedrooms and kitchens.
• Bask in the stunning views of Hatta Lake, and Hatta Dam, both presenting panoramic views of the crystal clear waters.
• Witness the ancient cemetery and attractions like the falaj water canals.
• Stop by the Hill Park of Hatta only to take the perfect shots before the majestic Hajar Mountains.
• Get all geared with protective shields to get up close and personal with the honey bees at the Honey Bee Garden of Hatta.
• Pump up your adrenaline by indulging in adventure activities like Kayaking, zip-lining, and mountain biking at the Wadi Club of Hatta.
• Enjoy a refreshing swim or dip in the shimmering green waters of Hatta rock pools.
• Indulge in a lips-smacking Emirati meal in the Tanor Lahm restaurant that serves varieties of camel, chicken, and lamb dishes.
• Pick up entrancing knick-knacks from the souvenir shop in the village.

How To Reach

There are two options to reach Hatta Heritage Village. It is easily reachable by bus numbers 21, 29, 8, and 93, which take around 4 hours from Dubai. The closest bus stops are Abu Hail, Satwa, Sabkha, and Gold Souq. Taxis, also easily available, take around 1 hour 27 minutes. You can also take the metro line M2 that runs every 3-5 minutes. The closest metro stations are Al Ghubaiba and Al Ras.

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Best Time To Visit

Since Hatta Heritage Village is located at a higher altitude in the Hajar Mountains, the climate at Hatta is cooler and can be visited for the larger part of the day. Visit early in the morning or evening to see the sun over the mountains.

Other Essential Information

Places to Visit near Hatta Heritage Village

1. Mountain Bike TrailHatta’s Mountain Bike Trail is famous for its scenic bike trails amidst the wadis. The landscape ensures that the adventure seekers get enough thrills while riding on the challenging tracks. You can carry your own cycles or hire one on the spot. This place provides the perfect spot to put up a tent and camp overnight under the starry skies and cool breeze of the night desert.

2. Hatta Wadi Hub: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the Hatta Wadi Hub provides opportunities for zip-lining, rope courses, mountain biking, and even a human slingshot! For those interested in water sports, Hatta Dam is the perfect place for kayaking and stand up paddling. The striking green waters of the dam with the Hajar Mountains in the background provide for a stunning backdrop. Don’t miss to see the exotic colourful fish and birds while at the dam.

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3. Hajar Mountain Trails: The rugged mountainous terrains of Hatta provide the best 4X4 off-roading experience. Here, you will experience an amazingly diverse terrain of wadis, dried rivers, shallow pools, and vast barren roads. Make sure to be accompanied by an experienced driver.

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4. Hatta Rockpools: Hatta rock pools with their shimmering green waters, are the perfect place for a refreshing dip or swim to cool oneself in the scorching heat. Or simply, spend time on the barren stones near the water to feel the breeze on your face and take in the charmingly rugged scenery.

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5. Tanor Lahm: For the food connoisseurs, a visit to the Tanor Lahm restaurant is a must to indulge in a delicious Emirati meal. The food here ranges from varieties of lamb, chicken, and camel meat dishes. Full sheep meal is a must-try. Don’t forget to relish the delicious Arab coffee with sweet dates after the meal.

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Places for Dining at Hatta Heritage Village

Experience BBQ grills and the local cuisines while reveling in the beauty and adventures of Hatta. There are many local restaurants where you can savor authentic Lebanese/Syrian delicacies like spicy potatoes, falafel, and salads like tabbouleh and fattoush.

The Tanoor Restaurant for instance serves savory specialties with your option of camel, lamb or chicken meat. What’s remarkable about Hatta Heritage Village is there are a horde of mini food trucks that let you fuel up prior to a big day on the biking and hiking tracks. Right from wraps, to snacks, burgers, sandwiches and hot drinks, you can order from the food trucks namely Sedr Bites, Damani Bites and Adrina.

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Shopping at Hatta Heritage Village

Besides visiting numerous attractions, you can shop to your heart’s content during the Dubai shopping festival, also otherwise. For instance, from the Hatta Wadi Shop you can shop for different kinds of souvenirs. These include local food items, bottles, bags, caps and T-shirts.

There are several quaint shops offering conventional heritage collections that you can purchase for friends and family. For the biking and hiking enthusiasts Hatta Heritage Village has shops selling quality camping gears that you can purchase before you bike or hike ahead. Do not miss visiting this spot during events like UAE National Day, or Flag Day as there are important exhibitions held during this time. 

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Tips for Visiting Hatta Heritage Village

  • Pack light warm clothes as the weather in the mountainous Hatta is cooler, especially during the early morning and late evenings.
  • Keep your passport and ID proofs handy, as you will cross the Oman border.
  • Since there are no restaurants or cafes inside the village, you should pack water and light snacks.
  • The audio-visual displays are not available currently but you can follow the information in Arabic and English.
  • Since you will be walking for a considerable time, wear comfortable walking shoes and keep sunglasses and sunscreen with you.
  • Have an experienced person drive you on the winding mountain roads. It is advisable not to drive at night.
  • There are good public facilities inside the village complex.
  • Try to plan your visit in the early morning hours to avoid the crowds and to escape the heat.
  • There is ample parking space for private vehicles outside the village complex.

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Point of Interest for Hatta Heritage Village
Experience the history

Experience the history

See the antique artefacts on display like musical instruments, weapons, textiles, handicrafts, etc. belonging to the ancient tribesmen in the museum located inside the heritage village. Take a step back in time and imagine life as it used to be centuries ago while you take a stroll in the restored houses with their restored kitchens and bedrooms.

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Indulge in Shopping

Indulge in Shopping

Pick up interesting knick-knacks from the village souvenir shop. Participate in the various exhibitions and events held at the village each year like the Flag Day, UAE National Day, and even the Dubai Shopping Festival. Make sure to check the dates of these festivals before your visit.

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Indulge in local cuisine

Indulge in local cuisine

While your trip to the Hatta Heritage Village will be filled with many sceneries, experiences and cultural interactions. However, making the whole experience even more ethnic will be a food tour. Get a chance to sample the local cuisine which will be served on the spot to you. These dishes will be prepared by some excellent chefs and will include all the locally sourced ingredients.

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See the Centuries

See the Centuries

Old traditional Emirati architecture comprising of the mosque; two watchtowers, majlis (reception area), and houses all located inside the ancient Hatta Fort with the Hajar mountains in the backdrop.

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Take part in activities

Take part in activities

On your trip to the Hatta Heritage Village, make sure that you take some time off to take part in the activities which they have on offer. From pottery sessions to walking tours, a wide variety of activities can be enjoyed here.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Hatta Heritage Village FAQs

What is the best time of the day to visit Hatta Heritage Village?

Since it is located at a higher altitude in the Hajar Mountains, the climate at Hatta is cooler and can be visited for the larger part of the day. Visit early in the morning or evening to see the sun setting over the mountains.

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Are there any guidelines to follow before going to this place?

In case you are planning to stay overnight don’t forget to carry a light jacket with you since the nights get chilly at Hatta. Don’t miss to carry light snacks and water bottles since there are no restaurants inside the Hatta Heritage Village. Remember to carry your passport and ID proof since you will be crossing the Oman border. Your driver should be accustomed to mountain driving since some of the terrains are rugged with winding roads.

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What is unique about Hatta Heritage Village?

Hatta Heritage Village is a unique exhibit of the recreation of a 3,000-year-old preserved Emirati mountain village and its way of living. It houses the rustic and beautiful architecture comprising of the Governor’s house including the personal spaces like a master bedroom, children’s play area, and the outdoor spaces like the courtyard and majlis (open reception area). The other building in the village comprises of canals, a mosque, and the most prominent of all- the southern and northern watchtowers. These huge towers were used by the soldiers to guard the village. The first gate of the tower is located at a height of 2.5 metres, which was accessible only by ropes. A section of the village is dedicated to showing how the Bedouin tribes lived and traded in the old days. You can see their life-like figurines of fishermen and blacksmiths. All these structures still retain some of their old building materials like mud, palm tree trunks, and stone. There is a museum inside the complex where you can see beautiful ancient dresses, weapons, musical instruments, and artworks on display.

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How long does it take to go around Hatta Heritage Village?

You can see all the attractions at the heritage village in 1.5-2 hours.

Is there any restaurant available?

There are no restaurants inside or near the heritage village. You would need to travel to the Hatta city centre for a bite. Remember to carry your own water and light snacks.

Does this place require any ID proof?

Yes, since you will be crossing the borders you need to carry important documents like your passport and personal ID proof like driver’s license.

How can I reach Hatta Heritage Village by public transport?

There are two options to reach Hatta Heritage Village. It is easily reachable by bus numbers 21, 29, 8, and 93, which take around 4 hours from Dubai. The closest bus stops are Abu Hail, Satwa, Sabkha, and Gold Souq. Taxis, also easily available, take around 1 hour 27 minutes. You can also take the metro line M2 that runs every 3-5 minutes. The closest metro stations are Al Ghubaiba and Al Ras.

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Hatta Heritage Village Reviews

Bhanumati Bhattathiri
Reviewed: 08 Mar 2022
A good option for those looking for offbeat experiences around the city. The Hatta mountain tour takes you through some really scenic routes across the hills. We visited some mountain villages and lakes and stopped for lunch midway.
Dee Ak Dhanvantri
Reviewed: 23 Feb 2022
Trekking through the Hatta mountains is an experience I would never have considered if I hadn't come across it on Thrillophilia, and I am glad I did. Expansive village visit, art explorations and the overall scenery was totally beautiful.
Vikash Bardia
Reviewed: 19 Jan 2022
During my family holiday in Dubai, we were looking for something unique, and Thrillophilia’s website had a sightseeing activity package available for the Hatta Village. The team is actually impressive, very knowledgeable and professional too……. We loved the process, and greatly enjoyed visiting the ... Read More
Jananee Srinivasan
Reviewed: 01 Jan 2022
Visiting Hatta Village, the mountains, the dam, the park, and the fresh-water pools was a fantastic experience. We learned more about Dubai's rich history and culture. Our tour guide was likewise extremely informed and courteous. Thank you, Thrillophilia, for a fantastic safari!
Pawan Pattan
Reviewed: 15 Mar 2021
It was a great experience of visiting Hatta Village, mountains, dam, park, and fresh-water pools. We got to know more about Dubai’s rich heritage & traditions. We loved the surroundings and locals. It was an awesome experience; credit goes to our guide & Thrillophilia team.

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