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The Yoga classes in Dubai offer sweat-inducing to gentle workouts. These classes have made it easier for the people in Dubai to distress and relax themselves. Yoga classes in Dubai have helped relax, and improve strength while trying something new during their leisure hours.

For fitness freaks who detest skipping out their workouts, or those who are devoted lovers of yoga, there are myriad Yoga studios in Dubai. However, if you are a first timer who simply wants to practise the ancient yoga art, these studios will be of great help. A good yoga sesh from any of these studios will help in uplifting and calming the spirit. It will also expand beyond the studio and mat. With a replenished mind you will be ready to face everyday life challenges, head-on.Thus, if you are on a holiday and desire to find the zen you need, here is a list of some open Yoga studios in Dubai

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Dubai Yoga FAQs

Which are the best yoga classes in Dubai?

1. Seva: One of the most impactful Yoga studios in Dubai has to be Seva Experience. This hippie haven in Jumeirah’s core virtually exudes “Om”. It focuses the spiritual aspect of wellbeing besides centering all its attention on loads of yoga.

You will learn about the dynamic Vinyasa, Kundalini, Tantra and the classic Hatha poses here. Moreover, the SEVA Experience also offers chakra-reading, holistic life coaching and reiki sessions that complement the practices. However, if you are feeling hungry with all that yoga, there is the SEVA table that offers raw and vegan delights like cinnamon cookies, turmeric smoothies, and veggie burgers to fill your tummy. 

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, 27B Street, Villa 5/1B Jumeirah 1 Postcode: 413752 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

2. Yoga at Topgolf Dubai: Do you fancy taking Yoga classes in Dubai but on a grassy outfield? Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard of the coolest yoga spot, Topgolf. This Yoga centre holds yoga sessions in association with Alserkal Avenue’s Shimis Yoga studio.

The sessions are spearheaded by instructors that take participants through 50-minutes classes. In these classes you learn about different breathing techniques, and poses, irrespective of what level you are in. 

Location: Topgolf Dubai, Emirates Golf Club, UAE

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3. Yoga at Green Planet Dubai: Does nature’s sound pacify you? The Green Planet is one of the best Yoga studios in Dubai that instills utter and complete relaxation by letting you indulge in 60-minute yoga sessions amidst nature’s sound.

The sessions here are held on a monthly basis, and the meditation class in the tropical biome comprises over 3000 varieties of birds, animals, and plants. You stretch out on the wooden paths and walkways, and believe it or not but it’s a challenge to stay awake given the tranquillity and serenity. 

Location: Green Planet Dubai, City Walk - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

4. Shimis Yoga Center: One of the coolest Yoga studios in Dubai has to be the Shimis Yoga Center in Alserkal Avenue that lets you indulge in box yoga. This completely unique and new yoga concept allows you to slow and go with the music in a room heated to 26-32 degrees.

The top-notch infrared panels keep the body healthy, and make you sweat. Thus, you get rid of all the toxins through vinyasa yoga moves like side-plank, and cat-cow stretch. 

Location: Shimis Yoga, Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 42, Alserkal Avenue - 8 B St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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5. Dryp Sweat Hub: When HIT meets yoga, you have the HIITasana yoga that is a hybrid, fast-paced class held in one of the popular Yoga studios in Dubai. At the Dubai marina’s Dryp, the HIITasana sessions involve cardio movements that help to bust calories so that you can burn fat, and enhance your overall fitness.

However this new style of exercise that is a combination of body-weight movement, and yoga poses helps to reduce stress, improve posture, and increases mobility. 

Location: Dryp Dubai Marina, Orra Marina Tower - Nasaq St - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

6. Sky-high yoga at Burj Khalifa: Have you thought of trying yoga poses at dizzying heights? Head to one of the unconventional Yoga studios in Dubai positioned on the Burj Khalifa’s 124th floor.

The morning yoga class series involve practising the sun salutations followed by classes of one hour, spearheaded by expert instructors.It feels surreal trying the balanced and invigorating vinyasa flow class while enjoying stunning views from the sky-high 465-meter vantage point

Location: Burj Khalifa, 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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7. Underwater Yoga at Atlantis Lost Chambers: One of the most serene experiences is trying underwater yoga at theAtlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium. This 60-minute session is held once a month, and is not really underwater but as close as it can get.

After an hour of practising yoga poses, you meditate for thirty minutes with the singing bowls providing you not just the soundtrack, but calmness, and relaxation. 

Location: Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium, The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

8. Yoga at The View: To start your morning on a bright note, head to the Observation Deck of the View at the Palm where you can click pictures posing with the Palm’s view. Here you will enjoy Vinyasa-style yoga on level 52 and enjoy the feeling of being right in the sky. To make the most of the View’s full effect, arrive an hour early and try this zen yoga. 

Location: Level 52 – Observation Deck, The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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9. Life Style Yoga: Are you willing to experience the most traditional and authentic form of yoga?The Yoga classes in Dubai at Lifestyle Yoga in Dubai’s Shangri La Hotel offer a comfortable, and convenient place to practice it.

If you are tired of giving in to your fast-paced lifestyle that is sedentary as well, you must be a part of these classes. There are expert yogis enlightening you with conventional yoga disciplines in the most tranquil settings. This wonderful activity will surely help you experience inner bliss and peace, mastering the mind to live a life of ease. 

Location: Shangri La Hotel, Dubai

10. Sunset Yoga at Jumeirah Al Qasr: If you want to move with music while attending a session of yoga, head to Jumeirah Al Qasr’s Sunset Yoga. It offers one of the unique Yoga classes in Dubai where you do yoga in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s charming grass lawn.

A famous Yoga guru guides you through an hour-long flow while an ace musician creates the ideal ambiance with live guitar performances. These 2 hour yoga classes before the spectacular Burj Al Arab let you experience an outdoor yoga sesh on the beach. When here, do not miss out on the hatha, pranayama, and shavasana sessions. 

Location: Jumeirah Beach Hotel

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11. Karma Yoga Studio: One of the most alluring Yoga studios in Dubai has to be the Karma Yoga Studio. This tranquil sanctuary in Dubai’s heart makes you partake in the Hatha yoga, where your breathing activity leads you to the inner universe. This place features Bali-inspired aesthetics, and has a matchless appeal.

The dedicated Yogis guide you at all stages whether it is with the Vinyasa Yoga or some other. If you are looking forward to enhancing your spiritual and physical wellbeing, Karma Yoga Studio offers you the much needed harmonious space. 

Location: Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina, UAE

12. Trident Wellness Center: The Trident Wellness Center is one of the renowned yoga studios in Dubai. It hosts as many as 20 different yoga classes on a daily basis. Some popular classes are calming meditation, Hatha yoga, and classic yoga meditation sessions. Besides an extensive selection of yogas, the studio is popular because of its admirable waterfront setting.

This place emanates a calming and soothing ambiance as the overwhelming aroma of the incense sticks, and never-ending “om” chanting envelopes you. The spacious rooms here are replete with floor-to-ceiling windows that face the marina. The sunset yoga sesh exudes an otherworldly glow as the marina’s waters gleam brilliantly in the backdrop. 

Location: Building, Trident Bayside - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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13. Zen Yoga: Zen Yoga is Dubai’s oldest yoga den. It hosts numerous kinds of pilates and yoga classes that have assisted a gazillion people and continues to do so even now. You will find some of the most adept instructors to aid newcomers and veterans alike in the zen-like setting of the studio.

It currently has 3 studios dispersed all around the Dubai city. Therefore, people find it much easier to find these venues that stimulate harmony of the body and mind. 

Location: Dubai Media City, Umm Suqeim, UAE

14. Eclipse Yoga Classes: If you want to improve your mobility, spatial awareness, strength and core reflexes, you must head to one of the effective Yoga classes in Dubai named, Eclipse and train like a beast. The yoga class will be a hybrid one as it will combine postures of yoga with dynamic movements based on ground.

You can take inspiration from specimens that are dear to you and mimic their gestures. It may initially feel awkward to roll like the crocodile or move like the ape, but consistent practice will bring about notable benefits. If you devote a good amount of time in animal yoga the body will become supple, and your core strength will increase besides stability, mobility, and endurance.

Location: Eclipse, Dubai Marina

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15. Swing Yoga at Pole Fit Dubai: Do your jaws drop whenever you watch a Cirque du Soleil show? If yes, then swing yoga can be your calling. All you have to do is head to Pole Fit in Dubai Marina and attend their Yoga classes in Dubai.

The swing yoga is not that simple as it requires you to hop into a sling-like silky hammock decked from the ceiling. This anti-gravity or aerial yoga involves holding poses like forward bends, and headstands with fabrics. Of course, during the whole course you do not have to over-stress the joints.

Location:Pole Fit Dubai, Dubai Marina 

16. Desert Palm Equestrian Centre: Did you know horses and yoga have a few things in common? Truthfulness, presence, awareness, and peace are those things. For a session of horse-guided yoga you can head to the Desert Palm Equestrian Centre and attend their Yoga classes in Dubai.

In this form of yoga you will learn to tap into the equine’s innate power through yoga movements, breathing and meditation techniques. This style of yoga will help you reach the highest awareness state and also calm your mind. Keep in mind that you do not require any horse-riding or prior yoga experience, but affection for animals is mandatory. 

Location: EAPD inside Desert Palm Equestrian Centre, Al Aweer Road (E 44 Road) - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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What are the essential things required for doing yoga in Dubai?

1. Yoga mat: A sticky yoga mat is something that you cannot do without. This mat helps in defining your space and creates traction for the feet and hands, so that you do not trip or slip. Therefore, if you sweat too easily, get a yoga mat.

2. Clothing: Yoga includes several kinds of exercises that require you to bend the body, and hold challenging poses. Thus, clothing is an essential where you cannot do without form-fitting tops, yoga socks, yoga pants. These items offer extra room to stretch and keep you comfortably covered. 

3. Knee cushion: For yoga poses like the Ustrasana you need a cushion under your knees. This inexpensive and light product is a kneeling pad that will be the right size and will protect you from any knee injuries. 

4. Slings or mat bags: If you carry a yoga mat, you do know how messy it gets to constantly lug it back and forth. A sling or mat bag makes it easy for you to roll the mat inside and carry it over the shoulders. 

5. Blocks: Yoga blocks improve alignment and make you feel comfy. These blocks are best for all the standing poses as they raise the floor to meet the hands. Thus, you do not have to force your hands to make it reach the floor. 

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What is the best time to do Yoga?

The best time to do yoga is during the early morning hours as the exercises must be done with the sunrise, and in an empty stomach. However, if you manage to include a yoga session in the evening, then that will be a bonus too.

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What are the benefits of doing Yoga?

1. Yoga enhances flexibility.

2. Yoga helps to relieve stress and tension through sound baths, chanting, breath work, meditation and other auditory rituals.

3. It enhances mental health by bringing down the depressive symptoms.

4. It can reduce inflammation.

5. It can increase your body stamina and strength through asanas that aim at strength building.

6. It reduces all kinds of anxiety which include social anxiety besides specific phobias.

7. It enhances the overall quality of life.

8. It enhances cardiovascular functioning through yogic breathing which involves controlling the breathing pace.

9. It helps to improve sleep patterns.

10. It helps boost self-esteem and body image.

11. It helps boost bone health.

12. It aids in brain functioning.

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What is so special in Dubai?

Dubai is special for its innovative and glitzy architecture, development, its riches, and shopping scenes. This eponymous capital of UAE is renowned for several sightseeing attractions that include the indoor ski slopes, the mammoth aquariums, shopping malls, and the Burj Khalifa. However, the “City of Gold '' is not only popular for its 5-star glam as it has its cultural and local sides as well.

From the souks hubbubs to the peacefulness of the deserts, there is a huge range of things you can do and see. In a single day you can not only explore the remarkable skyscrapers, but the traditional villages and the vast dunes. On the shopping scene, some of the things that make Dubai special are the hookah pipes, dates, gold ornaments, and Persian carpets. Dubai is equally special for its food that include Oozie, Al Machboos, Mandi and tabbouleh.

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