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Chandramohan Bandopadhyay


I have always been a lover of water sports and wanted to take part in kayaking. So, when it was time to book my tickets to Dubai, I came across Thrillo...


Sanjay Pillai


This was the first time me and my friends booked this one-hour kayak trip through Thrillophilia. And we were surprised to find out that they are offeri...

Kayaking In Dubai Overview

Embark on a fun-filled and delightful journey with an adventurous Kayaking activity in Dubai that would truly hold you mesmerized and astonished. Grab great delight with your family and friends with booking this activity.

What to Expect:

Paddle along the gentle waters of Dubai:
The Kayaking in Dubai brings you the opportunity of getting indulged into the super adventurous activity in the gentle water bodies of Dubai. The activity lets you paddle in the scenic ambience of Dubai and make the most out of your Dubai trip.

Take a single or double kayak ride:
The package comes with the options of two variants- Single and Double Kayaking. Therefore, you can select any one of them to enjoy the delightful activity according to your desire and schedule.

Enjoy kayaking without any training:
You are not required to be a professional or undergo any extensive training for availing the Kayaking in Dubai package. You can enjoy the activity even being a beginner without any knowledge about the activity.

Enjoy optimum fun when you are in Dubai:
This activity lets you achieve great delight and joy on opting for the package as the activity is devised to render maximum satisfaction and fun to the fun lovers who come to visit Dubai.

Things to know before you go:

Meet Up Location:
Hydro Watersports Dubai, Beach Access, Next to Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

Reaching There:
You may take a local cab and ask the driver to drop you off at the Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

-Children aged 0-10 are not allowed to join this activity for safety purposes
-Children aged 11-18 are allowed to participate provided that they are accompanied by their parents or an adult

Kayaking In Dubai Itinerary

  • Day 1 -

    Meet up at the location

    Get instructions from professionals

    Start kayking in calm waters

    Experience one hour of kayaking with view of Jumeirah Beach Residence

    Return to location


  • Kayaking in Dubai

Other Inclusions

  • Kayaking experience for 1 hour
  • 7
  • Safety gears
  • 7
  • Instructions by professionals

Things To Carry

  • Sunglasses
  • 7
  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • 7
  • Thrillophilia Voucher
  • 7
  • ID Proofs


  • Children aged 11-18 are allowed to participate provided that they are accompanied by their parents or an adult
  • 7
  • Please bring clothes for changing and towels
  • 7
  • This tour is not recommended for pregnant women and guests with heart or respiratory conditions and with back or neck injuries
  • 7
  • Guests who are medically or physically unfit and anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate in the adventure activities
  • 7
  • Travellers must know how to swim to join the Kayaking in Dubai
  • 7
  • Passport is required to be carried during this trip
  • 7
  • You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher for this activity
  • 7
  • The voucher is valid only on the date and time specified
  • 7
  • Please arrive at the meet up location 10 minutes before your scheduled ride

Tour Type

  • This is a group tour

Kayaking In Dubai: Cancellation Policy

  • Full refunds will be issued for cancellations made at least 48 hours prior to the activity

Kayaking In Dubai: Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days
  • 7
  • All applicable refunds will be done in traveller's thrillophilia wallet as Thrillcash

Kayaking In Dubai: Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
  • 7
  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.
  • 7
  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking before confirmation and a full refund will be processed.
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    All Kayaking In Dubai Reviews

    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Chandramohan Bandopadhyay

     Rated : 5.0


    I have always been a lover of water sports and wanted to take part in kayaking. So, when it was time to book my tickets to Dubai, I came across Thrillophilia’s amazing deal on the kayaking activity in Dubai. And it is safe to say that I wasn’t disappointed. From the booking, to the payment and even the change in timings, everything was smooth and Thrillophilia made it very easy for me to be on track with all that is happening. The kayak experience will always remain close to my heart, and I have Thrillophilia to thank for it.

    Story by Sanjay Pillai

     Rated : 5.0


    This was the first time me and my friends booked this one-hour kayak trip through Thrillophilia. And we were surprised to find out that they are offering such amazing deals and discounts in their tours. Every single step during the booking was according to our convenience and we were amazed to do everything just sitting in the comforts of our homes. With this package by Thrillophilia, we were able to enjoy and soak up the amazing sights of the Dubai shoreline, all the while sitting and paddling in a comfortable kayak.

    Story by Gajbaahu Kakkar

     Rated : 5.0


    This is the second time I booked a kayaking trip with Thrillophilia, and it is as easy and hassle-free as I remembered. This time, my wife and I went to Dubai and tried kayaking at Hydro Watersports near the Jumeirah Beach Residence. Not only was the experience so much more fun, but we also had a very friendly trainer who kept guiding us throughout the trip. Moreover, even the prices for single kayaks were affordable. I will definitely be booking my next trip through Thrillophilia again.

    Story by Geeta Marar

     Rated : 5.0


    We were a group of 5 friends, all of whom love adventure sports, and kayaking was next on our list. And thanks to Thrillophilia, we were able to do it in our vacation to Dubai, that too without spending a hefty amount on it. We were lucky enough to see some of the major attractions of Dubai while kayaking as well.

    Story by Amish Dutta

     Rated : 4.0


    We were a group of 6 people and wanted a customised tour of Dubai. Thrillophilia really lived up to our expectations and provided us with the best Dubai tour package, which also had a very affordable and exciting kayaking trip included in it. Not only did the team here organised everything really well, they also provided us with helpful trainers and guides throughout the trip, making it very memorable.


    People Also Ask About Kayaking In Dubai

    1. What is kayaking?

      Known as a popular water sport and adventure activity, Kayaking is a fun activity which allows you to move through water in a small boat using a double-bladed paddle. It allows the person riding the kayak to manoeuvre the boat while sitting face-forward and paddling the kayak ahead by making alternate side-by-side paddle strokes.

      This is a sport which can be enjoyed even in the shallow waters at the edge of a lake, or on the shores of a river. Additionally, it can be enjoyed by all kinds of adventure enthusiasts, from beginners and amateurs to experts, since it requires no previous experience or training.

    2. What is the cost of kayaking in Dubai?

      Kayaking in Dubai is quite cheap and affordable, especially when you book the activity through Thrillophilia.

      A one-hour long kayaking trip for an adult on a single kayak starts from as low as INR 1732 which equals to around 88.50 AED.

    3. What is the best time to visit Dubai for kayaking?

      The best time to visit Dubai for Kayaking is between the months of October and April. This is the time when the temperatures are not too high.

      Since these are the winter months in Dubai, the weather remains pleasant all throughout the day, making it easy for tourists to enjoy kayaking in the different areas of Dubai.

    4. What are the things to keep in mind while experiencing Kayaking in Dubai?

      While Kayaking in Dubai, there are a few things which every kayaker should keep in mind. Some of these things are:

      - Anyone below the age of 11 years is not allowed to participate in Kayaking. Alternatively, children above 11 years of age are required to be accompanied by their parents or an adult in order to participate in Kayaking.
      - Always ensure that you bring an extra set of clothes for changing along with towels when you go for kayaking in Dubai.
      - Also, it is advisable to carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated while you kayak.
      - Kayaking is not an activity that pregnant women or those with heart and/or respiratory conditions should partake in. Additionally, it is also not recommended for tourists who have back or neck injuries. - - You should be medically and physically fit in order to enjoy kayaking. This ensures that you have fun while kayaking, in addition to being safe whilst you are out there in the water.
      - You should also not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol if you want to enjoy and take part in kayaking when you are in Dubai.
      - If you wish to enjoy kayaking whilst on your trip to Dubai, you must know how to swim.
      - You must always have your passport along with valid identity proofs during your trip.
      - It is advisable to arrive at the meet up location at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of meeting for the kayaking trip.

    5. How many people can do Kayaking In Dubai at the same time?

      At a given time, only one person can ride in one kayak. However, with new multi-person kayaks on the rise, more than one person can ride in a kayak, but that depends entirely on the model of the boat.

      For the conventional models, there can be only one person in the kayak. Two kayakers can ride together on tandem kayaks as well.

    6. Is Kayaking safe in Dubai?

      Yes, Kayaking is very safe in Dubai. The majestic Dubai coastline boasts of clear, turquoise waters which are a beautiful blend of still and calm and rushing in different areas.

    7. Can I bring along a still camera, video camera or cell phone while experiencing Kayaking in Dubai?

      Yes, you can bring along a still camera, video camera or your cell phone while experiencing Kayaking in Dubai. Whilst you are out there paddling in the waters, you can also get to see the beauty that Dubai has to offer.

      And having a camera, video camera or even just your cell phone with you can help you capture the picturesque sights and panoramas that the great place has to offer.

    8. Is Dubai Kayaking good for beginners? What’s the age limit to Kayaking in Dubai?

      Dubai Kayaking caters to all kinds of adventurers. Therefore, whether you are a beginner, an amateur or even an expert, kayaking is something that you can easily partake in and enjoy a lot. With training, practise and preparation, you will enjoy this water sport to the best of your capabilities.

      Kayaking is a great sport for anyone over 18 years of age. However, children between the age of 11 to 18 years can also take part in it, provided they have a parent or an adult accompanying them.

    9. What should I wear to Kayaking In Dubai?

      For Kayaking in Dubai, the first and foremost thing that you need to wear is a personal floatation device or a PFD. This is the most important thing you must absolutely wear while kayaking. Additionally, it is important to dress up for the temperature of the water.

      When kayaking in Dubai during the winters, the water is cold. Therefore, a wetsuit will come in handy during this time. Also, you should always dress in layers, especially on the top, since it protects you from the sun and other weather conditions.

      Additionally, it is recommended to avoid wearing cotton clothes in all the layers, since it tends to absorb water and remain wet. Alternatively, quick-drying fabrics like nylon or polyester is a great option. You must also ensure that you are wearing clothes that don’t make you uncomfortable and will be fine during long durations of sitting. Also, it is advisable to look for fabrics that are abrasion-resistant and can stand up to the wear and tear of water, sand or any other rough element in your kayak.

      Finally, it is good to avoid wearing any clothes with zippers and fasteners that are at risk of rusting. Water, especially salt water tends to corrode a lot of metals, making it difficult for the wearer.

    10. What are the dangers associated with Kayaking In Dubai?

      While enjoying a day out kayaking in the waters, it is entirely possible that you will remain dry and enjoy the adventures of the gushing waters whilst you are paddling. However, it is also possible that you may encounter some of the below mentioned dangers associated with the famed water sport.

      - Hypothermia: When kayaking in the water, there are high chances of the kayaker losing their core body temperatures. Prolonged exposure to cold water effectively causes your body to physically react and lower the temperature of your body.
      - Cold Shock: When you enter water which is very cold, your body tends to react in a way such that the entire nervous system becomes over stimulated. This can lead to the body not being able to function properly and this is known as Cold Shock.
      - Sweepers: Sweepers are low-hanging tree branches and other similar obstacles which can generally be seen jutting out of the water while you kayak. It is very important to avoid these sweepers wherever and whenever possible, especially since they can prove to be extremely fatal.
      - Strainers: These are the opposite of sweepers, since they are present laterally inside the water flow. These are even more dangerous than Sweepers because chances are that strainers could be entire trees with branches, leaves and debris caught under the water current. Once trapped by strainers, you cannot do anything but drown.
      - Undercuts: An undercut is an area of the riverbank where you can find hollow underwater depressions. These are usually formed by mud banks and rocks, and can cause a kayaker to be trapped in an instant.
      - Dehydration: When you are out in the water for too long, there are chances of you getting dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to keep your hydrated and bring water bottles while you paddle.

    11. What are the other inclusions in the Kayaking In Dubai package?

      The Dubai Kayaking package includes an amazing kayaking experience stretching over a period of one hour. Additionally, you also get the necessary safety gears as well as the safety instructions by professionals in the Kayaking package by Thrillophilia.

    12. Is there any guide or trainer to help while Kayaking in Dubai?

      Yes, while you are Kayaking in Dubai, you will be instructed by professional guides and trainers, who will help you tread along the waters as safely as possible.

    13. Where can I experience Kayaking in Dubai?

      You can experience great Kayaking in Dubai in the following places:

      - Hatta Kayak at Hatta Dam: The best area for kayaking in Dubai, you get to paddle along the still waters of the Hatta Dam, surrounded by picturesque mountains. A single kayak here starts from INR 1,169 or AED 60.
      - Palm Jumeirah Kayaking: This is possibly the most famous Kayaking spot in all of Dubai. In this kayaking tour, you get to paddle across famous Dubai attractions, such as the Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and even the Burj Khalifa. The cost of a single kayak here is INR 4,482 or AED 230, whereas a double kayak starts at INR 6,723 or AED 345.
      - Eastern Mangroves Kayaking: Kayak across the beautiful and huge mangrove forest in this kayaking trip, and get to enjoy the vivid natural aquatic environment of Dubai. A single kayak in this trip costs around INR 2,144 or AED 110. Alternatively, a double kayak costs INR 3,118 or AED 160.
      - Wadi Adventure Kayaking: The continuous flowing waters of Wadi Adventures are great for an amazing kayaking trip. It is also the place where the Olympic kayaking champions come to train for the sport. The cost of kayaking here is INR 2,923 or AED 150.
      - Dubai Marina Kayaking: This is a perfect destination for those who wish to kayak while enjoying stunning front water views of the skyscrapers in Dubai. A single kayak in this trip costs around INR 1,948 or AED 100. Alternatively, a double kayak costs INR 2,923 or AED 150.

    14. how to book Kayaking In Dubai activity?

      To book a Kayaking in Dubai experience, you will need to go to the main website of Thrillophilia. On the main webpage, you will get a “Search” option, wherein you can simply look for “Kayaking Tours in Dubai.” Upon clicking the “Search” option, the next page that you can see on your screen is the one where you can get all details for the Kayaking tour in Dubai.

      After going through the details, you can click on “Book Now” and submit all your necessary details, such as the date when you wish to avail the activity, number of adults and so on. Once you are done with this, you will receive all the necessary details of the activity, along with the price, which is currently at a 10% discount.

      For Kayaking in Dubai for a single person, the price right now is INR 1,081. After payment, you will receive a confirmation voucher via your email within 24 hours of successful booking. In case your preferred slots are not available, Thrillophilia will offer you an alternate schedule according to your preference and thereby arrange it. Soon after that, you will receive a new confirmation voucher via your email.

    15. What is the duration of Kayaking in Dubai?

      Usually, kayakers can enjoy kayaking in Dubai for a period of one hour.

    16. Are there any offers or deals for Kayaking in Dubai?

      Yes, Thrillophilia is currently offering a flat 10 percent discount on the Kayaking in Dubai activity. Therefore, the prices of Kayaking, which earlier started from INR 1,732 per adult.

    17. What are the physical requirements for Kayaking In Dubai? Is there a weight limit? If so, what is the maximum weight limit?

      Kayaking requires a lot of work, especially when you are paddling for long periods of time. Therefore, it is important to be reasonably fit and agile so that you can paddle nicely without exerting and exhausting yourself out. Additionally, this helps the kayaker to get in and out of the kayak easily, without any hassle.

      Every kayak has a weight limit. In saying so, a typical single kayak has a weight limit of around 250 to 300 pounds, which is approximately 110 to 135 kilograms. So, for such a kayak, the paddler’s ideal weight for the kayak should be somewhere around 260 pounds or 115 kilograms or less.

      This is only if the kayaker is not carrying any gear or other things. However, if they do carry any clothes, gear, or accessories, then the maximum weight of the paddler that the kayak can carry should be around 225 pounds or 100 kilograms.

    18. Is there anything I need to bring for Kayaking In Dubai?

      For a good Dubai Kayaking experience, there are some essentials that you must always carry with you.

      These are:
      Hat or cap
      Sunscreen lotion
      An extra set of comfortable clothes
      Dry snacks
      Water bottles
      Life jacket
      Iodine tablets
      Medical kit
      Energy bars
      Flip flops
      Comfortable shoes
      Passport Valid ID proof
      Thrillophilia voucher

    19. Are children permitted in Kayaking In Dubai?

      Children between the ages of 0 to 10 are not allowed to enjoy a kayaking experience in Dubai. However, those aged between 11 to 18 years of age, are permitted to go kayaking, only if they are accompanied by their parents or an adult.

    20. Can Kayaking in Dubai be done barefoot?

      Yes, kayaking can be done while you are barefoot. As a matter of fact, kayaking barefoot becomes all the more fun, especially since you do not have to worry about wet, soggy socks and shoes when the water runs into the kayak.

    21. Can I bring fishing gear in Kayaking In Dubai?

      Yes, you can bring fishing gear into the kayak. Kayak fishing, or fishing from a kayak, has started gaining fame and popularity in recent times, and can prove to be great fun for catching fish in a more sustainable and healthy way.

    22. Should I bring drinks and/or food for Kayaking In Dubai?

      Ideally, every kayaker should bring water and dry snacks with them while kayaking. This is because a prolonged time out in the water and being exposed to the sun can cause dehydration.

      Therefore, it is important to not just keep yourself well hydrated, but also have something to keep yourself full with.

    23. Can I bring wetsuits for kayaking in Dubai?

      Yes, you can bring a wetsuit for kayaking. The three-millimetre kayaking thickness is sufficient to keep you warm, in spite of being in the cold water. However, most kayakers do not wear a wetsuit these days. Instead, they wear a combination of tops and bottoms designed specifically for paddling, and helps to keep them warm and dry as well.

      These clothes are usually made up of either nylon or neoprene. Additionally, they also make the hip and the knee area extra reinforced, which helps to prevent wear and tear. Also, these clothes tend to have a sealed waist and cuff area on the ankles. This prevents water from entering the suit.

    24. What are the meeting points of the entire Dubai Kayaking?

      The meeting point of the entire Dubai Kayaking trip is Hydro Watersports Dubai. It has a Beach Access, and is located next to the Ritz Carlton in the Jumeirah Beach Residence area in Dubai.

    25. Will I be wearing a life jacket in Dubai Kayaking?

      Yes, all kayakers will have to wear life jackets for the duration of the trip.

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