Jumeirah Beach, Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Jumeirah Beach Tours & Activities

About Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular and most visited public beaches in Dubai. The white sandy beach stretches along the coastal area of the city and has many large resorts and hotels close to its frontage area. Jumeirah Beach has been named after Jumeirah district from where the beach originates.

The stunning views of Jumeirah Beach provide the much-needed respite from stress. Lounging here provides a complete entertainment site and visitors will enjoy everything here. The sea shore features a host of restaurants and shopping zones close to it. For those who love the sun can get their suntan while others can relax on the sand envisioning the deep blue sea.

The park adjoining the beach has a playground for kids and a whole lot of areas dedicated to barbecues and picnic areas. Surroundings are very clean and neat but if you go during the day the heat might take a toll on you. Entry to the Jumeirah beach is accessible from early morning till late at night without any charge but if you would like to access the park, the minimum amount will be levied. It is advisable to carry a water bottle and sun.

The food glorious festival which takes place for about a month is perhaps the most crowded times at the beach and a huge number of people participate in the proceedings. The walk which is a famous walk down innumerable food stalls from French street foods to local delights is a must-visit place here. The park here also poses as a great tourist attraction where visitors can relax swimming or playing sports like Volleyball etc.

One of the most popular beaches in Dubai, Jumeirah is heavily crowded because of its affinity to many malls and stores on the shore. It provides a perfect escape and surely is one of the delightful experiences you will have.

How to Reach Jumeirah Beach

Dubai airport is 15 km away from Jumeirah Beach. You can take a lot of ways to reach the beach when you are coming straight out of the airport. You can take a taxi which will ensure you reach quickly, although it might prove to be a tad expensive. 

If you do not have access to a car, you can also take the Metro and take the line 88 to reach the beach. The journey will take more than an hour but it will work out cheaper and a second-best option.

Best Time to Visit Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is an exotic location that promises a great time for you. Since Dubai is a predominantly a desert area with beaches, the weather gets pretty humid and sometimes unbearable. Hence in the months during the winter when the winds are colder, then a visit to Dubai is worth.

But talking about the beach specifically, it will be suitable if you can visit here either early in the morning. Afternoons are a strict no because of extreme dry heat waves which might result in sunstroke. Evening times are surely considered the best of the lot because the weather is better and the crowds are heavier and more fun.

What Not to Miss at Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah beach in itself is a very attractive destination especially for beach lovers but for people who would also love to spend time in the vicinity of the beach, some places are waiting to be explored - 

1. The Burj Al Arab: One of the most distinguishing landmarks of Dubai and is noted as an architectural wonder. This spectacular place houses a lavish restaurant with world-class interiors.

2. Dubai Zoo: Located near the Mercato centre is one of the oldest zoos in the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the first zoos to have an Arabian wild cat and the chimpanzees along with other endangered species like the Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger and many more. The Dubai zoo has more than 200 species that offers modern facilities to the guests.

3. Wild Wadi Water Park: This themed amusement park is located in front of the Burj Al Arab and has been designed and created along the lines of Arabian tales of Juha and Sinbad. The park features a heated water facility, artificial surfing machines, many water slides and a waterfall that runs every ten minutes. Many fun activities can be done here which makes this park a popular place to visit.

4. The Jumeirah Mosque: The beautiful mosque is a tad different from the usual mosques because it is also open to non-Muslims. The culture of Dubai and UAE, in general, is resplendent in this mosque. The mosque is a shining example of inter-faith tolerance and peace.

5. The Madinat Jumeirah: This is a complex which has 2 hotels, shopping malls and umpteen restaurants, bars, spa on a private beach on which it is stationed. The complex is interconnected with waterways giving this place a Venetian look with the thoroughly enjoyable Gondola rides.

Things to Do at Jumeirah Beach

You can indulge in a lot of activities on the beach here which makes this place an apt one for some thrill-seekers.

1. Jet Skiing: This one hour guided Jet-ski guide qualifies for quite an adventure. The jet speeds past the iconic views of the Al Arab and other glorious skyline landmarks. The one hour Jet Ski is stimulating ride and safe to be on.

2. Parasailing and Boat Tour: The beach residence at Jumeirah close to the beach poses as a great place to go for boating and parasailing. The 15-minute journey gives you Aerial views of Dubai Marina and Palm Island especially when you come near the Gulf.

3. Sun Lounge: If you do not want to do anything but rest and get tanned, then visit here in the morning hours when the sun is at its best. Get a tan to die for and relax while you sip your cola.

4. Visit the Park: If you want you can also go swimming or play games with your family. The Park is equipped to include these activities that are considered extremely relaxing.

5. Get eating on the Walk: Your love for quick food ends here with your presence at the walk. This walk extends a stretch and includes some great cuisines from around the world. Usually crowded, this area is extremely worth it if you are in love with street food. You can enjoy local delights along with many stalls specifically dedicated to French and Chinese cuisines located close to the shore boundary.

6. Bar Hopping: Several bars across the shore are lined up giving the visitors a complete edge. You can do some research before hopping onto a bar. Enjoy the night vibes, music and drinks with a location to love.

7. Get a Spa: Like several bars, there are some countable spas also where visitors can relax and unwind. The professionals give you a great massage with several therapies which can be taken if you are really up to it.

Other Essential Information About Jumeirah Beach

 The Jumeirah beach is located in the Jumeirah district of Dubai on the Persian Gulf

Timing: The Beach is open for public visits on all days of the week, however, the timings differ. From Friday to Sunday the beach begins are 7.30 am and ends at 10.00 pm. On Wednesday and Thursday, the time extends till 11.00 pm. Entry to the beach is free of cost but the Jumeirah Beach Park is chargeable.

Price: The entry fee per person is AED 5.00 per person and AED 20.00 per car.

Tips for Visiting Jumeirah Beach

An amazing place to visit the Jumeirah beach holds great significance in Dubai. Before deciding to make a trip there, it is advisable to follow these tips -

- It will surely be smart if you carry sufficient water to quench your thirst, especially when it is really hot.

- If you have decided to visit the beach when the sun is up, then a sunscreen lotion would do no harm.

- Do not miss visiting the park.

- Carry an extra set of clothes and swimming costumes for the occasion.

- Dubai is a hot place and it will be smart if you could visit in the evening hours because of unbearable heat and humidity especially if you are with kids.

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People Also Ask About Jumeirah Beach

  1. Is Jumeirah Beach open to the public?

    Yes, the Jumeirah beach is one of the most popular public beaches in Dubai and UAE. The beach has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The beach is open for all visitors and all age groups 365 days a year.
  2. What is unique about Jumeirah Beach?

    The Jumeirah beach is a popular public beach and loved by people who visit here. The beach is extremely neat and well-kept unlike other beaches yet the most distinguishing factor is that it is accompanied by a park that can be enjoyed by kids and elders alike. The park has a host of games and activities along with a swimming pool thoroughly enjoyable.
  3. What is the best time of the day to visit Jumeirah Beach?

    The evening time after 5 pm is the best time to visit the beach because it is very hot in the day. The sun might get harsh during the day hence this time is the better one because you can take a lot of pictures also plus the heat will not haunt you.
  4. Are there any restrictions at Jumeirah Beach?

    The  Jumeirah park is charged minimally but other than that there are no restrictions on the beach.
  5. How do I get to Jumeirah Beach by public transport?

    If you have to get to the beach via a public transport service from anywhere, one has to know that there are no metros within walking distance of the beach but there are many buses that stop by the park. The buses that are included in the list are number 8from the Gold souk bus station and the F16 feeder bus from the Burj Khalifa Dubai mall metro station to Jumeirah.
  6. Is there any restaurant available near Jumeirah beach?

    There are several restaurants near the beach and on the shores where the visitors can enjoy variety and presentation. Some of the noticeable names are Nusret Dubai which is a popular steakhouse.

    If you love Middle Eastern food and seafood you can visit Shai Salon and Sea Fu. Namu restaurant is very popular for Korean cosine. If you are looking for a bistro, then Brothaus Bakery also serving German platters is a great option. Brazilian steakhouses are increasingly becoming famous and near the beach are the Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse is a great place waiting to be explored.
  7. Are there any rules or guidelines to be followed at Jumeirah Beach?

    Being a Muslim country there are some regular protocols applicable to all the public places including the beach. Visitors are requested and required to dress modestly, especially in the Jumeirah beach which is heavily crowded.

    The police and the laws are extremely strict when it comes to pointing out fingers because it represents obscenity. Public display of affection in beaches especially is strictly prohibited. Visitors also are not allowed to consume liquor in public areas like the beach. If you want to snap a national of the country, you have to ask for permission as it is considered illegal to do so without permission.
  8. Are there facilities such as lockers, toilets and sun loungers at the beach?

    The sun loungers are available at the beach and there are toilets on the beach. The toilets cannot be used to change clothes. More toilets are being built but there are no lockers available for guests yet. This feature may be added in the future.
  9. Is there any photo-taking point at Jumeirah beach?

    Yes, there is a photo-taking point where you can click your snap against the majestic Burj Al Arab. There is an additional beach near the complex which is a great spot for taking the picture. The portion opposite to the beach can be used as a strip of land that is a good vantage point for taking pictures.
  10. Can I hire sunbeds on the Jumeirah beach?

    Yes, sunbeds can be hired but they are slightly expensive. If you take the package, you get two sunbeds with an umbrella for a good amount. It is surely a great option because it also includes drinks and snacks within that cost.

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