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From recreating the iconic Titanic moment on its deck to taking part in an array of activities on board, you will get a chance to experience various once in a lifetime adventures on a cruise in Dubai. Letting you traverse along the Arabian Peninsula, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and many other spots, the cruises here promise some of the most scenic views of the shores as well as a comfy and cozy journey.  Loaded with luxuries and taking you to some of the most beautiful destinations, a cruise from Dubai will allow you to live it up on an unforgettable excursion.

Cruises like the Indian Ocean Gala Cruise and the Spice Route Cruises will ensure that you stay connected to the outer world while staying away from it, therefore they offer amenities like WiFi services and business rooms. 
Various cruise ships in Dubai also let you explore the seas and the surrounding destinations for upto 30 days, thus making it truly worth a try.

For the budget travellers, cruises for 7 to 9 days are also available which are luxurious and at the same time do not burn holes in your pockets. Traversing through the Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina, the cruises like Dhow Cruise let you explore the splendid man made canals within 2 to 3 hours, making it one of the best vessels in the vicinity. 
By opting for a dubai cruise tour, you not only enjoy the beauty of the ocean in a totally different perspective, but you also get to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, relaxing and rejuvenating.

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25 September 2018
It was one of the most amazing activities I did in Dubai. The cruise is fully lit and looks beautiful and takes you around dubai marina. It also provides you with an option of open air seating and gives you a chance to experience the dubai skyline in the night. It truly justifies the title dubai has got that is city of lights. Also they serve a sumptuous dinner buffet with traditional arabic tanaura dance. It was truly a wonderful experience. A must do activity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thanks to Thrillophilia. Thanks to Mr. Bhavesh. Great support and on time booking and confirmation.
"tnx Thrillophilia very good dhow cruise experience, worth every penny."
We took a Dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi with Thrillophilia during our last visit. It was truly impressive and we enjoyed to the fullest. Thanks a lot, Thrillophilia for curating such wonderful tours in the city of Luxury at the best possible rates.
Thrillophilia’s Abu Dhabi dhow cruise offers took us through the wonderful experience of cruising at Dhow in the evening. Booking the trip with Thrillophilia was a great deal and we managed to get good discounts. The team of Thrillophilia ensured hassle-free transfers from the hotel to the cruise and back to the hotel. All the chauffeurs were very polite and friendly with us.
We booked an Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise in the course of your visit to Dubai. The cruise trip was just mesmerizing. With a wide range of cuisines and premium drinks, the evening at the cruise was surely an unforgettable experience. Thanks a lot, Thrillophilia for curating this perfect itinerary in Abu Dhabi for visitors.
"overall good experience"
"amazing service and very good food and timely pickup."
27 November 2020
Thanks, Thrillophilia very good experience and would recommend it. It was the cheapest option I could find but still found it very pleasant. Had good entertainment shows and hosts were polite and kind too. The food was of good taste and quality. Go for it.
"Average just in terms of food. else ride was good. pick up n drop were on time. dance show as fine"
24 February 2020
This is a good cruise. Thrillophilia used a good local vendor for transportation. There are lots of cruise option in Marina, others might have a bigger and better looking cruise. At Alexandra, you will find better gentry and they do not overstuff people on the Cruise. So, you really feel special during cruise. And their chef Mr Ikram is a helping person.

People Also Ask About Cruises in Dubai

  1. Which are the best cruises in Dubai?

    1. Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek: Letting you explore the serenity of Dubai in the best way possible, the Dhow Cruise from Dubai Creek is truly one of the best cruises you can enjoy here. You will be traversing through Dubai Creek, which divides the city in two parts and offers some of the most splendid views on both the sides.

    Spanning for around 2 hours, the whole experience of riding the waters will be blissful as well as luxurious. This classy sailing experience will also help you in discovering the rich culture and heritage of Dubai. On the board, you will enjoy various fun events like Tanoura Dance performances and a plush dinner with national and international delicacies. While availing this cruise, do not forget to head towards the deck and click numerous pictures with your loved ones.

    Price: INR 1100 to INR 1500 per person
    Timings: 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM

    2. Dhow Dinner Cruise Dinner: Nothing can be more fun and exhilarating than touring Dubai on a cruise while experiencing the luxury through numerous performances and a top notch dinner. You will be sailing along Dubai Creek, therefore you will be surrounded by some of the most scenic views of Dubai Skyline.

    On your way traversing the stream, you will be entertained by several entertainment options like the Tanoura Dance performances and enjoying the views of several shoreside places like Dubai Yacht Club and Yacht Club Promenade. You will be served a multi cuisine dinner which will be made by some expert chefs using age old cooking techniques. With so much to offer, this cruise from Dubai can turn out to be the perfect night out with your family or with your other half.

    Price: INR 1900 to INR 2400 per person
    Timings: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    3. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina: Traversing through the heart of the city, the Dhow cruise from Dubai will let you explore some of the most scenic vistas of the glistening waters and surrounding skylines. This luxurious cruise traverses along the Dubai Creek, therefore one thing is for sure that you will get some of the most scenic views as you pass through various famous attractions.

    From your entertainment to your food, everything will be taken care of here and you will be provided with a top notch hospitality experience. From freshly cooked local and international delicacies to the live dance performances, you will be given a plethora of entertainment options on board. Additionally, the deck of this cruise will further enhance the whole experience by offering you a perfect place to click some memorable pictures and take them back home.

    Price: INR 2200 to INR 2420 per person
    Timings: 6:45 PM to 7:15 PM and 7:15 PM to 7:45 PM

    4. Private Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek: Whether you are planning some special event with your partner or are wishing to spend some quality time with your loved ones, a private Dhow cruise from Dubai will ensure that you are provided with a perfect activity to do so. This private activity will let you experience the luxury of cruising as well as privacy, both at the same time.

    In addition to this, you will also get a chance to relish upon numerous multi cuisine delicacies prepared freshly on board by some excellent chefs. Being a two hour long ride, you will be taken towards some of the most scenic spots of the creek, while making sure that you capture their beauty at their best. For more fun, you can hop to the deck of this cruise and can click numerous romantic as well as memorable pictures to cherish for a lifetime.

    Price: INR 43,000 to INR 50,000 per person
    Timings: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

    5. Dubai Fountain Cruise: Whenever visiting Dubai, watching the live dancing fountain show is a must. Being one of a kind finely choreographed show, this show can be best enjoyed by taking a cruise through the lake and catching a close glance.

    While opting for a session of Dubai Fountain Cruise, you will be rewarding yourself with some of the most scenic views of the dancing water splashes and an up close view of the illuminated fountain. The captivating combination of light, sound and water splashes will entertain all kinds of travellers be it kids or adults. For a duration of 30 minutes, you will be cruising along a lake in Abra Ride, a local boat/cruise which will let you soak in the bliss of the fountain shooting water at a height of 50 storey building.

    Price: INR 350 to INR 600 per person
    Timings: 5:45 PM to 11:30 PM

    6. Luxury Cruise on Dubai Marina: Staying true to its name, this luxury cruise will actually provide you with a chance to enjoy an evening cruising through the splendid waters of Dubai Creek. Not only will you get a chance to explore some of the most scenic spots of the creek, but you will also enjoy the view of Dubai’s skyline from a totally different perspective.

    For additional fun, this cruise from Dubai will welcome you with some tasteful drinks and will also be provided with a buffet dinner loaded with regional and international delicacies prepared by some excellent chefs. To make the most out of this activity, you can go towards the deck and can enjoy a panoramic view of the waters while clicking some memorable pictures.

    Price: INR 3400 to INR 4500
    Timings: 6:45 PM to 7:15 PM and 7:15 PM to 7:45 PM

  2. Which are the best places for cruising in Dubai?

    1. Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina is a two miles long artificial canal established back in 2003. Having residential zones on both of its sides, this place is considered to be one of the top places to enjoy a cruise from Dubai.

    From its clean and crystal clear waters to the scenery of the skyline of Dubai, you will be provided with some of the most scenic views as you cruise your way through this marina. Being a tributary of the Persian Gulf, this stream is not only expansive in size, but also is a home to a variety of marine life. One can easily book various cruises here to enjoy the experience of traversing the waters in a luxurious vehicle.

    Highlights: Luxury cruises, the stream has various chains of luxury fashion brands, cafes and more, one can easily find Upscale yachts which cruise this steam on a daily basis

    2. Dubai Creek: Extended through the Persian Gulf, Dubai Creek is a scenic salt water creek located along the sea. Dividing Dubai and Devira, this magnificent stream has been exhibiting brilliant views of flowing water as people traverse from one point to another in a luxury yacht.

    Initially, this place was an old trading port around which the city was settled, but now, it has become one of the most scenic places to be visited by the tourists. If you wish to enjoy an experience of a cruise from Dubai, make sure that you do so at Dubai Creek as its dock is always loaded with many budget friendly and luxury cruises waiting to take you for an expedition.

    Highlights: Budget friendly as well as luxury cruises available, kind of historical site as it was used as a trade route, offers views of some of the most scenic buildings of Dubai, offers sunset and sunrise cruising options

  3. Which are the best dinner Cruises in Dubai?

    1. Dhow Cruise: If you want to experience the luxury and all inclusive facilities of a cruise ship in Dubai then the Dhow Cruise is truly the best place for you. Be it its food or the scenic views it offers, everything here has no comparison. From lip smacking arabic delicacies to savoury international delicacies, the variety of food offered here at the buffet is truly a big one.

    This two hour dinner cruise not only lets you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also lets you catch a glimpse of the shimmering skyline of Dubai. For more fun, an entertaining session of the regional Tanoura Dance is also showcased which further provides a better insight into the regional customs.

    Timings: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM
    Cost: INR 1900 to INR 2500 per person

    2. Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina: Offering some scrumptious five course meals, Alexandra Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina is truly one of the best cruises to experience the royalty. From its interior to its perfect design and from its food options to the array of entertainment options, everything offered in here is incomparable.

    From the regional Tanoura Dance performances by some expert artists you will get an insight into the local culture. In addition to this, you will be served some tasteful arabic as well as international delicacies in a buffet form, therefore you can relish upon food till you are full. Along the cruise, you will be traversing along various scenic spots like Dubai Marina, JBR and the Blue Water Island.

    Timings: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM
    Cost: INR 2600 to INR 3300 per person

  4. Which are the best cruises that sail from Dubai?

    1. Arabian Gulf and Emirates Voyage Cruise: Considered to be one of the best cruise ships in Dubai, The Arabian Gulf Cruise will take you to some of the most beautiful locations of southern Australia, New Zealand and Cairns. With around 205 verandas, 44 suites, 26 interior staterooms as well as 71 oceanview rooms, this luxury cruise will let you enjoy a perfect staycation.

    Letting you soak in lovely ambience and relish upon the variety of food on the buffet, the services offered here will surely be top class. Other than all this, for entertainment purposes various activities will be conducted on board including dancing and singing performances.

    7 nights
    Cost: Around INR 2.5 Lakh

    2. The Spice Route Cruise: Due to its smaller size and chic design, the spice Route cruise has become one of the best cruise ships in Dubai. From its oceanview rooms, one can relish upon some of the most beautiful sceneries of the sea around.

    The cruise will last for around 19 days in which various beautiful destinations will be covered and the journey will end in Singapore. On the board, you will be offered delicious meals and various wines while enjoying the live dancing and singing performances showcased by some of the most talented artists. To make the most out of this cruise expedition, you can choose to spend your evenings around a deck while enjoying some of the most scenic sunsets.

    19 days
    Cost: Around INR 5.2 Lakh

    3. Jewels of Arabia & India Cruise 7874: If you wish to spend some time at a hideout away from the hustle and bustle of the city while relishing upon some of the most luxurious facilities, then cruising around the waters of Dubai is the best option.

    From well-equipped and spacious rooms to an array of entertainment facilities, the Jewels of Arabia and India cruise 7874 will let you enjoy the best vacation of your life. Be it the multi-cuisine food on the live performances by some expert artists, this cruise will ensure that you stay entertained and enjoy a resort-like experience. Your rooms will also include a minibar and a flat screen TV, therefore the whole experience will be nothing short of.

    18 days
    Cost: Around INR 6.8 Lakh

    4. Indian Ocean & Orchid Isles Cruise 7874 A: When the humdrum of the city and the chaos of crowds makes you feel numb, a vacation is the best way to feel refreshed again. By availing the cruise offered by Indian Ocean and Orchid Isles Cruise 7874 A you will be rewarding yourself with a journey like never before.

    For Multi Cuisine delicacies prepared on board by some of the most excellent chefs to an array of entertainment options, this cruise will ensure that you get whatever you want. For more fun, various gaming areas and even a swimming pool will also be offered on board, therefore you can spend your time relaxing as well as having a playful time with your loved ones. The cruise is also famous for hosting cooking shows, movie nights, motivating lectures and various other special events, therefore making it one of the best cruises in Dubai.

    25 nights
    Cost: Around INR 9 Lakh

    5. UAE Oman Bahrain Qatar Cruise: As the name suggests, this cruise will cover some of the most famous destinations in the world including Oman and Bahrain. While most of the rooms in this cruise offer an outside view of the sea, there are very few rooms which have a private balcony and let you enjoy the luxury of having a private set out area.

    From air-conditioning to refrigeration and bathrooms and even television sets, you will be offered some of the most luxurious amenities in your rooms. To make the whole journey even more comfortable for you, facilities like sofa, minibar and even room service will be offered. With pocket friendly prices and the variety of facilities, this one becomes one of the best cruises in Dubai.

    11 nights
    Cost: INR 78000 to INR 2 Lakh

    6. UAE Bahrain Qatar Oman Cruise: Whether you are planning a romantic trip with your other half or are wishing to enjoy a family trip to multiple beautiful destinations at a single time, then opting for the UAE Bahrain Qatar Oman Cruise is the best way to do so. From air-conditioned rooms to private bathrooms and television sets, you will be offered with an array of facilities to make the whole journey comfortable.

    Spanning over 11 nights, this cruise will take you to some of the most scenic destinations of Oman, Qatar and many other places. You can choose from the Seaview room and a room with a personal balcony and can relish upon some of the most scenic views of the sea around you. To make the whole experience even more fun, you can choose to enjoy singing and dancing shoes in the evening.

    11 nights
    Cost: INR 78000 to INR 2 Lakh

    7. Pearls of Arabia & India Cruise 8867: With its chic design, top-notch facilities, an array of entertainment options as well as multiple viewpoints to the sea, opting for this cruise has become one of the best Dubai cruise tours.

    Whether travelling with family or friends, the facilities offered in Pearls of Arabia and India Cruise 8867 will satiate the needs of all kinds of travellers. From food to beverages and from activity rooms to open air restaurants, you will be offered numerous facilities on board which will make the whole journey even more comfortable and memorable for you.

    18 Days
    Cost: INR 6 Lakh to INR 14 Lakh

    8. Holiday Arabia & Asia Cruise 8867 A: From a variety of rooms to a plethora of entertainment options, the Holiday Arabia and Asia Cruise 8867 A has become the top choice of anyone who wishes to enjoy Dubai cruise tours.

    Not only are you rewarded with the most scenic views of the ocean, but you also get to make stops at various destinations to enjoy them from close. On the board, you are offered multi cuisine delicacies for your meals, which are freshly prepared by some of the excellent chefs. To keep you entertained for a span of 32 nights, the cruise will organise various fun events like singing and dancing performances.

    32 nights
    Cost: INR 6 Lakh to INR 14 Lakh

    9. Arabian Peninsula, UAE Bahrain Qatar Cruise: Spanning over a week, the Arabian Peninsula, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar Cruise will let you tour around some of the most scenic destinations while riding a luxurious vessel. Not only will you be provided with an array of top notch facilities, but you will also be given choices of rooms depending on your budget.

    The cruise can be the perfect option if you are planning a romantic getaway with your partner or even wishing to spend some time with your loved ones away from the humdrums of the city. On the board, you will get a chance to take part in various activities and entertainment options which includes dancing and singing performances.

    7 days
    Cost: INR 92000 to INR to INR 2 Lakh

    10. Indian Ocean Gala Cruise: When combining luxury with serenity and splendor needs an image, the best way to put it out is to imagine the Indian Ocean Gala Cruise. As chic and luxurious as its name sounds, similar is the vibe of this cruise.

    From letting you stay in luxury rooms to granting you a facility of private sitout areas, this cruise ship will let you explore the ocean in a totally different way. The fact that you will be cruising in waters for more than 30 days further makes the experience even more thrilling and worth a try at least once in a lifetime.

    30 nights