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Based on the experiences as well as the spirit of Dubai, La Perle Dubai is a permanent theatre show, situated in the heart of this international city, at Al Habtoor City, Downtown Dubai. This astonishing show is directed by the legendary director, Franco Dragone, who is famous for his earlier aquatic shows which have been performed in the theatrical capital of the world; Las Vegas and Macau.

Le Perle By Dragone has been designed to attract all ages of audiences alike, through various aspects of the performance. Amazing stunts, aerial and aquatic acrobatics, visual and sound effects are surely some of the most noticeable factors of this legendary act.

The story of the show as well as the stunts of the show has been inspired by the culture of UAE. The various acts brought to life, with the help of real-life transitions, performing talent, as well as technology will surely provide you with a unique experience and leave you spellbound.

The staging area, as well as the seating area of this amazing theatre in itself, is no less than a wonder, with a seating capacity of 1300 spectators and a 270 degrees seating orientation, to allow each and every spectator with the exact same experience as the others.

Experiencing this amazing performance is surely a must at each and every trip to Dubai. It will surely send you back home with a whole lot of memorable instances and captures.

Apart from witnessing the life-changing experience, you will also get a chance to grab a bite from the numerous international eateries present in the atrium of La Perle Dubai. Also, the central location of the theatre makes it easily accessible. Moreover, you can even plan to take up a few more activities in the near vicinity to make your day even more fruitful and fulfilling.

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• The very first resident live show in Dubai. It features a custom-made theatre with a seating capacity of 1300 spectators, with a 270 degrees orientation for an out-of-the-world experience from each perspective.
• The front rows allow the spectators to experience a more realistic show, with the feel of water, wind, and snow hitting your face, with acrobats performing very close to you. The back rows allow the spectators to enjoy a wholesome view of the show.
• The amazing Aqua theatre, with a capacity of 2.7 million liters of water is capable of magically transforming the flooded stage into a desert within seconds. It also allows spectators to experience real cascading waterfalls, rainfall, as well as performers diving into the water on the stage pool.
• Each and every surface in the theatre transforms into a screen with the help of high-definition projectors. The wall-embedded sound system also allows the spectators to have an immersive experience.
• Witness 65 performers from 23 different countries performing advanced acrobatics, diving, flying and performing unique aerial and aquatic stunts.
• Enjoy exotic food and beverages from over 20 high-end eateries and bars present in the theatre atrium.


• Wheelchair Accessible

Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Le Perle Dubai

It is the world’s largest frame structure, inspired by the logo of World Expo 2020. The frame is planked with two 150 high elevator towers getting connected with the viewing deck connecting both the towers. The frame’s location in Zabeel Park makes it a perfect vantage point for some of the prominent attractions of Dubai, including Burj Khalifa.

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  • Dubai Waterfall

This 24-meter-tall artificial waterfall is situated within the Dubai Mall. This amazing structure allows the visitors to enjoy a completely luxurious and unique experience. The waterfall is surrounded by cafés and coffee shops from which one can grab a refreshing drink and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

One of the finest as well as the most astonishing art and culture centers throughout the world, Dubai Opera is known to showcase the best of performances. It has been host to some of the most popular ballets, concerts, theatres, orchestras, fashion events, and much more.

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  • Dubai Dino 

Situated within the Dubai Mall, Dubai Dino is one of the most unique installations throughout the whole world, showcasing the gigantic creatures from the prehistoric era. It features the real fossils of a 150 million years old dinosaurs for the visitors to admire and know about!

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Situated within the amazing Burj Complex, this is the world’s largest choreographed dancing fountain. This fountain goes up to 150 meters high in the sky, synchronized with the popular music numbers from across the world. Each fountain show lasts for approximately 5 hours and happens after every half an hour.

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Places to Eat at Le Perle Dubai

1World Cut Steakhouse: This award-winning American steakhouse is known for its exclusive interiors along with the exotic pieces of steak that it serves to its diners. The interior woodwork and the lighting effects of this steakhouse will surely make you fall in love with this place. This place is perfect for those who are looking forward to an experience rather than just eating out.

2. Summer Palace Dubai: The luxurious décor of this place will surely blow out your mind. Apart from that, it is surely one of the best places to experience the most authentic Chinese cuisines in Dubai, paired with the best of hospitality. The open kitchen concept of the restaurant further adds to the dining experience.

3. Gonpachi Dubai: If you love Japanese food and experiences, there surely cannot be a better place at La Perle Dubai to dine at. The earthy and warm ambiance of the restaurant is highly picturesque as well. The restaurant is also known to serve some of the most authentic beverages from their Japanese bar to its guests, which is definitely a must-try.

4. The Polo Bar: The Polo Bar is situated within the Polo Club Dubai which allows you to witness various activities, including horse races, whilst enjoying one of the best meals of your life. You can pick from a number of exclusive places to dine at the Club, including the poolside. It is a perfect place to rejuvenate yourself after a long tiring day of exploring La Perle Dubai.

5. Zoco Dubai: One of the best places in Dubai to relish authentic Latin American and Mexican cuisines, paired with an eclectic collection of drinks from around the world. The in-house cocktails at the restaurant are also worth a try. You can pick from a great collection of authentic cuisines from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, as well as Peru to have an international experience.

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Experiences at La Perle Dubai

- Inspired by the story of Dubai, La Perle Dubai is a fixed theatre show that can be enjoyed by visitors any day of the year

- It is a one-of-a-kind aqua theatre that showcases some of the most daredevil acrobatics and stunts underwater, as well as in the air.

- The real effects that the audiences get to experience, including rain showers, snow, and many others are surely one of the most important attractions of this show.

- The added visual effects with the help of highly advanced projectors on the walls, floors, as well as ceiling surely add to the unique experience of the audiences.

- The mind-blowing amalgamation of high-end sound and visual effects combined with never seen before stunts and advanced technology is bound to leave all the spectators in awe.

- The stage of this theatrical extravaganza is capable of transforming from a flooded reservoir to a desert, within the time span of a few seconds, which is surely a breakthrough in the field of theatrical as well as technological advancement for the spectators from around the globe.

- Apart from that, the world-class eateries situated at the La Perle Dubai will also leave you drooling with their authentic international cuisines.

Tips for Visiting La Perle Dubai

- La Perle Dubai does not allow entry to infants below the age of 2, therefore; plan your visit accordingly. All the others entering the theatre have to buy the exclusive ticket for the experience.

- The show lasts for approximately 90 minutes. However, it is highly advisable for you to reach the destination at least 30 minutes in advance so that you can locate your exact seats and get seated comfortably.

- If you wish to save on your transit to La Perle Dubai, you can take the Metro up to Business Bay Metro Station. From here, your destination will only be a 5-minute taxi ride away.

- To save yourself the hassle of waiting in the queues, you should try to make your booking online in advance. Also, it prevents you from going back half-heartedly if the show is a house full during peak seasons. Online booking can also come in with exciting discounts and offers.

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Point of Interest for Le Perle By Dragone
Shows at Le Perle Dubai

Shows at Le Perle Dubai

If you are a lover of lights and sound and enjoy the crowdy shows then Le Perle is for you. One of the most popular live shows, the Le Perle Show by Dragon has gained fame through its awe inspiring stories and heart stopping shows and performances.

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Le Perle By Dragone FAQs

What happens if a performance is canceled or rescheduled?

If any performance gets canceled, either you shall be provided with a chance to reschedule your experience or avail a voucher for your ticket price. However, do ensure to retain the proof of your booking to avail the refund of the canceled or rescheduled performance.

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What is the story of La Perle?

The story of La Perle is as astonishing as the performance itself. The story is based on the life of a young girl who experiences a dream-like state and travels through the deserts of UAE in search of a lost pearl, stumbling upon strangers from completely different places as well as cultures.

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What to wear in La Perle Dubai?

There is no fixed dress code to carry for the La Perle Dubai performance. However, smart casuals shall work out the best. They won't only allow you to merge with the huge crows but also will offer you utmost comfort throughout the entire length of the performance.

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How long is the La Perle show? Is La Perle worth it?

The La Perle show lasts for approximately 90 minutes. Yes, the show is absolutely worth it. It is one-of-a-kind theatrical in the entire world and surely would send you back with a bucket full of memories. The perfect amalgamation of art, theatre, acrobatics, and technology will surely make you fall in love with this exclusive show.

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Which are the top UAE attraction tickets that you can book via Thrillophilia?

What kind of performances take place in La Perle?

Only one permanent show is organized at La Perle as of now. It is an aquatic and aerial acrobatics show which showcases a beautiful story with the help of visual effects, sound effects, real-time experience, and much more.

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Le Perle By Dragone Reviews

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Tarang Bhargava
Reviewed: 03 Jul 2022
La Perle was a truly memorable experience. We made a last minute plan to go and thanks to Thrillopia we got the tickets and that too a perfect location  to enjoy the show. A true saviour for our memorable trip…..
Tarang  Bhargava
Tarang  Bhargava
Raghav Swaminathan
Reviewed: 24 Jun 2022
Loved it
Raghav Swaminathan
Aviad Technologies
Reviewed: 06 Oct 2022
spectacular show , nothing more then amazing
Dileep Mettu
Reviewed: 06 Jul 2022
The show was really good. The ticket agent was not aware that specific seats could be booked and I had to push him to either cancel or give me a specific seats. I had to check on la Perle official website to know that I can reserve seats. Eventually, the agent went extra mile to get me what I wanted... Read More
Arshad Ishaque
Reviewed: 30 Jun 2022
Manish Hande
Reviewed: 26 Nov 2019
"Excellent show & value for money from Thrillopedia. To enjoy this show go fresh & avoid any trilling activities in day time."
Manish Hande
Manish Hande
Manish Hande

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