Riverland Overview

Exhibiting the amalgamation of Indian, French and mid-century American style of architecture, the Riverland is a famous manmade attraction in Dubai. The complex contains numerous stores and restaurants where one can experience true local vibe of the said cultures. This themed area surrounds a 1 KM long river and hence offers numerous places for you to click pictures at.

Riverland Dubai offers a brilliant mix of fun, food and music, one of the country's unmissable attractions. The area has often been dismissed as a mere gateway to the Dubai Resorts and Parks that follow it; however, it is much more than that. Growing around a man-made river that flows through it, Riverland Dubai is a cultural salad bowl, allowing one to experience the world's four corners from one place.

The theme park is divided into four major zones, each reflecting a specific culture: the Peninsula is typically British, featuring 19th-century buildings and bridges; the India Gate reflects the colourful Bombay life; the Boardwalk takes one back to America of the 1950’s1950s while the French Village reflects the archetypal French life during the medieval eras. Spread across an impressive area of over 230,000 square feet, these four zones are interconnected with pedestrian bridges and roads, allowing one to easily hop from one area to the other.

There is much to see and do in Riverland Dubai. It is, for starters, home to an amazing range of theme parks, including Legoland Dubai, Bollywood Park and Motiongate, which is also the largest theme park in all of UAE. The amazing range of attractions at the park caters to visitors across all age groups, making the destination a perfect one for the whole family. The many restaurants around Riverland promise a gastronomic adventure to all, dishing out traditional global delights from around the world.

The theme park also serves as a great shopping destination. The Outlet Village is an absolute delight for those looking for high-end branded outlets, one can find several smaller stores scattered around Riverland as well. In addition to all of it, Riverland Dubai hosts several performances and festivals around its plaza throughout the year, which can be extremely fun to witness.

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• The Riverland Dubai is a cluster of themed village-parks, joined together by the eponymous river that flows through it.
• The Park is entirely free of cost, although its attractions require an added fee.
• Riverland Dubai is separated into four main cultural zones- the Peninsula, the India Gate, the French Village and the Boardwalk- with each zone reflecting the history and culture of the place it portrays .
• A host of eclectic diners and fast-food chains can be found scattered around Riverland.
• The area is home to several fantastic theme parks as well, such as Bollywood, Legoland and Motiongate Dubai.
• Several live concerts, parades and performances are held around the park throughout the year, making it a great place to explore global culture.
• Additionally, Riverland is home to several retail outlets and stores as well, offering a shopping experience that ranges from high end retail to thrift hopping.

How To Reach

To reach the Riverland Dubai, you will have to take the red metro line from Downtown Dubai. This one is the most feasible mode of transportation available in Dubai and will take around 90 minutes to cover the journey between both the places.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time when you can plan on visiting the Riverland Dubai is during the early morning hours, as soon as it opens. The window of 10:00 AM to 12 noon and 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM is the best time, when there is no crowd and traversing to famous landmarks is just a little hassle.

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Other Essential Information

Here is the list of best places to eat at Riverland:

1. TGI Fridays: A popular chain bistro, TGI Fridays boasts of a comprehensive American menu. The fares here include elaborately crafted American snacks, served with a host of creative drinks and genuine personal service.

TGI Fridays brings with it an air of celebration, promising to make one feel as if ‘It’s Always Friday!” The portions here are quite immense as well, promising to leave one satisfied after a heft meal.

Location: Beside Bollywood Park, India Gate, Riverland Dubai

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2. The Coffee Club: Nestled within the Boardwalk zone, The Coffee Club promises to be ‘more than just coffee.’ First started in 1989 in Brisbane, the Coffee Club later spread its wings to Dubai.

Apart from its variations on the favorite drink, the Coffee Club offers a deliciously prepared food menu as well. The cafe also has a specialty ‘plant-based menu’, which features vegetarian delights made out of entire plants.

Location: Dubai Parks & Resorts In front of MotionGate, Riverland - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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3. Dine-in French Bakery: Putting a modern twist on the traditional French dine-in bakery, this little cafe in the French Village is a must visit for those looking to explore the culinary culture of the country. Led by the internationally renowned Chef Pascal Tapper, the bakery offers a host of traditional breads, Viennoiserie, along with a variety of hot and cold dishes. 

Location: The French Village, Riverland Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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4. Italian food artists: A popular evening hideout by the Peninsula, Italian food artists offer a host of curated Italian delights. Made with love by an Italian chef recently graduated from his grandmother’s kitchen, the menu here features a range of traditionally crafted oven-fired pizzas and pastas.

Only the best natural ingredients go into the making of the food here, promising fresh and wholesome delights. Italian food artists remain open till 12 in the morning each day, making it a popular location for midnight snacks. 

Location: The Peninsula, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Riverland Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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5. Al Mashowa: Located on the cobbled streets of India Gate is Al Mashowa, an Emirati seafood restaurant. Operating during the latter half of the day, the restaurant offers traditional delights passed down through generations. All items here are made from locally sourced ingredients, thus lending it a unique taste and texture.

The interiors at the restaurant pays homage to a history of Dubai’s pearl rearing industry, with pictures detailing the country’s history and the benches shaped like traditional kayaks. One can choose to dine inside, although outdoor dining by the river is also an option here.

Location: India Gate, Riverland, Dubai Park & Resorts, Jebel Ali Village, Dubai

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Tips for Visiting Riverland

-Make sure you stay back for a concert or performance at the Peninsula when in Riverland 

-There are occasional spas hidden around the corners across Riverland, where one can easily hop in for a relaxing massage

-Parking at the Riverland is free of cost after 06.30PM every day

-Those with small children could avail the stroller facilities offered by the park

-For the best experience, try purchasing a 7-day pass to Riverland

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Point of Interest for Riverland
India Gate

India Gate

Paying homage to the colourful streets of Delhi, India Gate is the perfect destination for those looking to experience an authentic Indian vibe. The India Gate zone is flanked by a giant structure of hands posed in a traditional dance mudra.

Located close to the gate is The Bollywood Park, paying homage to years’ worth of Indian cinema. The streets that follow are lined up with traditional Indian eateries and stores, for those willing to explore the culture even further. Acrobats and musicians take to the streets here, belting out local tunes in Hindi.

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Fashioned after the famed American Boardwalk of the 1950’s, Riverland’s Boardwalk is a trip in time. Set against the backdrop of typical Dubaian palm trees, this eclectic mix of neon signs and lit up streets stands out in its vibrancy.

The streets of Boardwalk generally always remain packed with performers, whether it be jugglers or street musicians. Like the other zones, the Boardwalk too, prides in an array of restaurants and cafes.

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The French Village

The French Village

Riverland’s medieval French town, the French Village is known for its elegance and ancient beauty. Reflecting the architecture of 1600’s Europe, the French Village hosts a cluster of brick homes by the river. The Water Wheel is a prominent attraction here, and is fashioned after a typical French wheel.

Street performers can be found galore, offering an invigorating insight into the culture that pervaded these villages. As you walk through its cobbled streets, you might occasionally catch the tunes of some classical French tune. The coffee shops and eateries add to the charm of the village. One can enjoy outdoor dining by the river here as well.

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The Peninsula

The Peninsula

Connecting the various parts of Riverland, The Peninsula sits at the heart of the attraction. Themed as an early English venue stripped right out of a Dickensian novel, the Peninsula features 19th century-themed bridges spanning across its length, ferrying visitors from one half to the other.

Several buildings designed after those from the Industrial Revolution era scatter the banks on both sides, adding an authentic charm to the place. There are several eateries and diners lining the river on either side, where one can hop in for a quick bite. Several outdoor concerts and events are often held by the Peninsula as well.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Riverland FAQs

How do I get to Riverland Dubai?

1. By Car: Riverland Dubai is quite effectively connected to Downtown Dubai by road. One can easily take a taxi or a private car to the park, with the journey lasting about 40 minutes.

2. By Metro: To reach Riverland by metro, take the Red Line to the southernmost station in Jebel Ali. From here, one must avail a bus or a taxi to Riverland, which is about 15 minutes away.

3. By Air: Dubai is serviced by two main international airports- the Dubai International Airport and the Al Maktoum International Airport. Both airports are well connected to major international destinations by flight. Dubai international airport is about an hour's drive away. Al Maktoum is significantly closer, and it takes only about 15 minutes to travel from the airport by car.

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What can you do in the Riverland?

1. Visit Bollywood Park: A treat for all Indian travellers, Bollywood Park is a theme park in the India gate area of Riverland Dubai. The Park pays tribute to mainstream Bollywood cinema, with each ride and attraction designed after a popular flick.

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From carousels to Ferris wheels, Bollywood Park has it all. Those designing to take the experience home can also head over to any of the souvenir shops here. There are several diners here as well, serving local delights. 

2. Go on a shopping expedition: Along with its diners, piazzas and theme parks, Riverland hosts a variety of shops as well. The stores at the park sell everything between high end art and junk fashion.

Each zone has a plethora of stores of its own, and some are decidedly themed, such as Gallery One in the French Village, nestled within a traditional French mill, or the Maharaja Gifts and Souvenir in India Gate, offering unique personalized gadgets.

3. Experience a concert at the Peninsula: Among other things, Riverland is well known for hosting family friendly concerts and celebrations throughout the year. The variety shows here cross all borders, from flash mobs to traditional dances and even celebratory parades. The best part of the experience is that all shows are entirely free of cost and open for everyone.

4. Take a family trip to Legoland: One of Dubai’s biggest family attractions, the world of Lego is a big favorite among the younger crowd. A fascinating theme park designed after Legoland in the UK, Riverland’s Legoland features several child-friendly rides and attractions made out of huge pieces of Legos.

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Additionally, the park hosts a number of tours, such as the factory or the light show tour. The theme park hosts a water adventure zone as well, featuring slides and thrill rides that cater to children as well as older visitors.

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How to get to Dubai Riverland from Dubai international Airport?

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to reach Riverland Dubai from the Dubai international Airport. The only way to reach the Theme Park is by car, whether private or hired. One can easily hail a local cab or an uber from the airport to reach the park. The cost of the ride should be around 110-130 AED.

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What are the Riverland Dubai Timings?

The timings for Riverland Dubai are as follows:

Sunday to Thursday: 11AM to 7:30 PM

Friday to Saturday: 11 AM to 8:30 PM

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Which are the best places to eat at Riverland Dubai?

1. Bol Gappa: Nestled within India Gate, this contemporary venue offers a modern twist on Indian fusion cooking. Like Bollywood Park, Bol Gappa too, is themed after Indian cinema. Walking one, one instantly notices it's casual filmy vibe, with age old posters adorning its walls. The menu here offers everything from well planned meals to traditional snacks, along with a host of eclectic beverages. 

2. The Irish Village: As the name suggests, the Irish Village promises an authentic Irish experience. The traditional pub is steeped in an aura of its own, and bustles with a friendly evening vibe.

Whether you choose to dine indoors, or outside with a view to the lake below, the charm of Irish Village is bound to enchant all. The fares at the diner include a host of traditionally prepared food and drinks. The restaurant also hosts live music gigs on a regular basis, with local singers belting out Irish tunes.

3. Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory: A heaven for the lover of sweet food, Fuzziwig prides itself in its array of imported candies, sweetened fruit, chocolate delicacies and other sweet delights. Apart from the many candy items on display, the Candy Factor is also known for its wicked Fuzzy Coffee and Fuzzy Sundae. The store cum cafe also lets you watch how its treats are made, adding to the charm of the experience here.

4. Le Pain Quotidien: Located in the French Village, Le Pain Quotidien promotes the traditional style of French breakfasts- sitting down and eating together. The bakery presents a comprehensive breakfast menu, but is best known for its assortment of traditional breads. The pastries and drinks are quite popular here as well.

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Yes, rental & transfer facilities are available in Dubai which you can book via Thrillophilia:

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