Al Seef Dubai Overview

Brought by the Meraas, Al Seef is a fascinating beachfront destination located near the renowned neighborhood of Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai. This charming destination offers an endearing atmosphere and its banks pay homage to the distinct Emirati heritage. 

Filled with history, Al Seef is a spot for visitors to stay, dine and shop to their heart’s content. It covers a span of 1.8 kilometers along the Creek that once used to be a vibrant entryway into the most flourishing pearl diving port of the Gulf.

The area of Al Seef is outspread into two distinct specific phases. There is an area teeming with modern buildings, and there are timeworn buildings- which have an old town appearance owing to the presence of age-old wind towers and sandstone Arab structures. The visitors get a dazzling glimpse into UAE’s past cultures. The interrelated paths (alleys) lead you to a magical area with a romantic dinner and laid-back family dining options. 

The café culture here draws many visitors to this place as many restaurants offer open-air seating. You get to explore Al Seef’s contemporary twists on local culture while enjoying incredible views of the waterfront gems and views of the Creek. An added allure in the form of the Dhows (traditional wooden boats), are enchantingly illuminated at night. They offer visitors the opportunity to sample a scrumptious dinner on board while sailing the Creek’s gentle waterways.  

Al Seef offers an impeccably blended retail therapy experience that combines modern brands with classic elegance. You get to experience and embrace the best of both the West and East. Find traditional handiwork, intricate craftsmanship, and local artistry, alongside the avant-garde fashion labels that proffer you a haven of comfort, style, and luxury.

Walk in the fishermen’s, tradesmen, weavers, and pearl divers footsteps who once traded and worked along the Dubai Creek, as you ramble through the striking marina, pedestrian streets, and sikkas (alleyways).

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• Al Seef Dubai offers the tourists a grand opportunity to explore the historical neighborhood Al Fahidi, in Bur Dubai.
• This bustling destination, steeped in history allows the visitors to live the tagline of old meeting the new.
• This 1.8-kilometer waterfront promenade is the ideal destination for an enjoyable stroll.
• Al Seef welcomes the tourists to explore the Emirati Heritage via winding sikkas (alleys), ancient wind towers, and sand-colored buildings.
• Visitors can take in postcard-worthy views of the creek while making the most of café culture.
• Interconnected alleys lead the visitors to a stunning space with casual and romantic dining options; tourists can also make the most of an al fresco seating just to have a relaxing cup of coffee.
• Visitors have the opportunity to ride alluringly illuminated traditional wooden boats called Dhows and have dinner onboard.
• Dotted with open-air markets, food outlets, art galleries, and boutique stores, Al Seef lets the tourists splurge on bespoke fragrances and a wide collection of Emirati handicrafts.

How To Reach

Al Seef is located near the historic neighborhood of Al Fahidi and the Al Fahidi Fort, along the Dubai Creek. You can come via Sheikh Zayed road if you are traveling by car. But, you can also reach the place via the water taxis and the Dubai Metro. If you are coming by via metro then disembark at the Burjuman station.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Al Seef is during the winters as you can roam about the place, the entire day. But, in the summers, you will have to wait till the sunset to pay a visit here. 

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Other Essential Information

Places to shop at Al seef Dubai 

1. Eter Story (Jealous Gallery): One of the most exclusive niche perfume stations of UAE has to be the Eter Story located on the strip of Al Seef. This luxury Gauor perfume store awaits the passers-by. Do not miss out shopping for some traditional fragrances and scents. It is open from 10 AM – 10 PM daily. 

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2. Gala Supermarket: Open 8:30 AM to 12 AM daily, the Gala Supermarket allows you to fill your bags with groceries. It is located in the Al Seef’s old end. Thus, if you live nearby Bur Dubai’s Al Fahidi neighborhood then there is no other one-stop-shop that offers everything from snacks to beverages, sunglasses, mobile accessories, and souvenirs, all under one roof. 

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3. Galerie Hindam: If you plan to buy gifts for your loved one then you can head to Galerie Hindam to buy the most stunning jewelry and luxury watches. It is open 10 AM to 10 PM daily.  

4. Jovoy Rare Perfumes: As the name suggests, Jovoy Rare Perfumes specializes in rare or lesser-found fragrances. Thus if you have a special occasion approaching, and you want to gift something unique to your loved one, then what better than an unusual scent!

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Places to eat at Al Seef Dubai 

1. 961 LB: If you fancy catching up with your drinks over a glass of drink, besides digging into a moreish menu, and sampling other delights from the gourmet store of 961 LB then you must come here. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds as you order from the Lebanese restaurant and bar besides enjoying some retail therapy. The whole experience gets even better as you get to enjoy astonishing views of Dubai Creek. 

2. Al Hamidieh: If you are a foodie who fancies gorging on the authentic mezza then Al Hamidieh is the ideal place to be at. This restaurant prepared the iconic Arab dishes using traditional recipes. You get to taste refreshing salads, juicy grills, soup, decadent desserts, and sip on the freshest juices and exceptional coffee. 

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3. Baskin-Robbins: The colorful and popular ice-cream chain from the US has its shop in the old quarter of Al Seef. It offers its marvelous ice-cream flavors that are popular across mamas, papas, grandmas, teens, and toddlers. Baskin Robbins also offers coffee, beverages, and other frozen desserts. 

4. Bateaux Dubai: Make the most of plush drink-and-food packages at the Bateaux Dubai that you and your beloved people to taste gourmet fare while cruising along the waters of Dubai Creek. 

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5. Bellamia: Can you ever get tired of heat-quelling ice cream? Who says you have to? That’s because the Italian Chain Bellamia serves you the tastiest milkshakes, and once-a-week treats, and a lot more. 

6. ILA: Ideal for a big family, ILA is the ideal quick-stop spot for eating where you get to watch the sailing dhows, hang around, and taste a wide assortment of Western fare and Arabic dishes.

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Point of Interest for Al Seef Dubai
Go Shopping

Go Shopping

Al Seef’s retail outlets include everything from locally-made handicrafts to high-end fashion brands. You can buy a gift or pick souvenirs for your loved ones to remind them of your visit. There is an Al Seef Village Mall that is a one-stop shopping destination and lets you make the most of retail therapy. At the mall, you can shop for local artists’ works, beverages from the beverage outlets, buy fresh flowers, or simply enjoy a salon session.

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Museum of Illusions at Al Seef Dubai

Museum of Illusions at Al Seef Dubai

Entertain the mind and deceive the eyes at Al Seef’s Museum of Illusions. This museum lets you step into a magical realm that delights every generation. You take in new experiences as you jump into the Vortex Tunnel’s illusion. This unique tunnel drives everyone crazy and makes everyone believe that the floor below is drifting, as you maneuver through a spinning cylinder- which astoundingly remains a flat and stable surface! You can book the ticket for Museum Of Illusions in Dubai

Deface your reflection inside the Mirror Room, cut loose in the Infinity room, and resist the gravity laws and shapes while clicking photographs in every pose. Do not miss out on the playroom that presents educational puzzles, intriguing games, and brain teasers that are super fun.

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Sample Delectable Dishes

Sample Delectable Dishes

The restaurants in Al Seed serve world-famous authentic cuisines. You can sample dishes from all countries of the world like on one hand, you have Bellamia serving you Italian delicacies while on the other hand restaurants like Al Hamidieh serve you the best of traditional Arabic food. You get the finest shawarma from Shawarme and lip-smacking ice-creams from Baskin Robbins.

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 Bateaux Dubai

Bateaux Dubai

There is not a better occasion to enjoy the mystical and enthralling cityscape of Dubai other than a splendid cruise across the enticing water bodies of this Arabian country. Enjoy sumptuous cuisines and an amazing collection of age old whines whilst admiring the popular attractions like Dubai’s clock tower and humongous skyscrapers on the go.

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Al Seef Marina

Al Seef Marina

Al Seef Marina is an exciting yacht trip through Dubai’s best seashore lines where you will get to admire the fantastic sunset at dusk, with 24*7 dock assistance, personalized photographers, a whimsical candle lit dinner and awe-inspiring skyline views. Also get an amazing chance to sail the yacht and take home a plethora of memories

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Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

Dubai offers an inexplicable shopping experience with the best of shops selling amusing fragrances, a plethora of trendy and high-end clothing items, opulent jewelry, Arabian spices, fashionable handbags and more. Explore your favorites at the Easter Store and Zeneve London and become a spendthrift at this luxuriant Arabian country.

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Book your stay and relax

Book your stay and relax

 Al Seef offers a myriad of amusing and opulent hotels suiting all your needs and requirements on your exquisite Arabian vacation. Book for a humongous suite with extraordinary room views encapsulating the entire Dubai skyline and enjoy quick room services. Feel at home in Dubai’s exciting ambiance and take home memories.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Al Seef Dubai FAQs

How do I get to Al Seef Dubai?

By water: If you are coming via a water taxi at Al Seed then get off at Al Seef Marine Transportation Station 1, to reach this bustling destination. You can also reach the location by public boats, Dhow cruises, yacht, or public boats.

By road: If you are traveling from Dubai/Sharjah, you can choose the Al Maktoum Bridge route or the Shindaga Tunnel route. You can also come to select the Shaikh Zayed Road or the Business Bay Bridge route to reach Al Seef, located in the Historic Creek of Dubai. 

By metro: If you are traveling via metro then you can take the RED line and disembark at Burjuman.

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Is it worth visiting Al Seef Dubai?

Yes, it is totally worth visiting Al Seef Dubai because here you get to explore the Middle East’s glorious past through its alleys. You get to witness the old Dubai with the new on the Dubai Creek’s banks at the district of Al Seef. It feels magical to view the modern buildings on one side and an old town replete with stone-made Arab structures and wind towers reflecting a bygone era from ancient Dubai. You will have a gala time indulging in a casual or a romantic dining experience along a stunning area led by interconnected paths. 

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Why is Al Seef Dubai so famous?

Al Seef Dubai is famous because it wonderfully showcases the amalgamation of the modern world with the old. On the one hand you gawk at the modern buildings while on the other you revel in the beauty of the ancient Islamic-style, stone buildings in the alleys. Café culture thrives with multiple restaurants offering al-fresco seating. Another added attraction that has made Al Seef is the Dhows. These Dhows are traditional wooden boats that illuminate at night and offer opportunities to enjoy dinner onboard while cruising the Dubai Creek’s gentle waters. 

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How far is Al Seef Dubai from The Dubai Mall?

The Al Seef is 10.3 kilometers away from the Dubai Mall of you are travelling via the Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11. This route will only take 15 minutes to reach.  

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Which are the best places to stay near Al seef Dubai?

1. Grand Cosmopolitan: Located in the area of Al Barsha, right in the core of various leisure and commercial hubs, The Grand Cosmopolitan Hotel has the grandest suites well-appointed with a bidet, walk-in shower, a sofa bed, and a lot more. Facilities infinity pool, sun deck, and Kids Club, at the hotel, are designed both for the tasteful business traveler, and the demanding family tripper. 

2. Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers

The iconic structure of Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers is located amid the Dubai Creek and offers you a look at the “creek life”. You get to stay in beautifully done suites and make the most of amenities like spa, heated pool, sauna, kid-friendly buffet, and snack bar. 

3. Radisson Blu

Located within the stunning Deira Creek in Dubai area, the 5-Star Radisson Blu Hotel has all kinds of rooms offering landmark, pool, and city views. Besides staying in the well-appointed suites, you get to enjoy other amenities like a rooftop bar, nightclub, access to the executive lounge, and Happy Hour.

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How much area is covered under Al Seef?

Al Seef Dubai covers an enthralling area of 1.8 kilometers bringing you the best of Dubai’s amusing skyline, humongous skyscrapers, a myriad of exciting attractions, exciting cruise expeditions, trendy and fashionable places for shopping and opulent hotels and restaurants as well. Al Seef covers an ethereal space and lets you enjoy the best of Dubai in your expedition.

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What makes Al Seef Dubai So special?

Al Seef Dubai is a fabulous location which is situated right in the centre of Dubai’s hustling and bustling crowd life. Enjoy the inexplicable Arabian climate whilst visiting beautiful attractions like Bateaux Dubai, Al Seef Marina, ravishing restaurants and whimsical cruise expeditions as well. A myriad of exciting attractions and entertaining activities makes Al Seef Dubai a must visit on your Dubai Trip.

Which are the famous Shopping places to shop in Al Seef Dubai?

1. Al Seef Heritage Souq - Al Seef heritage souq is one of the most amusing attractions to shop for exciting handmade handicrafts, intricately designed souvenirs, trendy handbags as well as fashionable clothing items. This hustling shopping capital also offers exquisite collection of accessories and handicrafts which are the perfect present for your loved on

2. Al Seef Mall - Admire the lavish interiors consisting of humongous chandeliers and breath-taking artistry at the famous Al Seef Mall. Shop for trendy attires from the mall's high end boutiques and other exciting brands like Gucci, Armani and zara. Al Seef Mall never fails to impress any shopahol

3. Al Fahdi Souk - Shop for fancy handicrafts at pocket friendly prices at the hustling shopping compound situated in the middle of Dubai’s erratic crowd. Al Fahd Souk is a top-notch location to shop for jewellery and souvenirs for your friends and family at amazing prices.

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