Hatta Hill Park Overview

Hatta Hill Park is a pristine attraction which has a heritage village studded with mosques and forts and a lake with extremely engaging water sport activities, camping and bonfire nights, hiking trails and more. Hatta Hill Park also has a gym and children’s play park which will help you relax in your hectic travel schedule. Tourists can enjoy a bonfire night and engage with the locals

Hatta Hill Park is one of the fanciest and most pristine attractions across the UAE. Its enchanting beauty attracts a lot of tourists from across the world. Hatta Hill Park lies on the base of the Hajar Mountains and is spread over an area of 65000 sq. feet. With its rugged mountain terrains, crystal clear dams, lakes, and other water bodies, mystical climes, and surreal landscapes, the Hatta Hill Park is sought-after. 

Not only this, tourists can also visit the famous Hatta Heritage Village which has ancient forts and mosques, weapons, artifacts, souvenirs, and antiques worth admiring. The Hatta terrain renders a popular hiking expedition and allows the tourists to truly admire the vibrant flora and fauna from atop. Whether you are planning a family trip or looking for a place to spend some time alone with your loved ones, this place is perfect for both.

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• Hatta Hill Park covers an humongous area of 65000 sq. foot and lies at the foothills of Hajar Mountains in the UAE. This pristine tourist attraction is studded with mountain elevations, emerald lakes and hiking ranges which are a must try.
• Take a relaxing stroll through Hatta Village and admire the age old monuments and artifacts, mosques as well as forts.
• Go on a kayaking spree on the Hatta Lake and admire the distinct flora and fauna adorning the entire ravishing Hatta terrain.
• Enjoy a calming bonfire night with soothing music and sumptuous barbeque as add on pleasures!

How To Reach

Tourists can easily rent a bus ride from any nearest airport or station to reach this tourist attraction. The nearest Dubai airport is at a distance of 1hr, 59 minutes. Tourists can either book for rented cabs or use the shuttle bus services of their accommodation to reach Hatta Hill Park.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Hatta Hill Park is in the afternoon, especially during winters. The cold mountain valleys and their enchanting beauty can be best admired during the winter season. Tourists can always try out amazing water sports and fun activities such as zip-lining, kayaking, paddle boating, archery or trek through the humongous mountain valleys.

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Other Essential Information

Things To Do near Hatta Hill Park:

1. Take a stroll through the Hatta Heritage Village

If mountains and surreal calmness are your things then taking a stroll and admiring the ancient village of Hatta is definite activity on your Dubai excursion. The heritage village will teleport you into medieval times with its pleasant landscape, age-old monuments, ubiquitous forts, watchtowers, residential areas, and more. Learn about the merchant families who resided here and also get an insight into the rich culture of Dubai.

2. Bonfire and Barbeque nights

Hatta village’s cold atmosphere adorned with enthralling water bodies and magnificent mountains is a serene location to have a splendid bonfire night with aesthetic music, delicious food, and good conversations. Gather your friends and delve into the beauty of the Arabian nights and make memories to last a lifetime at Hatta Village! Apart from this tourists can also ask for candlelit dinners from our representatives and get greeted with whimsical settings and sumptuous dinners with their loved ones.

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3. Get ready for a mountain safari

Best known for housing one of the most splendid and awe-inspiring sceneries in UAE, Hatta Village renders a myriad of options for adventure activities and one of them is mountain safari. Admire the bewitching and ravishing scenery surrounding you and capture these moments in your heart forever. Tourists can take a jeep ride or simply hike onto elevations and admire the turquoise water bodies beneath them.

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4. Try kayaking in Hatta Lake

Hatta Lake lying in close proximity to the heritage village is a sought-after tourist location for adventure water activities like kayaking and boating. Rent a boat and challenge your friends for a fun-filled kayak competition to the edge of the lake. Tourists will be left spellbound by the immense and glorifying beauty of this ancient Arabian tourist attraction. Not only this, tourists can find a plethora of vivid flora and fauna adorning the ethereal landscape.

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5. Take a hiking excursion

Hatta hills are incredibly famous for their wide range of boisterous valleys and thus are a perfect location for a hiking trip with your gang. Take a serene climb onto the elevation and face challenging obstacles on your pathway that will make your expedition an even more adventurous trip. Hatta hills are adorned with rough terrains with the turquoise lake beneath adding onto the surreal picturesque of this unique Arabian attraction.

6. Enjoy a bath at Green Hatta rock pool

Hatta Valleys are studded with a plethora of water bodies which are a perfect location to take a quick dip or swim and enjoy the luscious nature surrounding you. These water bodies are extremely fresh and are a splendid getaway for your hectic vacation itinerary. Tourists can try other amazing water parks like boating paddling or kayaking in their leisure!

7. Set up a camp at Hatta valley

Hatta wadis attract a lot of nature enthusiasts especially during the autumn season for a camping excursion on the elevations overlooking the ethereal landscape from the top. Hatta wadi is a popular hub that also renders fun activities like ax throwing, safari, archery, rope courses, and zip-lining to keep you engaged throughout the excursion.

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Places to Visit near Hatta Hill Park:

1. Hatta Village

Hatta Village and its ubiquitous, as well as age-old ancient history, is worth exploring if you are visiting the enchanting attraction. The village houses extremely old monuments, residential areas, quarters, mosques, and forts highlighting the glorious past. Tourists can also find old souvenirs, antique jewelry, weapons, and paintings inside the forts.

2. Hatta Lake

Hatta Lake is an extravagant addition to the beauty of this Arabian attraction. The Lake attracts a lot of aviary species during the spring season and becomes a breeding ground as well. If you are a nature enthusiast then you would definitely want to capture the awe-inspiring scenery surrounding you. Tourists can also try out kayaking and paddle boating on the lake.

3. Wadi Hatta Park

Wadi Hatta Park houses a well-maintained garden, gym areas, comfortable seating locations and food stalls. Tourists can take a break and relish the heavenly beauty surrounding them at this park. You can also find a children’s play area to keep your kids engaged on your vacation expedition.

4. Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam with its emerald and turquoise water body is one of the most admirable attractions in the Hatta Wadis. Rent for a kayak and go on a kayaking spree through the delightful water body and admire the glorious surroundings, vibrant fauna, and far-stretched mountain terrains.

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Tips to Visit Hatta Hill Park:

  1. Carry sportswear, hiking shoes, a pair of extra clothes, winter wear, and UV protection creams while visiting Hatta Hill Park.
  2. Amidst the covid surge tourists are advised to follow guidelines wear masks and practice social distancing at all costs.
  3. If tourists want to camp then camping requirements like tents, sleeping bags, torch and medical aids are advised to be carried along with other necessities

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