Hindu Temple Overview

Hindu Temple in Dubai is a temple complex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The temples caters the vast Hindu people group in the United Arab Emirates and is at present the main Hindu temples in the UAE while arrangements are en route to assemble another sanctuary in Abu Dhabi.

The Hindu temple complex includes a Shiva and Krishna temples. The temple is keep run in conjunction with the Indian office in Dubai; the temples also perform wedding services between Hindus. Be that as it may, enrollment of Hindu relational unions can't be performed in the United Arab Emirates.

There is likewise a statue (murti) of Sai Baba of Shirdi. The upper floor of the Shiva sanctuary some time ago likewise housed a gurudwara, the gurudwara has now moved to new premises close Jebel Ali.

Location: Hindu Temple is located west of the Dubai Creek in the area of Bur Dubai.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna the Hindu temple in Dubai is a sacred hub for the followers of Hinduism. The temple is located on the west of Dubai creek on the top of a shopping center known as Bur Dubai Old Souk. It is currently the only Hindu temple in the Middle East where daily worship is performed and Hindu marriages are also organized. 

The entire temple has been magnificently carved by the Indian artisans and the architecture of the temple resembles the Akshardham temple in New Delhi. It has two shrines of Krishna and Shiva and one altar of Sai Baba.

Hindu temples all over the world worship the idols of deities, but the key difference of this temple is that here the holy verses of hinduism are chanted. The Islam run country has allowed Hindu temples to be constructed, but they had to comply with Islamic ideologies. In Islam, it is believed that Allah(the Lord) has no form, so creating idols would be a sin as no one has ever seen Him. So the temple in Dubai only has paintings of the Hindu Gods.

How To Reach

It is right by the Dubai Creek so water transport can be availed, while the extensive reach of the Dubai metro makes it convenient for those that commute on the subway. 
Abra, the local boat ride is used to cross the Dubai creek, and if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly mode of transport to get to the temple, this is the cheapest way.
The metro is an option for folks who prefer to travel by land. The Al Ghubaiba metro station is the nearest station to the temple, and the temple is just a 10 minute walk away from the metro station. 
Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai have recently launched an air-conditioned taxi that will cross the Dubai creek on water. The water taxi is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the regular traffic.

Best Time To Visit

Late November and early December is the best time to visit Hindu Temple Dubai as, during most of the other seasons, it's very hot and humid over here. 
With the great shopping festival in January and February, Dubai sees an enormous spike in tourists. This makes the attractions very crowded and maybe even unattainable. 

Other Essential Information

Religious Activities at Hindu temple Dubai:
From pujas to weddings, the Hindu temple in Dubai performs various religious acts. Here are some of the most popular activities that you can witness here:
Hindu styled wedding ceremonies: Although Hindu marriages can not be registered in the UAE, wedding ceremonies can be held in the temple.
Birthday Puja: You can receive the blessing from the Hindu gods on the auspicious day of your birth.
Horoscope: Your horoscope can be interpreted here by the Hindu astrologers who predict your future or help you solve problems you may be having currently.
Shudhikaran Puja: Shudhikaran is a cleansing ceremony performed in Hindu religions. As believed in Hinduism, after a child is born, they are in an impure state. To cleanse the child, mother, and the rest of the house from the negativity of childbirth, the Shuddhikaran puja is performed.
Nav Grah: This ceremony is performed to appease the gods of the 9 (nav) planets (grah). The puja is said to be effective in uplifting and attaining good health.
History of Hindu temple:
The temple was built in 1985 by the orders of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. It was built atop an old shopping district of Bur Dubai, where a Department store once stood. Leftovers of the department store can still be seen in the form of stairs meandering their way up to the pathways leading to lofts that were a communal ground for both Hindus and Sikhs. A sikh Gurdwara was located here earlier, but now the Gurudwara has been moved to Jebel Ali.
Other Essential Information About Hindu temple Dubai:
During the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, India, a large group of Hindus was accused, and the event was considered an act of religious war. In light of the events, angered Muslims made minor attempts to destroy the temple. But the accused Pakistanis and Pathans were arrested and deported by the United Arab Emirates police and government.
Tips for Visiting Hindu temple Dubai:
While in compliance with Islamic norms, the temple still follows Hindu rules, it is advised that you respect this and abide by their ideologies. 
You should wear modest clothes that are not revealing your skin, and you must remove your footwear while entering the temple. 
Hinduism also respects some do’s and don'ts when coming in contact with a deity. You must not turn your back to the deity, and even when you are done praying, you should move backwards facing towards the deity.
Your feet should not be pointed towards the God or Goddess as this is a sign of great disrespect and can get you a ticket out of there.
During any kind of ceremony, it is essential to maintain silence to let the ritual proceed without disturbance. 
Photography is allowed within the premises, but not during ritual proceedings as flashes and sounds from the camera may distract worshipers, pandits and even other tourists.

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Hindu Temple FAQs

What is the best time of the day to visit the Hindu Temple in Dubai?

The winter season(November and Early December) is the ideal time to visit Dubai as being a tropical country, UAE has a hot and humid climate in all the rest seasons. November and Early December see a significant drop in the normally high temperatures while still being a relatively less crowded area.

When is the Hindu temple in Dubai open to visitors?

The Hindu temple in Dubai is divided into 2 main temples, the Shiva temple, and the Sri Krishna temple. They have different prayers and Aarti timings. The timings are given as follows: Shiva Temple ?Morning open hours: 6:00 am to 1:00 pm ?Morning Aarti timing: 6:00 am ?Evening open hours: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm ?Evening Aarti timing: 7:00 pm Sri Krishna Temple Darshan timings Mangla: 6:30 am to 7:15 am ?Aarti: 7:00 am ?Shringar: 8:30 am to 9:30 am Rajbhog: 10:15 am to 11:15 am Utthapan: 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm ?Bhog/Sandhya: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm ?Aarti: 7:15 pm Friday Darshan: 7:45 pm

What is unique about the Hindu temple?

The Hindu Temple is unique as here the paintings of deities are worshipped instead of idols. It is also renowned to be the only Hindu Temple in Dubai where wedding ceremonies are organized and daily worship is also performed.

How do you get to the Hindu Temple from Dubai?

Several modes of transport can be availed to reach the Hindu temple of Dubai: The metro is a quick option, it can get you to the Al Ghubaiba metro station. The metro station is about a 10 minute walk from the Hindu temple. You can sail through the Dubai creek on the Abra (local boat) which is the cheapest transportation. The new water taxis are air conditioned and will get you to the Hindu temple. The ride from Dubai creek to the Hindu temple on the water taxi is only 15 minutes long.

Is photography allowed inside the temple?

Yes, you will be allowed to take photos inside the temple, although flash photography is prohibited at all times. During the Aarti timings you’re prohibited from taking photos.

What should I wear to the Hindu Temple?

While traditional Hindu attire is not a must-have, modest and conservative clothing is required while visiting the Hindu Temple. You should cover your head as a sign of respect while entering the temple. ?Women should wear long skirts or full-length dresses, and they can wear long pants too. ?Men should wear casual clothes like shirts and pants or kurta pajamas and trousers and button-down shirts. ?Animal skin is strictly prohibited within the premises since animals are considered sacred.

What are the operating hours of the Hindu temple in Dubai?

The temple in Dubai is open to the general public from 6 AM in the morning to 10 PM at night. It remains closed between 1 pm to 5 pm. The morning Aarti will take place from 6am and the evening Aarti will start from 7pm. The Rajbhog timings in the Sri Krishna temple are from 10:15 to 11:15 in the morning

Are there any rules and regulations that I have to keep in mind before visiting Hindu Temple Dubai?

Being a Hindu temple, it follows the strict rules of the Dharmasutra (Dharma meaning correct conduct and sutra meaning Aphorism). When visiting the temple, it is important to keep the following rules in mind: ?Cleanliness: Hinduism prides itself on purity, and you should never visit the Hindu temple without cleaning your body prior. ?Mensuration: Menstruating women are not allowed to visit the temple. ?Opening Umbrella: Opening an umbrella within sacred grounds is said to bring bad luck. ?Shoes: Footwear is not allowed inside the temple as the dust particles on your shoes may breach the sanctity of the temple. ?Turning your Back: Showing your back to the paintings of the deities are frowned upon. Additionally, the temple is situated within an Islam-centric nation, so it must abide by Muslim laws.

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