La Mer Dubai Overview

Eat, go to the beach, shop, sleep, and repeat. A cosmopolitan oceanfront getaway, La Mer Dubai, incorporates sun, sand, shopping, and style. Bring the whole family to La Mer for a tranquil break. Enjoy views of the Arabian Gulf as your children play, take a plunge in the sea, or try paddle boarding, surfing, or other water sports.

The leisure attraction of La Mer adds a dash of colour to the nearby Jumeirah neighbourhood with turquoise seas, white dunes, and quirky paintings. The development, which is categorized into 4 separate zones, has a modern industrial look. 

Soak in the rays on the rebuilt beaches, which have sun loungers and cabanas for rent — for an extra relaxing afternoon, climb into a shoreside hammock. La Mer is a favourite among Dubai inhabitants, as well as its picture-perfect views of the city skyline (including the Burj Khalifa) makes it a double. 

If you appreciate art, you will notice the graffiti and murals that brilliantly merge basic and contemporary style. The wooden walkways, palm tree lanes, and boardwalk are lined with restaurants, retail boutiques, and ice cream stands, lending a unique character to the area. There is also a fantastic beachfront water park called "Laguna Waterpark La Mer Dubai," which is ideal for both children and adults. 

With artificial waves and water activities, this water park in La Mer Dubai gives a plethora of fun and excitement. Visitors to La Mer Dubai will undoubtedly find the beach area appealing and a terrific site to explore and enjoy with its various amenities and services. La Mer Dubai is the ideal destination to spend time both at night and during the day as well.

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• With plenty of parking accessible, both across from the beach and underground, this location is open all year for locals and tourists.
• The gorgeous urban scenery, the funky music playing in the background, the vintage lights strewn about the city, the graffiti-like paintings on buildings and pavement, and the general beach atmosphere make it easy to forget you're in Dubai when walking around La Mer.
• In the shape of rustic metal, washed off timber, and boats, fishing nets, and braided ropes sprinkled about the location, you witness a harmonic combination of urban and modern architecture that is also sustainable.
• There are several food alternatives, entertainment facilities for kids and adults, and shopping possibilities all throughout the North and South Island. With so much to keep the family entertained for a full day, La Mer is a one-stop shop for family pleasure.
• If you want to hire a sunbed or two, stop by the Sea Breeze kiosk. Alternatively, rent a deluxe air-conditioned Day room for the entire family, equipped with a mini-fridge and own patio, for a more premium experience.

How To Reach

By Bus - To go to La Mer, Dubai, use the RTA bus routes 9 and 88.

By Car: From downtown Dubai, drive north-west of the Burj down Al Safa Street, through City Walk, and onto 77 B Street. Turn left after driving past the Dubai Canal and the Mercato Shopping Mall if you're coming from Jebel Ali. Drive by the Jumeirah Mosque and the Etihad Museum. If you are departing from Rashidiya. After seeing the La Mer sign, turn left.

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Best Time To Visit

The beach is built up in a really European way, and if you're visiting Dubai in November or December, this is a great area to walk about and have a beautiful meal along the beach in a shack-like building.

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Other Essential Information

Places to shop at La Mer Dubai 

1. Beach Bunny: Beach Bunny is recognised for its bold, colourful patterns and unconventional cuts that exude feminine charm. Consider boudoir-inspired bikinis, cover-ups, ready-to-wear, and accessories lavishly decorated with diamonds, lace, trim, and other one-of-a-kind details. While you're there, pick up some unique eyewear and high-quality tanning products. Then, 'beach bunny,' go play!   

2. I Love Dubai: Undoubtedly, Dubai is a sophisticated metropolis that attracts visitors from all over the world, but when you arrive, you'll realise it's much more. Skiing indoors, exploring the world's highest structure, and skydiving are just a few of the activities available in an exciting megalopolis that embraces both old and new. I Love Dubai helps you commemorate your favourite memories with presents, trinkets, and fashion.

3. Optifashion: Optifashion, founded by premium Italian eyewear designer Safilo, displays the most recent and unique eyewear collections accessible in the Middle East. Optifashion's high-end boutique features optical fitting in a gorgeous concept environment, as well as limited-edition sunglasses, developing brands, and luxurious spectacles. Optifashion offers a variety of brands such as Calvin Klein, Prada, Nike, Tom Ford, Tiffany, and Tommy Hilfiger. 

4. Sephora: The renowned French retailer requires little introduction. Sephora – the beauty-retail concept developed in France by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1970 and now operated by LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton – has over 2,300 outlets in 33 countries, including Sephora Dubai branches. What is Sephora's secret? Being touted as "The Ideal Attractive Getaway." Have a good time!

5. Vicens: Torrons Vicens has been making delightful handmade nougat since 1775, and it is a family-owned business. You might also wish to try the brand's delectable carquinyolis, biscuits, stone-ground chocolates, Gourmet and Excellence lines, the Natura collection designed by Michelin-star chef Albert Adria, or the sugar-free and organic lines while you're at the shop.

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Places to visit Near La Mer Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa: The Burj Khalifa is a global emblem and the world's highest tower. The structure, which is a true technical wonder, symbolises Dubai's conceptual heart and soul. This majestic skyscraper, which stands at 828 metres tall and is located close to The Dubai Mall, has attracted people from all over the globe since its debut in 2010.

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2. Jumeirah Mosque: The Jumeirah Mosque is one of Dubai's most famous monuments. The mosque encourages visitors of all religions to appreciate the surroundings and learn about Islam and the local culture, adhering to the principle of "Open Doors, Open Minds." 

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3. The Dubai Mall: The Dubai Mall is the largest retail, entertainment, and leisure destination on the planet. It has a total area of about 1 million square metres and houses over 1,200 retail outlets. Fashion Avenue is the place to go for haute couture, with the newest collections from world-renowned designers on display.

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4. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Thousands of aquatic animals from over 140 different species may be seen in the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. In our 10 million litre tank, we have around 400 sharks and rays, including Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Groupers, and a variety of other marine species. The visitors will be able to interact with our aquatic inhabitants through a number of carefully created activities, creating unforgettable moments with friends and family.

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Places to eat at La Mer Dubai 

1. Agatti Restaurant: Agatti is a one-of-a-kind ultra-luxury fine dining Iraqi cuisine dining experience. Fine cuisine meets artistic genius inspired by Mesopotamian history in an intimate and magnificent environment. Aghatti's distinctive gourmet Iraqi cuisine and inventive mocktails are included on the menu.

2. Argentina Grill: Argentina Grill in Dubai has opened its doors to you among the limitless oceans of luxury hotels and gorgeous scenery. You'll be astonished by the diversity of our menu, which includes the Aguacate en Parrilla and Churros with dulce de leche.

3. Big Smoke Burger: Big Smoke Burger relieves appetite at locations everywhere around the globe. And the burger choices will satisfy even the most voracious eaters. They provide patties made entirely of fresh AAA Canadian beef. There are no shortcuts, microwaves, or secret ingredients at Big Smoke Burger Dubai. Freshness, quality, and simplicity are all that is required. Take a bite!

4. Catch 22: Can we have your attention, please? We'd like to introduce you to La Mer's most unique eating experience. Catch22 is a hip, modern café that delivers a diverse menu of foreign cuisine. The menu, which presents a conundrum of choice, truly offers something for everyone, whether you wish to share meals with companions or enjoy them all to yourself. Anytime is Catch O'Clock, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and supper... and anything in between. Light snacks and appetisers, sticks, sushi, salads for a healthy alternative, Monster Burgers for extremely hungry options or major courses and the desserts are deee-licious! You'll be returning for sure if you give it a try.

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Point of Interest for La Mer Dubai
Hawa Hawa

Hawa Hawa

Hawa Hawa is indeed a thrilling inflatable playground for children, teens, and adults who can't sit still - or who simply want to leap for joy. The dune-shaped design was developed in Japan and has been implemented in public parks and other open places. Hawa Hawa is also the first of its sort outside of East Asia, featuring two distinct dunes and seven peaks where family and friends can enjoy low-impact, high-intensity bouncy castle fun.

One of Hawa Hawa's two dunes is created from an all-weather double-skin tensile membrane that has been tested and imported straight from Japan, with a little dune and huge dunes guaranteeing that different age groups may play alongside each other. Take caution: you might not want the thrill to end!

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Kidoos Entertainment is a one-of-a-kind interactive indoor play space for children aged 12 and under, where they can engage, discover, and also use their imaginations in a clean, bright, and colourful environment full of fun, captivating, age-appropriate activities.

Boredom is banished and children are motivated to engage in imaginative play in an indoor soft play packed with slides and bridges to creative theme areas such as snow park, pretend-play, arts, blue blocks, and lego, as well as a special area for babies.

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Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark

Laguna Waterpark, Dubai's best family attraction, offers a day of splashes, slides, and smiles at a terrific price. Free Fall is a thrilling experience for adrenaline addicts. Your heart will race as you take a breath-taking fall down a gigantic slide. If you don't want to experience a heart-pounding excitement, you may rest in one of the cabanas overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Bring the whole family along for a peaceful trip down the Lazy River, which is jam-packed with tiny thrills for all ages. Alternatively, take Manta, the region's first family raft trip, which has unexpected surprises at every bend. Laguna Waterpark is a wonderful day out for all ages, so even the tiniest visitors will have a good time. You'll have a hard time fitting everything in with an infinity edge pool, Aqua Play, and Splash Pad.

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Sea Level

Sea Level

Hardly anything surpasses a day at the beach, so prepare to relax and unwind with Sea Level. Whether you're with friends and family or on your own for some alone time, this is the ideal location. You may rent one of the four luxury Beach Houses, located in La Mer South, for a more luxurious experience.

These completely air-conditioned accommodations are the ideal spot to escape reality and spend some much-needed time with your loved ones. So relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf while chillaxing!

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The Roxy Cinemas

The Roxy Cinemas

Catch the hottest blockbusters at the spectacular Roxy Cinemas at La Mer Dubai. Nestled on the north side of La Mer Beach, this boutique theatre promises a sumptuous experience unlike any other, with a unique "bistro café ambiance" and the option of having food delivered to you inside the cinema.

Enjoy your lunch from the luxury of your comfy chair whilst watching a movie in 4K resolution - only at the La Mer Dubai cinema!

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Water Sports

Water Sports

Take a plunge in the gorgeous, warm waters of the Arabian Gulf with Watersports by First Yacht. This firm, which is located on La Mer’s captivating beach, provides incredibly fun, safe, and supervised water-based activities for the whole family to enjoy. From stand-up paddleboarding to jet skiing, kayaking, water biking, paddle boating, surfing, flyboarding, donut riding, boat cruising, and more, there is a sea-based sport for everyone, from sea-shy kids to grandfathers who enjoy splashing around.

Watersports by First Yacht, which is open to personal trainers and accessible for corporate gatherings, birthdays, and other events, will help you build unforgettable, bespoke experiences and packages for you, your friends, and family.

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Tourism Board Alliances

La Mer Dubai FAQs

How do I get to La Mer Dubai?

RTA buses 9 and 88 will take you to La Mer Dubai if you choose to utilise public transportation. Some hotels also provide complimentary shuttle services to La Mer, so be sure to ask about it when booking your accommodation.

Valet parking is available for AED 50 if you want to drive. There is also the option of using public parking, which has more than 1,100 places available, including subterranean parking.

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Is it worth visiting La Mer Dubai?

Before you settle down, take a tour around the neighbourhood. You'll find a lot of extremely interesting and amusing art murals if you wander around all of the tiny buildings in the main strip in between the two areas. There's also a massive waterpark that's fantastic for families and has its own sunbed section if you want to avoid the beach throng.

Restaurants abound, all of which are great and entertaining. Whatever you're looking for, La Mer is certain to have it. Everything from your standard McDonald's and Starbucks to eateries that specialise in Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western, and other cuisines. So, it’s quite worth visiting you can say. 

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Why is La Mer Dubai so famous?

The urban beachfront, with its blue sea, golden sand, and overall bright motif, has drawn a lot of attention and is one of the reasons for the popularity of La Mer. The beach's name, 'La Mer,' conjures up images of laid-back French seaside communities. String lights dance above the exquisite pastel-colored beach shacks.

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Which are the best places to stay near La Mer Dubai?

  1. Ramee Rose Hotel: Ramee Rose Hotel is a fantastic choice for visitors to Dubai, offering a variety of useful features to make your stay more enjoyable. Ramee Rose Hotel is a fantastic tourist destination since it is close to some of Dubai's most prominent monuments, such as The Palladium (0.8 km) and Dubai Media City Amphitheatre (1.7 mi). The hotel rooms serve as your "home away from home," with flat-screen televisions, minibars, and air conditioning, as well as complimentary WiFi.
  2. Ibis Styles Jumeirah: Owing to its convenient location and easy access, Ibis Styles Jumeirah is ideal for both business and leisure guests. The hotel's 191 rooms and executive suites provide modern and trendy furnishings as well as premium in-room facilities like a flat-screen TV, personal safe, minibar, IDD phone, and more. For those who want to rest and refresh in the comfort of the hotel, there is a fully equipped gym and a temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool.
  3. Rove Trade Centre: This social and cultural centre, located in the heart of the city, allows Rovers to easily discover Dubai's top business and recreational options. Relax in one of the big 26sqm Rover Rooms with a 49-inch interactive TV, free Wi-Fi, luxurious designer mattresses, a sofa bed for extra guests, and all you need after a full day of exploring. On the sun patio and pool, you may unwind or re-energize.

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