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Dubai Camping

Camping in Dubai is one of the best decisions that you can take to explore the picturesque landscapes of the Arabian desert and Dubai has the best camping options from beach and desert camping to mountain and lakeside camping. The shimmering shoreline of Dubaialong Umm Al Quwain Beach, Al Dhafra Beach, Fujairah Beach, and White Sand Beach is the home to luxurious campgrounds that have the poshest urban facilities like BBQ spaces, outdoor activities like fishing, snorkeling, diving, and kayaking.

Arabian Dreams Desert Camp and Fossil Rock are the most popular campgrounds to live a day or two amidst the sand dunes and experience the desert adventure with thrilling dune rides and fun-filled camel rides. Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau is vouched as one of the best camping spots in Dubai to club camping and adventure sports like biking, trekking, and fishing.

Tourists who like to explore the wilderness of Dubai can choose destinations like Acacia Forest, Liwa, and Al Qudra Lakes that are located in secluded destinations and offer a perfect place to relax and rewind away from the hustles of the Arabian cities. Adventure buffs can camp at the Hajar Mountains and explore its majesty with hiking and trekking trips.

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  1. What are the best places for camping in Dubai?

    1. Al Qudra LakesCamping in Dubai is fun with notable spots surrounding the city. The most popular and well-known site for camping, Al Qudra Lakes is home to more than 26 species of reptiles and 300 species of birds. The location lets you witness two different settings, one of a desert and the other of an oasis.

    The camping site is the perfect destination to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. Experience the grandeur of the popular attraction, Love Lake, a heart-shaped lake that is a must-visit. A cycling track surrounding Al Qudra is popularly visited by cycling enthusiasts.

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    2. Acacia Forest: A unique escape spot amidst the calm scenic imagery, the Acacia forest is mainly famous as a camping site. Nestled quietly amidst the serene Musandam Mountains, the Acacia forest can be challenging to locate without maps, hence carry a map always!

    Desert camping Dubai at this place offers a gorgeous view of the breathtaking Jabal al Harim and is a testimony to the calm and serene surroundings. It remains calm throughout the day and even at night. If you are visiting the site for camping, make sure you stay aware of the restricted areas utilized for military firing and mark your boundaries accordingly.

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    3. Liwa: Camping enthusiasts are often looking for solitude and peace, and Liwa is one such site that ideally caters to the need. Also known as the 'Empty Quarter' because of its isolated nature, Liwa can be reached only through off-road vehicles such as SUVs.

    One of the best camping spots in Dubai, Liwa offers a bucket full of wildlife, which is exquisite to admire. Whenever you are visiting, make sure to stay prepared with a good map to help you get directed. It can be visited throughout the year, and thus you can book your ticket at any point of the year.

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    4. White Sands Beach: 
    One of the best spots for Camping in Dubai, the White Sands Beach is appreciated mainly for the low costs that the place offers. The beautiful surroundings are perfect to set up a tent on a cliff witnessing the expansive sandy beach.

    Perfect for enjoying the calmness of the surroundings, camping enthusiasts love to spend time while soaking amidst nature. The star gazing night and the serenity of the shores call every camping enthusiast to experience the beauty.
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    5. Umm Al Quwain Beach: If you are looking for one of the best Dubai camping spots to pitch the tent on the shoreline, make sure you head to Umm AL Quwain for doing the same. The camping spot in Dubai is perfect for adventure junkies who love to soak amidst the calm surroundings and go on kayaking amidst the mangroves.

    Taste the local fishing villages by visiting the nearby ancient villages to take you back to the old days. If you are looking for some more fun, you must take the day off to spend a day at the Dreamland Aquapark.

    6. Bedouin camping: 
    This is one of the best places for Camping in Dubai, where you can experience a laid-back time while indulging in fun activities. The experience gets better with luxury tents for your relaxation and fun activities keeping you entertained.
    A quaint stay followed by a delicious BBQ dinner and entertainment-filled night livens up your stay in Dubai. The place is primarily preferred for its laid-back vibe coupled with luxury services, offering tourists the ideal feel of a holiday. You can also book the tents for an overnight stay.

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    7. Arabian Dreams Desert Camp: The site is situated within the Dubai desert conservation reserve, comprising eight distinct tent houses. These luxury tent houses accentuate the holiday vibe while making tourists rejoice for many reasons.

    Equipped with the necessary bedding and sanitation amenities, Arabian Dreams Desert Camp offers guests a planned itinerary that includes fun dune drives and camel rides. Along with your dune drives, get ready to spot some Oryx and falcons. This is one of the most preferred camping Spots Dubai for indulging in a fun and adventurous night out.

    8. Al Dhafra Beach: Perched on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, the famous AlDhafra Beach is known for its exotic fun activities and breathtaking camping amenities it has in store for tourists. Camping around the sea gets more entertaining, with you spotting a few turtles and other prominent sea life.

    Tourists love visiting the place to explore the local water sports such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and more. Enhance your camping experience by trying your hands on fishing and gorging on delicious grilled fish and BBQ grill. The popular camping place in Dubai lets tourists soak amidst the breathtaking landscape while indulging in the activity of their choice.

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    9. Fujairah beach: Ideal for the amateur campers, camping in Dubai is fun at Fujairah Beach. With the beach offering the right circumstances for camping, camping at this beach is bliss. Campers can accommodate themselves at the Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort located nearby.

    The camp offers a mesmerizing swimming experience in the morning amidst less salty waters, cool temperatures, and the serenity of the surrounding mountain landscape. Camping at Fujairah beach is thus a one-in-a-lifetime experience that must be explored in its true sense.

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    10. White Sands Beach: Camping in Dubai is not complete without exploring the coastline in Oman at White Sands Beach. An ideal place to set your tent up, the sandy beach awaits your presence on the shore. Experience the grandeur of desert camping Dubai amidst the beautiful surrounding landscape while listening to the sound of the waves.

    It is enjoyed mainly by water sports lovers as it gives you the perfect opportunity to go snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, diving, and much more. Be ready with all your water sports gear before venturing on camping in Dubai. Do not forget to spot a sea urchin, found commonly in the area.

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  2. Which are the Best Places To Enjoy Desert Camping In Dubai?

    1. Al Dhafra Beach: One of the most popular desert beaches, the Al Dhafra Beach exposes you to witness the beautiful serene imagery on your desert camping. The camping spots Dubai lets you experience the best of the sea life and spot a few exotic turtles on the way.

    The beach allows tourists to witness the grandeur of the surrounding beauty while exploring the water sports. It lets you explore kayaking, diving, snorkeling, and much more. Fishing is one of the most popular activities enjoyed here. Get away from the hustle-bustle of city life and explore this beautiful camping place in Dubai.

    2. Hajar Mountains: 
    The Mountains are extensively spread between the United Arab Emirates and Oman. This vast mountain range is primarily preferred as one of the most popular destinations for desert camping, hiking, and mountain trekking.

    An adventure enthusiast favorite, the Hajar Mountains is one of the best places to explore the wildlife. Capture the raw beauty of nature at the spot while camping in Dubai. Being one of the best places to enjoy desert camping, Hajar Mountains calls out all camping enthusiasts to explore the beauty.

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    3. Fujairah
    Known as the only Emirate located on the East coast of UAE, Fujairah is a perfect spot for gazing at the stars from a desert. A total charmer, Fujairah attracts all the nature lovers to witness the gigantic mountains while doing their favorite thing under the stars. Desert camping at this location is highly convenient for everyone to set up a tent.

    It is also largely visited by water sports enthusiasts for being a destination that lets you explore marine life, snorkel, kayak, and a lot more. This camping place in Dubai is undoubtedly known for its extraordinary beauty and convenient camping amenities.

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    4. Fossil Rock: Situated in Sharjah, Fossil Rock is deemed to be one of the best desert sites for camping in Dubai. Nestled amidst sand dunes, the site is ideal for large groups. Being closely situated to civilization helps you avail of every amenity at your doorstep.

    A perfect place for adventure junkies, Fossil rock lets you experience some enjoyable dune bashing and off-roading. Do not forget to pay a visit to The Camel Rock and Big Red if you are looking to get your hands on bugging. You must also try out various other water sports available at one of the best camping spots Dubai.

    5. Bedouin camping: 
    For luxury desert camp lovers, the Bedouin camp is here to help you experience the majestic beauty of the surrounding Arabian Peninsula. You can explore the experience by soaking amidst enjoyable belly dance performances, learning Bedouin customs, culture, and tradition, and gorging on delicious dinner.

    Make most of your camping by setting forth on a camel ride and sand-boarding. It is one of the most luxurious and preferred sites for desert camping in Dubai.

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    6. Jebel Al Jais: 
    The Mountains are primarily touted as the tallest mountains in Dubai, located in the Al Khaimah region. Popularly known as 'The Grand Canyon of Oman,' the camping site is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. With offering hiking and trekking trails, it welcomes all beginners, amateurs, and intermediate-level climbers to explore the true essence of camping in Dubai.

    This is one of the best destinations in Dubai to explore desert camping while experiencing the true beauty of the starry sky at night. If you are looking for one of the best places for camping in Dubai, take your traveling shoes out for Jebel Al Jaid.

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    7. Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau, Musandam: Camping at this site needs camp enthusiasts to apply for a ten-day tourist visa through the Al rams border. Popular as one of the best Dubai camping spots to venture on adventure sports, such as biking, climbing, and trekking, the plateau has all your camping needs covered.

    Apart from witnessing the glorious beauty of the surroundings amidst the serene environment, one must go fishing and exploring other water activities. Camping gets fun only when coupled with several other activities enjoyed in one place, just like the Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau.

    8. White Sands Beach: 
    A secluded beach in the UAE, White Sands Beach is located along the coastlines of Oman. Desert camping Dubai is fun at the beach that lets you pitch a tent while enjoying the surrounding view of the pristine ocean. Explore the grandeur of the Arabian waters atop the cliff while sweeping you away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

    The beach is mainly famous for water sports activities, including snorkeling, paddleboarding, and much more. The place is also popular for the marine life it offers.

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    9. Umm Al Quwain Beach:
    If you are looking for a camping place in Dubai to set your tent up anywhere on the beach, the Umm AL Quwain Beach is the place to go for. Set your tent up near the shore and witness the majestic gorgeousness that the pristine waters have to offer.

    Camping at the site becomes all the more fun with it letting you try your hands on fishing, catch some fish and enjoy them in your dinner. Sharpen your cooking skills with a BBQ night by the beach, cooking your favorite fish. Do not forget to capture the exotic animals and desert birds spotted nearby.

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    10. AL Qudra Lakes: One of the best camping spots in Dubai, Al Qudra Lakes is a 30-40 minute drive away from the hub of the city. With desert on one side and oasis desert, on the other, Al Qudra lakes are ideal for camping with families and also for couples.

    A popular site for camping for tourists and locals, the lake is the epitome of desert camping. If you are an animal and a nature lover, you will love exploring the site and catching some flamingos, wild camels, and more. Do not forget to capture the moments that are going to remind you of camping at the wonderful site in Dubai.

  3. What is the best time for camping in Dubai?

    The best time for camping in Dubai is during summers, the months of March to May. This is the camping season in Dubai when the prices are high. This is why it is recommended to make your booking prior to visiting the camping site. However, one can easily camp in Dubai any time throughout the year.

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  4. What are the things that should be carried for camping in Dubai?

    You must be well-equipped before going to the camping site in Dubai, and you must carry a tent, sleeping bags, camping pillow, torch, foldable camp chairs and table, flashlights with extra batteries, medicines, insect repellant, and sanitizers. Deserts in Dubai tend to be quite cold at night, and hence make sure you are adequately prepared to keep yourself warm.

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  5. What are the other activities to do in Dubai?

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