Sailing in Dubai

Sailing tours in Dubai are impeccable tours imparting the beautiful city’s view while relaxing amidst the waters. Known as the entertainment capital of the Middle East, Dubai is one of the busiest metropolis city on Earth. One of the best activities however in Dubai are water related. To go sailing in the Dubai Creek on some of the world’s most luxurious cruises is a must-do when in Dubai. A boat ride in Dubai can be both thrilling and magical. The water is as clean and as blue as it can get. The breeze is always pleasant when on the boat and even though the Middle East is supposed to be all desert, this man-made water body provides a serene environment, perfect for sailing. Dubai offers a lot of sailing tours to its tourists, there is the cruise that can take you to Atlantic City, then the world famous Dhow Cruise that offers a five-course meal in a luxurious manner. One can even take a boat ride to Palm Jumeirah and But Al Arab.


Although Dubai does not have any historical monuments, it does have some wonders of the world built by humans like the tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, the man-made islands, The Palm and much more. Something that Dubai is just limited to audacious architecture, efficient business life, malls and some great souks. But they do not know that there is much more to Dubai than just concrete. The beaches, the water parks, the Ferrari World and much more altogether make Dubai a fun vacay spot to go with your family. There are so many activities to do in Dubai that even a 15- day trip might not be enough. The shopping mall here is exceptionally beautiful and no less fascinating than any historical monument. The magnificent Burj Khalifa can be seen standing tall with pride and beauty. Then there are the contemporary galleries that showcase some very fine art pieces that can please an art lover quite easily. But, sailing tours in Dubai is something which shouldn’t be missed.

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