Al Qudra Lake Dubai Overview

Al Qudra Lake is a vast piece of recreational location in Dubai designed to hearten sustainable tourism. It's a man-made desert oasis established to offer a lively escape from the city’s hustle. This desert is snowing under many human-made lakes merged strategically into the Al Marmoom Desert Protection Reserve residing in the middle of the rolling dunes of Saih Al Salam Desert.

Al Qudra Lake also happens to be famous with campers and tops as the best BBQ spot in Dubai. This part of the Al Qudra Desert has been settled in such a way that the travelers can blend with the wilderness, calm, serene. The desert comprises a bunch of joyful things to enjoy such as cycling, dining, dog walking, bird watching, also known as a popular picnic spot in Dubai. You’ll find each lake has towers for bird watching, in addition to this, you can witness breathtaking sunset as well as sunrise with a waterfront view here. Bear in mind to explore the famous Love Lake near the entrance. You can see the giant red heart shape fenced with red flowers in the garden which is absolutely admiring. 

Al Qudra Lake is an ideal place for finding solitude among a series of artificial lakes, dunes, and fauna surrounding it. It started with an aim to promote eco-tourism and gradually gained enough tourists to continue to be known as a famous tourist attraction in Dubai due to plenty of unspoiled attractions inhabited inside it. The authentic desert has a wonderful pleasant climate with low levels of light pollution and is a great site for stargazers and nature lovers. So, load up with all the excitement and head to Dubai’s groundbreaking man-made desert oasis far from the city.

Get a complete travel guide of Al Qudra Lake


• Stroll/jog around the rubber path of the lakes which is lengthened around 7km long. Take a chance to saunter across the low areas of the lakes, watch various fish, ducks around, and tap feet. Don’t miss the great opportunity to camp here with the great taste of barbecue.
• Enjoy the bird chirps and admire wildlife while watching the tremendous amount of migratory bird species, more than hundreds of native birds in the wetlands, and relax on the love benches. Often you can catch sight of foxes, rabbits running all around, thus the place acts as a natural sanctuary for nature.
• It’s free to avail of some romantic spots at Al Qudra. Visit and enjoy the elegance of Love Lake, featuring a date night for couples and a heart-shaped massive lake.
• Enjoy some quiet moments and beautiful sunsets over Desert Oasis and appreciate nature’s beauty. The sunsets over the sand dunes give you uninterrupted moments to take incredible pictures.
• Once it's dark the sky above glows so bright that you tend to spend some more pleasing time stargazing.

How To Reach

The pristine man-made Al Qudra Lake is located around 10 miles east of al Maktoum Airport, right along the Al Qudra Road(D63) can be accessed via Dubai Ail Ain Road or the Emirates Road subordinate to your starting point.

The Lake location is also quite easy to track through Google Maps. You can also prefer rides on Bus, metro but it is recommended to hire a car for rent or drive using your vehicle for around 44-60 minutes to reach Al Qudra Lake since it calls for a bit of off-road driving. Bear in mind to return back before it's dark as there is none of the street light leading the road.

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Best Time To Visit

The best preferable time to visit Al Qudra Lake has to be during the winters. During the winter months, The sun is not scorching bright and the climate is at its best to stroll around the authentic desert. The Lake doesn’t have specific timings to visit as it is open to tourism and the public throughout the day on all days of the week. Thus, anyone can visit at any time they want.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Al Qudra Lake Dubai

1. Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve - Encompassing over 10 percent of Dubai’s total area, the Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve project is the largest untrapped nature reserve in the UAE. Confined with 40 hectares of shrubland and fertile area the reserve features the largest renewable energy project. It also hosts one of the largest populations of Arabian oryx and UAE’s desert flora and fauna. Jump on an adventure and explore the Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve.

2. Al Jiyad Stables - Home to over 120 Arabian and Arab horses, Al Jiyad Stables is located in the desert region of Saih Al Salam. This place renders many adventure activities like desert hacks, rider training of all levels and also gives you an opportunity to explore UAE’s native wildlife and nature in its Al Marmoom conservation area. Endure the horses, a rich part of Arabian culture, and admire its nobility.

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3. Kamenashi/Camel Uschi - Kamel Uschi/Camel Uschi is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's just a 30-45 minutes journey from Dubai, so come here to experience an unforgettable camel trek along desert rails and relish the peace and tranquility of the Arabian desert. You can choose to stay overnight in the desert and get your eyes on traditional cooking methods while sitting under millions of stars and spend a memorable evening around the tranquility of the Arabian desert.

4. Al Qudra Cycle Track - Al Qudra Cycle Track is a popular destination for those adventure seekers and fitness freaks out there. With 86km of track amid the views of the desert, you can even catch a peep of local wildlife- plus the national animal, Arabian oryx while cycling on an asphalt cycle track in the Dubai desert. Several routes are there so, choose the best possible route for you and ride across attractions nearby Track.

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Places to eat near Al Qudra Lake Dubai

1. Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge - Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge is a two-level rooftop lounge that offers the city’s most dynamite Arabian vibe with its tanning desert vista. Once the sun sets the venue transmutes into a surrounding of 1001 Arabian nights, with dimmed lights, soothing music, and a bewitching aura of traditional Arabian shisha. Its menu features vegetarian signature dishes, beverages, premium alcohol, and Extensive Shisha menu platters in front of live singer performances.

2. Al Hadheerah - Head to Al Hadheerah for an exclusive buffet in the middle of the desert. Everything starting from the quantity and quality of Middle East cuisine is supremely outstanding. As it's an outdoor desert restaurant there is no indoor facility, but you’re served customer service, serving, and a wide variety of food options with live entertainment.

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3. Bab Al Shams Dining- Al Hadheerah, Al Forsan, Masala, Le Dune - Embark on a culinary desert dining option at Bab Al Shams Dining and explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of authentic Arabic cuisine. You have the option to feast indoors or under the star-filled sky and enjoy a night full of entertainment, live music, belly dance, and other traditional instrumental performances. This restaurant comprises Al Forsan, Masala, Le Dune where complimentary international cuisines, seafood, poultry, cold appetizers, subcontinent sizzles, Indian curries are dinner under the stars.

4. Al Forsan Restaurant - If you are in a cozy indoor setting or even a chilly seat in the open air, jump on Al Forsan Restaurant and venture out to try a complimentary wide range of palettes. This restaurant offers the best international cuisine along with Arabic cuisines under one roof.

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Insider Tips

  • If your visit to Al Qudra is limited to the entrance and the cycling area, it is advised to necessitate a 4-wheel deep drive into the desert area of Al Qudra.
  • Ensure to dress in comfortable clothes, carry some warm clothes since it's fairly chilly at night in the desert. If you aspire to stop by the Lake in the evening or plan for a camping trip, it's best to come prepared beforehand.
  • Al Qudra opts for eco-tourism. Home to a lot of flora and fauna the Lake itself is their natural habitat so, it is prohibited for any kind of littering and unwanted acts like feeding, that can cause great harm to wildlife. Thus, make sure you carry garbage bags along to discard any waste material and avoid littering.
  • Lighting a campfire and barbequing on the attraction is potentially prohibited since it can pose a threat to wildlife. If you plan for a campfire or barbeque thing, ensure you do it only in a pot or on the grill not particularly on the sand.
  • For the violators inside the campus or any attraction inside al Qudra, a heavy fine of AED 50 will be inflicted at any cost.

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Point of Interest for Al Qudra Lake Dubai
Visit the Love Lake

Visit the Love Lake

Visit Love Lake and explore its elegant beauty and layout thoroughly. This spot consists of two lakes adjoined in the shape of two interwoven hearts, which is home to many flora and fauna. This place is one of the romantic places in Dubai thronged with heart motifs and signage supposed to be an ideal site for Insta-worthy places in Dubai.

The heart-shaped lake in Al Qudra is fully equipped with shaded areas, fire pits, and washroom facilities and is completely charge-free to make it one of the affordable places for a date night. Above all, this spot is the best place to enjoy the stunning orange sky and try out some entertainment stuff like swings of big tree branches, barbecues, mountain bikes.

Explore the Local Fauna

Explore the Local Fauna

There are around 170 indigenous bird species and wildlife in the Al Qudra Desert. The man-made attraction acts as a natural habitat for many wildlife in the Al Qudra Desert. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, Al Qudra is a place where you need to head. It’s a great place to spot black swans, ducks, flamingos, some endangered Steppe Eagle, and many more beautiful migratory birds on the wetland. Barely you will catch some animal sight as they’re a bit more subtle. Still, they do tend to appear here and there. Sometimes you can spot free-roaming gazelles, rabbits, foxes around the Al Qudra area. Enjoy an amazing wildlife excursion tour with your family and friends.

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Enjoy Cycling

Enjoy Cycling

Well, cycling is one of the most popular activities done at Al Qudra. This place is known for its best trail cycling in Dubai with an 86km path at its present location. If you want some outdoor refreshment, go cycling and get a bit active in an outdoor environment. You‘ll be introduced to many types of cycle riders, both amateur, and professional cyclists. Rent your cycle from the cycling workshop and pave your way through the sand dunes in the desert. Start your trip at Al Qudra lake with two starting points: the first is from the Al Qudra cycling Car Park in the Mira Oasis and the second is from the Seih Al Salam Teck Bicycle Shop.

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Pitch up a tent and camp the night away

Pitch up a tent and camp the night away

The artificial lakes, abutted by the sand dunes offer a charming setting for barbecue, stargazing, and overnight camping. Get equipped properly for outdoor activity and set up your own tent in a peaceful spot at Al Qudra Lakes camping ground or near the Love Lake. Though the artificial reservoir is surrounded by a stunning barbeque aura, starry views, and campground, it still offers free outdoor activities at Al Qudra Lake camping. When you are at Lake Al Qudra you can’t overlook the barbeque experience with friends, family since this is one of the finest BBQ and campsite spots in Dubai.

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Catch the sunset over the man-made desert oasis

Catch the sunset over the man-made desert oasis

The authentic man-made desert oasis is the right place for an escape from the hustle busy routine and boredom of life. Here you can connect with nature's beauty and enjoy some quiet moments with your loved ones. One of the best spots in Al Qudra is situated off the high-rise building and busy highways. Get your hands on your cameras to click stunning pictures of the beautiful nature and spectacular sunset over the golden sand dunes. Along with this during the night you can spend time stargazing as the sky shimmers like diamonds itself. For the one who admires the colorful sky, this is a must-visit place in Al Qudra.

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Al Qudra Lake Dubai FAQs

Why is Al Qudra Lake Dubai so famous?

Al Qudra Lake Dubai is so famous due to its innovative man-made architecture. It was established to promote eco-tourism in Dubai with multiple artificial lakes, engraved by dunes and fauna. It's a perfect place for holidaying with friends, family, and lovers and getting an authentic Arabian vibe at a real desert oasis.

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How do I get to Al Qudra Lake Dubai?

It is sensible to hire a personal car and take a 4-wheeler drive through the Al Qudra Road (D63). You can also easily get access to Al Qudra Lake Dubai via a road drive at the Dubai Ail Ain Road or the Emirates Road. It's quite easy to get mapped by Google /maps and reach the Lake.

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Is it worth visiting Al Qudra Lake Dubai?

Yes, definitely Al Qudra Lake Dubai is worth visiting to get engaged with ample fun activities and explore amazing natural attractions. Most importantly must-visit the heart-shaped lake named Love Lake comprising extensive sand dunes and oasis-like pools and plenty of flora and fauna.

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How far is Al Qudra Lake Dubai from Burj khalifa?

The intriguing artificial lagoon in Al Qudra lies almost 50 km away from Burj Khalifa. Therefore, you can take a 43-minute drive via Al Qudra Road from Burj Khalifa to reach Al Qudra Lake Dubai. 

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