I Fly Dubai Overview

If you are a lover of adventure and want to enjoy the thrill of diving from a height at a safe environment then make sure that you visit I Fly Dubai. This secured place is offering a first hand experience of sky diving, that too indoors. The chambered tunnel here offers the great thurst of air which one feels as they jump off from a height.

Have you ever dreamt of having boundless fun under 2 hours? Prepare for a dreamy liftoff at iFly Dubai that lets you fly on a pillow of air. No falling, no jumping, just slip on your flight suit and see your dream of human flight take shape.

Situated in Eastern Dubai’s city Center at Mirdif Mall, iFly Dubai gives you the chance to fly against gravity. For all the free-spirits and thrill-seekers this indoor skydiving sesh is a perfect opportunity to acquire new tricks and flaunt a few. Prepare to conquer your fears by participating in this action-packed, rousing experience that lets you fly with help of a powerful fan, making the vertical tunnel of wind.

Take off smoothly under the assistance of certified instructors and step into the tunnel of wind. Step out in the wind regardless of your age. Whether you are an office worker, grandparent or as young as 3, this indoor skydiving sesh is about having a lifetime of fun but under complete safety.

Make lasting memories with your family, on a company event or on your birthday as you get together to flutter. Feel the wind on your face and get evidence of your epic flight by buying splendid photos or videos of you from iFly. 

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• Bring your fantasies of flying freely to life, by trying indoor skydiving that gets the closest to genuine flying during a real skydive.
• Get super high on adrenaline as you make the most of a gravity-defying free fall from the height of three meters.
• The basic package lets you enjoy two flights where you enjoy twice the count of freefall as a tandem skydive would feel from a height of 14000 feet.
• Get super charged to overcome all your fears by participating in indoor skydiving and make the most of a rip-roaring experience.
• Get set to challenge gravity and fly with the help of a truly herculean fan, making this vertical tunnel of wind.
• Brace yourself to hundreds of dives in a blink of an eye with the fly time being virtually unlimited.
• With indoor skydiving, you can fully focus on the bodily sensations of flying and floating without having to jump off an airplane.

How To Reach

IFly Dubai is located on the third floor of city centre Mirdif. The nearest station to City Centre Mirdif is the Rashidiya Metro Station. RTA Bus F10 is available that transports to the mall from Rashidiya Metro Station. Therefore, you can easily take a metro from your nearby station to finally reach Ifly Dubai.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Ifly Dubai is during weekdays because it is open from 12PM in the day to 10 PM at night. However, it is recommended that you visit during the weekends to have your share of endless fun at flying, because the place is open till 12:00 AM at night.

Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Ifly Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa: One of the iconic and topmost attractions of Dubai has to be the Burj Khalifa, given it is the world's tallest tower. You can come here to celebrate a complete tour of the tower while you lounge on the 122nd floor or dine at a restaurant. Do not miss out on the Dubai Fountain that keeps the admirers mesmerized with its musically choreographed lights.

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2. Dubai Dolphinarium: Do you fancy watching the seals or dolphins perform acrobatic movements, or sing, dance and jump through hoops? Well, head to the Dubai Dolphinarium, which offers marine extravaganza like no other. Choose from the multiple timings of shows and see the heart-warming performances of sea creatures painting, juggling and singing.

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3. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Located within the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo lets you explore the riveting marine world. You will come up close and personal with thousands of marine creatures that include Giant Groupers, Sand Tiger Sharks and over 140 aquatic species.

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4. Dubai Fountain: The 30-acre choreographed system of fountains at the manmade lake of Burj Khalifa is a captivating light, music and water spectacle. This tall performing fountain performs to a range of songs from contemporary Arabic to world music and classical. Do not miss out on this one just to witness the powerful nozzles of water shooting the water up to dizzying heights.

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5. Kidzania: One of the fastest growing learning and global indoor entertainment centers for kids has to be Kidzania. You must come here to experience this amusement park that emulates the workings of a city built-to-scale just for kids.

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6. Dubai Frame: If you desire having a bird-eye view of Dubai’s spectacular skyline, and the entire city then you head to the Dubai Frame. This eye-catching structure in Zabeel Park lets you soak in the views of both Old and New Dubai. 

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7. Ski Dubai: Ski Dubai offers a wide selection of activities where you get ample chances to meet penguins, partake in a chairlift ride, snowboard and ski to your heart’s content. You will have a gala day at the Ski Dubai as you ski on a slope of -1 to 2 degrees. 

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Places to Eat near Ifly Dubai

If you are at Dubai to make the most of an indoor skydiving experience then you cannot miss out on some Emirati food. Discover Dubai’s true taste as you savor on the hearty hares to magical machboos. There are over 130 restaurants here like the Anise International, Choix Pâtisserie, and Penrose Lounge that serve afternoon coffee, delicious food and live music.

Pierre Gagnaire and Choix Pâtisserie set you taste some of the premium Parisian delicacies that include latte with freshly-baked croissants, and delectable pastries from their splendidly crafted menu.

Just beside Ifly Dubai there is the TIMO Italian restaurant that serves authentic food from Italy with soul, sophistication and style. If you are all for trying out the choicest pizzas and home-made pastas then this restaurant can be your best bet. You can choose to eat in a cozy banquette seating indoors or dine by the pool on a terrace. 

Shopping near Ifly Dubai

There are charming souks and high-end shopping malls that let you enjoy an ultimate retail-therapy. For instance you can head to the Dragon Mart that is one of Dubai’s largest centers of trading for Chinese items. You will be mesmerized with the variety of products and the low prices at which they are sold. The dragon-shaped building will let you shop for everything from shoes to clothes, textiles, furniture, and household appliances.

The Dubai Outlet Mall lies very close to iFly Dubai and is a shopping hotspot for anyone looking for great deals on hi-street and designer brands. There are about 240 stores offering premium international brands for both adults and kids. That means there is something for everyone. There are dining options available as well especially for those who desire a respite from shopping.

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Tips for Visiting iFly Dubai

  • Do not forget to inhale whenever you enter the tunnel of wind. Keep your mouth open because there is air dashing around you. 
  • Wear well-fitting running shoes, or lace-up sneakers. All of the other shoes other than the ones mentioned are unsuitable for skydiving.
  • Wear comfortable and casual clothes preferably a collarless shirt and pants. 
  • If you have shoulder length hair, wear it in a low bun or braided.
  • Remove any item that becomes loose or flaps around. These items include hair accessories, rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Remove everything that is there in your pockets. 
  • Feel free to have a meal before your flight session. Trying indoor skydiving in an empty stomach can in fact cause nausea, a dropping feeling in the stomach, and motion sickness. 
  • Follow the gesture signals of your flight instructor because it is quite loud inside the wind tunnel. If your instructor shows you a peace sign, separate the legs, a thumbs-up indicates you look straight ahead, and the “hang loose” gesture means you can relax, just so the wind can do its work.

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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I Fly Dubai FAQs

Who can fly?

Anyone shorter than 180 centimeters and weighing less than 232 pounds (105 kilograms) can fly. However there are some pre-flight criteria that you must fulfill and that include the age criteria, your medication and health condition. Thus, you must be above 3 years of age, must not be under the influence of any non-prescribed drugs and must not be pregnant. Moreover, if you have heart, back or neck problems then also you cannot take a skydiving flight.

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Is it safe to fly?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to fly because you get one-on-one assistance from the instructors as you fly. Before you take up a flight, there is a comprehensive session of training besides there are as many as 10 flights of indoor skydiving. When you take off you are also geared up well with safety goggles, ear plugs, helmets and flight suits.

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Can I take a camera on my flight?

No, you cannot take cameras on the flight specifically for security reasons. These include the GoPro cameras that come with ideal attachments. But, there is good news for skydivers planning to skydive with iFly as they capture hi-quality videos and photos. Therefore, you can still get your share of photographs to share with family and friends.

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What should I wear?

You must wear something super comfortable when you skydive. Casual clothes like shirts without a collar, and sweatpants are advisable. That is because over these clothes you will slip on your flight suit. Make sure whatever you wear is well-fitted, like lace up running shoes and sneakers.

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What is the best time to visit Ifly Dubai?

The best time to visit Ifly Dubai is during weekdays because it is open from 12PM in the day to 10 PM at night. However, it is recommended that you visit during the weekends to have your share of endless fun at flying, because the place is open till 12:00 AM at night.

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What can I expect during the VR Experience?

You can expect to feel your rush of excitement as you skydive in VR. You base jump and rise over the incredible destinations like Dubai, Hawaii, and soar above the majestic Alpine Mountains. A powerful tunnel of air keeps you suspended in a simulation making you feel as if you are defying gravity and floating in the air.

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I Fly Dubai Reviews

Malti Rana
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
iFLY in Dubai is the most adventurous and memorable skydiving center where you can have the best experience of your life. If you visit Dubai, you must try this activity which is totally safe. There are proper training sessions before actually doing it and you will be provided with the flight suit an... Read More
Tanushri Guneta
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
I was very much excited to take part in skydiving but i was afraid to do it but at iFLY in Dubai, I got the chance to fight my fear and enjoy a flight. There were trainers and proper facilities to keep the person safe. iFLY Dubai price at Thrillophilia is affordable and value for money. They give ha... Read More
Mukesh Abbott
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
iFlY Dubai is amazing, i loved the experience of flying in the air. It was something I can’t even describe, I am short of words. I was actually feeling like defying gravity and flowing in the air. The instructors were really helping and they were with me throughout the flight for my safety. Thanks t... Read More
Enakshi Shukla
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
I visited Dubai with my friends and we wanted to go skydiving, thanks to Thrillophilia for giving us the best package and value for money. The experience was amazing and we all were flying together in the air. It was a great experience at iFLY and at Thrillophilia as we got hassle free bookings. I F... Read More
Chandrakin Varma
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
We booked our iFLY tickets from Thrillophilia and this was a great decision because they provide the best before and after services. The experience was thrilling at iFLY, i was flying in the air like a bird. The instructors were really friendly and also very helpful, they instructed properly and wer... Read More

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