Sharjah Desert Park Overview

Head to Sharjah Desert Park to enjoy a perfect retreat in the wildlife with your loved ones. Enjoy learning about the Arabian flora and fauna while exploring the various attractions here. Sharjah Desert Park welcomes you to walk through the history of how the living organisms survived the harsh climate and learn about their impact on our world.

Sharjah Desert Park was established as a conservation center for the region’s endangered flora and fauna in the year 1995. Covering a vast area of 63,000 sq m it is now an amusement park which offers fun and engaging opportunities to learn about the wildlife. The Desert park features a gorgeous botanical garden, a petting farm and a history museum. It is a great place for people of all ages to have fun and gain knowledge about the diverse living organisms of the Arabian peninsula.

You will be able to observe the majestic animals while you stroll through their natural habitat. A wonderful experience awaits you at this treasure park full of engaging activities and informative experiences about the different varieties of plants and animals. There is a great chance to learn about the impact of these living organisms on the ecosystem.

Sharjah Desert Park is conveniently located near Dubai city and it is a popular destination among tourists who wish to explore the natural wildlife of the desert. Spend quality time with your family and build a strong bond as you indulge in the immersive experiences offered here.

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• An interesting edutainment center perfect for weekend retreats and igniting curiosity in the children.
• Get a chance to pet the domesticated farm animals such as camels, goats, Arabian horses and more in the Children’s farm.
• Watch informative documentaries or read books in the library about the flora and fauna at Sharjah Desert Park.
• Observe the magnificent Arabian oryx, gazelles, ostriches and antelopes in their natural habitats.
• Explore the exciting and colorful destination for people of all ages and learn about the ancient history of how the plants and animals survived the harsh climates.
• Enjoy snacks while you take a break at the cafeteria in Arabia’s Wildlife Center and you can observe the wildlife from there.

How To Reach

1. By Car/Cab: The park is about 57 km away from central Dubai or Burj Khalifa and a 45 minute car ride will take you there easily. This is the most efficient way to reach Sharjah Desert Park. Take the E88 and follow till you reach Interchange 9. Take the exit to the right towards the Sharjah Desert park and follow the signs to the park entrance.

2. By Bus: Board the bus from ‘Union Square Bus Station 5’ and ride for about 55 minutes. Walk for about 2 minutes to reach the ‘Jubail Bus Terminal Stop A’ and take a 45 minute bus ride to ‘Sharjah Airport Terminal’. From there you can book a cab to cover the last 20 kms and reach your destination in about 17 minutes. The total travel time of this route is about 120 minutes or 2 hours depending on the traffic.

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Best Time To Visit

December to February is the best time to visit as the weather is cool and comfortable for this outdoor activity. Usually, the minimum temperature drops to 17 degrees celsius and the highest temperature goes up to 46 degree celsius this time around. It is recommended that you reach the destination early because that will provide you with ample time to explore the park.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit Sharjah Desert Park:

  • To get the best experience, reach the park early when the rush of visitors is comparatively low.
  • Make sure you carry a water bottle and sunscreens for this outdoor activity.
  • Visit the Natural History And Botanical Museum first and learn about the local flora and fauna and plant life dating back to more than a million years ago along with other interesting facts about living organisms.
  • Take kids to the Children’s farm where they can interact with goats, camels, Arabian horses among others and feed them.
  • Visit the Arabian Wildlife Center zoo to observe the diverse species living on the Arabian peninsula. Indulge in snacks at the viewing area which doubles as a cafeteria and try to spot Arabian Oryx and gazelles among other animals in their natural habitat.
  • Leave your pets in the comfort of your home/hotel/petcare center while visiting Sharjah Desert Park as they are not allowed to accompany you inside.

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for Sharjah Desert Park
Natural History And Botanical Museum

Natural History And Botanical Museum

Embark on an inquisitive journey to learn about how the flora and fauna of Sharjah have sustained in the harsh climatic conditions. It is a perfect destination for people of all ages to get a deeper understanding of how living organisms impact our world.

Learn about the plant life which dates back to millions of years in the Botanical Museum. Graphic illustrations and preserved habitats communicate how native flora and fauna have survived here in the ‘Journey through Sharjah’ section.

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Arabia’s Wildlife Center

Arabia’s Wildlife Center

The Wildlife Center features a zoo, which encourages visitors to gain knowledge about the diversity of living species in the Arabian Peninsula. You get to educate yourself through the informative panels and audio recordings available in the climate-controlled environment of the Arabia’s Wildlife Center.

The zoo consists of several sections for different types of animals including a reptiles and insect house, an aviary, a nocturnal animals segment and a separate area for large carnivores and primates.

Explore in Dubai Zoo and have fun with your family and friends.

Children’s Farm In Sharjah Desert Park

Children’s Farm In Sharjah Desert Park

This farm allows the children to interact with domesticated animals and birds in person in the outdoor area. A great collection of reading books for kids along with environmental documentaries and films are available at the small library in the indoor section of the farm. Kids get a chance to feed the animals such as cows, Arabian horses, goats, sheep and camels along with their guardians.

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Breeding Centre For Endangered Arabian Wildlife

Breeding Centre For Endangered Arabian Wildlife

The BCEAW prevails to preserve endangered animals and threatened species such as the Arabian Cobra and Arabian Leopard. It has become a base for research to increase the population of these animals in the region.

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Islamic Botanical Garden

Islamic Botanical Garden

First of its kind in the Middle East, Islamic botanical garden is home to almost 100 species of plants. These include pomegranates and figs that are mentioned in the Holy Quran. Touchscreen interfaces and identification cards are placed throughout the park to enable visitors to learn about these plants.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Sharjah Desert Park FAQs

What is Sharjah Desert Park known for?

The perfect place for outdoor activities for travelers, wildlife enthusiasts and families, Sharjah Desert Park features a petting zoo, botanical gardens & natural history museum. It provides interesting educational experiences for people of all ages.

The flourishing flora and fauna of this city can be witnessed on your visit to this park. It contains information about the diverse species of plants and animals of the Arabian peninsula.

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What to wear while visiting Sharjah Desert Park?

Make sure you wear clothing appropriate for warm weather; clothes made of linen or cotton will be the best choice. Loose fitted clothes will help with ventilation as there are high chances of perspiring while on your visit. It is advisable that you wear modest clothing which is not revealing to respect the religious beliefs of the locals.

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Which are the best places to visit near Sharjah Desert Park?

  • Al Qasba: The perfect place to relax and unwind, it is located right at the heart of Sharjah. Enjoy a stunning view from the bridge over the Qasba canal or treat yourself in the fine dining restaurant. Al Qasba is a hub of entertainment containing kid zones to Abra rides.
  • Sharjah Aquarium: Admire the marine life at Sharjah Aquarium consisting of more than 100 different aquatic species. Enjoy watching the mesmerizing reef sharks, seahorses and clown fishes swimming around as you stroll through the aquarium. You also get a chance to learn about the history of Sharjah’s ports and coasts on your visit.
  • Al Majaz Waterfront: The beautiful musical fountain is ideal for enjoying a wonderful evening as you stroll inside the massive Al Majaz Waterfront. The playful water show at the waterfront is the main focal point that attracts tourists and local people everyday. You can even board a train that takes you across the whole waterfront to admire the beauty all around you.
  • Sharjah National Park: One of the major tourist attractions, this park fans over a wide area of around 630000 sq m. Sharjah National Park is famous for its attractive architecture. There is a designated play area with multiple fun rides for children to enjoy, and the park features the magnificent art of topiary.

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